Did the Special Enforcer Mike Tyson Have to Get His Hands Dirty? | AEW Dynamite, 4/14/21
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Did the Special Enforcer Mike Tyson Have to Get His Hands Dirty? | AEW Dynamite, 4/14/21
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  • jack woods
    jack woods

    Before he went to prison and he was "iron Mike" He was 1 of the Greatest and most Lethal and Dangerous Heavyweight Boxers in History...After he went to Prison and all the other crap in his Life he was Unbeatable...He would have been Undefeated no matter who he fought if his life did not Spiral out of control...

  • Daniel Plascencia
    Daniel Plascencia

    Mike Tyson the baddest man of the planet ☠️

  • Shrowdy 59
    Shrowdy 59

    Watch the Tyson punch at .25x it looks nasty to me.. *3:34*

  • Gregg Turner
    Gregg Turner

    I thought mike really hit him but after watching it back you can tell it’s fake 😂 the dude tries to act like he’s stiff when he falls down, and you can tell he’s faking it

  • sriram asia
    sriram asia

    3:31 PUNCH

  • Zul Shahmi Ruslan
    Zul Shahmi Ruslan

    3:35 I don't know if Mike fake that punch. But I look it was damn real. 😂

  • Nick Haviland
    Nick Haviland

    I’m definitely not sexist, but I have to say I was severely distracted by the stacked, sexy referee...

  • Mohd Imadoddin
    Mohd Imadoddin

    OK. But why jericho was dragging dex towards wheeler while walls were locked in? Legend made it look like scripted

  • Batman

    Mike Tyson. God Bless him.

  • GJJitsuEman

    That punch had me dying of laughter, it was real as fu lol

  • Bad Donkey
    Bad Donkey

    Mike accidently rocked him, can't put a man who's used to not holding back in a position where he has to "make it look good but not hurt him"

  • Clay Seibert
    Clay Seibert

    3:35 / put it on 0.25 speed. He punches his arm they deff practiced that one I thought it was real at first. That’s where the sound came from to 🤯

  • Skylar Greenlee
    Skylar Greenlee

    What a KO punch by “Iron” Mike Tyson and down goes Cash Wilder!

  • sQully Mcfadden
    sQully Mcfadden

    That's Mike not punching hard at all!

  • Dusty Barton
    Dusty Barton

    Damn it looked like Mike landed that shit for real

  • sheedcamp10

    Bro if you’ve punched someone in the face b4 or even heard it b4 . You know he connected that punch that punch sound like booty meat

  • Alec Scheller
    Alec Scheller

    Mike Tyson is for REAL (even if that was a work it looked great stiffiness and all)

  • Jude Anton Catalan
    Jude Anton Catalan

    Watch it in 0.25 x well u can see it is perfectly land but he avoids it so the punch will not go straight.


    Jericho got that budweiser belly 😂

  • James Tyson
    James Tyson

    Worst part about it he was bare knuckle. So it hurt even worst

  • Janissary35

    That was a real K.O as wrestlers act very differently when hit, look at him stretching his arms and legs when knocked out 😂😂😂 this was a real K.O

  • ChickenScratchComedy

    Mike Throws a Punch... "Is it naptime already"

  • Jelo Bagalihog
    Jelo Bagalihog

    Mike Vs Goldberg

  • Omega

    Slow it down to 0.25x... you can see tyson use his wrist insted of a full blown fist punch.... It's an act, to get the internet buzzing and it worked...

  • Archuleta 94
    Archuleta 94

    Bad storyline AEW..

  • Mich T
    Mich T

    LOL good thing he pulled that punch Ouch.

  • 1982Nightwing

    Producer: Mike is going to give you a working punch Wheeler: working punch? I can take punch from that old man Iron Mike: 👊

  • Tom D
    Tom D

    I don't think tyson knows its not real..lol

  • Rob Stas
    Rob Stas

    Mike killed a guy 👀

  • Michael Santangelo
    Michael Santangelo

    Hey MJF. Eugene Levy called and said he wants his Armed and Dangerous blue suit back that you stole from him 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • a s u k a
    a s u k a

    Dammmmm mike

  • OFFICIAL: Xx_JayTheGod_xX
    OFFICIAL: Xx_JayTheGod_xX

    Mike Had a Ring On , and You can Actually Hear the Punch Connect 🤦🏽

  • x Razor
    x Razor

    Fake Mike tyson punch?

