Drunk Makeup Tutorial!
James Charles
HI SISTERS! Happy late birthday to me… I’m officially 21 years old!! 🥳 I’ve NEVER gotten drunk before, so I figured my 21st birthday was the perfect time to do it… and of course film it for millions of people to see. I hope you enjoy, and please thumbs up because this is NEVER happening again.
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EDITOR: Ryan Allen
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov

  • Cheyenne Miller
    Cheyenne Miller

    Your died

  • Bts_lover Lover
    Bts_lover Lover

    The girl with popcorn is mood

  • Fun Done
    Fun Done

    Is that Don Julio 1942

  • Blue Roses
    Blue Roses

    very very happy birthday James

  • Mmm Kays
    Mmm Kays

    i want to be bestfriends with james because he seems really fun.

  • Jazzmin Tumbling
    Jazzmin Tumbling

    And after the drunk list he would call one of his friends up or somebody so they can do a tick talk with the makeup on

  • Jazzmin Tumbling
    Jazzmin Tumbling

    Please be okay

  • firstname lastname
    firstname lastname

    Jenna marbles ran so James could stumble

  • Cassidy C.
    Cassidy C.


  • Ellese Pegler
    Ellese Pegler

    This is so iconic 😂

  • Studio in the Woods
    Studio in the Woods

    It’s only fun cause he’s in a good place in life! No one be fooled. But to James, HAVE FUN BE SAFE.

  • Sohum Manzur
    Sohum Manzur

    This editing god me dying 😂😂😂😂😂 And when he was talking to Trevor like, it’s ok you can pee 😂

  • NotEvie Playz
    NotEvie Playz

    why would u get drunk on ur b'day???

  • Chyeanne Ramsey
    Chyeanne Ramsey

    Hahaha when you where on the floor

  • eren yeager
    eren yeager


  • Emma Mae Coupe
    Emma Mae Coupe

    This is the best James Charles video ever.

  • CrazyGirls_Gaming


  • f2 madmove
    f2 madmove

    I love you now.... So happy for you

  • Susan Boyd
    Susan Boyd

    better stop at 8 shots or you might puke, just talking from experience

  • Joseph Brown
    Joseph Brown

    He has a crush on trever

  • syed maqsood Alishah
    syed maqsood Alishah

    Are you a girl or a boy

  • Lexie Simmons
    Lexie Simmons

    I love how James makeup looks better than mine even when he's drunk

  • Terah Joseph
    Terah Joseph

    OMG I am 10 I was like I am going to wait 12 more years

  • Darius Parker
    Darius Parker

    omg god hes drunk i hope he dose not jump off the white house

    • Darius Parker
      Darius Parker

      i belive that to

  • derpy bubbles
    derpy bubbles

    can james like react to this HAHAHA

  • Jeison Alcerro
    Jeison Alcerro

    My birthday is may 23th is yours to

  • Drakers

    The people who disliked this are the people who think that CoronaVirus is caused by a 🍻 beer

  • Michael Jay Wayne
    Michael Jay Wayne

    I need to stop watching this.... I'm just inlove with how adorable you are drunk it's fucking soul crushingly cute and funny! One year older then me and I've been passed out my Canadian lawn EXACTLY LIKE THIS,... To many times to not love this video ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

  • Kmari Thompson
    Kmari Thompson

    Drew can you come fart on me

  • Angelisa Lawson
    Angelisa Lawson

    I mostly laughed

  • Neiva Kayla
    Neiva Kayla

    James' friends are all soo nice thoo

  • Tammy Story
    Tammy Story

    When I was little I took some sips of my dad's bear he gave it to me it tasted like sparking water which it gross

  • Josiee Fontenot
    Josiee Fontenot

    When he is drunk he acts like me when im half asleep

  • da awsome dude
    da awsome dude

    All right hands down......your not supposed to chug that you chugged it

  • lolo rayan
    lolo rayan

    Drunk Charles

  • lolo rayan
    lolo rayan

    Kids like me. Please do not drink ok for your saftey

  • Lilli Heber
    Lilli Heber

    My dog died one day before your birthday

  • Mary Limbu
    Mary Limbu

    I watch on tiktok

  • Gavan Arrafii
    Gavan Arrafii

    I'm 11 years old

  • Juana Trujillo
    Juana Trujillo

    I’m 19 I have drivers license and my friends drink in my car

  • Kolor

    Best VID on YT ❤️

  • Andrea Æ ツ
    Andrea Æ ツ

    Ngl this was totally hilarious XD

  • Julie Hey
    Julie Hey

    Anything for the makeup Queen!

  • Mimi Ilić
    Mimi Ilić

    Are you ok???

  • Cutie Pie
    Cutie Pie

    luv ur vids 😍

  • Caitlin Lawrence
    Caitlin Lawrence

    James: gets drunk Me: he is still better at makeup then me

  • Banana Gamer
    Banana Gamer

    is this allowed on YT?!?!🥴

  • Pha Nguyen
    Pha Nguyen

    12:31 When my Mom tell me to do something


    I'm hundred percent sure james sat on the toilet when he peed

  • Danica Martin
    Danica Martin

    I followed you want to talk


    You guys I'm so scared I'm gonna wake up tomorrow and I'm gonna be dead😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Carly Tallent
    Carly Tallent

    Love getting drunk and watching James get drunk 😂

  • PineappleWolves Gacha
    PineappleWolves Gacha

    How is he still better than me at makeup even when he’s drunk?? 😩😂

  • TactiK

    that bottle is $100 a shot and U took the whole bottle likes it's nothing haha ily :)

  • Clashing With Charles - Clash of Clans
    Clashing With Charles - Clash of Clans

    No hate because idrc but it's so funny to me that just a few minutes after he ackowledged that he has children watching him they talked about sex😂

  • franchessca crystal
    franchessca crystal


  • Rakibthe goat
    Rakibthe goat

    Wow don Julio 1942 I've heard that tequila is very expensive

  • Sofia Bekešová
    Sofia Bekešová

    I called him and he picked up

  • Paws Up
    Paws Up

    You have to be 18 in Australia

  • Jamie Maughan
    Jamie Maughan

    I got drunk at 11

  • lame Lamw
    lame Lamw

    James passing out well putting his lashes on is me in the bathroom throwing up and passing oht

  • lame Lamw
    lame Lamw

    I’m not a fan of his but this video was actually really funny

  • チップとコークス :3
    チップとコークス :3

    His friends are so much fun

  • Maggie Rossmeier
    Maggie Rossmeier

    The next tutorial you should do is a high one!

  • Mase3903

    He forgot everything accept the fact that he has to pee and he knows the names of each makeup thingy XD

  • krynev07

    My birthday is on May 23rd too

  • Cristina Coleman
    Cristina Coleman

    Happy b day

  • S ymra
    S ymra

    I'm 15yrs old and I haven't drank beer and I haven't tried to get drunk also. But I've seen alot of 13yrs old get drunk which is really bad for your health though

  • AMSR  Queen  JJ Smith
    AMSR Queen JJ Smith


  • AMSR  Queen  JJ Smith
    AMSR Queen JJ Smith

    Happy birthday I love you videos I love you

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