DOCS: Being Bipolar
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Diagnoses of Bipolar Disorder have risen dramatically in recent years. Around 5% of people in the UK are now estimated to live with some form of bipolarity, compared to less than 1% just twenty years ago. This is an issue that affects people from all backgrounds and ways of life. In this one-off documentary, qualified psychotherapist Philippa Perry wants to find out just what it’s like to live with Bipolar Disorder by working with people in the UK who have a Bipolar diagnosis. She’ll spend time with them, exploring their life histories and witnessing the impact that the Disorder is having on them, their friends and family today. Philippa will examine various explanations for the disorder and the possible reasons for the recent increase in people being diagnosed. She’ll ask whether drugs really are effective in the treatment of Bipolar Disorder and explore what the alternatives might be.
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  • Marcus Cassius
    Marcus Cassius

    The delusions are for me away to escape the difficult reality of my life.

  • Marcus Cassius
    Marcus Cassius

    We are all managing it ourselves because we don’t have anybody to help. Doctors doesn’t understand.

  • Marcus Cassius
    Marcus Cassius

    I was bullied by people in school and I think this played a part in my disorder. Living my life on this planet is so difficult. I just the face of my bully on the internet and now I will be mess up for a week at least maybe more. I don’t think we have the help we deserve as human being.

  • Minoru Mineta
    Minoru Mineta

    I'm bipolar too and i kinda fine :/

  • Humble Servant
    Humble Servant

    Bipolar disorder is hell. Ive been on like 10 different meds and nothing yelps except weed somewhat.

  • Hand Over
    Hand Over

    this documentary is a complete joke. hell bent on sensationalizing and over selling

  • Shaun Cooper
    Shaun Cooper

    My ex wife was bipolar. I hated both of her.

  • Mina Alisasis
    Mina Alisasis

    Painter, church members, , migraine? Sleeping pills, getting exams ,? Said womzns of having more than one lovers affair,man also,

  • Mina Alisasis
    Mina Alisasis

    Composers of songs musicians, , paiter commentator ? Announcer? Teachers atty, even older medicine maintenance , diabetes, !

    • Mina Alisasis
      Mina Alisasis

      Bipolars, popular in youngers, in one family, saic month of feb, , 14, bipolar if not the parents the children,,

    • Mina Alisasis
      Mina Alisasis

      Beauty pageants sports games,

    • Mina Alisasis
      Mina Alisasis

      Mostly painter singer , showviz, !

  • Mina Alisasis
    Mina Alisasis

    Are they faithfull believers to thier church group? Persecutec ? Said in radio studio, writers, composers painters medical workers symtoms black spider widows, familiar faces, arounc thd world, as lucid dresms,

  • Underground Perfection
    Underground Perfection

    Steve is hot and Sian is adorable

  • Mom Of 4 Kids
    Mom Of 4 Kids

    This really pisses me off, scientific evidence has shown a pet scan for people who have depression, anxiety and mania look very different for people who are not experiencing those symptoms. Classic bipolar is very genetic. Environmental factors can come into it when you consider coping skills, developmental issues, communication, learning issues , parental styles. Horrible horrible psychiatrist denying this

  • Mom Of 4 Kids
    Mom Of 4 Kids

    Bipolar disorder is highly genetic, they now test for it and there are genes that show a predisposition.

  • Natasha TappsRiendeau
    Natasha TappsRiendeau

    A Big thanks to whom made these videos about bipolar disorders .. I have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2006 since today it still so hard for me to fully accept and understand some of my reactions my mood even my thoughts at these days .. I'm on few medication since but still have some huge down and really big high Wich are hard to deal and managed . I used to be someone really friendly a positive person the one who people and friends used to came to talk when something was going wrong but now I rather stay home alone ...I feel so alone in life really useless . I just can't find the happiness that I had before .. 😥🤯💔

  • Len Shey
    Len Shey

    There's a huge difference between being Bipolar and having Bipolar I am not Bipolar, I just have it and therefore have to deal with it. I am not my condition.

