DOCS: Help I'm A Teen Mum - Ep.1
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How would you cope with the trials and tribulations of parenting while still a child yourself? Super-nanny Susie Whytock transforms some of Britain’s youngest mums into better parents and happier teenagers. Susie mentors each parent as they tackle everything from tantrum-throwing toddlers to the loss of a maternal bond. Parents include 15-year-old Zoe, who gives her baby biscuits for breakfast, and 17-year-old Ashley, who’s already pregnant with her second child.
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  • Grace Bosselaar
    Grace Bosselaar

    The baby that was left in the highchair I was so scared that she was going to fall because the tray was not stuck to the chair.

  • Jazmein Bedolla
    Jazmein Bedolla

    CPS help these kids get them safe

  • Breanna Rosario
    Breanna Rosario

    Zoe actually cares for her baby she just doesn’t like to take responsibility for her kid

  • Dixie Da'mileo is my idol
    Dixie Da'mileo is my idol

    True : my cousin is 15 with a baby. false : it's her boyfriends.

  • Christina Luna
    Christina Luna

    Isn't there birth control pills in Britain?

  • Lily Bliblablubb
    Lily Bliblablubb

    Ohhh so that's why they literally threw condoms at me when I went to a family planning center to get my pill prescription...

  • Meme

    The smoker girl is pure trash

  • Sallylee Lofipo
    Sallylee Lofipo

    It doesn't matter if there teen but having child is a blessing in this world

  • Astrid Draije
    Astrid Draije

    14 years old excuse me 😱

  • Kim Kgatle
    Kim Kgatle

    Courtney is so cute ❤️

  • Wyndi

    Teen mum: 17 and pregnant, smokes while baby screams. Feeds him junk all day instead of making meals or schedules. Doesn't bother to wipe baby's mouth when feeding. Doesn't take time to feed baby correctly or notice what baby needs. Also Teen 1: Calls her baby lazy for being dependent upon her

  • Expecto Patronum
    Expecto Patronum

    As an Indian, I find this very disturbing

  • Gabby E
    Gabby E

    ok use are judging the mums but its really hard still being a mum especially when theyre still kids themselves. and none of them have the dad in the picture either. plus its hard to give up smoking, not saying you should but yea.

  • Jane Blackrose
    Jane Blackrose

    I'm a teen mom myself but I'm no wayyyyy like them... I can handle my baby like pro... Now I'm expecting my 6th baby ....

  • Misaky Kimm
    Misaky Kimm

    I am 18 and i look younger than all of them lol😂😂

  • Stella Hubble
    Stella Hubble

    5:24 I’m sorry- *Who did that girls hair??*

  • le_mon_ Dr_ops
    le_mon_ Dr_ops

    The girl who's smoking is really pissing me off. I think she does care about her baby but she's scared or something and shes letting the fear take over her love for the baby.

  • Ranvita S
    Ranvita S

    The baby's are SO cute.

    • Marilyn Manson
      Marilyn Manson

      Not really

  • Kristin Hays
    Kristin Hays

    they don’t even look like teens

  • Queen Adams
    Queen Adams

    This put a bad look on teen moms imma teen mom and oh god these ones are a hot mess

  • Green Life
    Green Life

    I'm pretty sure the teen moms can only do right now

  • The Truth
    The Truth

    I'm 17 with a 2 month old son and my body bounced right back, I lost weight during and after my pregnancy and I look better than I did before I had him. Some of these girls really let themselves go

  • Little Rissole
    Little Rissole

    I have friend that always praise European people so educated and much better than Asian. Next time I’ll show her this video.

  • Valerie Petty
    Valerie Petty


  • Jennifer L.
    Jennifer L.

    The girl who said birth control doesn't work probably didn't take them right (consistently)

  • Denise Johnson
    Denise Johnson

    Now a days there is so many types of contraception that there is no need for all these unplanned pregnancies. These girls know this. These shows are all the same the young girls always have the same excuse , the condom broke or what ever they are using didn’t work .

  • Henriett Kovács
    Henriett Kovács

    Young age on its own does not neccesary make someone an unfit parent. Many 25+ aged people are unsuitable

  • Bari Pyngrope
    Bari Pyngrope

    A lot of grown couple desperately wants and deserves a baby. But these people get it. 😠

  • Chadwick Walsten
    Chadwick Walsten

    “I think he’s quit lazy” what he can’t do anything

    • Chadwick Walsten
      Chadwick Walsten

      I know I spelt a quit wrong 🥴

  • Jaylee Seaton
    Jaylee Seaton

    I know how you feel I'm nine I'm pregnant for real tho my dad went to jail for it

  • Camilla Rhodes
    Camilla Rhodes

    Zoe looks like the one from little Britain

  • Slapdashdigo

    I wanna know how does it feel to having impregnated a girl and denied the baby was his I really wanna know it as if I were a boy, this is just something I can't seem to imagine feeling like

  • Mattt

    Bruh these babies are my age now shm

  • Lenny Robreds
    Lenny Robreds

    im fine with my hands

  • Belle Thielke
    Belle Thielke

    They are the worst moms *not hating*

  • Dina King
    Dina King සඳහා ජෛව විවිධත්වය

  • wig snatcher
    wig snatcher

    The girl that smokes looks like she has anger issues, she might hurt her kids.

