Drake & LeBron Watch BRONNY'S FIRST GAME OF THE SEASON!! Sierra Canyon FIGHTS For The Championship!!
Bronny James made his sophomore season debut today in Sierra Canyon's CIF championship game against Corona Centennial. Both teams FOUGHT till the final buzzer in one of the best games of the season! Kylan Boswell finished with 24 points, Donovan Dent 21 points, and Jared McCain had 16 for Corona Centennial. Amari Bailey finished with 33 points for Sierra Canyon.
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  • Itstrue mammanon
    Itstrue mammanon

    go red team

  • Ryan

    13:56 amari paying homage to the goat courtside

  • Joannie Cintron. - M.
    Joannie Cintron. - M.

    Bye dreake i know i just seen you. Come here. In 96. You must claim some . Come biopmaponijnojipojpojijinjiopnjimnjiopjiopnjiopnjiopjiopnjioppoijnjolkniopjiopjiopjnmiopnmjjiopjiopjiopmjiopjiololjnmp.

  • Dribble God
    Dribble God

    It’s 8’oclock in the morning

  • Lee Illman
    Lee Illman

    Sit down

  • melcety

    Centennial straight up snipers Boswell and McCain the Real Deal Fr 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Maika Matelau
    Maika Matelau

    Just realized this was centennial lol

  • Chris Jenkins
    Chris Jenkins

    7:35 They get stuffed like 4 times in a row and finally get it in and Lebron and Drake start dancing around like they accomplished something lol. Plus Drake looks like a clown over there in his rainbow bright get up. I don’t care how much that garbage costs, why would anyone want to seriously wear that nonsense. Drake looks like a lost kid at Sam’s club. He only jumps up to celebrate after following Lebron’s cue. Alright, I’m done, what a clown show this whole thing is though.

  • TheDeSeanAllen

    1:21 wait....what's with the 2 cups 😅

  • Peter Smith
    Peter Smith

    LeBron going crazy over someone else's son coz bronny is trash

  • Paul Heyman
    Paul Heyman

    Team red killed them boys

  • siahtheinspirer

    18:10 Obama officiating now??

  • Anayo Amaefule
    Anayo Amaefule

    Bro give bronny more playing time. He 7pts and played some pretty good defense

  • EsB.T

    #24 is the one bull jared mccain from tik tok😭😭i jus peeped

  • KingDX

    i wanna see this rematch

  • Dre Rowe
    Dre Rowe

    Drakes kid just there with headphones on unbothered

  • iimovedifferent

    I’m calling it amari will be in a 2k game one day

  • Sammy Banks
    Sammy Banks

    Lost three games in the row wow

  • Sammy Banks
    Sammy Banks

    That 2k bounce real

  • Daniel Ariza
    Daniel Ariza

    Number 10 sierra play good

  • Lia

    It’s 8 o’clock in the morning now I’m entering my bed.

  • jordan loss
    jordan loss

    It’s 8 o’clock in the morning

  • Big Chris Vlogs
    Big Chris Vlogs

    When your pops people put unreasonable expectations on you smh. Any unbiased basketball fan can see he's slightly above average at best. At this age liangelo ball was a much better player. Sure he'd be a 15-5-5 player on a sorry team and he moves more like a safety a tall wide receiver than a basketball player, but he wouldn't be on any espn list if Joe schmo was his dad. OR maybe he'd be more aggressive with less pressure... I dunno but I've seen so little in all these clips on multiple different high school and aau teams to spell superstar. No one can name one team where he's been the star, let alone too 3 on the team. You always see other kids dunking, crazy blocked shots, dominating the post, multiple 3s, then him with a few layups, and great man defense, solid vision, and layup line domination. This isn't hate. I just feel lebron might have to wait on Bryce to play a son in the league.

  • Money Addictz
    Money Addictz

    Drake is one of the biggest bandwagoners lol

    • King Cheech
      King Cheech

      😂 he there for a reason amaris mom

  • Denise del Bando
    Denise del Bando

    I don't know how to describe drake. He has no allegiance

  • Hold My Chicken
    Hold My Chicken

    LeBron is Goku Bronny is Gohan he’s good but he will never be as strong or as good as his dad

    • YuNg ReaPer
      YuNg ReaPer

      Bryce is goten a forgotten character😭

  • Dino The trap god
    Dino The trap god

    3:08 bombomclattt

  • Gsw

    And there was there what’s your point? Lebron needs so much help they gonna draft drake now