  • lets2011it

    I have bipolar type 2 and I am taking my meds and I have very normal life. Why this documentary says that we are extremely sick?. The cases in this film are rare. Anyone doesn’t know what is Bipolar disorder will understand we are insane with suicidal thoughts. We are creative people, artists, musicians, scientists and more.

  • Detlev Merula
    Detlev Merula

    North or South Pole

  • Sarah Riedel
    Sarah Riedel

    "I am infini-polar, I see the whole of the moon." ...Quoting the Waterboys song perhaps? lol

  • Francis Bongiovanni
    Francis Bongiovanni

    You cannot accurately diagnosis bipolar disorder if an individual is actively using 'legal highs' [In psychiatric terms attributable to the effects of a substance]. Also, all of Ashley's symptoms are equally explainable via his autism spectrum disorder, which is more corroborated as we hear from his parents how he missed milestones. It is also implied in the Vid he underwent some abuse in school, as he had to 'escape.' We use escape to describe jails and zoos, not schools, where did they send that man? Shawn is like living with an accurate bipolar diagnosis and I am glad she is so open to therapy. What disturbs me about her case is how world changing it was for her to like, I don't know, be given some information, in addition to just pills.

  • Tula Bear
    Tula Bear

    Why is the title “Being Bipolar,” as if it’s who you are? These, and many other people are LIVING with Bipolar Disorder, but they’re people first.

  • hellokitty 2013
    hellokitty 2013

    Is hard to be bipolar is hell at the same time we are warriors

  • M.S.S. 29
    M.S.S. 29

    This documentaries only covering extreme cases a bipolar. Which is fine. But should be known not every person who has bipolar is going to be this extreme. This is just taking a look at the very "far right" of the spectrum.

  • Kate Follot
    Kate Follot

    Those autistic fueled movie reel intrusive thoughts are the worst. I appreciate that my brain has that capability, I just need to be able to harness it a little more. Replaying traumatic moments over and over again for an hour whenever I'm reminded of them is just not useful.

  • Jesus Ever
    Jesus Ever

    Is it b coz they do not know or have man can cure it

  • Diana Eidson
    Diana Eidson

    I have the depression without the mania. No bueno. It would be nice to be manic sometimes.i could be so much more productive.

  • Bev Cliffe
    Bev Cliffe

    She was brilliant! Instead of labelling people, treat them as individuals with their own unique problems 👍✌️🇦🇺

  • Cathy Burnham
    Cathy Burnham

    I've had Major Depressive Disorder for 41 years. It's been horrible at times, with 12 suicide attempts, but thank god I have my full mind. I feel so awful for these lovely people. Not because of their illness, but bc of the stigma.

  • Kat Stephens
    Kat Stephens

    I think this is an anti med video which is dangerous. I have a mild form of Bi polar 2 called cyclathemia. My meds make it possible to have a normal life. Even if meds do not cure anything if u haven't slept in days a sedative is not a bad thing.

  • Hollye Rorabaugh
    Hollye Rorabaugh

    I have extreme anxiety so these videos help me.

  • we're all gonna make it brah
    we're all gonna make it brah

    "It's okay to be average.", well said.

  • Loraine Collins
    Loraine Collins

    I know that some people will beat me up for this, but marijuana helps me calm down when I'm having a episode. I don't like pills & I also believe that we are all mentally flawed because we're all imperfect, but some people are better at managing how they feel. And society has a way of "normalizing" things so those of us who cannot manage how we feel as well as others start to become how we feel rather than expressing our emotions/ feelings in a healthier manner. So for those of you who are also suffering from having bipolar disorder feel an episode coming on. Try to remind yourself that you are stronger than your feelings or any emotion that you feel! And you are in control of your own mind, thoughts & feelings! - Take It Easy 🤞🏽✨

  • shannon Allee
    shannon Allee

    its hard to watch this. will it do me better to understand how unique this is and sure the reason so many people can take claim to some of the symptoms is because they are HUMAN.. but if those who truly dont have this .. had a choice to be MARKED with the diagnosis and the meds and OWN EVERY SINGLE SYMPTOM OF THIS DISEASE THAT HAS TO BE MANAGED DAILY .. ITS THEN WE WOULD SEE WHO TRULY IS. AND THEN MAYBE WE CAN GET THE DIALOGUE WE NEED.

