Dream - Minecraft Manhunt Extra Scenes (4 Hunters Finale)
This is extra scenes from Dream's channel of the "Minecraft Speedrunner VS 4 Hunters FINALE" video. We react to what happened during the video and talk about it.
Original Video: it-my.com/watchvideo/video-hgdSJdeGF_0.html
This video was crazy fun and intense. Definitely one of the hardest challenges.
Minecraft challenge videos are fun to do :)

  • garres

    do one where its against 5 hunters, but 1 is sectretly on your side


    No one knows that dream actually put 3 hunters video in the description

  • Luke Hudzik
    Luke Hudzik

    I love how sapnap and ant keeping running across the screen like kids just playing

  • Kenia Perez
    Kenia Perez

    My heart is flying through my chest rn but i would love the series to keep going and keep giving me heart attacks lol!!!!

  • Florence Palomar
    Florence Palomar

    I could literally listen to Dream talk about his analysis and tactics for hours on end

  • rk flips
    rk flips

    What is the seed?

  • Aaryan Das
    Aaryan Das

    Dream's a God not gonna lie,saw the whole vid bruh i aint ever seen a minecraft player like this.Taking the game to a whole nother level.Good job Dream!

  • Precious Viv Baylon
    Precious Viv Baylon

    im so confused

  • Pearl Palkia
    Pearl Palkia

    Dream we want 1 hunter vs 4 speedruners. Hunter will be dream

  • Carsten Mader
    Carsten Mader

    If dream would ran 1.000.000 million blocks in the nether he would like never get to the stronghold because its not generating that far.

  • Golord

    i love speedrunning vs hunter

  • Aleah Knight
    Aleah Knight

    i hope on day he streams a manhunt

    • egg yolk
      egg yolk

      He did stream a manhunt once but unfortunately tons of people were hating on George though the donos so it's kinda a bad idea to stream it because of all that

  • Carter Halpin
    Carter Halpin

    That mountain was epic

  • ThatOneGamer

    Extra senes: /give @s diamond 100

  • Abdul Rafay
    Abdul Rafay

    You be hunter

  • Bailey GILLARD
    Bailey GILLARD

    What if you did a impossible manhunt where there is more than 4 hunters and you do one of them is a detective and there is one being a netherite or diamond juggernaut and there is a tornado teamed with them or a black hole and the hunters don’t have an effect from them and other hunters are able to turn to animals it’s just a theory it’s ok if you don’t want to do it

  • Dan ross
    Dan ross

    The hunters have the easiest job they could get splash potions of harming and heal the dragon and kill dream and they could make end crystals to heal the dragon and they’re relatively cheap but I don’t the exact rules so this could be illegal

  • Owen Barber
    Owen Barber

    you should do different hunters in groups of 3 or 4. you could do a tournament where sapnap, george, ant, and bbh are on different teams fighting eachother and you for something.

  • S.A.I

    Sapnap and Ants are currently in war

  • Indigo Mist
    Indigo Mist

    Love how the video ends with Bad saying “die” lol

  • Abhinav Sarma
    Abhinav Sarma

    Badboyhalo should actually try speed running the game against sanap, dream, georgenotfound and antfrost it will be damn fun

  • Cloudysunx_

    I really want a seed for the server

  • Amiel Hosein
    Amiel Hosein

    Anyone else noticed that Antfrost kept changing Sapnap's game mode to survival?

  • Ginger Flynn
    Ginger Flynn

    Antfrost: spends hours getting 4 sets of full diamond Goerge: “shut up bad I do what I want” “here dream want my armour”

  • Joshua LaBruyere
    Joshua LaBruyere

    That was so goooooooooooooooooooooooooD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Aspade 123
    Aspade 123

    They should make a podcast

    • Aleah Knight
      Aleah Knight

      haha. they are, i think only george and dream

  • Simon De Vuyst
    Simon De Vuyst

    Idea/IDEA/challenge/CHALLENGE/idea/challenge/Manhunt/manhunt/MANHUNT Minecraft("Manhunt")4 hunters but random potion effects affect us(everyone) every minute

  • Mohsen Ahmad
    Mohsen Ahmad


  • onlyquediorrr

    This man made a career off of Dreams shadow

  • Şükrü Levent Uçar
    Şükrü Levent Uçar

    Did anyone saw the messages of Antfrost and Sapnap? They were setting both mode to survival

  • Jenna

    Dream: standing still, talking Bad: ~nyoom~ Ant & Sap: WAR George: hmmm interesting

    • Jenna

      Later: PARKOUR

  • Kelleck

    BBH is a speedrunner of building gold trophies

  • Endergamer9317

    subbers/supportive commenters=dolphins 🐬🐬🐬 Haters/hateful commenters=strays💀💀💀 Viewers= neutral mobs

  • KirmitDaFrog’s Brother
    KirmitDaFrog’s Brother

    Who’s Been a fan before 10 mill. I subbed at 10.3 mill Lol😂

  • You

    Add a public comment... *Comment Added*





  • Aaron Delgadillo
    Aaron Delgadillo

    Them: Were thankfull for you Also them: Continues to punch each other to death.

