DOCS: Baby Hospital Ep. 1
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Baby Hospital follows the moving stories of the babies being cared for on the Neonatal Unit at Liverpool Women’s Hospital. Everyone hopes for a healthy happy baby - but this three part series looks at the one in ten cases where things don’t go to plan, and the baby ends up in intensive care, teetering between life and death. With unique access to the hospital, the three part series will focus on the stories of the families as well as providing a rare and intimate insight into the intensely demanding work of the doctors and nurses tasked with doing all they can to save their tiny patients’ lives.
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  • Jennifer Kask
    Jennifer Kask

    I know this is from 2 years ago but there are new babies there all the time. God bless all the babies that have to go there and Bless the parents for their baby to survive and parents & extended families to be strong... ❤️ (From Connecticut, USA 🇺🇸)

  • Stacy H
    Stacy H

    Any updates on these families?

  • it me
    it me

    Amy was such a good mom. 💔 Brave and wise and strong beyond her years.

  • Hope Jurgens
    Hope Jurgens

    I was born at 6 months and was 500g im 31 now

  • Bev Sumner
    Bev Sumner

    Look like something from outer space

  • Linda Thrall
    Linda Thrall


  • Patricia Whitener
    Patricia Whitener

    Why in the world would you keep the babies 1st poop and slobber and pee ??

  • Lucie Riley
    Lucie Riley

    i lost my babygirl evelynn, 3 year ago. i fell face first into the concrete, belly too. at 21 weeks, i gave birth, we tried and tried, but she couldn’t make it. she was born on the 12th, and died on the thirteenth. being a nicu mom was so heartbreaking, but i was still a mom. at 14 i still had a lovely babygirl.

  • Melissa Kerns
    Melissa Kerns

    I hope that charlie mom is doing ok and well to this today she knows her little special angel is looking down on her rip in heaven charlie god bless charlie mom and i hope all is well for her to this today

  • Emily Wire
    Emily Wire

    "We all pray for a healthy baby, but i just want a baby i cant take home with me this time." 😭 oh sweet momma😭 that lady broke my heart

  • Helen Hines
    Helen Hines

    My heart goes out to all the parents of critically ill babies. The NICU isn't pleasant even with a straightforward gain and grow case. I can't imagine not knowing if you're baby will survive or not... I'm 32 wks with #3. My last baby was a 32 weeker. Thank God nothing was wrong with her other than prematurity. I'm having my first repeat csection with this one. I had scary complications during my first delivery. I pushed for 5 hours and had a placental abruption while my posterior son was still in the birth canal, too far along for a csection. I was cut and torn apart severely down there due to a fast extraction. It was terrifying, he came out floppy and blue but had acceptable apgar scores after the first 10 mins. Thankfully he didn't need the NICU. I'm hoping for a healthy fullterm baby this time. I have a growth scan tomorrow.

  • Jada Salinas
    Jada Salinas

    God bless all the moms and babies,hang in there

  • juana roldan
    juana roldan

    Viejas pendejas cobardes pero q tal cuando estaban cogiendo ahi si no se quejaban

  • Stephanie Pike
    Stephanie Pike

    i was 2 months premature and stayed 6 months in hospital in nicu. i died twice and was revived. I've had many blood tranfusions inuteral and outside the womb. I do have minor disability from it. ive fought for 35 years just to be normal.

  • Stacxz Severight
    Stacxz Severight

    Am sorry I can’t watch anymore I thought I could !!!!!! But am so SORRY 😐!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mel F
    Mel F

    Charlie's mummy is the strongest woman and mother I've seen on IT-my. ♡

  • Ricardo Rojas
    Ricardo Rojas

    mamá 🏥😍

  • catrina soldevila
    catrina soldevila

    William looks just like his papa, so stinkin cute🤗

  • Tanya Hanna
    Tanya Hanna

    Middle East TV!

  • Tanya Hanna
    Tanya Hanna

    TV Europe!

  • Tanya Hanna
    Tanya Hanna


  • Diane Bays
    Diane Bays

    Omg. I usually don't cry about these things, but , Charlie, my goodness. So heartbreaking, to make the decision to withdraw intensive care.

