Dr Disrespect Ban Theories Are Wild
This is the greatest internet mystery of All Time

  • Erik Hellekson
    Erik Hellekson

    I think he disrespected someone

  • Cannabis_Culture_weedguru

    THIS JUST CAME OUT TODAY www.forbes.com/sites/davidthier/2020/08/06/youtube-twitch-dr-disrespect-announces-a-return-to-streaming-in-a-new-place/#55b5e0806d56

  • Good-noodles25

    Oompaville shungite

  • Not-Vinegar-Doppio

    Chat, i don't have much time but... The Boss's identity is- *Stream ends*

  • Stanley Oliver
    Stanley Oliver


  • Doorknobs Doorknobs
    Doorknobs Doorknobs

    "Chat listen,the name of the Orange cat from Garfield is............"

  • You living another life
    You living another life

    You are not the body You are not the mind You are not your name You are not your race You are not your ethnicity You are not your backround You are a multidimensional being who has chosen to have a subjective experience in a "Physical" body. We are capable of much more than you think. We can travel to other realities and dimensions using our focus and willpower only. WAKE UP.

  • A A
    A A

    He was fading in FPS skill. He prob retired after Amazon gave him a large check so his audience can see other people in Twitch instead of being locked away to Only his stream and nothing else. Amazon has so much money they don't care about making money from some streamers anymore. Wouldn't even be surprised if Amazon decides to become a bank and a Hospital.

  • luke cox
    luke cox

    Glad im not a streamer (or prisoner as I like to call it )


    Dr wanted to terminate his contract and send a message through the fuss

  • Genius Khan
    Genius Khan

    Yeah, I noticed that he's now absent from his own G Fuel flavor

    • Stu R
      Stu R

      which is also a poo poo flavour

  • perfect Cell
    perfect Cell

    He got the emails mid end of stream of the ppl leaving him. And then got a notification he is banned. It is a twitch bot going around downing "unmonotizable" characters. And twitch was worried about his actions so they cut him with out a word because if they said they have a bot removing people they would be under fire.

  • GeckoGC

    it's been a month and we still don't know

  • Egg Man
    Egg Man

    "Chat i dont have much time, these comments are really shi-"

  • demonjmh

    He probably got banned for being a grown adult playing Roblox

    • Stu R
      Stu R

      yep, thats it, well done

  • Colin Parker
    Colin Parker

    Plot twist: it was just just a marketing scam to get people’s interest in him up again.

    • Torrix_

      Idk if the endorsements/sponsors/whatever put him back or not. But how serious it seemed in the video, and I know it’s a pretty fucking serious accusation. It might be something like sexual harrasment, or something similar to it. A legal dispute that they want to keep quiet to the public

  • bad .-.187
    bad .-.187

    He's banned cus he's disrespectful

  • Rick Sanchez
    Rick Sanchez

    i still think its all staged and his gonna do something big

  • fffourtwenty

    I thought Doc was Donut Operator

  • itchyslender 45
    itchyslender 45

    Imagine your final moments on twitch is playing roblox hide and seek

    • itchyslender 45
      itchyslender 45

      @Stu Rooooooooh okie ty for the info :)

    • Stu R
      Stu R

      he was hosting

  • Patton Durio
    Patton Durio

    Spotify is actually owned by google. If anyone actually bothered to do any research they would see that. The people making the news articles saying that it isn’t true are amateurs at best.

  • Rayneworld

    Wait so, did we ever figure out why he was banned? Seeing this is a several weeks old and I don’t keep up with it.

  • skid skid
    skid skid

    "I don't have much time chat, the man behind the slaughter is-" Dr Disrespect.

  • BigMc 0161YT
    BigMc 0161YT

    I heard its the fact he had a secret love child with Athene the wow streamer... Guess who his son is

    • Stu R
      Stu R

      Ninja :O

  • BigMc 0161YT
    BigMc 0161YT

    Joe Rogan has signed to join Spotify next year so I don't think it's mega far fetched it's more believable than Doc being a nonce tbh

  • KingJrh08 Roblox
    KingJrh08 Roblox

    I would spend my last few minutes playing Roblox hide and seek too.

  • Aumie The Phoenix
    Aumie The Phoenix

    Half life 3 rofl

  • Satria Sutena
    Satria Sutena

    “I don’t have much time chat, but you need to know that the pickle in ricks garage is actually r-“ -Dr. disrespect moments before being silenced

  • damnn zero
    damnn zero

    He was banned because they found out his mullet was fake

  • Captain Quokka
    Captain Quokka

    Not sure if you've seen this already but I leaked the real reason dr disrespect was banned from twitch on my channel! Warning - it's a bit dark!

  • DaButcha

    What ever the reason is Doctor Disrespect wouldn’t be banned had if he had a vagina.

