Driftboard + Mech = OP!!! (UNBEATABLE STRATEGY)
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  • SlayR

    Sweatiest duo :D

  • Reddit Cool Guy
    Reddit Cool Guy

    wildcat = bot. calls everyone a bot dies to them and then spams mechs

  • Throttle aka Asperg
    Throttle aka Asperg

    8:12 best thing you can do it that situation is damage the floor to one hit, then go for the walls. Once you got him to the wall select, hit the floor immediately and he won't be able to build the floor fast enforcement you to not fall through. Unless you're at ground level. This might work with a wall also, but it's gonna be harder to do, if not impossible against a quick builder.

  • TheMatias

    I feel clickbaited

  • Nathan Raley
    Nathan Raley

    Wildcat that fish dude was me why'd you kill me I was trying to help you

  • Undead-Cloud

    What does marksman have against controller players?

  • N1ghtcC0r3 Dr6g0x
    N1ghtcC0r3 Dr6g0x

    Can we play one day wildcat my epic gamer tag is OwODragonX

  • Frosty taste
    Frosty taste

    I love 💗 how they say peeps are sweating 😓 when it’s them dancing 🕺 in a robot 🤖 but they shoot them to TYLER

    • ParadigmShift

      Fucking what????

  • SacredAnimations HD
    SacredAnimations HD

    I can’t believe I have almost the same amount of ping as a “pro”

  • Justin Rodriguez
    Justin Rodriguez

    How about you play games people wanna see

  • Anthony Gema
    Anthony Gema

    Add me in fortnite my fortnite name is Bowser Jr2018

  • Michael Keane
    Michael Keane

    Whoever the fish man is a legend lol

  • Samurai FL3X
    Samurai FL3X

    Congrads on 7million subs Tyler!!!

  • Cesar Saloma-Mejia
    Cesar Saloma-Mejia

    9:46 lol

  • Chaos

    Wow. I got this notification 4 days late -_- fuck

  • louise Whiteside
    louise Whiteside

    We heard ya liked mechs how about a side of sweat with that

  • alejandro medina
    alejandro medina

    Wildcat admitted he was bad I’m weak 12:35

  • Insight Hatari
    Insight Hatari

    wildcat is soo toxic and entitled its not funny

    • ParadigmShift

      Okay, so if it’s not funny, fuck off. No one’s keeping you and your shitty negativity here. Bye.

  • Aaron Bruen
    Aaron Bruen

    Is it just me or are the ads showing up alot more often that they use too

  • josuke higashikata
    josuke higashikata

    I drop 20 bombs for you

  • Scary Jerry
    Scary Jerry

    "Trap killed this fuckered" Words By Wildcat-2019

  • Frn_ King
    Frn_ King

    11:01 Wildcat : * one rocket *

  • Sveinn Svali
    Sveinn Svali

    Not mech b.r.u.t.e

  • EpicJoker 3o
    EpicJoker 3o

    When controller players hit more shots

  • EpicJoker 3o
    EpicJoker 3o

    This makes me wanna commit death

  • xXkingX isox
    xXkingX isox

    Tyler’s first words heard in the vid: “We’re outplaying all these idiots”

  • MrDuck 01
    MrDuck 01

    Just an idea for a challenge “Role Swap”, so here’s how it works, shotguns and snipers swap, midrange and special swap (special being: grenades, explosive weapons, etc.)

  • Definitely not a scam artist
    Definitely not a scam artist

    I wish fortnite hadn't turned into the abomination it is now

  • JarrettPlayz

    Finally they’re back again

  • Johnny Fry
    Johnny Fry

    Don’t complain about the mechs if you use them


    When did they do u stragety

  • gameking 24
    gameking 24

    Play fortnite with reeee kid

  • Retro Mess
    Retro Mess

    Keep playing gta 5 and gmod more this games trash with toxic kids.

  • Warki Ea
    Warki Ea

    Mech or plane

  • FarmedMemes

    yo wildcat new editor? 10:25 yikes

  • Tiffany Cesspooch
    Tiffany Cesspooch

    Who remembers blue dude

  • Jimmy Habooboo
    Jimmy Habooboo

    i mean... ur so good !

  • Nate Pereces
    Nate Pereces

    Click bait but good

  • Xaneuz


  • Girly girls DIYs
    Girly girls DIYs

    No talking challenge, play a try to win games without communicating to each other, not even once

  • Void_Sirens

    Love the vid

  • sebastion gay lmao
    sebastion gay lmao

    tyler your a bitch bruh

  • Kevin Ortiz
    Kevin Ortiz

    1like for wildcat angry xdxd

  • KOG Zombie
    KOG Zombie

    Imagine complaining about l2 still

  • Jeff Martin Albofera
    Jeff Martin Albofera

    This is the time to rise my defaults fellows

  • mc kermit
    mc kermit

    He got me in the game

  • Progamer 10191
    Progamer 10191

    You should get a friend i on a hoverboard and I guys in the mech

  • Liora grey Santos
    Liora grey Santos

    mech robot army

  • Liora grey Santos
    Liora grey Santos

    I wish you make a drift army. *sad* :(

  • Riad Aliyev
    Riad Aliyev

    Will you play some g mode with your friends?

  • Shark


  • LoQsH YT
    LoQsH YT

    When the video is so good that the length is 13:37 xd

  • Bomber8800

    Imagine getting mad when someone does something to you that you have done all game

  • Bryan gaming
    Bryan gaming

    Creeper aw man

  • Nathan Testa
    Nathan Testa

    hello there

  • Lil Amadeus
    Lil Amadeus

    3:40 had me weak

  • mandingo

    this was the most toxic video i’ve ever seen 😂😂😂

  • OKC Tex
    OKC Tex

    You should use red salt that’s what I use

  • RcsPcsN1

    Clip: Mech is on hover board for less then 10 seconds and is the only clip of it. Wildcat: let’s name the video “B.R.U.T.E Mechs on hover boards are OP!” Me: mmmmmokay

  • Apollo Korchnak
    Apollo Korchnak

    11:53 I play controller. Can confirm.

  • Brianna Offutt
    Brianna Offutt

    why u bullie fish boi


    I remember when this game was fun in season 2

  • MThorp777

    imagine saying that you don't want to do another gmod video yet you have more fortnite that gmod at this point.....

  • ThatRaccoonBoii

    wow, after watching a more recent video, i can confirm Mechs were 100% nerfed

  • ChrisCan

    How long do you guys record for before editing and what not?

  • masked gamer
    masked gamer

    Finally wildcat plays with merksman after so long

  • R95z - Roblox
    R95z - Roblox

    3:50 it's hurts to hear when someone says L2 when it's meant to be R2 :(

  • Faze Condiments
    Faze Condiments

    This game got 100 times worse

  • The Black Panther
    The Black Panther

    Yup epic.....fun for *EVERYONE* ,totally fair!!!!😡😡😡

  • C1NN4M0N R0LL
    C1NN4M0N R0LL

    I wish the galaxy skin was still available

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