  • wig snatcher
    wig snatcher

    Aimee looks like Jamie king 😍

  • Claudia Maigret
    Claudia Maigret

    Child bearing is not a right or it should not be. Don't provide benefits, housing or money and many degenerates will stop breeding if the state stops feeding. The more intelligent of these girls should put them up for adoption. Give them a one time only cash incentive for tubal ligation. Public schools should broadcast these videos as a deterrent to teen pregnancy. If girls could see the hellish lives these sociopaths chose, there would be less of them. It's clear that most of them don't want the kids at all.

  • Zab Calara
    Zab Calara

    Im afraid of getting pregnant and be a teen mom. *Wait* Im pushing 30..

  • Lia

    4:43 "Sometimes it just annoys me when other people try to tell me what to do with my BAYBAY"

  • Deanna Taylor-Jannotte
    Deanna Taylor-Jannotte

    what teenagers need more sleep give me a break

  • Astro Giraffe
    Astro Giraffe

    when Zoey said i cant wake up early its like 7-7 is 12 hours of sleep 9-9 is also 12 hours of sleep

  • Gabrielle E
    Gabrielle E

    And where are the boys who got them pregnant?

  • Ringdingdong

    The smoker who said her baby is “lazy” is hypocritical, it’s a freakin baby, the kid is screaming and she’s not doing anything, who is the lazy one?

  • Nicole Pagkatipunan
    Nicole Pagkatipunan

    Where's the daddy baby?

  • Nero vi
    Nero vi

    Poor babies.

  • Sehun Min
    Sehun Min

    NEVER having kids!!!! idc if u think it might happen by accident cuz it wont cuz i wont do it period.

  • shantavia jean
    shantavia jean

    2 kids, only 16😳my mind is blown🤯

  • shantavia jean
    shantavia jean

    Ashleigh baby always crying bec she always damn smoking around him.

  • Angela Jung
    Angela Jung

    Pilipino teenage mom:pathethic

  • jordonkry

    "I used a condom once and it split, so I never used them after that." 200 IQ right there

    • Kyanna Reano
      Kyanna Reano

      jordonkry so funny

    • Kyanna Reano
      Kyanna Reano

      jordonkry lol

    • Chiara B 34 a
      Chiara B 34 a


  • Yonna Lee
    Yonna Lee

    13:38 she yelling at her daughter for sitting on her sister but why does she have a new born unattended on the floor instead of the crib 🤦🏾‍♀️

  • PRINCESS RAT -Roblox
    PRINCESS RAT -Roblox

    When her name is zoe you know you did a bad job

  • amybebe

    condom advert before ....-_- are you kidding 😂😂

  • Bria Green
    Bria Green

    Good morning 🌞

  • Waleska Zambrano
    Waleska Zambrano

    My mom showed me this ...... I’m 13 and never looking at a boy. well it’s not like I ever interact with them anyways, sis is the too shy.

  • milkggukie

    Some of these girls are just missing common sense😭

  • luckyme resha
    luckyme resha

    Yes it must be hard for teenagers. Because teenagers themselves still have unstable attitudes. It is great show to help them!

  • This Life
    This Life

    They are young women, they’re not young children. Have you seen a young child compared to a young woman? Cause that statement on this video makes me think that woman hasn’t.

  • robloxs Queen
    robloxs Queen

    Why teens allways become moms

  • Black Doll
    Black Doll

    Why they seems to have something in their mouth when their talking

  • Daisy Adenia
    Daisy Adenia

    The girl with too big and bald head baby, why did she keep bouncing that head?

  • Daisy Adenia
    Daisy Adenia

    Why teen girls look so fat and old?

  • clcpclcp clcpclcp
    clcpclcp clcpclcp

    they look older than their age

  • 소노 치노키오쿠
    소노 치노키오쿠

    Bro i’m a dude, and probably never gonna have a kid myself (adoption maybe, the kid would be at least 4-6) but quarantine got me binging this

  • Severine Labonté
    Severine Labonté

    Some of them are too irresponsible the way they speak upset me. May God bless their children.

  • M. P.
    M. P.

    Wow. That mother saying she had her kid too early so at least one of her kids had to do the same .. parenting done more than motherfucking wrong. 😅 And then she is pregnant again, smoking and claiming she does not know it's unhealthy, concrats - 🙄

  • Devania Sou
    Devania Sou

    I'm teen mom and stop having baby for a while until I'm ready for having another because I can't handle properly my 2yrs old daughter... and I'm trying to be a good mother the best that I could do (Sorry if my english bad, I'm trying so hard... thankyou)

  • Addi Myers
    Addi Myers

    What is the woman just a container for the child

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