DIY Patio Makeover (anyone can do!)
Patio makeover time! Thanks Lowe’s for sponsoring this video, check out links to all the Lowe’s tools, materials, and decor we used below 👇
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- What mysterious plant wall project we teased at will be
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🛠️ TOOLS & MATERIALS (affiliate)
WORX power washer
Valspar concrete sealer
Valspar concrete etcher/degreaser
Cedar fence pickets
Hitachi brad nailer
Craftsman screwdriver
ISOtunes hearing protection (a sponsor of ours)
Kichler wall light
Fluke voltage meter
Portfolio LED string lights
Allen + Roth umbrella
Garden Treasures umbrella base w/ wheels
Style Selections stackable chairs
Allen + Roth geometric square pillow
Allen + Roth geometric lumbar pillow
Allen + Roth wood lanterns
Good Directions copper planter
Monrovia autumn ferns
Miracle Grow potting soil
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by Kevin MacLeod ( Music from Licence: CC BY (
Additional music licensed via Audioblocks or from the IT-my Audio Library

  • EvanAndKatelyn

    UPDATE: the night after we finished there was a HUGE storm... and it all survived YAY! 🙌 🎮 Did you know we have a Gaming channel? 🎙️ And a podcast!

    • Anthony tor
      Anthony tor

      Guys do video installing a smart lock but put a twist to it like you guys always do great job

    • Lucky cat 777
      Lucky cat 777

      May I recommend getting a fake plants? My sister loves plants but can't keep them alive for the life of her, so I thought it might be something to recommend as well.

    • Kat Luna
      Kat Luna

      Should totally paint the door and uh get some pothos they are easy plants

    • Nicolas Melia
      Nicolas Melia

      god if this was my wife I dont think we would ever leave the bedroom. not that she would want to.... ;) damn shes hot

    • Rosey Cake
      Rosey Cake

      I just came back to this video from a snake discovery video and I think you guys should collab with snake discovery to make resin crocodilian claw with rex's foot!!

  • Sandrea White
    Sandrea White

    What a fantastic video and what a wonderful couple you guys are just pure fun. I love what you did to the patio. it’s very inspiring and I love your kitty.

    • EvanAndKatelyn

      Aw thank you!

  • Katarzyna Graszka
    Katarzyna Graszka

    I didn't even realize that this video was put up on my birthday 😂❤️

  • Taylexwow

    Is there a reason you left that fence so far above the ground?

  • Justin D. Whitehead
    Justin D. Whitehead

    yOu uSeD fAKe cAnDLeS?!

  • Ember Broderick
    Ember Broderick

    Ember for the floor I'M BEING USED🤣

  • sistone

    I don't know but I think your garden is a bit too boring, so are not so many bushes or any plants. Maybe a pond in a BUCKET would be cool?? Maybe you could do a video about this. P.S. YOU must like the garden, I can like MY garden but maybe I like other things, so never mind if these suggestions are not suited for you. :D

  • Josh Tunnell
    Josh Tunnell

    Cant wait for the door video

  • Alessandro Terracciano
    Alessandro Terracciano

    The only thing missing was fire and drink !

  • Tina Piotrowski
    Tina Piotrowski

    Just a thought but maybe paint your back door like you did the front?

  • Sydnee Ulmer
    Sydnee Ulmer

    Just found yalls channel and no wonder I like y’all so much...y’all are from Texas! Fellow Texan here and I have gotten so many new home ideas from y’all! So excited!!

  • Sophia Yohe
    Sophia Yohe

    Your patio looks great now😍

  • S.U.N. Designs
    S.U.N. Designs

    Omg!!!! I've been watching you videos for so long. I've just noticed I wasn't subscribed I'm so sorry. I'm a subscriber now, with the bell on.

  • MikeUCV

    11:24 Plot twist: **Unscrews the bulb glass cover to make it easier to loosen that bolt**

  • Ann dang
    Ann dang

    I’m a Texan tooo

  • Binal Patel
    Binal Patel

    I really thought they would paint the door to match the front doors that they redid. But honestly around the edges, they should just do a border of brick to incorporate their exterior but that way it also makes covering the edges easier.

  • Christina David
    Christina David

    You guys are seriously the cutest things ever! Also I feel like we would get along so well. So glad I subscribed.

  • holdingbacktheflood

    Poor cat, do all americans only allow their cat a box to get fresh air in? They do come home you know, let the poor thing out to explore and have a normal life. Love your vids but this breaks my heart so so much

  • Idk But ok
    Idk But ok

    I swear, one day they will cover their house in resin

  • Jake Fields
    Jake Fields

    Jesus ya'll live close to downtown or the galleria

  • Samson5erb Rocks
    Samson5erb Rocks

    But Texas doesn't get cold in the winter.

  • Samson5erb Rocks
    Samson5erb Rocks

    Crunching cat nut. 😆

  • Samson5erb Rocks
    Samson5erb Rocks

    I honestly would have just picked my lock.

  • apsitively

    you guys are ADORABLE

  • Nicole Andrews
    Nicole Andrews

    Wait you live in Tx? wow, and well hello Neighbors!

  • NaVi -Cardigan
    NaVi -Cardigan

    "That's a weed"


    love the diy hgtv content

  • Danielle Goldman
    Danielle Goldman

    I think doing this officially means you've entered adulthood, sorry to say

  • Aaron Morris
    Aaron Morris

    I love the video, everything was excellent! I just have to say, try to use a proper socket or wrench for stuff like that bolt on the old light. It'll make life a lot easier.

