Dunk Contest For $50,000! | Dunk League FINALS
It's down to the LAST TWO dunkers in the Dunk League FINALS! Jonathan Clark and Chris Staples square off in one last dunk contest to see who takes home the Golden Rim trophy, the $50,000 prize and title of World's Best Dunker!
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In case you missed it:
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Season 1: it-my.com/watchvideo/video-p6aYhOjToos.html
Dunk League Season 2 is the most ambitious dunk competition ever held. After holding auditions across the country, we brought the 10 BEST dunkers in the world to NYC to square off in 16 different dunk competitions to officially crown the world’s BEST dunker. We’ll be dropping new episodes of Dunk League Season 2 every Monday, only on Whistle.
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  • Punpun U.
    Punpun U.

    Where’s Tristan Jass aka.T-jass

  • Owner 2222
    Owner 2222

    S3 will too easy for Isaiah Rivera

  • Ding Dong
    Ding Dong

    Why does Clark sound white??????

  • Lii Dow
    Lii Dow

    The FIRST real contest iv ever seen nd the wining was for the BEST DUNKER ✊🏻 #RESPECT Chris (everybody LOVE chris now*)

  • YoungGhost

    Man why yall be faking the video to make it seem more dramatic, staples last dunk was in the middle of his run... check out 9:02 you can the clock says he still has 2 minutes left meanwhile yall be saying he only has a few seconds remaining. Lol cheap tricks! My applause to the players but not to the editors.

  • Veera Saami
    Veera Saami

    Chris staples got the judges all riled up🔥🔥

  • Elan Davis
    Elan Davis

    announcer: everybody hates chris! crowd:cheers wth is this lmao

  • Andrew Hamilton
    Andrew Hamilton

    I love J Clark

  • Paty Perez
    Paty Perez

    He didnt deserve to win he was trash

  • Yan 30
    Yan 30

    The people (s) who editted thoses videos, nice job !

  • Seeyah Never
    Seeyah Never

    360 behind the back was a reversal

  • Musa Elladan
    Musa Elladan

    Good for Chris, but he got by when Jordan K got eliminated

  • ReyLands Videos
    ReyLands Videos

    6:18..everybody hates ad!!!!

  • Xun Xuan
    Xun Xuan

    anyone else saw staples lightly slap clark's butt at 5:58? hahahahah

  • spedskidz101

    Chris looks so casual when he does his dunks

  • Carter Beauchamp
    Carter Beauchamp

    remember when kilganon did the dunk that staples did when he jumped over the guy and put it in backwards except he put his elbows in the rim.

  • Brad C
    Brad C

    Wow.....was this "Above The Rim" version? Tell me that was not Bugaloo 3:12 vs Motaw 8:39 ??? Wicked dunks by both....but no one takes down Shep....not even Flip or Birdee!

  • Berbagi Pengalaman Hidup by Benny Apriandy - Benben
    Berbagi Pengalaman Hidup by Benny Apriandy - Benben

    CHRIS 💪😎👉🏀

  • RikoAndres Tarroja
    RikoAndres Tarroja


  • MateoMC

    0:03 professor got no chin

  • Judiththedudith

    No one: Not a single soul: Host after every dunk: “HELLOO!”

  • Hi My name is
    Hi My name is

    I’m gta 50,000 is nothing

  • Lover Boy
    Lover Boy

    Watch slamma jamma his movie

  • d hodges
    d hodges

    That was awesome.back flip dunk.chirs a problem

  • Eno

    wtf are the girls doing there man get a crowd who wanna see this

  • Majcry

    Man I felt so bad for J. Clark in those shots where he knew he lost and he looked so sad.

  • Zara Jr.
    Zara Jr.

    Chris staples is like the beast in dunk!

  • James Franco
    James Franco

    Y does 6:30 remind me of a surf's up scene


    Minute 7:23 what is the title of the song?

  • SouljaMakinBreadTV

    The only thing about the finals they could've gave a lil rest to j clark before the final dunk off cause u can tell fatigue set in on him more than likely from him & cj dunk off but staples did what he suppose to do but he also had way less fatigue cause of less dunk attempts cause it's obvious they shot this episode & the one before in the same night.... but congrats to staples....

