Dope or Nope is Changing...
Tanner Malmedal
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Today was a pretty quick day in the life of how these changes are affecting Dope or Nope, and what changes Dope or Nope is making to compensate. We also filmed Patrick's podcast and talk about it a little bit!
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We Threw A Party While On Lockdown!

  • debbie hamblin
    debbie hamblin

    What happened? Are you guy's making anymore videos

  • Forgotten Memes
    Forgotten Memes


  • Forgotten Memes
    Forgotten Memes

    Omg bro dope or nope hasn't uploaded in 3 weeks I'm dying wtf is happening to the world

  • Anni Schön
    Anni Schön

    2:05 Why did I just faint in your car, Tanner..?

  • Panda Guzman
    Panda Guzman

    Politics with Sam🥺

  • Leanda Williams
    Leanda Williams


  • Chase Feigel
    Chase Feigel

    Tanner and pat: still has a Christmas tree up in march

  • Ana Palermo
    Ana Palermo

    Who else got scared reading the title!!!!!

  • Tim McGee
    Tim McGee

    Honestly, when I first discovered Dope or Nope on the Matthias channel, I thought you were all a little over the top, but realized I should give y'all a second chance, and I'm glad I did. You guys are awesome, and I hope you all stay safe in these uncertain time. Also, Tanman. I do like this format. Hope you and your girl are ok.

  • Kaitlyn Mcknight
    Kaitlyn Mcknight

    Where is Micheal?????

  • diabloreapergaming

    Are you and pat brothers?

  • 15th Lion
    15th Lion

    Why is Dope or Nope changing?

  • Dubtownblue

    Whatever you guys do I will be a huge fan I have been a fan since Matthias I am hope you all best wishes CHRIST be with you

  • Ya Basic Hollywood
    Ya Basic Hollywood

    pat= color

  • Sinn Conterra
    Sinn Conterra

    Was Patrick wearing a GMM hoodie?

  • End of Time
    End of Time

    I like the orange. It suits Pat

  • Laila Hansen
    Laila Hansen

    Patrick you look great in Colors 👍🏻😀

  • Trista Merna
    Trista Merna

    More color

  • David Viau
    David Viau

    Colors suit you very well Patrick, please wear them more!

  • Isla Mabry
    Isla Mabry

    Tanner: I love this place they give you sanitizer and are taking it really seriously Also Tanner: Goes to 3 different places before Matt’s house

  • Isla Mabry
    Isla Mabry

    MORE COLORS!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Stephanie Fisher
    Stephanie Fisher

    anyone else think dope or nope should have merch? (not including the card game)

  • Arianna Walker
    Arianna Walker

    is that a Christmas tree in Tanner's house lol?

  • Wyatt Hersom
    Wyatt Hersom


  • Deb Nes
    Deb Nes that a Christmas tree??

  • David Laidlaw [8BitMaple]
    David Laidlaw [8BitMaple]

    I like your new dangly earing.

  • Loyal Darkness
    Loyal Darkness

    No one's gonna mention the Christmas tree still up?

  • Fast Pack
    Fast Pack


  • Noelle Waddoups
    Noelle Waddoups

    I’m sad there is no Michael in the dope or nope vid

  • awesome man3333
    awesome man3333

    Patrick wearing that new good mythical morning merch😂

  • Rachel Tidmore
    Rachel Tidmore

    Color Pat color

  • Melissa Kelley
    Melissa Kelley

    It is definitely changddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddxddddddddddddddddddddd

  • Mamodokod

    Bro at 8:38 Pat looks 12 feet tall

  • Mamodokod

    They use OBS?

  • legendaryraging

    I honestly really like the more relaxed, easy to follow vlogs because I can watch them to relax and just listen to your day lol

  • Shawna Basallo
    Shawna Basallo

    wow the chirstmas tree is still up. not sure what i expected

  • neko sin
    neko sin

    Hi tanner I make games would you like to try them?

  • BeForeverMine AndI'mEternallyYours
    BeForeverMine AndI'mEternallyYours

    Where colorful!

  • Erica Rothwell - Meditation and Mindfulness
    Erica Rothwell - Meditation and Mindfulness

    I got too excited and commented before the video was finished but I still had stuff I wanted to say. I totes agree with Pat, its nice just to see chilled natural content from you guys. Especially during this time, it feels like we are chilling with you

  • Erica Rothwell - Meditation and Mindfulness
    Erica Rothwell - Meditation and Mindfulness

    Is Michael not gonna be in dope or nope?! 😢

  • FragileSilver

    What's Cameron's twitch channel name?

  • Benda Inky
    Benda Inky

    Is no one going to talk about the “honey I am home” At 6:08

  • Don Diego
    Don Diego


  • Suzanne Muldowney
    Suzanne Muldowney

    It's not right without Micheal

  • Wild Animal
    Wild Animal

    More colerful pat you look like a very handsome young man

  • Jake Allinson
    Jake Allinson

    Pat needs to be colorful

  • Aidric Berry
    Aidric Berry

    You guys still have your Christmas tree up! Nice

  • _Voodoo_Creep _
    _Voodoo_Creep _

    Why do you have a Christmas tree up?. Is it for covid or are you just lazy ?lmfao

  • Alex Reyes
    Alex Reyes

    Not to be mean but Tanners voice kind of puts me to sleep. It’s smooth and soft

  • gentlejake605

    Noooo I dont like change lol

  • The Leon Family
    The Leon Family

    Colorfulll tell himmmm

  • Ena Kohanna
    Ena Kohanna

    I want Patrick keyboard lol

  • Kennedy Knueven
    Kennedy Knueven

    Not to sound stupid. So dope or nope is changing and kind of going back to old layout? And michael wont be joining? Just for the time being of self isolation. Is that what I'm understanding?

  • Holly Shively
    Holly Shively

    Tell Pat I love that GMM merch!! Yes those colors are nice on him too!!

  • Flamingo Fan
    Flamingo Fan

    More Colorful

  • Madison Stitt
    Madison Stitt

    Why does tanner and pat still have their Christmas tree up ???

  • Lippy A
    Lippy A

    Nice social distanting...

  • Axel Topaz
    Axel Topaz

    Pat. I like your beard, yo.

  • Panda Productions
    Panda Productions

    Its been 6 days

  • Kaya Thomas
    Kaya Thomas

    I think it's cool yo just see Pat laid back and relaxed like this

  • Gabrielle Parkkonen
    Gabrielle Parkkonen

    Love that sign on Patrick’s wall ☺️

  • ?Mystery?

    Pat and my guinea pig yawned at the same time just want to let you know

  • Edgar Alexi
    Edgar Alexi

    The camera just went nope

  • Tim Bradshaw
    Tim Bradshaw

    Take that earring out dude your not in a 90’s boy band

  • AliceinWonderland

    The Comments: *No one gonna comment about the Christmas Tree* Me: Bish, EVERYONE is commenting about the damn Christmas tree!

  • Pete Smith
    Pete Smith

    What's with the Christmas tree? I suppose we could celebrate all year seen as we have nothing better to do.

  • Zachary A
    Zachary A

    Pat more color

  • Tim Weldon
    Tim Weldon

    Love the gmm hoodie!!

  • Plooshie

    So we're not going to talk about the solid pee bottle in Tanner's trunk lmao

  • The mighty eagle
    The mighty eagle


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