DOCS: Our Lives - The Smallest People In The World
DOCS: Our Lives - The Smallest People In The World
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AN EYE-OPENING documentary follows the lives of four primordial dwarves - providing an insight into life from their unique perspective. American children Danny, Hannah, Bradley, and Bri, are four of the smallest people in the world. Their syndrome is the rarest of all the 200 types of dwarfism, and is characterised by tiny stature, a high-pitched squeaky voice, and limited life expectancy. Primordial dwarfs are also the smallest of all those affected by any one of the different types of dwarfism. The syndrome is caused by a recessive gene, and all primordial dwarves are born to average-sized parents who are both carrying it. The gene is so rare it is yet to be identified. There is estimated to be roughly 100 primordial dwarves living in the world, with 40 of them based in the US.
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  • Seek n Destroy
    Seek n Destroy

    I think that the interviewer does not have a human brain rather a coconut head.

  • Keri-ann Senior
    Keri-ann Senior

    Guys I'd love to see more, like an update. Can anyone of u share a link if posible?

  • Jennifer Bennett
    Jennifer Bennett

    Every person is beautiful in God’s sight. I’ve enjoyed watching this documentary. I wish the best for everyone.

  • Cori Wood
    Cori Wood

    Danny is handsome

  • Shreya Siya
    Shreya Siya

    All of them are so adorable.

  • Jessica Lowery
    Jessica Lowery

    I think these people are amazing, beautiful and inspirational. .

  • beep gg
    beep gg

    Why she's asking 'do you think you'll live long?' why you asking such a depressing question Monika... I'm a normal human but I would definitely go into depression if someone ask me that question while I'm sick 🙏 spread positivity 💕 they are precious

  • carcar 97
    carcar 97

    Freaking weird interviewer

  • Trinity Ranee
    Trinity Ranee

    they’re all so precious 💙💙

  • Mars free
    Mars free

    The one girls short closet is the greatest thing ive ever see

  • Baby K TV
    Baby K TV

    Are They still of alive?

    • Lost Cause
      Lost Cause

      Bradley died in 2017, Bri in 2019, Sharon I think also died not sure what year though. I think the others are still alive.

  • K Sutter
    K Sutter

    Danny is so cute and smart! Love him very adorable. I wish him the best. Aww poor Hannah seems so unhappy she's cute!

  • Babyan Shadap
    Babyan Shadap

    I think they're all Very Special I hope they realize that.

  • I love kittens and puppys09
    I love kittens and puppys09

    I hope hannah is better :)

  • Irene Feltham
    Irene Feltham

    How beautiful, all the lovely PD’s in the video. I would love to talk to them all. 💗🙏🏻✨🌹🌈🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋

  • keira rose
    keira rose

    bri is the CUTEST LITTLE THING 🥺

  • Geeta Dhuri
    Geeta Dhuri


  • Monica Curenton
    Monica Curenton

  • Johnny Sportcoat
    Johnny Sportcoat

    Read where Bri and Bradley passed away so sad RIP

  • Ezra Fabrick
    Ezra Fabrick

    ngl Kristen is a absolute legend for saying she was a child to eat free

  • Queenita 2g5
    Queenita 2g5

    Hannah is very Pretty .. I hope she gets better 😥

  • Futurist1

    Imagine a universe where people with this condition thrives, how different everything would have been, tiny cars, tiny houses, everything in the society would be smaller.

  • Gogo Siza
    Gogo Siza

    Jessica you are a really good person!

  • Danwah Singh
    Danwah Singh

    Danny is believe to be quite normal 🤔really happy for him

  • Danwah Singh
    Danwah Singh

    Hannah need to see little people like her self having fun she needs to expose

  • Danwah Singh
    Danwah Singh

    Think little people are folks too so little people it is what it is 🤔 dwarf who actors with wife and kids

  • WNDR

    I learned that i should be more grateful that i was born is pathetic how normal people like us always think that we’re ugly,fat...

  • _23Nostalgia _
    _23Nostalgia _

    God bless these angels. Small big fat skinny doesn’t matter. We are all beautiful creations with a unique purpose. No mistakes no errors but a soul to be loved and love

  • Lauren Agetstein
    Lauren Agetstein

    Does anyone know how is Kristen Riley is doing these days??? Last I knew sounded like she was doing well going to school for a degree was learning to drive. Getting a job!! She is the one who had the brother named Kevin who passed away

  • Maxim Schmidt
    Maxim Schmidt

    Bri is so cute She is adorable my prayers are with her

  • wpy yang
    wpy yang

    Do you think you'll live long? I don't know... Have the doctors given you an idea? No, they don't know... How long will you like to live? I don't know... What sounds like a good age? Sixty or seventy. Just like the rest of us??? SMH!

  • Ethel thethird
    Ethel thethird

    33:18 Sharon looks so young! after the money this video is doing , can she please have a teeth reconstruction, she will improve her natural beauty, but if she dont like to suffer for a lil bit, then is fine the way she is. Just saying!

  • Kissia Skippings
    Kissia Skippings

    They normal Period

  • Clarissa Stark
    Clarissa Stark

    Society is! 👏🏻👍🏻💕

  • Krystal Daniels
    Krystal Daniels

    The next video under this in my "recommended" list is "World's Smallest Stripper" 😵

  • evilangel7769

    Out of curiosity, does anyone know if the more child-like behavior is a product of the condition, or a result of them being treated like they are younger b/c of their size?