  • Og Gang
    Og Gang

    You know the dunk is serious when the professor gets a triple chin reacting to it

  • James Rhyley
    James Rhyley

    Is that professor

  • Sue Briggs
    Sue Briggs

    4:35 is it just me or is half of 5:00 2:30????

  • George Late
    George Late

    They gotta stop hyping it up with the music and slow motion when they miss. On god it gets my every time bruh

  • Squelch

    And he saved his best for last !! Wasn’t even close !! Before the season was even over I had him picked ! I woulda liked to seen the dude who’s knee got fucked up Doug Anderson in the finals tho !?!

  • Royson De Melo Fernandes
    Royson De Melo Fernandes

    Why is everybody hating on Chris?

  • Ben Pfeiffer
    Ben Pfeiffer

    nobody: the host: HELLO!

  • Sage Kole
    Sage Kole

    i thought it would tie up to a dunkoff and j clark would win now im sad

  • Sage Kole
    Sage Kole

    perfect 30 i dont think thats a 30 maybe a 25

  • Amina Shahid
    Amina Shahid

    I didnt really think that chris staples was achampion when i saw him in josh hortons videos

  • William Stayduhar
    William Stayduhar

    That last dunk was INSANE!!!

  • fuck you
    fuck you

    Why didn't clark attempt the double east bay? If he would if hit that he this would of been a wrap...

  • KingDrew

    staples looks like mayweather lol

  • Sid Nkutha
    Sid Nkutha

    These ladies are gorgeous....hmmm

  • R34L NinjaZz
    R34L NinjaZz

    Google Translate, select your language: English English (American) English (Jamaican) English (the host)


    Can somebody find out what music that ot 8:46

  • strychn9nee ツ
    strychn9nee ツ

    Those slow-mo tho. ❤️

  • Johnny Parker
    Johnny Parker

    Proud of my NorCal peeps


    Guy then Chris who's next???

  • Mr. Pooba
    Mr. Pooba

    His new name is Chris Stacks Staples

  • Jake Tolbert
    Jake Tolbert

    My only word of advice. Find a new commentator. That's all

  • Lef

    Who wants to learn what is the name of the tracks on the background?

  • FleXx Lugar
    FleXx Lugar

    I did a barabasol commercial with Chris staples before I knew who he was

  • Cameron Diaz
    Cameron Diaz

    Nevin Glover need to be on here STAT

  • Malikovich

    Mr beast...

  • AEK

    any all-star dunk contest winner can take these guys

  • Desertedbrutaka

    Chris the new champ. Doesn't that mean he gets a star on his Jersey like dupuy?

  • Marcos Acosta
    Marcos Acosta

    they should have a silver rim for the runner up

  • Vince Abednego
    Vince Abednego

    You know what's funny? Chris won this competition, but I think that Jonathan Clark is still the better dunker.

  • Lester Munroe
    Lester Munroe

    I watched a guy win stealing another guys signature dunks.

  • FaWill/Block Raised Tae
    FaWill/Block Raised Tae

    Host: You need to stop that sh**😂😂

  • Dragon Man
    Dragon Man

    Season 3 finale should be nba dunk contest style


    I have a proposal for 3rd season: Chris Staples, Jordan Kilganon, Tyler Curie, Chase Kilganon, Will Bunton, Dexton Crutchfield, Rafal Lipinski, Jordan Southerland, Reemix, Jonathan Clark, Doug Anderson and Isaiah Rivera. Yeah, it's so new squad.

  • Richard Richardson
    Richard Richardson

    Best dunker in the world come from my hometown salute my boy Chris man, I used too watch bro dunk

  • FLA_BOI_87 PS4
    FLA_BOI_87 PS4

    You should lower the rims and have a fat guy dunk contest

  • Adam Berg
    Adam Berg

    When Season 3 come Out

  • Julien Décarie
    Julien Décarie

    These hoes ain’t loyal

  • Jared Easterling
    Jared Easterling

    Rightfully won

  • JuankQuinteroMejia

    broo that music!

  • Chiggy Hendrix
    Chiggy Hendrix

    Reverse is not behind the back ...

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