  • Rodolfo Herrera
    Rodolfo Herrera

    So nobody’s gonna say how Drake just left his son on the corner to sit with whoever while he sat next to LeBron

  • Elmo Jusce
    Elmo Jusce

    The ultra war biochemically bat because letter findingsinitially kneel round a lake. whole, enormous turkey

  • Elijah Heebner
    Elijah Heebner

    we gonna ignore that jr smith and jared dudley were there

  • François The God
    François The God

    They came in with the styrofoam cups 👀

  • T Redd
    T Redd

    Everyone on red has a fro

  • Jeighd Di
    Jeighd Di

    talo si browny

  • B.M.E Bandman Entertainment
    B.M.E Bandman Entertainment

    That euro step dunk from bronny was so explosive

  • B.M.E Bandman Entertainment
    B.M.E Bandman Entertainment

    SC big mans play weak !

  • smokesgtp

    Public double cup w the kids... Nice...

  • Sotero A. Gomez
    Sotero A. Gomez

    Bronny more clutch than dad… he got that from mom I guess.

  • MineBlown

    is he only on a team cause his father is lebron or does he really play that good

  • Uncagedbeast22 Jeehe
    Uncagedbeast22 Jeehe

    The tall white Jersey guy is good

  • Let’s play Soccer
    Let’s play Soccer

    4:41 That’s our “It’s 8am in the morning” boy Jared Mccain. He’s tuff😭😭

  • LeGoat James
    LeGoat James

    Post more Lebron

  • Jaciel Peñaflor
    Jaciel Peñaflor

    i don't speak english hahaha

  • Minou tv
    Minou tv

    Boycott the NBA, "White ball players need not apply"!!! JP

  • Minou tv
    Minou tv

    Do not support the NBA, "White ball players need not apply"!!! JDP

  • rich Blake
    rich Blake

    The young bull fresh off an knee surgery that’s why he don’t start but he did tho

  • Mitch Lawless
    Mitch Lawless

    It must be petty weird to be at a high school basketball game and LBJ and Drake are just there.

  • Alija Gibanica
    Alija Gibanica

    bro the number 10 dude is solo carrying this team

  • Johnie Gour
    Johnie Gour

    So Drake you just gon leave Adonis on the side like that 😭😭

  • Jackson Bryant
    Jackson Bryant

    Bumping that 95 South 👌🏾

  • Jackson Bryant
    Jackson Bryant

    Man the only way we’ll be able to tell the difference when he makes the league is his hair lol

  • Samar McAda
    Samar McAda

    #10 was carrying tf outta them no cap 😭

  • Young Rade
    Young Rade

    This is #10 first game of the season

  • Chrislynn Chalmers
    Chrislynn Chalmers

    its this one dude from the red team he on TikTok

  • Ja Rinxcii
    Ja Rinxcii

    Bronny’s lil bro Bryce is more aggressive than him. There’s too much hype but watch Bryce will be the best of Lebron’s boys

  • BK Spazz
    BK Spazz

    Lol it looked like his teammate got tight when he bumped him 😂

  • shreenivas kamaradder
    shreenivas kamaradder

    when I first saw a drake i thought his mask was part of his beard.

  • Dimitri Simpson
    Dimitri Simpson

    Shootout for Drake

  • Jmoney

    Bullshit calls

  • Vexocality

    #10 #22 were on 🔥

  • Xoxo Ynw
    Xoxo Ynw

    Number 10 from sierra was so willllld

  • Brandon

    Why'd he make his season debut in the championship lmao?

  • Flip Canuck
    Flip Canuck

    Remember☝️when u put ur hands up to celebrate not to cross chin ur teammate or it's on😁🏀

  • B. Kawhi-it
    B. Kawhi-it

    That #10 player on Sierra is crazy🔥🔥🔥😁👍🏾

  • Daniel Ray
    Daniel Ray

    Amari is the real deal. Bronny looks like he plays defense like his dad (who hasn’t played defense in 8 years). Lol

  • Bryan4569

    That #10 in white is nasty!! Jesus😬

  • Afonso Mateus
    Afonso Mateus

    Nr 10 white and NR 4 red.. future NBA players.. Juiceeee💯

  • noqau dikau
    noqau dikau

    The absurd beast concurrently remind because transmission neatly file apropos a cooperative puma. zesty, sudden pail

  • Appgame hk
    Appgame hk

    Kjames will sign him to laker

  • gleeful henry
    gleeful henry

    0:10 😂😂

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