Drinking Fake Beer While Driving By Cops!
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  • NELK

    200,000 likes for part 2 boyss

    • Joker Kenny
      Joker Kenny

      try 6 million

    • Xavier Ortiz
      Xavier Ortiz

      500k likes get ready for the dick line 🤣🤣🤣

    • Acez-OG

      Its 500k👀👀👀

    • Lion Pride
      Lion Pride

      Jesus loves you and he thought about you when he died on the cross, Say Lord Jesus I repent of my sins come into my heart I make you my Lord and Savior in Jesus name amen live Holy cut off sin. Pray everyday and read the Bible. God bless

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      Orange chives


  • Scott Jameson
    Scott Jameson

    American citizens never prank cops lmao

  • Punk Scxrpio
    Punk Scxrpio

    500k wheres that video jesse

  • TNA homosapien
    TNA homosapien

    idc what you feel this is white priviledge, a black would still go to jail for sOmE reason.

  • Tokyo

    You have disrespected my ancestors with the watermelon

  • Eat My Rng
    Eat My Rng

    13:42 is why girls have trust issues🤣🤣

  • That guy Sage
    That guy Sage

    That’s not a tuff shirt bradly is just FUCCING WEAK

  • Jaerho

    When y’all go back to Saint Pete I wanna come hang I live on the road of the 7/11 😂

  • Connor Gibson
    Connor Gibson

    “I can run really fast”💀💀💀

  • foniks100

    Americans can't drink in public and can't drink and drive that is funny. Come to Denmark, both are legal here :)

  • Bailey Steele
    Bailey Steele

    Does he have a hamilton hat on 😂😂

  • Marzio London
    Marzio London

    Those cop's was so nice and cool because they're wasn't Spanish or black .. just true No hate 👍🖕

  • Doug Snider
    Doug Snider

    Living your life with a go pro...strange.

  • CeoNiTe

    Cool that steevo from jackass chilled with you on your birthday bradley. Hope you enjoyed happy birthday from Croatia.

  • Burning Wheels 89
    Burning Wheels 89

    Am I the only one who noticed that they just fingered an alagator

  • Ben Elliott
    Ben Elliott

    569k likes get snorting

  • Kyle Latimer
    Kyle Latimer

    Joogsquad with the vase!

  • Emiliano Perfecto
    Emiliano Perfecto

    Walmart Danny Duncan

  • Vaughn Kody Formoso
    Vaughn Kody Formoso

    The watermelons...

  • Rajito GAMING
    Rajito GAMING

    Yo anyone noticed Tfues trippin

  • Mr. Cyber
    Mr. Cyber

    Do US Cops not do Breathe Analysers?

  • sonic

    nobody: not a single soul: live chat: */hIdEcHaT*

  • __

    not good camera man

  • Tee Bee
    Tee Bee

    lol just a huge group of people gator hunting.

  • George V
    George V

    Coolest cops ever at the end that’s what America needs

  • David Steiget
    David Steiget

    These boys are the trailer park boys if one of their schemes actually pulled through

  • Amber Nicole
    Amber Nicole

    Was that a bong lmao

  • Versus Drip
    Versus Drip

    lmao any danny duncan fans feel a lil danny vibe the first few of this video? with the watermelons, the shots, the scene, everything

  • Cazual_kid

    Stole from Danny Duncan much?

  • Cam Williams
    Cam Williams

    Yea I fw the last cops on god hahahaha



  • Samantha Bissonette
    Samantha Bissonette

    That last cop was awesome

  • Casey Snow
    Casey Snow

    Douche bags

  • Nexern

    That’s just stupid dude, stop wasting the officer’s time. Might seem like a funny joke at first but come on.

  • Jackyy2x

    Nelk has 500.000 likes

  • Arron Hudges
    Arron Hudges

    Yeah black people could never do this smh #blm #georgefloyd

  • Hurleys96

    This video is dumb

  • Damon

    LMAO. A VASE🤣 17:51

  • Myles Levi
    Myles Levi

    Anyone know the beat playing in the back ground ?

  • WhatsNardin

    understand that...

  • Richard

    This was just a waste of watermelons, y’all should’ve named the video “waste of watermelon”...SMH.

  • HighLife78

    Ya best cops ever. Great joke. Ur past 400k likes. Back to Florida u go. Lol

  • Matthew Haines
    Matthew Haines

    11:05 this man Steve

  • Noach Wood
    Noach Wood

    NELK 🚨 DO THE SAME PRANK BUT WITH ONLY AFRICAN AMERICANS! Idk about everyone else but itd be funny to see if the reactions are different from cops

  • Raulbadazz3

    Wonder what would happen if they were all black or brown

  • Adam Domonski
    Adam Domonski

    The comedy felt natural it was pretty cool

  • Jimmy Gilmore
    Jimmy Gilmore

    Anyone for that matter, but especially cops saying the old “ you don’t have my permission to record me “ always makes me laugh 😂 you’re in public bud they can record everything !! Haven’t you learned anything in the force ? You should freshen up !

  • Mensch Meier
    Mensch Meier

    I hate it if people waste food 😡! In this case watermelons...

  • DMorgs

    Anyone know where to get that sleeveless camo shirt brads wearing

  • Patrick Ayon
    Patrick Ayon

    We hit 500k weres the video jesse

  • Nepsi

    Ohh thats why they are gay. Theey are drinking white claw

  • Tokyo’s Wrath
    Tokyo’s Wrath


  • Peakz

    i like how tfue made a 5 second cameo lmao

  • Xxx Jake Tomberlin
    Xxx Jake Tomberlin

    This video is literally a copy of Danny Duncan

  • Bxbxb Bdhdjd
    Bxbxb Bdhdjd

    Already hit over 500k time for Jesse to hit that line !!!

  • Juan Laurinø
    Juan Laurinø

    i always thought cops in America were shit, from all the videos i have seen they are pretty cool xD

  • Jack Simonelli
    Jack Simonelli

    Bro the deal was 500k and Jesse does a line off the cops dick where’s that and plz make it a IT-my vid I would love to see that

  • Arnold Palmer
    Arnold Palmer

    I can't wait for these idiots to be cancelled

  • Arnold Palmer
    Arnold Palmer

    This is the worst vid idea. Let's go waste an officers time.

  • Grant Nixon
    Grant Nixon

    22:23 umm look at the likes

  • xx_itsLM_xx

    18:47 I think this is what you came here for Thank me with liking this

  • Niffelman

    Props to the sheriff trying to not give him a DUI

  • Okanagan Justin
    Okanagan Justin

    These cops are trying so hard not to arrest or issue tickets, crazy!

  • eddohh

    Florida cops are something else 😂😂

  • sxints_

    The last cop was nice the woman was a Karen

    • Arnold Palmer
      Arnold Palmer

      Hahaha no she was not even

  • Rory Milross-Rose
    Rory Milross-Rose

    U could have used the drug dealer brad

  • Jay Kenny
    Jay Kenny

    These cops are getting criticized now because there is a few bad apples in the force but the good interactions hardly go viral and the good cops deserve our respect.

    • Arnold Palmer
      Arnold Palmer

      Notice the ethnicity during these "good interactions"

  • Johnny M
    Johnny M

    Now let's switch the scene and put a black driver and passengers. Lets see if we get the same kind of treatment out of these cops.

  • Foued bf
    Foued bf

    A policeman risks his life , used to deal with criminals , some of them become more rocky because of the evil they face in their job ..Some of them they did not change and they act with a lot of mercy and compassion but it is always risky because not all men are good ..

  • Vicsoski

    Brooo so tweaked they were in Florida wish I coulda seen the boys 🤯

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