  • Jade Rush
    Jade Rush

    Watching Dream's manhunts is like watching videos on some obscure mind experiments in physics: I had to google the entire entity cramming thing, and I'm still not sure I understand it. So basically everything is an entity (except for blocks themselves). How do you cram a bunch of them into a single block though? I've just watched Dream's flying blocks video ("This cursed video will make you a noob" or smth like that), and he had multiple cows represented by one cow model. Is that what it looks like? Why does it cause things to die though? If it's a limit, shouldn't it just not be allowed? Anyway, I am extremely intrigued by this move.

    • Jade Rush
      Jade Rush

      @Raphaël D thank you! Need to rewatch it again. Maybe in the unedited version to see how he does the full thing.

    • Raphaël D
      Raphaël D

      @Jade Rush It's because he broken enough minecarts to get the amount of entities under 23 (he needs to have n+1<25 with n the amount of minecarts to survive), and since itemps don't count in the gamerule, he was able to get down

    • Jade Rush
      Jade Rush

      @Raphaël D Hm. Thanks. That helped a little bit, I think. Maybe you could also explain how Dream managed to get down there to get George's stuff? Shouldn't he have suffered the same fate as George?

    • Raphaël D
      Raphaël D

      If you aim the rail, you can put as much Minecarts as you want on the same block. Minecarts count as entities, but can't be destroyed by the gamerule, while living entities can be killed. Also items, which are entities as well, don't count

  • hehe

    Dream, Bad and George: *discussing the battle and intensity* Sapnap and Antfrost: *gamemode go brrr*

  • YNThe Antag
    YNThe Antag

    Bad: Those are your clothes/Armour he’s wearing George: ..... Dream: walks casually* Me: wait.....!!

  • The whole circus
    The whole circus

    I didn't even know that block jamming was a thing-

  • Utopia Light
    Utopia Light

    I think nether traveling is fair otherwise they can just guard the portal every time.

  • Szymi_Gami

    dream 100000000000000000000iQ you are pro

  • Dreamy

    bad: im thankful for u 2 dream also bad: DIE

  • Jacob Adams
    Jacob Adams


  • LucasGleasonGaming

    I love how dream and George are just standing there having a conversation and then everyone else is killing each other!? Lol

  • Cooper Copeland
    Cooper Copeland

    Have them all have dream skins

  • Cooper Copeland
    Cooper Copeland

    Yeah bad boy halo vs hunters

  • RandomFC

    PFFT- Sapnap trying to kill Antfrost is so funny to me for some reason 😂😂

  • Satyajitsinh Jadeja
    Satyajitsinh Jadeja

    Who else want dream to join hermitcraft

  • ItzaGoldenMoon

    Entity Cramming: NOTHING CAN STOP ME!!!! Dream's Minecraft, But Item Drops Are Random And Multiplied video: We'll see about that...

  • ItzaGoldenMoon

    "I don't think I'll struggle next time.." Splash Potion Of Harming: >:)

  • CosmicAstronaut

    The end fight ending had me as hyped as Dream

  • Prod Zentar Radio
    Prod Zentar Radio


  • abbie wells
    abbie wells

    hi,uh so i just played amongus and there was a pirson a s dream. the whole skin and everything. if it was actualy dream i am sorry for stating facts but if it was just a dream fan, you deserved it. dont ever pretend to be someone you arnt. you acn get that pirson in torouble. anyway what i said was ' hey,guys, did you watch the tommyinit stream? dream is scared of tommy'. it was verry mean and im sorry. not sorry... c;

  • Sovan Makara
    Sovan Makara

    He king of dolphin when he go to the end 🤣

  • Tai QT
    Tai QT

    It’s hilarious seeing how “calm” the beginning of a “manhunt can be without the music

  • Silverheart19

    Ok, besides Dream, BadboyHalo is best badboy XD

  • Cameron Churchich
    Cameron Churchich

    I rewatched all the 3 v 1 hunts and they were never up by two dream wins

  • Wenses Cabucana
    Wenses Cabucana

    " 11:41 " BBH vs 4 Hunters.

  • TheAdvertisement

    2:30 Badboyhalo: Sees this!? This is YOUR armor George, that's wearing! Dream: *goes into F5 mode to show it off*

  • BenTMCB

    Dream: I wouldn't drown though... *Flashbacks*

  • WITHERZILAKING unstopable
    WITHERZILAKING unstopable

    Dream grt sponserf by diseney and is a new princess i would watch it

  • WITHERZILAKING unstopable
    WITHERZILAKING unstopable

    Dream and the new member of the shiny gang

  • fischplays

    Wrong link in the description :^]

  • Vojin Ilic
    Vojin Ilic


  • Salina Haji Ali
    Salina Haji Ali

    everyone talks about the manhunt while me here looking at the chat of antfrost and sapnap just setting each others game mode to survival to fight each other AHAHAHH

  • Azra Yüksel
    Azra Yüksel

    We need Bad as a speed runner and then there are Ant, George and Sapnap who are the hunters and Dream is in creative mode and looks at how they play.

  • Isabel Jones
    Isabel Jones

    The war between Ant and Sapnap has me rolling

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