  • Tattooed Sarah
    Tattooed Sarah

    How can this doctor believe people can manage their symptoms in the midst of a psychotic state?

  • Luke Ontiveros
    Luke Ontiveros

    Studies show that the majority of Bipolar folk have Bipolar due to 70% Genetic and 30% Environmental

  • Jayne Boot
    Jayne Boot

    “Mania is a survival method! “ This lady is too much!

  • Zoinks Zodiak
    Zoinks Zodiak

    I relate a lot to Ashley except I'm much more irratatable talking to someone wouldn't fix me at all but the torture and voices that can switch between minutes it's honestly awful I've lost my job plenty of friends and relationships over bipolar this documentary doesn't seem to show that part

  • Mike Deeg
    Mike Deeg

    Yeah the people in this documentary are not the average bipolar. They are the absolute extreme example.

  • Family matters
    Family matters

    I have bipolar 2 and ADHD. 42 now and was just diagnosed a bit over four years ago. Life has always felt out of control. One gets used to coping and surviving without any help. The older you get the worse it gets. That's why I finally went to the doctor. I couldn't cope anymore. I'm on meds now. Everything is stable so they call it. Lol i call it boring. It's a journey that is a constant struggle. I smoke herb still but it doesn't do what it used to. Stay strong even when you feel you've had enough. You're not alone. God bless!

  • Alex J
    Alex J

    I think i am bipolar, but i cant say for sure because im not diagnosed. I tried telling my mom that I've had thoughts about me might being bipolar... But when i told her she lashed out and was really mad. That it's the society who has planet it in my head.. So i won't be able to get to know if it's just my personality or if I'm bipolar :/

  • Rob C
    Rob C

    Dont pay attention to this lady. Shes fighting hard to make her theory right, instead of doing her research beforehand. Shes not interested in accepting that shes on a single minded path for entertainment tv. These are also extreme cases, and youre not reminded that not everyone lives like this. Her whole "experiment" is flawed. Check out the documentaries "OF TWO MINDS Documentary on Bipolar Disorder" and "The Not So Secret Life of the Manic Depressive: Ten Years On", instead.

  • natasha bennett
    natasha bennett

    My brother has been diagnosed with bipolar. Also, intermediate explosive disorder. Basically very bad anger issues.

  • julia schucht
    julia schucht

    i cannot be the only one who thinks she looks exactly like edna mode

  • Purple Banditt
    Purple Banditt

    Yah is the name that the hebrews call on. I believe in Yah myself. But don't confuse us with the ones you see on the street in other videos. They say things that are very wrong. I found Yah through my mom and nana. If you want to know more I suggest watching the "Watchman Reports" channel. They are very wise, but be warned they can say something that can sound harsh. But they are great. I would watching "Yahuah vs Jesus". Again be its a lot. But I would be happy to have lead someone to him. Thanks for reading this, and have a AMAZING and GREAT DAY!!!!

  • Miché _
    Miché _

    I've been diagnosed with bipolar type 1, I'm 23 and dealing with this by my own, my family can't understand that has to be with a neurological thing. Lately it became worse, I'm on 4 medications at the moment and going through a manic episode for almost 3 weeks now. Medication helps me a lot.

  • Keziah Gambrell
    Keziah Gambrell

    What is bipolar😕😓

  • dee dra
    dee dra

    My mom has serve bipolar disorder and it has turned into sizopherina she has lost all short to memory from all the medication she's on and is a nursing home as well now. Medication doesn't fix the problem it makes it worse

  • dee dra
    dee dra

    Chem trails people

  • Raf Soto
    Raf Soto

    if you put them on meds at a very young age. you are bound to ruin their mental state as adults SMH poor ashley has been drugged up since he was a BOY! now hes really insane because of all the years they have drugged him.