  • Galactic Uni
    Galactic Uni

    2:06 did that baby die?!?!? 😭😭😭

  • Camayah Williams
    Camayah Williams

    Rip Charlie such a beautiful little boy he deserves no pain god has took him into his hands and will take all the pain and hurt away from him god has a good plan for him and I send my condolences to his mother who has to suffer with the fact that her baby will never be able to tell her “I love you mommy” but he will always watch over her and love her and possibly his later on sibling R.I.P Charlie love you❤️

  • Ayan Diamond official
    Ayan Diamond official

    My baby boy was born 2-19-2020 which is a last Wednesday but he was born 27 weeks and 3 days he is in a NICU now. I really love my baby boy he is my first baby angel ❤️🌺🌺💗💯💋💉💉💉💉

  • Get Motivation
    Get Motivation

    working in NICU as a doctor , everyday we recieve and discharge babies affected in their first month of life , it,s an honour but at the same time biggest responsibility to treat little humans

  • Amy Knutson
    Amy Knutson

    RIP for precious little boy Charlie. His mom is one strong young lady. I am so sorry for your loss.

  • Rusty Keyz
    Rusty Keyz

    I was a premature baby 🥺😭

  • Allen Hammons
    Allen Hammons

    Unbelievably sad. This kind of thing shouldn't be allowed to happen. I think resources are going to things that are much less important. With the extent of medical and technological advancements in science and anatomy, this shouldn't happen in 2020.

  • Barbara Plummer
    Barbara Plummer

    William is a beautiful big baby boy

  • CulturedKarma

    Some of the strongest little humans i know Please check out my NICU story God bless everyone!

  • Nikki Kidd
    Nikki Kidd

    To baby Charlie’s mother, father,grandparents, family and friends, you all are amazing and strong. The dignity, love and support you all shared is a blessing and I am grateful for the opportunity to bear witness to your beautiful journey and share in your pain and grief. To Amy, you will always be Charlie’s mother and that won’t ever change. When babies don’t make it home they never leave the heart and soul of all those that love them. Almost as though they never left the womb staying wrapped in the love and protection of their mothers arms forever more.

  • blind girl Spy
    blind girl Spy

    I was born at 24 1/2 weeks. I could have almost had cerebral palsy. But I am blind and I have some cognitive disabilities but they aren’t that noticeable. I’m so thankful for the nick you.

  • Brandy Farmer
    Brandy Farmer

    Prayers for the baby's and mommy's and daddy,s to . I just had to say to the boy that was 9 pounds he looks just like mom .

  • Meriah Calvert
    Meriah Calvert

    Why did I do this to myself? I'm bawling. The strength that Amy has is inspiring! What a strong young lady she is. Just wow!

  • Celeste Rodriguez
    Celeste Rodriguez

    “Dont get me legs cus their all hairy” 😂 girl i feel you!!!

  • Charity Moore
    Charity Moore

    God bless Charlie’s Mom ❤️ her heart was pure and she has a beautiful angel in heaven

  • Jody Lee
    Jody Lee

    O my heart ' so so precious. My oldest was a 28 weeker. Was told to plan for his funeral. Thankfully he was a fighter and spent 64 days in the NICU. He is now 8 years old and thriving. Such a blessing a true miracle. It was the scariest but most beautiful day of my life having my boy

  • Helen Hines
    Helen Hines

    Hearing all those beeps and bings takes me right back to when my baby girl was in nicu. Thank God she was 32 wks and did fine. I can't imagine the fear and stress of having a micro preemie. I'm 10wks pregnant with #3 and I'm hoping for a healthy fullterm bub this go round (like my first).

  • Dia2443

    This breaks my heart for the babies and the families, I feel so awful that they have to go through that. I couldn’t imagine how stressful it is, to have to go through that or watch your baby go through that. My heart goes out to them all

  • Amanda :D
    Amanda :D

    I didn't realize there were any doctors left in England. Everyone in America says there's no motivation for you dirty socialists...

  • Kim McC
    Kim McC

    Inspirational - from a young Mother giving back despite her loss to other Mothers dealing with children. Oh - and the Dads. I cried buckets because I nearly lost my child at birth. It is what it is - beautiful and heartbreaking. I hope the kids are doing well - wherever they are.

  • Selena Ayers
    Selena Ayers

    Riley’s mom wants a baby no matter what.

  • Vanessa Rosas
    Vanessa Rosas

    Im a medical assistant .My dream is to be a neonatal nurse i will treat each baby as my own and love each one of them .i will pray for each and one of those beautiful babies 😢🙏🏼❤

  • Zeppy Lynn
    Zeppy Lynn

    Im going to be a neonatil surgeon! ;+;

  • Tha Kool Kidz Mom
    Tha Kool Kidz Mom

    Praying for a healthy pregnancy and safe delivery ❤️ not only for myself but all the mothers 🙏🏾 God Bless

    • Bushra Javed
      Bushra Javed

      Tha Kool Kidz 😡😡😡

    • Melody Kitson
      Melody Kitson


    • Vannia Arballo
      Vannia Arballo

      Ill be praying for you and al future mommies.

