DOCS: Torso Man
DOCS: Torso Man
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A 27-year-old student born with no arms and legs and a limited life span dreams of a future with a wife and children of his own. Christian Arndt, an IT student from America, has no limbs due to a rare medical condition Totale Tetra-Amelie. Christian, who weighs 20kg, was given up by his biological parents for adoption as a baby but has found loving parents in Gisela Arndt and her husband. Although he cannot walk or eat unaided Christian is determined to live his life to the full.
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  • Jeremiah Allyn
    Jeremiah Allyn

    Man, that guy is such an inspiration. All my problems seem like a joke compared to what this man has went through his whole life. I really hope he is doing well these days, seems like such a kind soul.

  • Steven Jaworski
    Steven Jaworski

    when only a head and torso is better at swimming than you😪😪😪

  • Runu Baruah
    Runu Baruah

    Wish he could move around on his own

  • Estefania Ricona
    Estefania Ricona

    He's lucky to have a good mum, handsome young man.

  • Hassan Gidima
    Hassan Gidima

    May God bless you mum for the good work day

  • isuri wijesinghe
    isuri wijesinghe

    He is so good looking

  • Green Hill
    Green Hill

    Everyone who had a bad day and feel sorry for themselves must see this video.

    • Trinity Jay
      Trinity Jay

      you shouldnt undermine other peoples struggles.

  • Hakuna Matata
    Hakuna Matata

    Truly his mom is an angel sent from heaven for him. 😇

  • Иван Штефанько
    Иван Штефанько

    Это болезнь😅😅😅😣😣😣😥😥😥

  • A M
    A M

    I hope he met a very nice lucky girl or boy cos he is amazing and handsome too xx

  • NoeLSD

    Lebt er noch?

  • Hendra Madian
    Hendra Madian

    His mom is an angel 😁

  • Aeon

    But how does he pee and poo?

    • Aeon

      @Hugo Daniel how is that rude? go hide in a closet if you're too sensitive for a normal question like that.

    • Hugo Daniel
      Hugo Daniel

      rude 😢

  • Kimberley Piecuch
    Kimberley Piecuch


  • Paola Harjaček
    Paola Harjaček


  • igor bogatyrenko
    igor bogatyrenko

    Its like a borito

  • Felicity Memela
    Felicity Memela

    He is a man 😒 not "torso man" respect this man giving him a stupid name

  • Ellen Chevarie
    Ellen Chevarie

    Makes me full of happiness that he has the love of friends and family

  • Luvella

    "Christian refuses to think about this as being fed like a baby," as baby's first step-fitting music plays in the background.

  • Kafil Uddin Bhuiyan
    Kafil Uddin Bhuiyan

    AwU the boy is so handsome tho and sweet💕🥺

  • Cris A
    Cris A

    They should make him an automatic feeding machine

  • Lungile Mbhense
    Lungile Mbhense

    His cute love his dimples

  • 100% Texan
    100% Texan

    Watching this makes you appreciate what you have.

  • Bintang June
    Bintang June

    am crying. Bless you mother, i love you woman

  • Evvi Giovani
    Evvi Giovani

    He's handsome tho...

  • Kong Phothisane
    Kong Phothisane

    Wonder what happen to His parents

  • Anaba Justina
    Anaba Justina

    Please what is the definition of a mother, stop calling the woman foster mother, she is his mother, this woman should be awarded, she already has a place in heaven, God bless her and her generations

  • Lili lili
    Lili lili

    Hanna well by 5

  • In love with Dixon
    In love with Dixon

    This woman is amazing

  • Moises Oquendo
    Moises Oquendo

    God bless you!

  • Sofie Belle
    Sofie Belle

    No hate on him You can complain about your life.....because...... Just because his life is hard, doesnt mean your problems go away It's okay to be upset

  • boosie 4l
    boosie 4l

    Today morning I’m angry because my hair gone frizzy because I didn’t twist it yesterday. I love my life now

  • Keeph

    My first question is why this video got 4k dislikes n how does he poop cuz I can't hold poop in for 28 years

  • Heny Rahmawati
    Heny Rahmawati

    Tuhan berikan dia hati yang besar...

