i failed this challenge a million times
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  • LazarBeam

    now lets pray i dont get a channel strike

    • magic

      I love you can you be my dad

    • Nicolas Seyissian
      Nicolas Seyissian


    • Casey Nicholl
      Casey Nicholl

      Y u getting bored you are getting better each video

    • Baha

      LazarBeam Hello

    • Aimee Walderon
      Aimee Walderon

      R.I.P mustache😢

  • Brennan B
    Brennan B

    ☻/ /▌ /\

  • Melissa L
    Melissa L

    They're Russian. They can't help it

  • Insane Children
    Insane Children

    I got so much anxiety because his lip hair will soon be gone

  • Pokerminer25

    yo i actually got sweaty palms 😶😑😐

  • Harry Pardo
    Harry Pardo

    I'm pretty sure when Russians see something really high they think it's monkey bars

  • Spamzy y
    Spamzy y

    6:00 im to Scared To Do that on 10 Meters lol

  • Memes Dreams
    Memes Dreams

    Lazarbeam: seeing what americans do Me: ah yes a normal sport here

  • Ginger Morris
    Ginger Morris

    The goat tho

  • Rubyfirefox

    Pls do more of these things than fortnite

  • Jamie Walloch
    Jamie Walloch

    I had my pams so swety

  • Smitty werbenjagerman jensen
    Smitty werbenjagerman jensen

    aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh I hate the ones where they are hanging from something extremely high like if you wanna die just buy a gun

  • Addison Schweinberg
    Addison Schweinberg

    You should go fishing with your fingers for a video

  • Kerri Pietsch
    Kerri Pietsch

    alults watching death wish "ohh thats scary me "DAM HE ABOUT TO BE YEETED!!!!!

  • Admin Team
    Admin Team

    9:32 how`bout the camera man

  • dark noob
    dark noob

    mans do be lookin ashy tho

  • Justin Weisberg
    Justin Weisberg

    Always thought 🇷🇺Putin🇷🇺 looked a little like a bear. 😂🤣😆

  • Alicia Geue
    Alicia Geue

    That shark scared the SHIT OUT OF ME

  • dkjfjirhf jfffnnugkjf
    dkjfjirhf jfffnnugkjf

    me and lazar had the same reaction to the mothers reflexes

  • Super_saiyan Yeet
    Super_saiyan Yeet

    8:46 I skate not long board but let me tell you this it’s not that dangerous doing that if your at least a ameutuer and know how to control the board

  • NavalCraftAnimates

    5:35 answer: OF COURSE THEY DONT HAVE XBOX I MEAN YOU DONT SEE RUSSIANS WITH A COLA IF ANYTHING (expect when it’s mixed with way to much vodka)

  • XXAnonymousXX


  • XXAnonymousXX


  • TeeHee TeeHee
    TeeHee TeeHee

    My brother was long boarding down a hill and fell off he slid down it and one knee litterly was non existent anymore you could see his bone he just lkept riding back to our house and also I’ve seen him cry three times in my life and he didn’t even cry from this one of the times he cried was when I was like 7 he was about 14 I think and he made me mad so I said at least I’m living with my actual father our mom divorced his dad and got together with my dad anther was when someone broke up with him for private reasons and the last time was when he was in a car accident

  • Brutal Carrot
    Brutal Carrot

    I got anxiety from the moment he said his mustash was going

  • Tage Hegnelius
    Tage Hegnelius


  • JellyFinn999

    3:51 my palms were soaked

  • Aiden Lopez
    Aiden Lopez

    Today I went white water rafting and our guide on the way back fracked falling out the bus I was literally going to faint

  • Kaminari Denki
    Kaminari Denki

    That’s how we go fishing

  • Yad Farhad
    Yad Farhad

    Mother of the year *lannan claping* instead he said to the kid no u stupid kid!

  • Evan Filipowski
    Evan Filipowski

    Dan osman was born in 1963 and died in 1998 from falling off the cliff and killed himself.

