DOCS: Weight Loss Ward - Ep.5
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The UK's biggest and busiest NHS obesity unit opens its doors once again to allow exclusive insight into their battle with the bulge. Sunderland Royal Hospital is at the heart of one of the fattest regions in the country and the Weight Loss Ward is like a conveyor belt with thousands of patients turning to the knife to beat their morbid obesity. With personal stories and medical insights, Weight Loss Ward confronts delicate issues head on and reveals a shocking new trend: obese people who travel abroad for low budget operations - with sometimes fatal results.
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  • Feyhan Ain Kariya
    Feyhan Ain Kariya

    i wonder. after the operation, will they ever be fat again? or do they have high chances to gain more weight if they did not eat healthily or control their food?

  • Diliylah Mills
    Diliylah Mills

    They get so big that they can barely breathe

  • Kimmy Grant
    Kimmy Grant

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  • General Fish
    General Fish

    Dang boy heeeeeeee thiiiiiiiiiiiickkkkk

  • LavenderTease

    I hope to be at least a quarter as kind and caring as Sharron in this life.

  • TheCitizenKane1

    Is it me or is the mayor's wife pissed off that he's losing weight. I think she was probably hoping he would eat himself to death.

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    Priscilla Cabrera

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    Nola Grimes

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  • Anna - Let's Get Acquainted
    Anna - Let's Get Acquainted

    1:30 Who is here in the coronavirus period?

  • Catalina Hale
    Catalina Hale

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  • Nisha Mwas
    Nisha Mwas

    Does she have a neck no she doesn't 😂😂😂

  • Lily Meredith
    Lily Meredith

    80% Sharon 30% doreen? Something doesn't add up

  • Moana Yandall
    Moana Yandall

    So we not gonna talk about “ 80% Sharon, 30% me.” What,,,

  • Aleksandra Lena Ekmedžić
    Aleksandra Lena Ekmedžić

    Iiiiiiiiiiii mama way hahahahahaha

  • Bentley Farley
    Bentley Farley

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    Dominick Blankenship

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  • Sarala edits
    Sarala edits

    It is sad that our country is becoming extinct towards your foreign cuisine

  • Dr. D4nk memes
    Dr. D4nk memes

    They look like normal Americans lol

  • Cook with Varsha
    Cook with Varsha

    "Does she have a neck she doesn't...insane docter .

  • Blessed Success
    Blessed Success

    They say never judge ppl but that is plain out disgusting and lazy letting yourself get Like that idc what cards you are dealt in life you get one body and one life take care of it

  • Brodie Austin
    Brodie Austin

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  • Gerardo Greene
    Gerardo Greene

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  • Kenzie Chaney
    Kenzie Chaney

    I'm sorry honey Can't you try the gastric sleeve now? There are so many options now a days! You can do this. Don't give up! Run with your kids, get up! You got this Natalie!

  • unephemeral

    I like how the dog is also fat. Personally I think fats dogs are cute but I know it isn’t healthy (my dogs are an healthy weight btw)

  • SinistaN

    ugh if this doesn't make want to drop some fat nothing will

  • BookeaterStroryeater

    can't wait for the full alien declassification AND alien and human cohabitation of societies to learn what are their take on obesity on humans

  • BookeaterStroryeater

    do you notice that EVERYTIME a man want to lose fat/300 pounds whatever, the wife is ALWAYS fat?

  • Pham Xuan Thien
    Pham Xuan Thien

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  • Lysa Holton
    Lysa Holton

    That's so sad because I'm fat but I'm not different I'm on your six years old I'm a child and I hope I don't die

  • Shadow

    Wheres her neck?

  • 1 Fan
    1 Fan

    Doreen is adorable

  • Wolfy Games
    Wolfy Games

    The part it shows her heart is disturbing

  • mansoor m
    mansoor m

    Adress plz bcz 1 patient is thair in india so plz adres Send me

  • c omedy
    c omedy


  • SmartBen

    if this guy go's on a boat, the boat is gonna sink to the bottom but he will stay afloat from all his fat

  • pari jan
    pari jan

    So good People and docters but in pakistan they wil throw us in garbidge...if we het fat like this......i swear

  • Terence Dempsey
    Terence Dempsey

    Jesus Christ the one with the dog her plate of food was massive! 6 tomatoes 5 potatoes and a whole tin of ham ..YUK

  • Din Din!¡
    Din Din!¡

    5:11 "put the pig in her place?" or just stating the fax?! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🔥🔥

  • Glorious Gloria Girl
    Glorious Gloria Girl

    Hurt and the size of that living room looks like a whole bedroom I would actually want to sleep there (Probably not)

  • Queen Savage
    Queen Savage

    Did your baby die

  • Nichelle Morales
    Nichelle Morales

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  • Jose Moreno
    Jose Moreno


  • Jose Moreno
    Jose Moreno

    That is nothing

  • Jhazel Queen love
    Jhazel Queen love


  • mica onyx
    mica onyx

    I feel so sad for people like this. I've never had a weight problem so I can't relate. I think I might have been obese in another life because I find shows like this really interesting. I also get really pissed of when people think it's okay to speak and treat people badly because they are over weight. I don't judge them because I haven't walked in their shoes. Best of luck to everyone fighting this battle.

  • GDB Riot
    GDB Riot

    I live in the US and I really enjoy the fact that the British are honest. In the US you hear this, “ I’m overweight because of my shitty childhood”, “it’s not fat, it’s water retention”, “eating keeps me safe”. In England, “I’m obese because I don’t put down the fork”. Perfect.

  • Jasper Andrew
    Jasper Andrew

    Who can dislike such a transformation

  • Handhita E R
    Handhita E R

    I watched this to motivate my weight loss journey on quarantine days.

  • LTG.1

    The famous neck reveal

  • Squad Games
    Squad Games

    Poor gurl

  • kakopdiedak

    Is that a dog or a pig in her bedroom

  • Gaming with tabycat KITKAT
    Gaming with tabycat KITKAT

    Maybe 9900000000000000000000 Overweight that is 100 0000000000000000000000090000000000000000987654321

  • Lamitra Richardson
    Lamitra Richardson


    • Lamitra Richardson
      Lamitra Richardson

      Saige ann Richardson

  • Brandy

    Imagine needing to grab a paper at the bottom of one of those stacks 14:14

  • Gamer Gamer
    Gamer Gamer

    5:12 Doctor Now : finally a worthy opponent

  • Blac JuJu
    Blac JuJu

    Sharon is awesome.

  • New Things #
    New Things #

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  • junebug3000

    Is it bad that I don't care about how much I weigh and my height🤔

    • Teen_Queen

      That’s actually good 😂 I was diagnosed with low self-esteem and one reason why is because I weigh myself everyday. I wish I didn’t care :/

  • Rafle Ray
    Rafle Ray

    5:12 why'd he say that so boldly with a blank expression 😂 I'm deceased 💀

  • Fairyland cottage
    Fairyland cottage

    They need to learn it's a lifestyle change, you can't just eat the same way, natelie wouldn't of gained the weight back if she learned that and healthy habits, I'm sick of people blaming everything else on their problems and not taking responsibility for themselves..

  • Rhiannon Nicks
    Rhiannon Nicks

    Who else clocked Sharon for the fet?

  • Scottish potatoes
    Scottish potatoes

    This is just sad.. jeez. I hope I never get that fat..

  • Rosalind Maxwell
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  • Tiasa Dutta
    Tiasa Dutta


  • Tiasa Dutta
    Tiasa Dutta


  • saniya loren
    saniya loren

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