  • Kobe Cox
    Kobe Cox

    Damn that punch was nasty

  • liebi 20539
    liebi 20539

    Mike Tyson 😂😂 best

  • Farin Deeba
    Farin Deeba

    Tyson definitely connected properly there!! 😳😬🤪

  • Tank1

    tyson really hit him,, he loves it . he does it on purpose i think.. not satifying for him unless he connects

  • wrexham wales
    wrexham wales

    That looked and sounded a clean hit if not, bloody good acting good sirs!

  • Melody Logan
    Melody Logan

    Yea he really hit him if u listen carfully u can hear the smack it probably wasnt ment to be that hard or was talked about an he probably agreed to let it hit with 30 or 40% power but u gotta think its hard to control power in a punch rather ur experienced or not it hit fairly descent an u could hear it why do u think his arm was?stuck straight out like it was its a comvoulsion that happens when ur brain hit the inner skull wall with force or u hit a nerve on the jaw or chin trust me that his stung

  • Shaquille Burton
    Shaquille Burton

    Plot twist...Tyson really left him stiff😂😂😂

  • Shaquille Burton
    Shaquille Burton

    Inner circle baaaaby!!! (Jericho voice)

  • RichardSaiRobloxGamer

    wow that clap @ 2:16 was too realistic to begin with... hahahaha

  • GeneralSantucci1st

    Tyson f’d that dude up big time Jesus

  • Courtland Mosley
    Courtland Mosley

    Look at that knot on his head

  • Rodazzi Rivera
    Rodazzi Rivera

    You can hear the connection 🤣

  • Nico Damato
    Nico Damato

    JR : DAMN!!!

  • Mr Len
    Mr Len

    I don't understand fake fighting/play fights for anyone that's over 12. I honestly mean that.

  • Ambitous Resolve
    Ambitous Resolve

    That was a real punch, you immediately notice the swelling beginning to form


    Mike doesn't know how to throw a fake punch

  • H P
    H P

    3:33 yea i dont think that was meant to happen

  • Shon Kostin
    Shon Kostin

    He was deff tripping on that toad

  • Gavin Michial
    Gavin Michial

    What you came for 3:30

  • Odwa Mkancu
    Odwa Mkancu

    Iron elbow

  • Jason Stone
    Jason Stone

    They’d have to up my pay if they came to me and said. “Ok so tonight your going to get hit by Mike Tyson” 😂

  • christopher jones
    christopher jones

    Don't see the point in fake crap 😂

  • Chris Collins
    Chris Collins

    First thing I have seen from AEW and this lacked the wow factor I was expecting. But I will keep watching to see if you can drag me in.

  • Yuichi Sasaki
    Yuichi Sasaki

    Feel bad for that guy getting punch from Iron Mike. But I will brag about that for the rest of my life for sure though.... I mean after getting my jaw getting dislocated minimum or concussed as well as fractured jaw, I would be allowed to do that. Hahaha

  • Joe Smo
    Joe Smo

    Tysons right heal comes up at the throw and his right leg comes through right after the hit and you can hear the smack. He definitely hit him, in proper form too.

  • David Millions
    David Millions

    You acting nonsense 💀 Not making any sense

  • Gibbet Hoskins
    Gibbet Hoskins

    Tyson accidentally landed that shot legit lol

  • John Bar
    John Bar

    1:59: how to fight like a girl with a douche swagger tutorial

  • he chit
    he chit

    omg the "inner circle" is a bunch of BAD BOYS......what cha gonna do

  • Steven Mays
    Steven Mays

    What kind of shit Tyson doing for these devil Satan PEOPLE to get all this play on The TV.

  • Zer0GXD

    Great sell by Cash.

  • Thomas Jones
    Thomas Jones

    I think that one landed. Lol. But still the best one is from Zach Galifianakis while singing “In the air tonight”~ Phil Collins

  • NikoRavage

    3:35 he was stiff lmao 🤣🤣🤣

  • insert name here.
    insert name here.

    Imagine the briefing before this went on air, with the pinnacle and inner circle, Tony Khan asking the pinnacle, "WHO'S VOLUNTEERING TO BE HIT BY MIKE TYSON??"

  • Kevin Clift
    Kevin Clift

    Yooo I think mike Tyson actually punched someone

  • Miles Moralez
    Miles Moralez

    Seeing a female ref is satisfying 😌 camera close up

  • Amira Khan
    Amira Khan

    Every challenge behaves like a wild angry elephant. At that time you should make a dominant grip over what you believe in, which was step 1. Step 2 is to look directly into the eyes of the challenge, start the fight and win. Step 2 introduced by Chris Jericho. I will follow step 2 as it is, step by step. Excellent cord breaker. I will eat chocolate cake on 5 May. Ooooooooooooohhh what a punch, Mike Tyson. Hahahahahahaha.

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