Don Toliver - Clap [Official Audio]
Don Toliver
Don Toliver - Clap
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  • Venla Lindeman
    Venla Lindeman

    Is it only me but this song could be in a basketball game doe

  • Vasia

    Love your songs bro

  • Jasur Jahongirov
    Jasur Jahongirov


  • Scarlet Harmison
    Scarlet Harmison

    Don Toliver is the only single person who never uses *A U T H E N T I C V I E W S COM* to get the views up. Thumbs up who agrees

  • DiegoC4


  • YvngTor


  • Adriana Hester
    Adriana Hester

    Don is so underrated mannnn wtffff give the man the credit he deserves!!!😡😞

  • BlacRozie

    This still my boy!!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🏁🏁

  • Bianca Silva
    Bianca Silva


  • KD


  • Queen Sugar
    Queen Sugar

    This man don't miss

  • Aalliah Philips
    Aalliah Philips

    *Soooo can anybody hear Travi$ Scott on this or am i trippin ?*

  • Kino Live
    Kino Live

    Please ft travis scoot again it's a sick duo

  • John Flynn
    John Flynn

    I love this song 🎵 the words and the beat

  • Cozy L
    Cozy L

    dude you weird.... all your songs are fucking dope !

  • KT No
    KT No


  • Latoya George
    Latoya George

    I can't hate any of his songs. Love you Don

  • tommy C
    tommy C

    Don toliver deseveres so much more attention. what an incredible artist!

  • Dawn Keebals
    Dawn Keebals

    Hes like any other rapper where all his music got some unoriginal repititive shit going on where they all sound really similar, but i can’t lie, it’s fucking catchy

  • A

    My fav song..

  • W V G
    W V G

  • noel maluza
    noel maluza

    When is escapism dropping

  • Squishy SZN
    Squishy SZN

    1:36 you’re welcome. can’t wait until tik tok ruins this masterpiece

    • A

      Thank u so much ✨💖👉🏻👈🏻

  • Madara Uchiha
    Madara Uchiha

    Been here since diva

  • Laflame -Webster
    Laflame -Webster

    Beem here since video girl

  • Dasany Black
    Dasany Black

    the people that dislike were told its opposite day

  • Pihlajami

    Don has the biggest vibe ever

  • Bir4dYT


  • c m0808
    c m0808

    Hella good Don! Keep pushing!

  • Chief Cheesy
    Chief Cheesy


  • Jonah Rangel
    Jonah Rangel


  • Fab🎃

    Everyone: this sounds like a mix between cardigan and no idea Me an intellectual: this sounds like Travis Scott’s wonderful

    • Aidan Errrbes
      Aidan Errrbes

      Shut up bruh you’re not an “intellectual” for saying that 😭😭

    • king_vontay 101
      king_vontay 101


  • Nicolas 250
    Nicolas 250

    When he said I don’t need no Henny I get violent i felt that 🤩

  • 41 Nights .
    41 Nights .

    Banger 😋💗.


    Its The chord progressions starting at 0:58 for me 🔥🔥🔥#Eargasms

    • enderboi ikn
      enderboi ikn


  • Aditya Jariwala
    Aditya Jariwala

    claim your pass to being here before tiktok ruins the song

  • siddharth sethia
    siddharth sethia

    0:45 I feel like I am transcending when I hear this part

  • Jose Rivera
    Jose Rivera

    Highly underrated song

  • Marcus Parris
    Marcus Parris

    He really sound like what Travis Scott tries to sound like when he use autotune. And I have yet to hear a song that doesn't slap

  • Bose is Live
    Bose is Live

    How is he even standing there like that for like 2 minutes straight 😂 Just joking don't take it seriously I will pay for the drugs by next week 🙏

  • Liana

    This was me n my sister’s 2020 summer song

  • Max Phanlouvong
    Max Phanlouvong

    don toliver is under rated

  • Jxshua Princeton
    Jxshua Princeton

    This man makes the best hooks

  • Danniella J.a
    Danniella J.a

    Who want "clap" video?

  • FERN 909
    FERN 909

    That strip club music

  • Eddiegrammer209

    Ain’t no way to just reverse 10 shots bihh you caught in the vibe only option is to just sit tight and ride that bitch out 🔥

  • MianD


  • Mundo Hispano 8bp
    Mundo Hispano 8bp

    Most underrated rapper !

  • Harper Taran
    Harper Taran

    claim your "here before 2 million views" ticket here

  • nikash hussain
    nikash hussain

    Cardigan ????

    • zl Çŕïmšøñ lz
      zl Çŕïmšøñ lz


  • Kamren Crittenden
    Kamren Crittenden

    Just wait a few years don imma be in Houston bru please put me on I can rap real good Man U MY MENTOR I LOVE U MAN Tell Yung Josh I said wassup if u see dis man put me on ps. I been watching u and josh 5 years ago

  • babyben beats
    babyben beats

    Anyone getting this O.N.I.F.C vibe ?

  • Célina

    « Hello, hello, what’s up, what’s up » 🥺👉🏼👈🏼

  • King Lear
    King Lear

    🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌 10/10 as usual

  • Astro Di
    Astro Di

    This man don toliver delete Travis on both on his song. After party 1 clap 2 wtf

    • zl Çŕïmšøñ lz
      zl Çŕïmšøñ lz

      He didn't delete them it's the label

  • SryDuModel _
    SryDuModel _

    You think hes underrated man i live in germany

  • Eggo Waffles
    Eggo Waffles

    The big don hasn’t disappointed, keep it up G, your music gets me hyped tf up for any occasion

  • Boogzwidit Boogzwidit
    Boogzwidit Boogzwidit

    this is a bad song

    • Gang Doodoo
      Gang Doodoo

      nah this a holy grail

    • Babs


  • LM

    The video reminds me of the lightning of the tuning shop in Need For Speed Underground 2

  • Nazeemxiiiv

    I would faint if I've ever met this legend like if u agree

    • zl Çŕïmšøñ lz
      zl Çŕïmšøñ lz

      Clout chasin

  • Chops


  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ

    them damn Mike Dean synths always get me man

  • kunal sethia
    kunal sethia

    I lovethis song

  • Duckocute

    gg 1 mil views

  • ZoneNoFlexx XO
    ZoneNoFlexx XO

    I just hope he stays on the After Hours Tour

  • phunkassassin 2231
    phunkassassin 2231

    ski and don need a song fr fr

  • gurmaine hills
    gurmaine hills

    Don Toliver always takes your soul in the last few seconds

  • Tyy

    Finally hit 1M. 😌😌

  • Maria Paschalidou
    Maria Paschalidou

    Loveeee your songs !!!

  • King Saber
    King Saber

    this song almost 1mil lets keep it going!

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