  • ximmi _x
    ximmi _x

    oMg hE POsTed tHis oN mY BiRThdAy

  • April Summerow
    April Summerow

    Wait a minute why was the shark using its tail like a dolphin

  • gamertag 8831
    gamertag 8831

    He's safe

  • Infinite Life Gang
    Infinite Life Gang

    R u in Aussie M8?

  • Tammy Giles
    Tammy Giles


  • Dan’s Worst Weathers Forecast
    Dan’s Worst Weathers Forecast

    I went over there to go to poland but i am happy this didn’t happen to me my sister would be screaming and my ears would be dead :)

  • Joseph Thomas
    Joseph Thomas

    Look at the guy in 7:07 and try to tell me that this is not George Memeulous.

  • Joseph Thomas
    Joseph Thomas

    7:08 George Memeulous?

  • Gaming News
    Gaming News

    Where's the vodka bottles?

  • Mohamed Abdel Aziz
    Mohamed Abdel Aziz

    1:10 it called noddling

  • AndrewMc 09 2.0 Vlog channel
    AndrewMc 09 2.0 Vlog channel

    I’m American and I’m offended

  • Tim Randall
    Tim Randall

    That lion guy is a IT-my that takes lion it’s not scary

  • Adam Jędrysiak
    Adam Jędrysiak


  • Adam Jędrysiak
    Adam Jędrysiak


  • Adrian L
    Adrian L

    I had to wash my hands after this vid

  • Jody Viitanen
    Jody Viitanen


  • A1 vlogs
    A1 vlogs

    Lannan I'm afended I'm amarican to and I don't even fish

  • Moon Beer
    Moon Beer

    "natural selection"

  • Andrew Cannard
    Andrew Cannard

    I pooped my GOD

  • Kevin Martinez
    Kevin Martinez

    My palms are sweaty when I put this video

  • Jimmy Rodriguez
    Jimmy Rodriguez

    Shut up lazarbeam that's not how we fishing people do other stuff of fishing

  • Rose Knight
    Rose Knight

    4:02 / 10:36 if this dude had sweaty palms he would be dead FAX or NAH

  • Enter The Bunker
    Enter The Bunker

    This is amazing😂

  • Comma

    nobody: my cat at 3 am: 1:45

  • Mark Johnson
    Mark Johnson

    see all that vadka in the pockets

  • Faze Fishy
    Faze Fishy


  • Marlowe Mejia
    Marlowe Mejia

    I'm nine I get it

    • Wide Putin
      Wide Putin

      I'm 49 but not for real

  • Oliwier janczura
    Oliwier janczura

    2:27 that kid's more in sane tham my brother when my brother was 2,he fell down and he cracked his head open and got his tooth to fall out. Then he drank a whole bottle of nurofen and went to the hospital for two days.

  • Hank Arditti
    Hank Arditti

    Anybody see how fake the diver was, with a baseball cap 😂

  • laxmipriya venkatraman
    laxmipriya venkatraman

    There's a goat on top of the palm tree Me: YOU'VE GOATA BE KIDDING ME!! (okay I'll get out)

  • TheDiamondMaster

    It’s obvious why people hang off the side of buildings. It’s obviously because it’s an exercise.

  • TheDiamondMaster

    How did that goat get up there?

  • White_Boy901

    LazarBeam I didn't know u could climb a palm tree

  • Bullets1833

    i do not fish like that

  • Liam Thornburg
    Liam Thornburg

    WHAT THE fu!#

  • Magic ball?
    Magic ball?


  • Patricia Lawson
    Patricia Lawson

    my heart was beating so fast my whole stomach was shaking!

  • Ryan Madrigal Guerra
    Ryan Madrigal Guerra

    Your tinder profile is weird because you like feet Hahahahahah Everything i see is in your channel is so dumb that I like it

  • Sherry Blackburn
    Sherry Blackburn

    mom: how about you buy something online since covid 19 me buying all of lazarbeams merch everysingle shirt anything he has as merch

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