  • Jason McReynolds
    Jason McReynolds

    Since I lived in Houston for a yr and I know mosquitoes are big there. maybe make an enclosed patio using the screen material and colored epoxy roof with led lighting. (You can get a RGBWW 10m led set with remote from China on wish for $9) Do away with supervisors box, make it supervisors enclosed kitty box/patio with a door to go from the patio to the grass. Maybe add some wireless waterproof speakers at the top so you can play some soft Minecraft music while having coffee in the morning.

  • OmegaErkz

    ngl i'm surprised they didn't do some kind of resin pour for the floor

  • Dani Denise
    Dani Denise

    I would soo love this backyard! I’d put on a screen door and my back door would be open ALL DAY!! Imagine the cool breeze at night! Perfect!

  • Marcia Potter
    Marcia Potter

    A retractable gazebo to protect everything uncovered from being ruined by the elements would be nice

  • ER Group
    ER Group

    Just add resin to everything to make it better ;)

    • EvanAndKatelyn

      Our general life motto

  • Daily_Ph0t0s_0f_B0mbp0p _
    Daily_Ph0t0s_0f_B0mbp0p _

    He was crunching that nut

  • Rooben Kardona Joonya
    Rooben Kardona Joonya

    Does she have a sister? 😅😂

  • jesse visser
    jesse visser

    Am i the only one that notices that you guys totally suck at high fives?

  • Anthony tor
    Anthony tor

    Guys do video installing a smart lock but put a twist to it like you guys always do great job

  • Cover Queen
    Cover Queen

    do u live in huston area

  • DerpyDuckGames


  • ItsFlower

    “Blast, blast, blast” *-the Sun*

  • Zachary Ward
    Zachary Ward

    WEAK power washer

  • Katie Belmont
    Katie Belmont

    Need a combo key pad on your front door. 😁

  • Oscars Exotic Animals
    Oscars Exotic Animals

    Omg your tree is still up lmao

  • Max Shrapnel
    Max Shrapnel

    it kinda looked the same

  • Rachel Matamoros
    Rachel Matamoros

    13:11 problems of a tall person 😂😂😂

  • Ann

    'Is that a plant or a weed?' lol, since when aren't weeds plants? A little jealous of your weather. Your winters are like our summers. And our winters are cool (never cold, never snow) but dark, cloudy and rainy.

  • Twistedmist

    Good Job looks great.

  • Aishe Dewitt
    Aishe Dewitt

    You should do up the new patio light with some alcohol inks!

  • Bradley Yeldarb
    Bradley Yeldarb

    I lobe you guys I love how katylin said are you gonna draw anything inappropriate that’s great lol

  • Millie Bunce
    Millie Bunce

    Wow what a difference 😍😱

  • LeaveMemeAloneBoi

    You got assaulted by a fly! 😂

  • Alex Stransky
    Alex Stransky

    You guys should put some wood railroad logs or something at the trim of the patio to cover the unpainted bit.

  • John Fifita
    John Fifita

    ‼️‼️Please make a DIY vs Buy gummy bear and worm challenge‼️‼️‼️‼️ Please do them with different flavors and sugar free versions. P.S. I know you want to do this cause it would be like pouring 💖RESIN💘!! You know you want to do this video for Valentine’s Day too‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️ Love you guys btw!

  • That Daly Life
    That Daly Life

    When their kitty says “it’s my house now” that would be exactly what my kitty would do while looking at me judgmentally (until dinner time that is lol).

  • Heather Martin
    Heather Martin

    bring back cato

  • StrikerJ

    Why didn't you pressure wash the house/border step before painting?

  • Habanero Jones
    Habanero Jones

    6:22 That's why this is the best DIY channel on IT-my.

    • EvanAndKatelyn


  • Gamer Heroine
    Gamer Heroine

    I can't believe you didn't redo that door haha

  • Chan SiuMan
    Chan SiuMan

    11.10 the best teeth >E< I wish I have the same as yours

  • Brett Bowers
    Brett Bowers

    should have pressure washed the bricks while you had it out, covered in moss

  • potato

    What's the life expectancy on the patio paint? We have a front porch that would benefit from being painted, but I don't want to paint it frequently.

  • Chelsea Kelso
    Chelsea Kelso

    The new fence, light and patio made me drool. Not going to lie.

  • lucas christensen
    lucas christensen

    3.53 i Love yyoou

  • nico height
    nico height

    You should paint the door the same color as your front door!

    • EvanAndKatelyn

      Oooo yes that'd be so much better!

  • 8leanor

    OMG, the cat’s comments tho! 😂😂

    • EvanAndKatelyn


  • Yesenia Vizcarra
    Yesenia Vizcarra

    You guys should also paint the back door the same color as the front door it would look sooo nice :)

  • Adam Mullins
    Adam Mullins

    Concrete, nice idea.. I'll probably do that this spring.

  • mrs333jellybean

    I would kill to see what they would suggest doing for an upstairs balcony at an apartment. Mine is so plain and bland and these two always make things so much more fun.

  • Suzy Rottencrotch
    Suzy Rottencrotch

    Oh a spot the difference challenge. I haven’t found any yet 😞

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