Duramax Dually CALLS OUT Our Cummins Powered Galaxie! (Our Fastest Pass Yet!)
Cleetus McFarland
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Racing our good buddy JH Diesel 4x4! The Galaxie is BOGGIN DEEP!
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  • Jimmy Fuchstein
    Jimmy Fuchstein

    Upgraded duraminimum no match for boat anchor Cummins?

  • Liam Ward
    Liam Ward

    Twin Truckskies.

  • Tim Taylor
    Tim Taylor

    wont look right with a modern wheel

  • Tim Taylor
    Tim Taylor

    WAS THINKIN.... summit sells the wheel vintiques period steel rims and trim rings plus center caps etc. Find a wheel combo for the Galaxie. they are super affordable and safer than the barrel rings u be runnin DO IT !

  • jakob miller
    jakob miller


  • Kurt Sumthinorother
    Kurt Sumthinorother

    The frame torque shift? Or is it just shocks? Man what a boat.

  • curly239

    Wow! That old Galaxie is one serious sleeper! When the old girl shifted into overdrive it was curtains for the Chevy! Cummins in the Galaxie, right? Great video!

  • RptrKlr 60
    RptrKlr 60

    Damn that galaxy is sick

  • coolcody01

    Soon as that torque converter lockup kicks on its all over 😂

  • Conor timm
    Conor timm

    It’s a duramax more like bend a rod 😂😂

  • LiamUltraRacer

    What a shitbox

  • TTR

    "dude I sprayed it all over ". 😂 I remember that life.

  • TTR

    Bruh. That scetchy back half. What a white nuckel'r considering the low speed !

  • the angry brother
    the angry brother

    Dame twice

  • sam yeazell
    sam yeazell

    how come nitrous instead of propane

  • Redneck Plays
    Redneck Plays

    Wanna know how to melt a turbo this is how

  • Ben Hawke
    Ben Hawke

    You need propane injection.

  • Thomas Gibson
    Thomas Gibson

    I think this thing can officially be called a boat because at the big end this thing floats all over the place lol

  • Josh Owens11
    Josh Owens11

    Cleetus, is that the black nasty duramax? I watched a badass video of a truck just like the one in the video do some sick burnouts. Let me know 👍🏽

  • Mike Schabilion
    Mike Schabilion


  • Joseph Flanagan
    Joseph Flanagan

    The Galaxy looks like something off of Twisted Metal

  • Jeff Mellow
    Jeff Mellow

    How bad a builder do you have to be to make a ride that can't go straight at 100mph?

  • Grind Time
    Grind Time

    Lol Evan shanks started trend the gapplebees car thing

  • Nunya Bidness
    Nunya Bidness

    Luv it! Y'all can drive.

  • Fly Redneck
    Fly Redneck

    Cleetus just go crazy and make it an absolute beast

  • gdeangelkick

    >What are you going to do to come back and win next time? >>> Lose 50 lbs.

  • sunzoutgunzout 88
    sunzoutgunzout 88

    Look at that junk flopping left and right on big end

  • G Man
    G Man

    what year is that galaxy?

    • Flat4Buggy 2
      Flat4Buggy 2


  • Obnes Saintelot
    Obnes Saintelot

    RACES FROM THE SHOW LINK BELOW BRUCE vs MACHO --> it-my.com/watchvideo/video-UsC8ploCzYU.html 2FLY, 250, GONE HOLLYWOOD, ETC.. ----> it-my.com/watchvideo/video-M06FhCKwSsg.html

  • Cody Carter
    Cody Carter

    Need a bigger turbo. You have the fuel just need more air!

  • William D
    William D

    That Galaxie is one ozone eatin ass vehicle!

  • BlackFoxSam

    cleet for the love of bald eagles and all other state birds PUT SOME SLICKS IN DAT SUMBITCH AND LET HER EAT

  • K sweeney
    K sweeney

    Who else wants to see this Galaxy get a nice pair of new shoes??

