"Dirt Road Dollars" - The Lacs & Nate Kenyon (Official Video)
Dirt Rock Empire
Official Music Video "Dirt Road Dollars" by The Lacs & Nate Kenyon.
From the album "Dirtbagz, Vol. 1"
GET THE ALBUM: onerpm.lnk.to/Dirtbagz
Produced By: Wess Nyle. Mastered By: Dave Fore
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  • M H
    M H

    Best part is that sweet tea swallers. That N.C be the best around

  • That MW Player
    That MW Player

    July 2020?

  • Isaiah Sea
    Isaiah Sea

    There is a whole race of country bumpkins who listen to this and think it's not only good music but it increases their ego and makes them think they are cool. Lol lame idiots

  • Austin’s and Carson’s vlogs
    Austin’s and Carson’s vlogs

    Like if y’all are

  • Austin’s and Carson’s vlogs
    Austin’s and Carson’s vlogs

    Who is still listening to this in 2020?

    • Austin’s and Carson’s vlogs
      Austin’s and Carson’s vlogs

      The farm Squad thanks for replying

    • The farm Squad
      The farm Squad

      Ten 4 buddy watched this in grand 2020

  • Mike Frye
    Mike Frye

    I got some heifers in the back but I don’t sell holy cow

  • Kane Browns A Bitch
    Kane Browns A Bitch

    hey bro quit spendin um all man

  • Noah Bedwell
    Noah Bedwell


  • Galaxy Kawaii UwU
    Galaxy Kawaii UwU

    Yee yee music

  • Jimmy Wright
    Jimmy Wright

    We have a farm and when we feed cows we listened to this

  • Christopher Davis
    Christopher Davis


  • Keegan Deas
    Keegan Deas

    Can you come to yours county fairgrounds yes or no

  • Angelina Clark
    Angelina Clark

    I love the song

  • Keegan Deas
    Keegan Deas

    Hi the Lacs

  • Gamer kid Justin
    Gamer kid Justin

    I love you music

  • Stephen hymer
    Stephen hymer

    This is the best cause I’m a farm boy just on 50 acres of land and this song just motivates me to keep goin

    • Stephen hymer
      Stephen hymer

      U.S Country Boy ya

    • U.S Country Boy
      U.S Country Boy

      Stephen hymer it’s sum hard work brother

    • Stephen hymer
      Stephen hymer

      U.S Country Boy I couldn’t do it

    • U.S Country Boy
      U.S Country Boy

      I have 500+

  • Terry Sirup
    Terry Sirup

    Where are the Alberta / Saskatchewan Farmer kids at?

  • Sherri Strunk
    Sherri Strunk

    Love y'all

  • William Hewitt
    William Hewitt

    Dirt road dollars

  • Makenzie Jones
    Makenzie Jones

    Does anyone else know what lacs means..I don’t like them I just like the song.

  • Connor Yeager
    Connor Yeager


  • Jason Hicks
    Jason Hicks

    Dirt road doLLars

  • Benito Burrito
    Benito Burrito

    This song is literally littt

  • Jeremy Adams
    Jeremy Adams

    God bless the American Farmer and a country boy hell yeah I'm a Country Boy myself

  • Kimberly Cross
    Kimberly Cross


  • Joshua Niederquell
    Joshua Niederquell

    Why am I just hearing this! New beer drinking song!

  • Leelyand Talley
    Leelyand Talley

    I like it

  • scott sundin
    scott sundin

    Hi 😍😍😍😍

  • Devon Ault
    Devon Ault

    like your song

  • Mike Goodwin
    Mike Goodwin

    Oh hell yeah 😎

  • Ruth Feller
    Ruth Feller


    • Un-happy Feeling
      Un-happy Feeling

      Straight snapped !

  • Mozz Dodworth
    Mozz Dodworth

    Universal and the clear and clear of all w we i I have to be i I will not will of course ever again I have no no been in touch with the

  • Ava Camllie
    Ava Camllie

    June 2020 anyone

  • frank Patterson
    frank Patterson

    I am love it on road all the time not sure front door was shut dam

  • kerianne sorvala
    kerianne sorvala

    I love

  • Half Baked 420
    Half Baked 420

    Hooked on this song

  • Pey wettstein
    Pey wettstein

    Who listens to upchurch i do

  • Eric Shaver
    Eric Shaver

    didnt know country used auto tune

  • Edyn Petty
    Edyn Petty

    I love this song



  • Chhuck Black
    Chhuck Black

    I like the song

  • Robbie Lawson
    Robbie Lawson

    Love it

  • Mando Ky
    Mando Ky

    I think it's funny he says he takes his baby out all the time and then to church. Then it cuts to 3 girls dancing in booty shorts lol. I don't think your girl would like that.

  • charles weber jr
    charles weber jr

    this is off the hook

  • Michelle Ostrum
    Michelle Ostrum

    I subscribe u I love your songs

  • Bryson Knight
    Bryson Knight

    Also love making the dirt road dollars

  • Yesenia Estrella
    Yesenia Estrella


  • Brent David
    Brent David

    This is a real work song

  • David Guerrero
    David Guerrero

    Where my dollar

  • josh nemo
    josh nemo

    I like rap hip-hop but love rap hop country # favorite

  • Ryan Holly
    Ryan Holly

    Real country ways

  • Zachary Dhedouville
    Zachary Dhedouville

    12 k people are pussies

  • Izabella Simpson
    Izabella Simpson

    I love this one 😍😍 😍😍 😍😍 😍😍 😍😍 😍😍 😍❤️💕 😍❤️💕 😍❤️💕 😍❤️💕 😍❤️💕 😍❤️💕 😍❤️💕 😍❤️

  • Bongibrother TV
    Bongibrother TV

    this is my Country Song dir Austria

  • Kyle Streams
    Kyle Streams

    2020... my little boy loves it

  • Luke Long
    Luke Long

    Man that was the best song

  • Bill House
    Bill House

    just found this can't beleave I missed this one dam Imissed this one.

  • Timothy Fisher
    Timothy Fisher

    Love them tunes!

  • Brandon KingHarding
    Brandon KingHarding

    Hey Ken its Kingharding1 from Winnipeg/Thompson Canada was wondering if you wanna do a song together

  • gunnerdbh

    This isithe best

  • jakson

    this is my song

  • Brandon Holt
    Brandon Holt

    If you like this song leave it a like

  • Abby Buford
    Abby Buford

    Hi I am a big fan I am 8 years old

  • Cydney Chipp
    Cydney Chipp

    love this

  • PaperCubed

    Not even a country guy but this is a banger

  • Haley Roberts
    Haley Roberts

    2020 anyone??

  • Beth Weaver
    Beth Weaver

    Awesome Jam

  • Richared Foster
    Richared Foster

    Love it so much

  • Angie Burdic
    Angie Burdic

    Sa Wsl2s2

  • Kaden Warren
    Kaden Warren

    Hell out of my seckshn

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