DR Phil Daughter And Mother Need The Ranch | React Couch
Welcome back to React Couch! Dr Phil has an out of control teen daughter and a mom that isnt doing much better. Send em to the RANCH! Spoiled Daughters and worse parents make the ranch go round!
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  • Skull Raid37
    Skull Raid37

    I thought the ass bleep was ASS LICKER XD XD

  • Corgigal

    Ass bleep is my favorite that’s amazing

  • Joe Gregor
    Joe Gregor

    Ken and Buff's editor is the man.....thats all I got to say.

  • Olivia Blackburn
    Olivia Blackburn

    Never use a pregnant friends pee! Lol. Mom was probably like “ you’re on drugs and now you’re pregnant too??!!” 😂 that’s why I bet she was caught cheating on it. That or they saw her pour the pee in the cup or something dumb like that. Lol

  • Rayne Gruber
    Rayne Gruber

    One of Dr. Phils amazing talents is that with nothing but a change of facial expressions and a blink, he conveys so much. You know instantly how he feels about something. It's amazing.

  • Space Intelligence
    Space Intelligence

    wow pure girl. Prison is better than her jail at grandmas

  • patrick maloney
    patrick maloney

    Bro my mom would screw my windows shut if I was a bad kid 😂 dont get me wrong my moms awesome this just brought back memories plus I wasnt a bad kid so it never happened

  • MorteDallAlto

    I just found you guys, and I'm pretty sure I could happily watch you react to paint drying ("haha look at that patch, hey catch up with the rest!") Thanks lads, you have genuinely brightened my day. P.S. Ye both have a lovely, contagious laugh BTW. Never Stop Chuckling :D

  • Amelia Orr
    Amelia Orr

    The mom really abused her kid and was surprised when she acted out... doctor Phil wrecked that mom though

  • A Realists Opinion
    A Realists Opinion

    I was smoking a blunt watching this 😂

  • Kay Haven
    Kay Haven

    So when are you guys gonna start reacting to Judge Judy? 👩‍⚖️

  • fatalrob0t

    I kind of want my mom to meet dr. Phil. Woman literally denies stuff she's done and lies to people about me.

  • Crescent Blue
    Crescent Blue

    Not related to the video at all... But why do people bleep out “hole” and not “ass”? “Ass” is the bad word 😂😂😂

  • Yahya Naseem
    Yahya Naseem

    If she gave her daughter love they wouldn’t be here.

  • Yahya Naseem
    Yahya Naseem

    Your reaction is funnier than the video

  • Yahya Naseem
    Yahya Naseem

    She’s kind of hot but no thanks. Lol

  • Dark Rainbow
    Dark Rainbow

    “I didn’t call you a _____! I said ‘Stop being a ______!’” Parents are trash.

  • BlazingLion_007


  • Haley Dotson
    Haley Dotson

    I have wondered for decades why they bleep out hole... 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

  • Rayman

    ass (bleep)

  • Kendall Martin
    Kendall Martin

    Those are hex head screws in the window if you dont know the diff between a nail and a screw...then how tf can you tell a normal teen from a gang member

  • Master Yoda
    Master Yoda

    I read this as "Dr. Phil Sends his Mom and daughter to the ranch"

  • Amy Jo Michael
    Amy Jo Michael


  • Jessica Wiguno
    Jessica Wiguno

    I mean, to be fair, all she does is smoke weed and party, that's not really a reason to put your kid on house arrest

  • Vitória Oliveira
    Vitória Oliveira

    Savannah is the most chill delinquent on this show.

  • Send Her To The Ranch!
    Send Her To The Ranch!

    To the ranch

  • Tayce Sells
    Tayce Sells

    Damn I feel sorry for her mostly because she was in a sort of personal lockdown *before* this general lockdown of 2020. Well shit. Can't be much better now. 😂😭😫

  • Jesse

    Do the Steve wilkes show. Yall would for sure get a kick or two out of it

  • Jalyn Johnson
    Jalyn Johnson

    Thay hair on her head looks like it wss supposed to be a baby hair and she tried to slick it down bubuh it did not work

  • Zara Ross
    Zara Ross

    I honestly think the mom is forcing Savannah to do this on television for fame. Like Savannah seems like she is just done with this and isn't throwing a fit or anything. She said that she doesn't want to discuss this there in front of thousands of people. Her mom is violating her privacy and rights. I honestly feel bad for her, even though what she is doing is wrong, Her mother should not publicly display her problems or wrongs on television like that. You can obviously see that she doesn't want to be there and is very uncomfortable. She seems well behaved also, I think her mom just fvck end up and that's why she acts like this. Her mom also mentioned that she has a boyfriend, so family issues. She is just a lost teen trying to cope with life. I'm not saying that what she is doing is right, it's not, I'm just saying this is partially( if not majorly) an outcome of how she was raised. And that 24/7 lockdown shvt, like she isn't rapunzel, she is a teenager. She needs to go out, socialize, make mistakes etc. [sorry for this paragraph]

