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  • Jack Prichard
    Jack Prichard

    I love your videos let her out some love you too

  • Ayushi Garg
    Ayushi Garg

    They have just saved Siren's contact no.😂😂😂 Pls sir I want editting skills like u😂😂

  • المرتل ميلاد بشرى Almoratel Melad Boshrra
    المرتل ميلاد بشرى Almoratel Melad Boshrra

    Oh no oh no i am so scaerd omg no way i am shaking

  • J C Dmmd
    J C Dmmd


  • lightning gamer
    lightning gamer

    I mean watch

  • lightning gamer
    lightning gamer

    I wacht 1 2 from rage and there is an animeted 1 2 and i think there is 3 coming soon

  • higglee

    Siren head is not real

  • Amani Arissa
    Amani Arissa

    No no

  • Samson Tani
    Samson Tani

    When did siren head have iPhone🧐

  • Jasper Sowards
    Jasper Sowards

    Dddddeeeededssx. Aea666

  • Jasper Sowards
    Jasper Sowards


  • Ajoy moirangthem
    Ajoy moirangthem

    Please Find the Siren head in forest please please please please please please please please please please please please


    _His voice sounds like Siren Head. Listen I love his channel, But Jessie's voice is a Hobbit getting drunk.

  • Kailee Lamont
    Kailee Lamont

    If I sore siren head at my front door I will poop 💩 my 👖

  • Preeti Sharma
    Preeti Sharma

    this is scary

  • Zainab Alturkmani
    Zainab Alturkmani

    Cause if that was real fire and head will jump off The building

  • Nyan Hpone Myat
    Nyan Hpone Myat

    me this click bait my brain nah its fun to waych anyways

  • Daniel Rodríguez
    Daniel Rodríguez


  • Lukas Villarreal
    Lukas Villarreal


  • Nina Milburn
    Nina Milburn

    I know what I want you to do you need to try and dig in the ground or try and go to your basement and hide in there then siren head won’t get you that’s the only place I mean place that I can think of to say to hide from siren head even though I’m a vampire

  • Nina Milburn
    Nina Milburn

    But because if you are then how did you get up there because I don’t know if you have phones or wait are you made out of muscles

  • Nina Milburn
    Nina Milburn

    Hi siring head are you on top of their house

  • Nina Milburn
    Nina Milburn

    Can you start the movie I need to change my undies because I think I did a little Woopsie

  • alessandraharth

    siren head dos not talk

  • Jamie Shepherd
    Jamie Shepherd

    I watched that at 3am one time also there part to witch at end of siren head part 2 it shows cartoon cat saying hello little one i freaked out so I went to bed and turned off my tv as fast as i could and hid under my blanket cause I got the chills bro also I walked out me room at 3am and my back door freaked open so went running btw im 9 year old and scared of dark

  • Valeria Ramos
    Valeria Ramos

    what the JoJo said (in creepy way) I'm gonna kill and then he said whatever I'm love siren baby not big like moo that creepy and don't make us see siren head and it was funny like when Jester ran inside ha and how will siren head call if he does it have phone that is weird

  • Montserrat Ballesteros
    Montserrat Ballesteros


  • Minecraft and Trucks
    Minecraft and Trucks

    Hide outside

  • Elmer Payne
    Elmer Payne

    I got chill's bro hell naw I am never going outside again even if my mama out there

    • Elmer Payne
      Elmer Payne


  • Marge Ramos
    Marge Ramos

    Oh my god 😵

  • Isabella Mary
    Isabella Mary

    I swear to god if you don’t make it out of life I will scream because you are my favorite you tuber so yeah

  • Michelle D
    Michelle D


  • mercygalda


  • mercygalda


  • Mohammed Yahab
    Mohammed Yahab

    Hi guy tell me what's your favrite coler and by

  • Dania Perez
    Dania Perez

    oh my God bring the SWAT and put your kids. somewhere safe I repeat bring the SWAT

  • Ayesha Sadaf
    Ayesha Sadaf

    I hope you had a good time with SIRIN HAD

  • Stephanie Sullivan
    Stephanie Sullivan

    I sall siren head outsid my house omg he almost killed me

  • Ayesha Sadaf
    Ayesha Sadaf

    Yes yes you kids have to be living so we have keep the kids safe

  • Jesse Playz
    Jesse Playz

    That is just creepy

  • Guías WoW 3.3.5
    Guías WoW 3.3.5


  • Nevaeh Weaver
    Nevaeh Weaver

    I want to meet you Jesse in person

  • Mariano Tacanga Siguenza
    Mariano Tacanga Siguenza


  • Gacha milkshake
    Gacha milkshake

    There ears hurt and die

  • Gacha milkshake
    Gacha milkshake

    I know how siren head kills people he makes loud noise right? So he picks up people and put them in he's idk where the noise comes from and I think he smush people

  • laura manuela orozco
    laura manuela orozco


    • laura manuela orozco
      laura manuela orozco

      Y a rodny_roblox

    • laura manuela orozco
      laura manuela orozco

      Me a mikecrack

  • Becca West
    Becca West

    Cartoon cat is siren head s weakness

  • Becca West
    Becca West

    Like what !!!!!

  • Jen Kniffen
    Jen Kniffen


  • Elinor Eli
    Elinor Eli

    0:39 / 18:09 siren head scary it game

  • Eric Siman
    Eric Siman

    Love your vids jester

  • meharman Singh
    meharman Singh

    Plese you call cartoon cat and slder man

  • Julius Dimaapi
    Julius Dimaapi

    Wait aminute siren head don't have cellphone

  • sandydiazvargas

    ASKED SARAH is SHE!!!!😰

  • Niceninja

    Is it weird if my ears are bleading

  • Julie Grills
    Julie Grills

    I am watching this at 3am right now and I actually hear sirens it is weard

  • Robert McCaffrey
    Robert McCaffrey


  • Robert McCaffrey
    Robert McCaffrey

    I'm sars av sitting had aaaaaaa

  • Lili Flores
    Lili Flores

    So scary

  • Naylor Cooper
    Naylor Cooper


  • kermit the frog Ocon
    kermit the frog Ocon

    Im comen for you

  • Naylor Cooper
    Naylor Cooper

    I never saw a siren head it and I don't need them

  • Naylor Cooper
    Naylor Cooper


  • Olivia McShan
    Olivia McShan

    omg yesterday i seen him in the forest he is so tell

  • Tia Sadler
    Tia Sadler

    :me watches vid :siren head HeRe i cOmE uR GoNNA DiE bYe SiReN PoOpy XD

  • Brandon Davis
    Brandon Davis


  • Lisa Galeazzi
    Lisa Galeazzi

    O my gosh

  • Ghost Girl 11
    Ghost Girl 11

    What is wrong with you ?

  • Britt Nichols
    Britt Nichols

    Cyrtus😭😭😭😭 😰

  • Jeanne Mills
    Jeanne Mills

    Jester watch siren head songs one of them is really good

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