  • Lifted_Above

    That's not a fast diesel. This is a fast diesel. it-my.com/watchvideo/video-ygbVUEn_mHc.html

  • demonic477

    If your really serious about racing the galaxy you need to look in to a Hamilton Cams Warhead Competition Head for Dodge Cummins and one of there 62mm cams to go with it . were talking upwards of 1200 to 1800 HP with a good set of turbos . power driven diesel can tell you more about it . it will be costly but for a diesel that would be able to keep up with leroy it would be worth it.

  • Conner McPherson
    Conner McPherson

    Damn I didn’t know y’all were local! I’m in Sarasota. Pretty cool

  • billy lennon
    billy lennon

    cool car cleet but dang u have what 3000 lbs on him! U should top end his butt

  • Andrew Johnson
    Andrew Johnson

    Black Nasty? More like Black turd.. lmao

  • Mario Chevelle
    Mario Chevelle

    Hell yea !!! How does David launch in 4x4 with a lift on the duramax ???!!

  • Chris Johnson
    Chris Johnson

    Gotta love the natty light.

  • Yeltom Automotive
    Yeltom Automotive

    Is McFarland getting nervous about the GM product. Lol I here some excuses just incase he gets beet

  • patrick watts
    patrick watts

    When are you guys going to name the galaxy Tetanus?

  • Brian Everstien
    Brian Everstien

    Just a giant orange flame lighting the night like the statue of liberty....*cries in freedom*

  • Joshua Parton
    Joshua Parton

    Gotdayum that thing gets floaty... PS - we need some coverage of Coop's secret project

  • Scott Gordon
    Scott Gordon

    You need a Freight Train Horn on that beast and blow it as you pass

  • yosbel medina
    yosbel medina


  • Brendan Zaker
    Brendan Zaker

    What’s gonna happen to the galaxie with the new EPA ban?

  • beau shade
    beau shade

    Yall worried about the rims. What it really needs is a proper engine. Put a powerstroke in that boat.

    • chevydodgedude1


  • Wee Man
    Wee Man

    Need to hit lock up sooner

  • Coleman Mancuso
    Coleman Mancuso

    My favorite cleetus vid! More material like This!

  • Coleman Mancuso
    Coleman Mancuso

    Cleeter how many barttle skeets did you have and how much wheel whobble did that baby have?

  • Why2k

    Flames out the hood were rad! Roll Coal! 😂


    Galaxie3437 lbs curb weight...duramax dualie curb weight 6300 lbs.

    • ROTAXD

      Imagine that...the cummins was able to push the blue oval turd down the track .4 quicker than the stock internaled duramax. Smh

  • worb radar
    worb radar

    4 days no new video I'm having withdrawls


    Dam cleeter. You must've quit youtube

  • Matthew Davis
    Matthew Davis

    I can't poop without youtube videos. Killing me

    • Darin Gobey
      Darin Gobey

      Matthew Davis seriously

  • Trent Nelson
    Trent Nelson

    man i remeber when that JH Diesel truck was first debuted, thing is still a badass truck.

  • Evan Nugent
    Evan Nugent

    Longest you’ve gone without posting a video. Killing me brother

  • Raccoon -
    Raccoon -

    Wheres the new vid?

  • Adam Eignor
    Adam Eignor

    4 days and no upload ? Dont become overwhelmed like all the rest that died off !

  • zbfootball1040

    4 days no upload..I'm starting to itch!

  • Kyle Herman
    Kyle Herman

    Man your slipping on uploads

  • lillmeca1983

    Common man!!! Having withdrawals!! Need a new video!!!!

  • Necros1s

    love the galaxie! but please get new wheels!

  • jorislinde1

    Who died?

  • Moon

    You'd pick up a second if you swapped out those potato wheels, Cleetus!

  • Alexaoo

    Cleetus Power!!!! 💪

  • Daniel Spanjar
    Daniel Spanjar

    its been 4 days since the last cleetus video and im going fucking nuts over here.

  • Pilbara Man
    Pilbara Man

    When is next video drop? Toast update? Having withdrawals

  • Lextech Lighting
    Lextech Lighting

    Cleet, have James inspect the welds on the wheels. You’ve put a ton of stress on them and a tiny crack is enough to put you in the wall, total the car, and wreck your health and well being.

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