DON't TALK TO ME ABOUT MUSIC - idubbbz complains
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Thanks for watching everyone. The next documentary is filmed, edited. and ready to go online
We did a sponsor in this video so we dont have to put one in the doc. Thanks for understanding!!!!
Yes, i do love me some music, raggea rock, pop, punk, indie, folk, indie folktronica, you name it i love it. I love bands, musical artists, and song & dance.


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  • Hearse Bus
    Hearse Bus

    he’s only saying all of this cus he like coldplay

  • General NITR0ID [UTTP]
    General NITR0ID [UTTP]

    You can still the smell dislike bar from the angry snowflakes having PTSD from the Onlyfans incident.

  • theideamanhascome

    this guy is based haha

  • Smutek na smutek
    Smutek na smutek

    80 dollars for raycons? That's cheap! only 1/3 of my monthly paycheck.

  • far

    I never listen to music, all of that shit is normie garbage, all I listen to is minecraft parodies

  • pieboy

    mustache good

  • emphore Polpatine da Senate
    emphore Polpatine da Senate

    I feel that facial hair is for the most part better then baby face smooth

  • klint bromzz
    klint bromzz

    He probably just has 1 bon jovi CD an doesn’t want to change

  • Eric Schroeman
    Eric Schroeman

    what kind of music do you listen to

  • Herpinhorse

    think i like shaved ian more. if the mustache came with a beard or goatee then i'd welcome it back

  • Charlotte

    I like the moustache

  • Madison Lockwood
    Madison Lockwood

    The thing that I say when someone asks is “oh yeah I listen to SOME rap” and they’re like “oh so have you heard of [insert rapper that literally nobody has heard of] and I say no and then they’re like “ThEn YoU dOnT aCtUaLlY lIsTeN tO rAp” like bro I listen to juice wrld *rip* xxx *rip* and some new/ small rappers like wtf is ur problem

  • Intel 8086 16bit microprocessor
    Intel 8086 16bit microprocessor

    Only death grip. That is the only music.

  • Cringey Memes
    Cringey Memes

    No one else likes weezer 😪

  • John Cena
    John Cena

    My problem is that I usually don't know what genres the Songs I listen to belong to, so I literally can't answer the question what kind of music I like. I hate that question.

    • Brendan B
      Brendan B

      That's not the only thing we don't know about you.

  • Good Music
    Good Music

    I like Joji

  • asaf s.
    asaf s.

    If a male says sakira i would be suprised but i would accept it

  • Grateful aya
    Grateful aya

    spot on about the music guy

  • LiL Boud
    LiL Boud

    Buddy needs a handlebar moustache !!

  • Wolfpack

    1:50 That’s me lmaoooooooo

  • Nick W
    Nick W

    Do you listen to joji

  • Nick W
    Nick W

    Well he does have acid rap on the thumb

  • Jessie 907g
    Jessie 907g

    i was totally feeling this video until he pulled up Maroon 5

    • Jessie 907g
      Jessie 907g

      @Alonso Issa joke 😐

  • Compjoetur

    U look like logic the rapper u listen to him

  • petatersandgravye2n

    I loahve Brent Peznor of de Nine Inch Noses.

  • Sgt. Frosty Jack
    Sgt. Frosty Jack

    Aye a can't stand people and their shite music too, but making a video about them is a sign of defeat Dubbenstein.

  • astrothunder

    When someone says “I listen to everything”😤🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢

  • nolan the seabreeze
    nolan the seabreeze

    can anyone that has those earbuds clarify if there actually good? because i keep hearing about them, and want them but dont want to drop 70 bux and be disappointed

  • Miharu Sakazuki
    Miharu Sakazuki

    Something is...missing

  • frog hell
    frog hell

    Korn Head

  • Kyoukai

    "What music do you like?" "Oh I'm fine with anything" *Plays* *Merzbow*

  • Rine Rine
    Rine Rine

    Trucker music is superior

  • Cody Wellman
    Cody Wellman

    I'm commenting cuz i think ur cool =]

  • Chad Pauley
    Chad Pauley

    U like Queens of The Stone Age?

