"Dirt Road Dollars" - The Lacs & Nate Kenyon (Official Video)
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Official Music Video "Dirt Road Dollars" by The Lacs & Nate Kenyon.
From the album "Dirtbagz, Vol. 1"
GET THE ALBUM: onerpm.lnk.to/Dirtbagz
Produced By: Wess Nyle. Mastered By: Dave Fore
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  • Z Afzal
    Z Afzal

    Who is the guy singing the main parts

  • Rally Marliere
    Rally Marliere


  • posey hunting and fishing73
    posey hunting and fishing73

    Why is this song and upchurch's songs i can actually rap and sing unlike other people

  • Haley Franklin
    Haley Franklin


  • Angela Edenfield
    Angela Edenfield

    Awesome Song πŸ‘

  • cincysilvia8807

    Funny I live on the farm and the girls round here dont act like loose skanks

    • Chris From The Sticks
      Chris From The Sticks

      the dudes don't mime to songs too

  • Chris From The Sticks
    Chris From The Sticks

    why did these townies try to make country music?

  • Eli Taylor
    Eli Taylor

    Bout to be 2020!!! Make America great again

  • Jw Williams
    Jw Williams

    I lived this 4040 JD put food on the table Kentucky proud

  • JosΓ© Luiz lourenco
    JosΓ© Luiz lourenco

    Agro Γ© TOP Agro Γ© TEC Agro Γ© TUDO

  • Game Bred Duramax
    Game Bred Duramax

    24k Gold Corn Rows

  • Terry Johnson
    Terry Johnson

    I love this song

  • FooTeePrint

    eric church, the lacs and nate kenyon need a song together

  • Mitchell Pennington
    Mitchell Pennington

    Remember the first time I heard this song there were about 3,000 views. Song done blew tf up

  • Daryel Mccarn
    Daryel Mccarn


  • Marie Guillory
    Marie Guillory

    That is cool

  • Megan Rippeth
    Megan Rippeth


  • matthew demaster
    matthew demaster

    I take this kinda hard. Most REAL farmers don't have strippers on Saturday night. They are working, unlike this guy.

  • Lanaya Bowen
    Lanaya Bowen

    I absolutely love this song I am in love with love

  • Dirt Bike Guy
    Dirt Bike Guy

    Yee yee

  • Ryen Bergstrom
    Ryen Bergstrom


  • country life
    country life

    How many of my skins are here yee yee

  • Ethan Yeager
    Ethan Yeager


  • Megan Rippeth
    Megan Rippeth

    Yes but we are just going to take a look into our plans

  • Megan Rippeth
    Megan Rippeth

    I have a lot of fun but at this time

  • holly drage
    holly drage

    I love this song

  • Haley Franklin
    Haley Franklin

    I. Love you😜🐍😘

  • richard behler
    richard behler

    I work those dirt road dollars

  • Benett Jordan
    Benett Jordan

    I’m here 2019

  • BurntOstrich

    I'd like to see that big guy lose weight I feel bad for him hope hes doing good - brad

    • Myles Fitch
      Myles Fitch

      budd he doing good

  • Coopman 22011
    Coopman 22011


  • jonathan bloch
    jonathan bloch


  • Jeff Asher
    Jeff Asher

    I love your songs so much

  • Sterling Estrada
    Sterling Estrada

    Good song to listen to when working

  • Greg Bailey
    Greg Bailey

    As a guy from a farm town (Fallon NV) this song means a lot to me, awesome video.

    • Greg Bailey
      Greg Bailey

      The 775

  • Jamie Finch
    Jamie Finch

    Going to have to see the Lacs in Springfield, MO when they come down to Missouri.

  • Teresa Russell
    Teresa Russell

    I love the song and the lashes I listen to it every day

  • Nicole Skinner
    Nicole Skinner

    At least they have john deere

  • Clayton the Country boy
    Clayton the Country boy

    Y’all who’s gonna be here for 2020??? #DRD #DieselGang #RHEC

  • Shayna Stedge
    Shayna Stedge

    My duader loved it

  • Charly Rossow
    Charly Rossow

    This song is the best music ever you better be a country boy

  • Linda Williams
    Linda Williams

    Hell ya I love this song

  • Matt Endres
    Matt Endres

    You all southern folks, better not forget to vote MAGA 2020, Or YOU WILL LOSE THEM FIREARMS, at the hand of the liberal Democratic.poopπŸ’©πŸ’©.... Keep it country, and leave my freaking fIrearms ALONE,,,,πŸ’ͺπŸΌπŸ‘ŠπŸΌπŸ‘ŠπŸΌ

  • Robbie Noon
    Robbie Noon

    Freaking tractor parts!!! This combine is really taxing me this year! But down to my last 50acres of corn and then itll be off to help the neighbors get it in before the snow really starts flying

  • Connor Cooke
    Connor Cooke

    Anyone else from southern verginia

  • Justin Credible
    Justin Credible

    Ok πŸ‘πŸ‘


    Good song

  • Joseph Alack
    Joseph Alack

    Dirt Road DOLLARS is on my f350 dually

  • Coleman Murphy
    Coleman Murphy

    I show this song to my air tank it became a air compressor

  • Coleman Murphy
    Coleman Murphy

    I show this song to my air tank it became a air compressor

  • lyndzi dyson
    lyndzi dyson

    Out in them pastor's I love country if you do like this comment.

  • Kaleb Sheedy
    Kaleb Sheedy


  • Hayden Garver
    Hayden Garver

    Who still listens in 2019

  • Call of Gameing
    Call of Gameing

    I love all of the The Lacs songs

  • Trever Olson
    Trever Olson

    Dope makes me want to go mudding

  • Heather Ehret
    Heather Ehret


  • Joshua Squier
    Joshua Squier

    i love it

  • dj skunks
    dj skunks


  • Donna Greene
    Donna Greene

    Needs 2get rid of that nasty red sux hat.

  • Dallas county Scratchers
    Dallas county Scratchers

    I sure am there my boyZ

  • Marcy Harp
    Marcy Harp

    I love

  • Morgan boblitt
    Morgan boblitt

    upchurch you rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Shauna Monday
    Shauna Monday


  • BobbyLee DreamLand
    BobbyLee DreamLand

    Country is the way of life

  • BobbyLee DreamLand
    BobbyLee DreamLand

    Hell ya

  • Cheryl See
    Cheryl See

    Tissue is my favorite song since I was little

  • Nevaeh Lener
    Nevaeh Lener


  • Mark aka SSH
    Mark aka SSH

    Can anyone imagine upchurch in this song? Or is that just me

  • horse lover
    horse lover

    This is my fav singer so good I love all of his songs

  • Jose Palafox
    Jose Palafox

    On the other side of the border we gust like y’all folks we can get along just well

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