  • Kat Rogers
    Kat Rogers


  • Raven Țepeș
    Raven Țepeș

    Why do I watch these things when I'm 20weeks pregnant with my first baby

  • Brienna Pratschner
    Brienna Pratschner

    As a NICU Mom this really hits home for me. Thank you God for my beautiful child. I pray for those babies in the NICU and their families.

  • Taliyah Boone
    Taliyah Boone

    I was also 18 when my baby died not to long after birth it is the hardest thing ever my baby had a birth defeat where his chest was small. I hope the women that lost there don’t give up.

  • Angela Burse
    Angela Burse

    My question is why they didn't put charlie on dialysis something u do when ur kidney's aren't working

  • Angela Burse
    Angela Burse

    Saving a baby's bowels????

  • Justdelightful

    May God comfort Charlie's mom and dad hearts they are young and brave! I'm watching them go that and I cried for them! Sincerely!! They will never forget their precious baby boy! And I pray one day she can grow up to have another child one day! God bless all babies everywhere! because they are a gift from God....

  • pia mia
    pia mia

    I wish all familys on this Doku a many Power and craft and the primiestation u guys have m biggest respect

  • JojoplusBo

    It really pulls on your heartstrings seeing so many innocent babies and children sick and/or fighting for their lives. I often wonder why ... when there are so many evil minded people in the world that do horrible things to others including children... and seem to breeze through life healthy as ... apart from what is going on in their mindsets. Some things in life a just simply not balanced well imo .... (sigh)

  • Lab She-Ra
    Lab She-Ra

    They can always have other baby. it not that hard to have baby.

  • Jeff Stacy
    Jeff Stacy

    Do you guys ever stop shitting out babies....the world has enough babies....its insane

  • Tiffany Gonzalez
    Tiffany Gonzalez

    My husband & I had to make the same decision as Charlie's mom. May 13, 2006 @ 2:59am we said goodbye to our 1st born daughter Austyn . She was 7mths & 1day. She was so strong, but after 6 1/2mths of of being in the hospital & many surgeries her little body just couldn't handle anymore. I miss her more & more EVERYDAY! On Oct 15th at 7pm ur time, if you would like, please join grieving parents around the world by lightning a candle for 1 hour in remembrance of all of the little souls that were called home to soon.. Mommy loves & misses you my Sweet Angel Austyn! 💗

  • Avree Grace Fausnaught
    Avree Grace Fausnaught

    as a labor and delivery nurse, everyone of these wonderful families did everything right. rest in peace, sweet baby boy Charlie. i hope every baby is doing well❤️

  • MamaMia

    The Mum hoping all the babies might 'be friends in Heaven' 💙

  • Ana Rose
    Ana Rose

    I have a 2 year old daughter that I almost lost when I was in labor with her. She's a happy and healthy toddler. I couldn't imagine planning for 9 months for a baby to in the end not come home with a baby at all. My heart goes out to all these moms ❤

  • Miyuki Jades
    Miyuki Jades

    My mom had triplets (me and my siblings) very prematurely. I was actually one of the healthiest out of the three and went home first but my two siblings were in the nicue for a couple of months due to health problems. We all have a lot of health issues but we have all coped and have moved on to become fine young adults. We are all 19 now!

  • Rachel Blair
    Rachel Blair

    I guess there is no dialysis for babies this young??

  • Got EM Someone
    Got EM Someone

    I’m great full that I lived when I was born at only 7 months

  • Michelle Rukny
    Michelle Rukny

    Charlie’s mom and her mom are just incredible and strong.. the other women as well but her story is so touching.

  • Alexis Weaver
    Alexis Weaver

    This makes me so grateful that I haven't gone into labor yet. I was worried that I would go into labor early because my mom had me and my siblings very early on (24 & 25 weeks) and it was difficult for us after birth. I also read that being premature makes you about 40% more likely to have your own baby premature. Not sure if that's actually true but it is a scary thought. I never want my son to go through something like that. Thankfully, no definite signs of labor yet and I'm at 30 weeks and three days. Just a lot of Braxton hicks and some pelvic pain.

  • into the mystic
    into the mystic

    I just want to give Charlie's mom the biggest hug ❤

  • into the mystic
    into the mystic

    Why am I watching this depressing stuff 😭😭

  • Urnfk Kdhsbt
    Urnfk Kdhsbt

    I lost my baby girl .she lived 12 days .I didn't kiss her 😭😭I didn't feed her .Her name is Wateen .I miss u my baby.

  • Daniella Hunt
    Daniella Hunt

    I read the prayer card myself but as soon as they started to read it. I couldn’t stop crying 😢

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