  • Kenneth Blege
    Kenneth Blege

    Savannah: i smoke weed and drink, normal teenager things me: i remove weeds from the farm and sell yams, normal teenager stuff

  • Kenneth Blege
    Kenneth Blege

    Americans: we're sending her to the ranch. Africans: Bring me the belt , go and kneel down in my room and wait for me

  • BTbleSsed

    *she got a marijuana*

  • Mimou

    24/7 lock down LOL. That's for everyone now xD

  • Jed Rose
    Jed Rose

    She looks like billie eyelash

  • Seneca Gordon
    Seneca Gordon

    She looks like Carole baskins

  • Kyle Ashby
    Kyle Ashby

    Time to teach Lenny about the rabbits or is it more old yeller

  • Lucas Wrigley
    Lucas Wrigley

    "Your here bc your track record" to me ( a die hard car guy ) means something else. I always has been interested in cars since a little kid. At first it was make and model then my parents got a divorce but it was different than some other divorces I've heard about I was pretty much taken from my dad by my mom but that's not the point. When I started high school I immediately went to all the auto related things and now I can work on cars. But when I heard track record my mind immediately went to racing sry for the life story. Signed, The dumbass sophomore

  • Dakota Andrews
    Dakota Andrews

    Honestly I grew up under similar circumstances with this girl. I can't even remotely dislike her for how she is, she'd probably be in my friend circle if we knew each other back then.

  • jerome fan i am king
    jerome fan i am king

    4 or 5 fights rookie numbers.

  • Rachel DeMattia
    Rachel DeMattia

    9:10 🤣🤣🤣 You guys are funny as shit

  • Tj.99

    You could just turn up or down the pitch on the video or mess with playback speed so some sound atlease

  • tOOL gHOST
    tOOL gHOST

    This is what happens when ignorant, or sheltered, people have normal teenagers.

  • Cyrus Nash
    Cyrus Nash

    she looks like Great Value brand Billie Eilish

  • Granny

    Omg I was born in 1968 her life at the grandparents was normal when I grew up lol

  • Devin Ward
    Devin Ward

    You're locked up because of your track recert

  • Jay R
    Jay R

    Gang members..... You mean a gang of members.

  • Julia Rickett
    Julia Rickett

    When I was in school, they had a smoking area. People just smoked pot right out in the open

  • The Beast Within
    The Beast Within

    Random yee

  • King Craus
    King Craus

    this gold boi

  • T.R. Luxx13
    T.R. Luxx13

    _THAT WEEZE_ 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Matthew Devitt
    Matthew Devitt

    She’s a little weapon

  • NightFiendofDarkness

    That there be a slidin' window partner ken

  • Lethia Games
    Lethia Games

    to Dr Phil; Prisons doesn't offer help. from 14:38

  • Mrmcjocky Gamer
    Mrmcjocky Gamer

    Buffpro's pants be lookin' like a cheesepuff

  • Parkalienzzz

    She looks like wannabe Billie Eilish

  • hugo carrasco
    hugo carrasco

    2:05 self tapping screw - meant to drill holes in a 2 sheets of metal and create thread in the material to lock the pieces together.

  • jewel redcoat
    jewel redcoat

    Awww Kenny uses old spice deodorant, busted I can see it in the background.

  • notanotaku kun
    notanotaku kun

    her pupils are so dilated, she’s high on dr phil

  • H3liX Lazar
    H3liX Lazar

    LEWD PHOTOS ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • PrivateDonut

    Help me, I cannot stop watching these Dr Phil videos!

  • Marcel Chagnon
    Marcel Chagnon

    When the mom says her daughter hangs out with gang members, she probably means she hangs out with people who say that they're gang members. Gang members have day jobs, are wanted for crimes, have a duty to their gang not to snitch, and would rather not be identified and killed by other gang members. They DO NOT advertise that they are in gangs! They also don't start bullshit that they don't absolutely have to. Many of my best friends and coworkers have been gang members, and they don't talk about it to brag, they talk about it to get some heavy emotional bullshit off their chest.

  • Justin Smith
    Justin Smith

    I would like one marijuana please! ☝️

  • Jalo Krause
    Jalo Krause

    I LOVE buffs lil jiggle when he gets exited

  • Bjourne

    When you click "Show hidden files" in Windows Explorer... *Prison Reform:* Getting buttfucked, tatooed, beaten, threatened... Better than living at yo grandparents right?

  • Kellin Coffee
    Kellin Coffee

    My mother

  • TheTicain

    How to lock a window??? Oil pan plug?!!!

  • Sires Orb
    Sires Orb

    Why the mom look like that one dog from lady and the tramp tho?

  • JurinoJr

    Do you guys pick highlights of the show? It always seems like the important parts are missing :(

  • Tori Rose
    Tori Rose

    These people causing themselves so much pain and stress and I'm over here eating my chef boyardee ravioli

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