Did MELVIN Transform into PZ9? I Surprised Best Friend with Undercover Escape from Custom PZ Hackers
Chad Wild Clay
Has Melvin Turned Bad?
After Chad Wild Clay made the video "I AM REGINA... Vy & Daniel are too! Hidden Undercover in Disguise Challenge to Trick Hackers", Vy Qwaint created "HOME ALONE vs HACKERS! Spy Ninjas Craft DIY Pranks, Traps & Tricks 24 Hours Challenge Field Trip Z", Regina vlogged "Drawing the SPY NINJAS Logo - DIY Arts and Crafts Challenge while Waiting to Trick & Prank Hackers!", and Daniel uploaded "PRANKING HACKERS Who Broke Into Our House - Building DIY Traps & Tricks Prank Wars 24 Hour Challenge" to the Exposing Project Zorgo IT-my channel, the Spy Ninjas set up elaborate pranks throughout the PZ Lackey's house, to stop hackers! It seems that they found the location because of a strange hacker gadget that was placed on Regina's wrist by PZ members. The Spy Ninjas defeated the hackers and escaped the house, but Regina still has the tracker stuck on her arm. Vy comes up with a plan to confuse the hackers. Chad, Daniel, and Vy went undercover in a Regina disguise, so the hackers didn't know who to follow. This gave Regina time to find PZ715 who has a key to remove her tracker bracelet! During all the commotion, Daniel was caught by Melvin and brought to the Leader in the underground layer of the black pyramid. However, this was all part of Melvin's plans to help the Spy Ninjas and trick the Leader because Melvin blasted the Leader with the Transloser device! The leader overpowered Melvin and up the brain changing helmet on him. Today, we go undercover as construction workers to rescue or buddy Melvin and we hope he is not changed back into PZ9. Thank you for watching my funny entertainment comedy vlog videos in 2020!"
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  • Chad Wild Clay
    Chad Wild Clay

    Hey Spy Ninjas! We need to rescue Melvin before Project Zorgo turns him into PZ9! Do you think it's too late or is he still a good guy?

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      Zayan Games

      I love 💕 you

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      By zz

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      Brittany Beeson

      There’s a hacker but a Heine the PZ liter liter

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      Aaron -Roblox

      Chad he is pz9 again.

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      twanda dunn


  • rode's corner
    rode's corner

    There was a hacker spying on you

  • Byron Martin
    Byron Martin

    they barin wash him

  • Funtime Freddy_TheBear
    Funtime Freddy_TheBear

    I know why do you know keep us in the tip of the iceberg because Melvin said that when they were revealing the hat he said this is just the tip of the secret iceberg

  • Emily Sarmiento
    Emily Sarmiento

    I think the Passcode to the safe is 75689

  • Moosa Hassan
    Moosa Hassan

    I think the code to the safe is 262314

  • Dibs D
    Dibs D

    Dumb+stupid +rasskle spy ninjas

  • Karlie Durham
    Karlie Durham

    How did the hackers not see your sleeves your spy ninja shirt

  • Leonard Swatan
    Leonard Swatan

    Save pz9 nonono i dont wanna pz9 be a project zorgo member no no no😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Random Guy
    Random Guy

    melvin is a..ded and pz9 is back from the DED

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    king velasquez

    Omg 😱 RUN

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    king velasquez


  • Kinley Yang
    Kinley Yang

    Mr e has a Chanel!

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    Jenny Ross

    6655 the new code is 5493

  • Jenny Ross
    Jenny Ross

    Vy disguise stinks I can tell who she is

  • Jenny Ross
    Jenny Ross


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    Grace Ramirez


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    Emily Bailey


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    Najib ullah Mahmoodi

    Ummm hi

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    Pritika JAKHU

    Guys a hacker with a gold and black mask was behind the stage and like if you saw that too


    There was a hacker behind you

  • Mikayla Hamp
    Mikayla Hamp

    when regina took off her mask a haker was looking but they did not tell the other hacker

  • carl nova
    carl nova

    I think that the hackers know that you are pretending beaceause (12:24) there looking at your camera while your talking to us secretly, like if you agree

  • Flash Liu
    Flash Liu

    pz leader is the rat king aka powie616

  • Flash Liu
    Flash Liu

    bad guy

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    amir Dek

    Bad guy

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    Isaac playz Kaoutal’s


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    ESME Stockton

    Hi omg

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    Shutes Family

    They put the helmet on him and turn them bad

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    Aaryan Sheemar


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    Fuck Off

    bad guy

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    Beverly Johnson


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    Gabby Hayes

    Uploaded a new video and he says that he's going to reveal the password to the red state

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    Kirisitina Noa

    At the code is 782537761

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    Kirisitina Noa

    Do you know why why did you ask Chad you do yours it up on the different video hurry about that before I

  • Kirisitina Noa
    Kirisitina Noa

    Chad wild clay why do you didn’t upload on a different another video

  • Brandon James
    Brandon James

    Did you see Disney is pz9

  • Quinten Williams
    Quinten Williams

    It’s a nice woman a new outfit Peezy nine Peezy nine he is having he has a green outfit his mask is different I’m doing a skeleton mask is

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      josselin plays and gaming on her phones montanez


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      Childhood 122

      I didn’t understand a word 😐

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    I want to chat

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    Hanife ceka

    I love the funniest I want to be a part of my Knigge

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    Munther Essa

    When chad was laughing about Regina there was a hacker behind Regina

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    Samantha rice

    I Love you by ninjas I'm here in Geneva love you

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    Officially Ally Harrington

    I want to be a spy ninja when I grow

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    Aksa Saleem

    If you look if you look carefully then please stop you erase your memory so he's a bad guy again

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    Svetlana Medan

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    Sahar rizkalla

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    Rentrey Johnson

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    Seif Latif

    His memory is erased

  • Olivia Raphael coloring
    Olivia Raphael coloring

    Chad I hacked your channel

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    Chi Wong

    He is bad Regina and Vy and Chad PZ9 is bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪🙁☹🙁☹🙁☹🙁☹🙁☹🙁☹

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    Anvar Qarji

    To you guys Daniel and Regina

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    Anvar Qarji

    A hacker was looking at you guys

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    Amy Ayers

    Hey spy ninjas so we have to find Melvin be for the HACKERS make him a bad Guy.

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    TVV gamer YT

    Hi you are the best friend vy qwaint

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    Chad friends me on rolbox jayjay_200

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    shut up vy

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    Chad Wild Clay

    If you are spy ninjas click this 👇

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    I feel blue😭😢🥺😖😔 I love Melvin do not make that sad song😔

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    Manoda Marday

    Bruhhhhhhhh they changed a lot ......... they are not the same like chad is not funny .Vy Forget things.daniel does like chads ideas. And regina is scared.............

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    Gustas Sinkevičius

    Pz9 is bad

  • Chase Eubanks
    Chase Eubanks

    Spy ninjas at 8:21 in the video if you look behind you guys in the bars thare is a hacker thare

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    NYM Denee

    The cloacker knows how to deafet project zorgo he is part of the secret organization of project zorgo

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