  • Lynda Astrid
    Lynda Astrid

    "I feel it might be more helpful to approach everyone with Bipolar Disorder as individuals with unique issues, because although being labelled bipolar may help some people make sense of their moods at first, it too often marks the end of a self-exploration, when in fact it should really be the beginning." OMG, thank you for that Philippa Perry!!!

  • KALEIDO jess
    KALEIDO jess

    Go Ashley ! I hope he gains success with his music and his band.

  • Melissa Shanfield
    Melissa Shanfield

    Any psych disorder can be made worse by bad experiences that goes without saying, but Bipolar is highly tied to genetic vulnerabilities and meds are currently one of the best treatments available.

  • Kathy Givens
    Kathy Givens

    People will think who is this crazy person speaking this foolishness. Have everyone notice since the fast food and the way factory farmer grow animals now, an abundance of illnesses have surfaced at such a high percentage. Look up mad cow disease; the only thing that's saving ppl from going crazy is that ppl cook their food. When they fed animals parts of animals it affected their brains. Doctor's aren't trainer to heal you; they feed you meds., to keep u alive but still not fixing the problem

  • Shancu

    Bipolar is apparently caused by lack of neurotransmitter connections. Himalayan salt and Ketogenic Diet fix this problem according to many people including some doctors. I’ve personally tried it and I feel my mood is stable and much better 😊

  • Lean Cuisine
    Lean Cuisine

    The spike in mental illness is directly a result of the shitty world we live in. Turn on the news or do some research it's all a disaster. There is no love or god just evil.

  • Akshually....

    "Bipolar can be solved by talk therapy" -therapist ...yup, no bias there.

  • resonant.interval

    quack quack this woman is a quack.

  • resonant.interval

    legalize freedom and freedumb. including all drugs.

  • resonant.interval

    psychotherapy advertisement.(period)

  • A Non
    A Non

    This lady is asking some personal questions. Sometimes you can't see Bipolar.

  • Lordwarship

    "I was living in my own delusional world and you were trying to ask real world questions." magnificent!

  • Lordwarship

    Ashley seems to be cool lad.

  • John Keith
    John Keith

    I strongly feel that the pesticides that is sprayed on our food has something to do with this disease.

  • Bella Bijou
    Bella Bijou

    She acts like we’re strange animals

  • alexis culp
    alexis culp

    Side note: the pyschotherapist looks like Edna from the incredibles

  • Brian Mc
    Brian Mc

    7:45, Sounds like every boss I've ever had.

  • R Head
    R Head

    Watching Ashley's story was frustrating because it just looks like he's been misdiagnosed and receiving incorrect treatments. Being on antipsychotics for long periods of time can have permanent side effects. It made me sad and angry that there's not much help for folks living on the autism spectrum that also have mental illnesses. I hope he finds a care team that has a better grasp of how to communicate with autistic folks.

  • Tom Gould
    Tom Gould

    They seem like they're on meth. I know they're not, btw

  • FandomTOBY

    i can relate to ashley way too much... i even play piano as well lol. but on a serious note...its absolute torture. i havent been diagnosed but my mood constantly changes and it can take one small thing like being yelled at or talking about personal stuff to somone. or just simply thinking about future bs. social anxiety has kept me in my house for at least 6 months now. but going back to job school in a few weeks is whats gonna break that i guess.. i ostly expierience lows on a day but i also have highs every day those arent as long as the lows tho. i dont really live in a good enviroment so that might be the reason. but my mood definetly changes a lot influenced by what im thinking or what i expierience. my mind never shuts up and i do hear my thoughts. all of them. its like hearing your own voice as a crowd. i get little sleep because of that bs.

  • Phenomenal Woman
    Phenomenal Woman

    Why are they only showing ppl out of the US? Im just curious because ppl in the US need help also. Sometimes I wish I was smart enough to cure ppl with this and Cancer and other illnesses cause it's heartbreaking😢😢

    • Skyla Summers
      Skyla Summers

      because it is a documentary filmed in the U.K, of people living in the U.K only with the disorder

  • Phenomenal Woman
    Phenomenal Woman

    SOME OF IT IS THE FOOD. THEY PUT ALL THESE DIFFERENT chemicals in food n drinks

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