  • chloe rose gaming
    chloe rose gaming

    He reminds me of little chubby from my name is earl

  • Francisco Vargas
    Francisco Vargas

    It sounds funny when he when you put it in 2x speed

  • yeet803

    Iv'e seen him before but who cares really hes only entertaining shutins

  • CT-2224 Cody
    CT-2224 Cody

    Dr. Disrespect: Guys I don’t have much time... the way to our pizza the hut is -

  • Julian Rivers
    Julian Rivers

    shungite really works, its an absorber like lead to radiation, radio frequency.

  • derekz

    "Chat, I don't have much time.. The zodiac killer is.." Dr Disrespect-

  • Jordan Hackner
    Jordan Hackner

    10:14 his dog can open doors

  • Andy With a Y
    Andy With a Y

    My brother made the point that if he had genuinely been banned out of the blue, with no real reason, he’d be getting on as many different platforms as he could, talking to as many other influencers as he could, trying to rally support.

    • Paul the Westerner
      Paul the Westerner

      You or your brother never heard of lawyers or contracts?

  • Barnacle Scum
    Barnacle Scum

    oh yeah, gotta put that Shungite around your L'kasa to protect from that 5G, very relatable

  • Mushroom

    GUYS MARIOS BIRTH DATE IS.... -Dr. disrespect

  • just ADreamHD
    just ADreamHD

    wasn't he already banned over the painfully disrespectful act of using the mens bathroom?

  • Matt Fima
    Matt Fima

    Doc was banned bcuz of sharing covid19 content that contradict WHO.

  • RaidenTheGreat

    Maybe... just maybe... he might of been disrespectful...

  • 星系

    What happen is ******** ******** *** ** ***** so dr disrespect did ***** and ******* ***** ** ****** *** but he did that illegal thing and he did another thing and ****** *** ****** ** *** ****** ******* so that is that u know the truth.

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach

    Guys, the name of the cat from Garfield is… *stream stops* -Dr Disrespect

  • loganfh1017

    The shungite took him offline

  • Wombat

    When do you get your own tv show?

  • DarkyInside

    I wouldn't want a person who films people in the bathroom without permission and talks about buying rocks to protect himself against wifi frequencies as the top of my streaming's site let me tell ya.

  • Daniel Jerman
    Daniel Jerman

    "I don't have much time left, chat. The dog from Scooby-Doo is..."

  • Rufus Eisenheim
    Rufus Eisenheim

    here we go, i knew it there is already a tought control on the internet , the dude is so free minded, they took him down just to show the power they have everywhere

  • Jayce S.
    Jayce S.

    "I dont have time, chat. You're able to out pizza the hut by..."

  • Jack Ferguson
    Jack Ferguson

    What if he just straight up like, got framed for murder

  • sahara

    after seeing the last seconds of his stream its definitely a pr stunt

  • Cryptic Jett
    Cryptic Jett

    It’s like he got killed cause he knew some super government secret, he probably had the coronavirus cure so trumped terminated him

  • p H
    p H

    I think when he said ‘bad frequencies’ he meant like getting his feelings hurt, not wifi 😂 dude’s a hippy, not a schizo

  • Griffin Miller
    Griffin Miller

    This comment section is full of people trying to tell me a joke. Nothing is serious here

  • Just a Gentleman chilling in the comment section
    Just a Gentleman chilling in the comment section

    drdisrespect on his last moments on stream be like: guys the answer to how many it licks it takes to get to the tootsie pop center is- *stream ends*

  • Heart04winds

    I thought you might want to know there is already a creepypasta about this www.creepypastastories.com/the-real-reason-why-dr-disrespect-was-banned-from-twitch/ it's kinda wild

  • ray ziegler
    ray ziegler

    What did shungite rocks do to Charlie....... yikes

  • Tuhami Hamad
    Tuhami Hamad

    I hate the fact that I have the same fucking Ikea office chair as you.

  • Zedek

    So maybe some random person playing video games must get an actual job now?

  • Sawyer K
    Sawyer K

    I mean clearly he cheated on his wife again and she is underage

  • Mr locus lazer
    Mr locus lazer

    Personaly i think that it could be acussations of you know what, why is that you might ask, well beacause thats some serious shit, like what else could it be?

  • Jack Leavens
    Jack Leavens

    “I don’t have much time chat, and neither does Ghislaine Maxwell. She’s going to be assassinated within the month by-“ - Dr. Disrespect

  • RetroGameFreakHD

    It's because he mentioned David Icke which you conviently left out of this video. It was part of his last moment on stream.

  • Just Doodles
    Just Doodles

    "I know who turned the freaking frogs gay it was..-"

  • Tassel

    *Dr. Disrespect was taken and Cloned for the Spartan Program to fight space alieans.*

  • sutro19

    video starts at 4:45

  • Rob Jones
    Rob Jones

    crazy thought but since they banned the Doc and the Doc is a character ,couldn't he make a new character and stream as him? a blades of glory sort of loophole

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