  • Carla Manrique
    Carla Manrique

    I believe his mom has incapacitated him, I saw another story on this same channel of another young guy from Santa Clara Utah, his name is Gabe Adams He does everything for himself, he cooks, he drives, he swims. I’m really saddened by this story because his mom is older and how is he going to survive when She is not around? 😢

  • Tine W
    Tine W


  • Patience Page
    Patience Page ග-මම" විය අර්ධ වශයෙන් මුදල් අමාත්යාංශය විසින්

  • Mohammad Bhatti
    Mohammad Bhatti

    Look at the guy who copy his test book he turn perfect lol

  • Mohammad Bhatti
    Mohammad Bhatti

    God bless mom and son I wish them well in life.

  • Saibal Ghosh
    Saibal Ghosh

    hats off to his care taker. you are a real man.

  • Saibal Ghosh
    Saibal Ghosh

    he had a foster father too. and nobody here noticed that brave man.i presume he was no less than this finest lady. hats off man.

  • Saibal Ghosh
    Saibal Ghosh

    finest human being. parents of this lady must be awarded for bringing a super women in this world.

  • Zarema Elgakaeva
    Zarema Elgakaeva

    Ik ween

  • Zora Baumann
    Zora Baumann

    Er hat das Gesicht eines Märchenprinzes.

  • GhastlyInnerWorld

    That moment when u undertsand both german and english and your brain is confused on wether it should listen to their original words or the translation... but its a great documentary that shows beautifully how much love there can be

  • Florida Paradise 🌴
    Florida Paradise 🌴

    She is an absolute saint and I don't like the name Torso Man either. He is a handsome man who was delt a bad body

  • Yanis Iyad
    Yanis Iyad

    لا إله إلا الله والحمد لله على جسمنا الكامل سبحان الله 😥😢😭

  • Abigail Han
    Abigail Han

    Does he have digestive system?

  • Ángeles Zamudio Pérez
    Ángeles Zamudio Pérez


  • S D
    S D

    Lord give his parents strength ❤️🙏

  • Bristy Debnath
    Bristy Debnath

    It's so sad story . I wish that his mum lives forever for helping this guy and don't call him Torso man he is just a normal man like me you and everyone . Sooo sad story

  • Jouhayna Shebly
    Jouhayna Shebly


  • Maria Jose Alemany
    Maria Jose Alemany

    Muy impresionante y con mucho Valor. 👍👍👍Todos mis respetos

  • Leticia Bastos
    Leticia Bastos


  • laura lais
    laura lais

    4G 21:55

  • laura lais
    laura lais


  • Kayla B
    Kayla B

    Christian’s a really good looking fella!!! Such a sweetheart, and his mom too! What an inspiration to us all! ✊. I don’t care for the title. (Y’all didn’t need to call him that. It’s quite derogatory). He’s a great man with great ambitions.

  • Elizabeth Raygoza
    Elizabeth Raygoza

    Gos bless you 🙏

  • BoxOBacon


  • Rayvonne Evans
    Rayvonne Evans

    Does he have genitalia to use the bathroom? I don’t see a waste bag attached to him

  • zen cooly
    zen cooly

    Forrest Gump music in the background!

  • J3 Kids & Family
    J3 Kids & Family

    They is stung

  • Ingris Hernandez
    Ingris Hernandez

    DIOS LO BENDIGA amén 💙🙏

  • Roni Routh
    Roni Routh

    Life is so difficult he only wants to live normal life and we always complain to our life love u bro

  • Wendy Johnston
    Wendy Johnston

    No matter. I could never give\hand my child away. Ever. But Being that my children were born fortunate to have arms and legs I could not fathom what this young man or anyone with this condition or the mother of a child with this condition could ever go through God-bless them all.

  • C K
    C K

    This guy should check out Nick Vujicic for inspiration.

  • SANDOK AT KAWALI -Chef Scy Perez
    SANDOK AT KAWALI -Chef Scy Perez

    You are God's perfect son....

  • Marion Asmus
    Marion Asmus

    Hallo er ist ein lieber Mensch total cool liebe Grüße von Marion kurtz

    • Marion Asmus
      Marion Asmus

      Er ist was ganz besonderes

  • Servet Soylu
    Servet Soylu

    I cried man i pray to god for giving me healthy body

  • Francina Perez
    Francina Perez

    God bless this mon

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