DIY Face Mask with Elastic in 10 minutes - Sewing Tutorial
Melanie Ham
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I have been hesitant to post a tutorial for these because there has been a lot of debate around how effective they are. However, last night our mayor requested that everyone heading out of their homes wear a mask like this. So, now that our leaders are asking us to wear them, I hope that you find these useful. Please stay safe everyone!
These will not protect you from the virus, they help keep our germs to ourselves and from touching our faces while out and comply with the requests from our leaders to wear these. Wash your hands, friends!
Video with Ties:
CDC link with more:
9 inches x 6 inches.
6.5 inches of elastic for women and 7 inches for men.
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My Amazon Store:
My first sewing machine I bought at a sewing and vac store for $350.
Viking Emerald 116 - you can still get it at Joann
I will be sewing on the Juki HZL - LB5020 (My Viking will probably come out too)
I also like to recommend the Janome magnolia for absolute beginners
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  • wendy windsor
    wendy windsor

    Your masks have too many gaps. You need to create a better mask.

  • canterlevi

    That’s a very clever use of the seam ripper!

  • Clare Crouch
    Clare Crouch

    Hi Melanie. I’ve bought a Juki DX7 and I want to start making bags. Would this machine be able to cope with bag making and if not, can you advise me which one will as I know you have Juki machines. Thankyou

  • Esther Rollins
    Esther Rollins

    Please share how to make a button slip for glasses using rubber bands

  • Lovie Jefferson
    Lovie Jefferson

    Good job! I will be making them.

  • Colleen Anderson
    Colleen Anderson

    Thank you. I have now made 57 of these for vulnerable people in sheltered housing and for home carers. Greetings from Ayrshire, Scotland

  • Paula Ward
    Paula Ward

    Love it. Thank you.

  • Donna Plumer
    Donna Plumer

    what is your sewing machine. I love it!

  • Nina Love
    Nina Love

    thank you. I loved this one too

  • FatSlim Milky
    FatSlim Milky

    There are several recent studies that show cloth mask have a 94% failure rate in protecting a person again viruses. N95 mask that fitted have a 95% rate of success.

  • Kathleen Green
    Kathleen Green

    How long is the elastic and what is the dimensions of the pattern pieces? Thank you!

  • Judy Wyant
    Judy Wyant

    Great video, good tips, but I would like to have seen the finished product at the end.

  • Jackie Gelow
    Jackie Gelow

    what size fabric

  • Nicole Wetzold
    Nicole Wetzold

    best width for elastic?????? HELP please. :)

  • Sajani Anand
    Sajani Anand

    You have a nice voice

  • Elva Elliott
    Elva Elliott

    Sz of fabric? Thanks.

  • Savonna Mikell
    Savonna Mikell

    You can also use strips if T-shirt material in place of elastic!

  • Kristen Kosnac
    Kristen Kosnac

    Best, easiest mask tutorial I've seen yet!! Pleating with a seam ripper is GENIUS ...Thank you!!

  • Teina 's Art
    Teina 's Art

    Did I miss where you mentioned the inch sizes in these?

  • enabena76

    Where did you get the measurements tape on your machine . I could really use something like that.

  • Elizabeth Garcia
    Elizabeth Garcia

    So helpful!

  • Slow Steady Stitches
    Slow Steady Stitches

    Do you have measurements for a child size? I need the pleats?

  • Unicorns and Rainbows
    Unicorns and Rainbows

    Elastic bands are easier on my ears Love your masks !

  • Marisabel Rauh
    Marisabel Rauh

    It looks very easy and you explained everything so well. I’ll try to start to make my own masks! Thank you!!! 🙏🏼

  • Dave

    Can you explain the nose bridge option and how to add it?

  • Jordan Bronson
    Jordan Bronson


  • Little Wolf
    Little Wolf

    Does anyone realize that paper and cloth fabric masks do NOT have the ability to stop the spread of corona virus? The size of the virus molecule is SMALLER that the little holes in the fabric, also what’s preventing the virus molecules of getting into your eyes?

  • holly aldrich
    holly aldrich

    What size of fabric do you cut for adult, 5 year old, 2 year old? What size elastic?

  • Heather

    Genius hack with the seam ripper!

  • JSP

    Where is she getting her nails done? LOL just kidding

  • Tracey Harris
    Tracey Harris

    thank you

  • Jocelyn Lewis
    Jocelyn Lewis

    Does anyone know what size fabric to use for kids? I'm struggling as they are either too large, too small or the elastic is too tight.

  • Angelica Moreno
    Angelica Moreno

    This might be a super stupid question but do you use 100% cotton fabric???

  • Oreo Benavidez
    Oreo Benavidez

    Is that a 3 ply I didn't quite get it

  • carla binns
    carla binns


  • Camo Tym
    Camo Tym

    The mask she's wearing is way too big for her face.. does not conform at the nose/cheeks nor jaw line. 😕

    • S R P I N G
      S R P I N G

      Camo Tym no one asked

  • Bonnie Hlavac
    Bonnie Hlavac

    Hi Melanie, Weird question, lol, where do you get those cute clips? I haven't been able to find them. Thanks, Hope you and your family are well.

