Did Apple fix the New 2020 iPad Pro?! - Durability Test!
Its time to durability test the new iPad Pro 2nd Gen... Did Apple change anything? Grab your transparent iPad Teardown skin here: dbrand.com/teardown Apple released a new 2nd generation iPad Pro this year. Its been awhile since the first iPad pro catastrophically failed my durability test in 2018 (it-my.com/watchvideo/video-hUBsxCcJeUc.html) This time around the iPad Pro 2nd generation is the same size, shape, thickness and... well... same everything.
Can the New iPad Pro survive inside the Magic Keyboard? The only way to find out is with a durability test. The Apple Magic keyboard is a pretty heavy solid piece of tech. And like any case... lets hope it does a good job of protecting the new Apple iPad Pro.
Current iPad Pro Pricing: amzn.to/3i6aU3O
Magic case pricing: amzn.to/31ijKEG
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    Neon Crafty

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  • Zamfir Alexandru Tobias
    Zamfir Alexandru Tobias

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    T.A.K.V Gaming

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      Bruh Entertainment Studios

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    Naveena Latha Muppidi is my favourite song

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    A random guy with no dreams :D

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    Kindly Help me to Reach 1000 Subscribers

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