  • Conjugate gradient method
    Conjugate gradient method

    I like country.

    • k00lk1d92


  • W. B. Ware
    W. B. Ware

    Late reply to the mustache. Better without. Far less of a "is this creeper going to drag me back to the 60s in his windowless van/ time machine so he can molest me in his own time?" vibe.

  • artist meme
    artist meme

    Some people just ask what music you like so they can bully your taste and boast about their own.

  • ensimesmado

    his t-shirt has a little piece of corn and that's made me uncomfortable

  • HigherKhaos

    Without moustache! 🥰 With moustache 🤢

    • Potato Boy
      Potato Boy


  • DirtBound

    When you realize that both Ben Shapiro and iDubbbz have the same sponsor

  • Average Knuckles
    Average Knuckles

    I swear you look like my uncle with hair

  • Jhin

    The violin took my dumbass out man :(

  • Steaklord

    gRaTeFuL DeAd!

  • No Out!et
    No Out!et

    Coming back to watch this 4 months later is even funnier than when I first watched it for whatever reason.

  • anthony carlos
    anthony carlos


  • FoundInAkroger X
    FoundInAkroger X

    Really for me it's been mostly poor interactions when it comes to music. Usually it's the case that people just don't know what I'm talking about or I don't know what they're talking about. There's been like 2 or 3 great interactions I've had with people who I can really discuss music with and it's the best thing in the world

  • SmittenTheKitteninMittens

    there is no such thing as bad music

  • Big Shaq
    Big Shaq

    Only people who like charmander pizza can like this camment.

  • razor dad
    razor dad

    mustache was prety gud douh

  • Andrew

    Dad facial expressions

  • Ryder Webb
    Ryder Webb

    Without mustache

  • Matthew Wilkinson
    Matthew Wilkinson

    Ned Flanders

  • Joseph Taylor
    Joseph Taylor

    Sick sadworld hat

  • MrGreen

    very relatable

  • Luke Mansour
    Luke Mansour

    Random girl : wHaT mUsIC dO yOu LiStEn ToO? Me: opera Everyone: •_•

    • solitude

      decent joke if you ask me 👏

  • Nate Clark
    Nate Clark


  • Angel ofIron
    Angel ofIron


  • Mr. Tables
    Mr. Tables

    Nobody gonna mention the SADWORLD hat? If you ain’t heard of it, it’s a channel run by the guy who played Gibby from iCarly, and if you haven’t seen it, check out the video Ian did on that called Punches. Gibby spits milk on Ian like a little baby boy!

  • Liam Zriouil
    Liam Zriouil

    Better with than without

  • Scott Lillibridge
    Scott Lillibridge

    Yeah but no offense ian, but if o finally get female interaction and she asks “ what music do you listen to “, I’m not gonna type out a essay on why she is in the wrong for asking that question about my music taste

  • Medical Adhesive Strips
    Medical Adhesive Strips

    All this for an ad

  • imoutofideasfornames

    The only people who have mustaches are cops and pedo’s. And since you’re the content cop I thought it was obvious why you had it...

  • Connor McOwen
    Connor McOwen

    Idubbbz you fell off man

  • Alfred Madgwick
    Alfred Madgwick

    Im 13 and my fav band is AC/DC

  • T Series
    T Series

    Hey Ian who are your favorite IT-myrs

  • Tucker Dorco
    Tucker Dorco

    I say keep the stache. Fuk the haters rock what you got my friend

  • Joon Moon
    Joon Moon

    Well I’m a Koop Stan So pretty ducking relatable

  • Tony Crimson
    Tony Crimson

    This channel is a shell of its former self

  • Renan Grassi
    Renan Grassi


  • James Brooks
    James Brooks

    it's even worse when you're buying music equipment from randos off craigslist

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