  • Molly Clover
    Molly Clover

    Thanks so much for this!

  • Connie Romani
    Connie Romani

    How long is the elastic?

  • Theresa Palacios
    Theresa Palacios

    Has anyone else had an issue with 7" elastic being to short for male masks after washing of course. I love this video. This video was extremely helpful from taking me never using a sewing machine but only once in my life at Joann's sewing class in 2013 to now sewing over a 100 masks which I have sold and donated a large lot to healthcare office staff.

  • Eye on art
    Eye on art

    Not good to make face masks because you breath your own carbon dioxide, not good.

  • Kara Sherk
    Kara Sherk

    Good Tutorial. Melanie is obviously from LA---LOL

  • Angela Springett
    Angela Springett

    Love the idea with the seam ripper. Thank you👍

  • jenny

    where is the butterfly fabric from??? so cute

  • Phive Flowers
    Phive Flowers

    Wonderful, thank you very much! Very easy to follow😊!

  • Amber Witcombe
    Amber Witcombe

    Heey, Is there a way of having toddler measurements or shall I just take her measurements and do them ? Thanks x

    • Addicted to Ysenia
      Addicted to Ysenia

      Kids pattern size: 5 inches by 7.5 inches Kids elastic size: 5 1/2 inches

  • sylviah1234

    to much of a gap on your nose.

  • PCM

    Does anyone know how she sews it without the elastic being sewn inert against the fabric?

  • Gabi Moore
    Gabi Moore

    How many inches of elastic

  • Colleen Anderson
    Colleen Anderson

    Hi from Scotland in lockdown. I have been experimenting with 2 or 3 designs. Your mask deals nicely with the elastic attachment, so here I go. Thanks so much.

  • Harsh Shah
    Harsh Shah

    Hey, thanks for sharing this video, it was very helpful. I would also recommend people to watch this No Sew face mask tutorial as well

  • Savanna Angel
    Savanna Angel

    Hi! I love this tutorial! Have you made any for kids? I’m wondering the size of fabric I should use for a toddler. Thank you!

  • Simone Demberg
    Simone Demberg

    How long should the elastic be

  • Tabitha Gandol
    Tabitha Gandol

    The seam ripper thing is awesome, glad I watched this, so many videos out there.

  • JC

    When she’s making the marks with the pen, she says, “it doesn’t have to be super scientific.” That’s me. I am not scientific at all. Haha.

  • Cindi Jensen
    Cindi Jensen

    She doesn’t tell you the measurements and I think that’s a very important detail that’s been left out. Nor does she give you the measurement of the elastic .

    • Laura Hooning
      Laura Hooning

      It's easy to miss. Watch the video at :45

  • Ada Velasquez
    Ada Velasquez

    Hello, could you please do a tutorial of this same mask with the filter sewn's same material used in men shirt collars, cuffs, and many other garments. Thank you. ❤

  • Christy G
    Christy G

    I've been "eyeballing" my pleats like your second demonstration but I'll be using the seam ripper trick from now on! That's AMAZING! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  • Callie Williams
    Callie Williams

    Love the pleat method. It sure beats "just guess where to put them and rip them out if they're off"

  • Deanna R.
    Deanna R.

    Thank you for your video. Love the seam ripper suggestion. May I suggest...use a little elastic in the nose area. Stretch and stich to the upper center area or both top & bottom. The elastic is visible on mine, but doesn't irritate. It shapes over the nose and chin area( if you choose). This also allows my mask to poof out off my mouth. Giving me breathing room. Mostly I just do elastic in the nose area.

  • Carly Pampuch
    Carly Pampuch

    Great pattern and easy to follow! I do have a question though. I'm brand new to sewing so it could just be me, but on the second side doing the pleats, since they are now facing away from me and into the presser foot, it is like the fabric catches on the foot and gets pushed back. Like the foot isn't high enough to clear the pleat when the pleats 'open edge' is facing towards it. I hope that makes sense. Have any advice?

  • nancy southard
    nancy southard

    Thanks. From nancy 💝

  • Sekar Endah
    Sekar Endah


  • Kelly Bentley
    Kelly Bentley

    Have you adjusted size for kids? wondering what size to make the fabric and elastic

  • sandraenglandful

    I love the seam ripper idea, That saves a lot of time, thank you!

  • Pancake Girl
    Pancake Girl

    I had an old bra that I hate so I used the elastic from the straps, and a thin straightened paper clip for a wire.

  • Kathryn Gehrke
    Kathryn Gehrke

    Any special size for children????😷

  • Bobbi M
    Bobbi M

    The elastic here works really well and can be ironed and can go in the dryer

  • N F
    N F

    Melanie I’m having trouble sewing over the folds of the masks. I have a Viking 116 and I used the “A” foot. The material is too thick and I think I should probably use a different foot but I’m not sure which one. I’m using regular cotton material. Can you help?

    • Hallie Hurst
      Hallie Hurst

      Hi there! Try sewing next to the seam, where it’s just the two layers of fabric instead of on top of it. Saves changing the foot!

  • Laura Moore
    Laura Moore

    You should explain how many inches your elastic is. You should also add NON woven interfacing in the middle. And you can a pleat at the bottom to have it better fitting around the chin area.

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