DR Phil Daughter And Mother Need The Ranch | React Couch
Welcome back to React Couch! Dr Phil has an out of control teen daughter and a mom that isnt doing much better. Send em to the RANCH! Spoiled Daughters and worse parents make the ranch go round!
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  • Barbie Twinmom
    Barbie Twinmom

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 ass (bleep) This was hilarious

  • gloria sepnieski
    gloria sepnieski

    LOVED AND MISSED THIS SO MUCH!!!! Thank u C.T. Ken and Buff! 💓💓💓💓

  • Kate Little
    Kate Little

    Mum’s boyfriend: “I nailed the window shut” Me: “.......That’s a bult, Hon.”


    Sweet baby J the girl looks older than her own mother!

  • Reddusk Ironsky
    Reddusk Ironsky

    Dr Phil always try to get it at the parents and the children barely get anything, but in the end, ranch. So what? Let her get arrested instead? Please...

  • AnnabelleXD

    Gonna insult people now by calling them an ass bleep

  • AwesomeAKG

    How much we have to donate to Buff Pro’s Twitch to get him a new hoodie? I’m down to put up a $5

  • Michelle montes
    Michelle montes

    t o g e t A m a r i j u a n a

  • Dyl3n


  • Peasant

    Daughter got some real DSL

  • Here's Chica
    Here's Chica

    If the daughter is as bad as the mother says she is... Then why the hell did the mother not send her daughter to prison for?! It's not rocket science.

  • Samantha Owens
    Samantha Owens

    I love it

  • B Moore
    B Moore

    I mean they could have gotten her counseling if they can afford it but I don’t see much of a problem with taking away her phone and grounding her when you are even kicked out of the alternative school there is a problem

  • Linda Burton
    Linda Burton

    Do Dr. Phil

  • Quila Thompson
    Quila Thompson

    I am addicted to this. Hilarious. 😂😂

  • KiwiKitten

    Man i lowkey feel sorry for this girl lol. No wonder she does those things its cause of her dumabss mom, doesnt seem like she talks to her about anything truly at all.

    • KiwiKitten

      “waah i cant do that my feet hurt” YOU MEAN ACTUAL PARENTING? LMAOOO

  • Ruthie Shields
    Ruthie Shields

    OMFG! I have so missed you guys doing the coverage of Dr. Phil! 🤣🤣🤣

  • Prinempal

    Muted parts isnt so bad, keep it up!

  • Elizabeth Brower
    Elizabeth Brower

    Love the react couch. Lol. When you had the girl talking with a guys bearded mouth. Lol. Too funny

  • Taylor Weston
    Taylor Weston

    I missed these

  • Phantom Claw
    Phantom Claw

    Why did they have to bleep out the word goblin for?! That's not a rude or insulting word so much.


    She’s a pretty girl..too bad she’s got behavior that will turn her into a gang banger mattress...in fact prob one already..very sad..this girl is could be different..the mom has a boyfriend..I wonder what kind of example she’s shown her, ie is she slutty?


    Hair hat friend...angry black woman alert!

  • Christopher Savignon
    Christopher Savignon

    Inb4 the "gang member boyfriend" was just a random ethnic kid with a tattoo... Anyone spotted the part about the mother having a boyfriend? What a great example for healthy, long-lasting relationships she is setting there.

  • Christopher Mercer
    Christopher Mercer

    She don't got a five head that girl got IMAX head nva mind forehead

  • Kurt S
    Kurt S

    I want to get a marijuana.

  • LlewelynReswald

    Dane’s excitement in the whole video is such a mood. 🙌🏻

  • Adi Rose
    Adi Rose

    Laugh so contagious 😂

  • Najat Aabbad
    Najat Aabbad

    Bless you for doing this. Love this content!

  • pokésam

    I just subbed for more Dr Phil reacts so now you're required to do more...by law

  • Yehoshua Melech
    Yehoshua Melech

    that look by Dr Phil is the new meme format of that guy who looks around and closes eyes

  • Dare Devil Dave
    Dare Devil Dave

    Keep making morrrrre

  • you should be nicer
    you should be nicer

    K N I F E H A N D S

  • Pluttskutt

    I also only played games as a teenager. I still do

  • P. Candice Goddard
    P. Candice Goddard

    The mum reminds me of my own mother (except I wasn't doing anything AT ALL), especially with the dumpsy overly opinionated friend who only knows anything thanks to the lies she's been told. Too many women get away with painting their children as the problem when it's really them.