  • gabby reeder
    gabby reeder

    Bre passed away June 12, 2019. Bradley passed away February 21, 2017. May they Rest In Peace.

  • gabby reeder
    gabby reeder

    The interviewer is ticking me off. When she asked Bradley don’t basketball coach have to be tall I could have slapped her. She was just so rude and mean to all of them.

  • Hanji San
    Hanji San

    15:12 oh her brothers look so good 15:22 wait what happened!? Lol

  • Shay Chris
    Shay Chris

    I really dont like bullies

  • DNøTS

    Danny seems so fun😂❤i wanna be his friend so bad!!q

  • kirst marie
    kirst marie

    it makes me sad that danny eats lunch by himself. i would definitely eat lunch with him. he’s mega cool

  • Paula vieyra
    Paula vieyra

    Thèse parents are amazing and thé kids too

  • F. Crazybone
    F. Crazybone

    I would have told that one little girl whose brother died: It's not haunting. It's your own soul mate trying to comfort you - He will always be there for you when you need him.

  • Safea Mohamed
    Safea Mohamed

    I straight ugly cried when she said "Im Nothing"

  • Lex P
    Lex P

    Anybody else feel like that guy at the airport was lookin a lil pervy?

  • Dundundun

    And here i am complaining of being only 5’4..

  • Debbie Prokop
    Debbie Prokop

    A true mother's love is unconditional! We just see the wonder of life that is beautiful!

  • mi mi
    mi mi

    Danny is so handsome and motivated! I hope he grows up to live a happy life

  • 処音やぶ

    9:53 those parents are amazing lmao. I worry about sweet Hannah. She's the cutest :(

  • Leslie Nava
    Leslie Nava

    I wish I could give hannah a hug and tell her shes a beautiful lil girl 👱‍♀️

  • monkey31 &Gr
    monkey31 &Gr

    That “she’s mean to me” had me dying omg that made my day!

  • kelss ann
    kelss ann

    These mothers are SO strong, no one asks for their baby to come out with something wrong, no one wants their child to be unhappy and feel anything but normal. Such good kids, even better mothers 💖

  • Aeon

    Hannah's mother is nice but she's not doing enough to help her daughter. The ways she says "oh you're gonna have to deal with it" "what else can you do about it" Things like that are not enough to help someone who's going through depression or anxiety.

  • Posy Robertson
    Posy Robertson සෝදා ගත හැකිය පරිශ්රයේ මත. කොහොමද හිස ටේප් රෙකෝඩරය, වන

  • Melinda Stevens
    Melinda Stevens

    My heart cracked in half and I cried when she said "I'm nothing" sweetheart your beautiful your everything 😭❤️

  • Cher L.
    Cher L.

    So cool Sharon has lasts so long. I wish they could file her front teeth down so she could be more comfortable and probably could eat better too. But she’s adorable.

  • Cher L.
    Cher L.

    Omg. I love their sweet voices I just want to hug them all. Danny is tough and so cool.

  • Kelly Stanley
    Kelly Stanley

    I just want to say the mothers of all these kids are amazing. These kids can do whatever they want in life. There's always a way. It might be different then tall Kidd's but they can do it. I'm so thankful the kids have amazing parents to show them they can do it.

  • ixamxmsright

    I think some of these children like Hanna should be homeschooled until her identity and self esteem is built up. Children can be the meanest and can destroy a child’s life.Her mom is an idiot, and can’t see this little girl is suffering.

  • Barbara Pitcher
    Barbara Pitcher

    Enjoy life be happy with yourself, all of u learn from Danny, his happy answering (how long do u think ull live) I'll pray for as long as God wants him n he will be joyful like this n that will help too

  • aesthetic yungi
    aesthetic yungi

    The little girl broke my heart when I heard she said "I'm nothing". She's everything. 💜

  • Linda S
    Linda S

    This documentary left me in tears, my heart goes out to all of these adorable munchkins, wishing them a long lasting, healthy, productive life for as long as God wills it!

  • Ben Rodriguez
    Ben Rodriguez

    I would take a spot for a week for these niggas sorry for the n word but fr

  • Ell p
    Ell p

    I think Hannah’s mom should get some counseling! I feel like if mom stopped thinking and making her feel different and stopped being depressed about it! And if mom was positive all the time! Because I feel like thinking and doing are two different things! And mom says she is positive about it but I really don’t think she is!! All these parents should get together and maybe Danny could teach them a few things!!!!

  • Ell p
    Ell p

    In a since I feel like they are being treated differently and maybe they would have more confidence if they were treated more equally and not singled out in everything they do!

  • Ell p
    Ell p

    Ahh they are just some pretty awesome kids!!!! And I hope Hannah meets some kids just like her and help build some confidence!

  • flaco gordo
    flaco gordo

    Let me guess you followed the white ones.

  • Madeline Townsend
    Madeline Townsend

    I don't know where I've seen Danny but he is so familiar to me, name and everything. I wonder if we went to grade school together.. He is so cute and I wish I could get in contact with him to see if he remembers me. I'd love love love to be friends with such a funny and cool guy. 🙂

  • Crispy Nuggets
    Crispy Nuggets

    Why’d you have a kid’s birthday party at a pool, when you know they can’t swim?

    • Brooklyn Knopp
      Brooklyn Knopp

      They said she can swim, she just couldn’t touch where all of the other kids were standing. I’m guessing they were in a deeper part of the pool

    • Melissa Adams
      Melissa Adams

      Right? That adoptive mother seems so oblivious to her daughters needs!

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