  • Angela Netherton
    Angela Netherton

    I had a ball listening to you guys.. I was laughing so hard tears were coming out my eyes🤣😂😭!!! Ty for the laughs!!


    In the few minutes that we hear the mother talk, I don't like her. Seems to interpret situations around herself, plays the victim, etc. I'm pissed that Savannah wasn't able to get counselling sooner.

  • anoja31


  • Heather Swanson
    Heather Swanson

    Welcome back

  • Heather Swanson
    Heather Swanson

    Lost it at "I'm sitting here" 😭🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • Laramie Larson
    Laramie Larson

    As soon as you said the hair bouncing thing, THATS ALL I NOTICED

  • Emilee Caro
    Emilee Caro

    I love your Dr. Phil videos so much!!! Thanks for putting in the extra effort so we can keep having new ones😊❤

  • Matt

    Am I the only one that wants to make it shake with Savannah?


    It is a life and death situation! I was strung out on dope and stayed addicted 13 yrs and I'm 14 yrs clean. During that time I was shot at,stabbed car run off the road,flipped 6 times and ejected so yeah Ken it's a life or death situation. If you lose control it gets control and it will leave you hurt &destitute!!

  • The Dread
    The Dread

    Knife hands? Nah, there’s also the knife words. Dr. Phil with the hard hitting questions. I dig that.

  • Mer ChMaMiJo
    Mer ChMaMiJo

    So happy to see Dr Phil videos again!

  • Kanoshe

    it's a screw and it keeps the window from sliding...

  • robinhood123454140

    Dr phill doesn't understand piece of shit human beings...

  • Faereman

    Sending moms to the ranch is the new meta

  • Asteria

    ok but i need to know who was sent to the ranch

  • Dj Twister
    Dj Twister

    Finally FINALLY FINALLLLLLLYYYYYYYY!!!!!!! @cinnamontoastken asks the question I ALWAYS WONDERED. WHY IS HOLE THE BAD PART???????

  • DemonBunnyQueen

    Ram ranch?

  • foxy slayer
    foxy slayer

    10:01 😂🤣😂🤣😅 I'm just sitting here

  • Brandon Romero
    Brandon Romero

    You can still show the sound and audio since you're commentating on the show and the video itself under the copyright fair use law

  • misskaylee bugs
    misskaylee bugs

    My mom would call me a bitch sometimes when I was younger and that was her favorite like “I didn’t say you were a bitch, I said you were ACTING like one.” WHATS THE DIFFERENCE??

  • Mika Mae
    Mika Mae

    That word game crap is stuff my mom would do and still does! It's still annoying

  • peachysakura24

    I love the Dr. Phil episodes! 😊

  • Aaron Mccoy
    Aaron Mccoy

    UHM doctor phil was lied to about prisons lol which swanky prison he visit?

  • Dizzy D
    Dizzy D

    this is so much better than no Dr. Phil... but also HOW DOES IT END???!!!! YOU HAVE TO TELL US!

  • Michaela Bozicevic
    Michaela Bozicevic

    You guys deciphering the captions makes this so much funnier 😂😂😂😂

  • Mariah Mayberry
    Mariah Mayberry

    More Physician Phillip!

  • Kells Kraze
    Kells Kraze

    Thank you!

  • Grace Lynn Grover
    Grace Lynn Grover

    Keep doing it plz you make them more funny

  • ARMY

    2:05 isn’t that an earring or something?

  • Thehildeman

    Honestly missed this

  • rugxulo

    Ken, I still think you're funny enough without Dr. Phil. But it's fine.

  • Robert Micheal87
    Robert Micheal87

    I was at the live taping for this episode they did the b1 and b2 episode right after. What a crazy thing seeing dr.phil talk about his ranch meme.

  • Lillie Barrera
    Lillie Barrera

    React couch video of dr Phil murderers and criminals episodes! Those are seriously mind boggling and honestly something to laugh over how insane some one has to be!

  • Linda Price
    Linda Price

    I watch dr Phil now because of you guys 😁 you are hilarious

  • Tegaru Nishida
    Tegaru Nishida

    12:15 best BuffPro laugh so far.

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