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  • Lee-Anne McGrath
    Lee-Anne McGrath

    Ummm I don’t know what to say :(

  • Emily h
    Emily h

    I just did the opposite and went from blonde and having blonde since April and then going back to dark brown and it’s so wack

  • Alexandra Diaz
    Alexandra Diaz

    Emma: I’m not getting my hair cut, I’m getting my hair colored because that’s the only other thing you can do at a hair appointment All these boys getting perms: 😶😔

  • sway daddieees
    sway daddieees

    She do be looking like the girl version of Drako lmao

  • Laura DuFlo
    Laura DuFlo

    Love the blonde hair on you! Beautiful

  • Fifi Bell
    Fifi Bell

    I don’t think she knows how pretty she is

  • What Ever
    What Ever

    6:35 they say that is the Placenta . I always throw it out too

  • Phoebe Ouellette
    Phoebe Ouellette

    so nobody’s gonna talk about her wiping her ass with a face mask?....

  • Ina . g . k
    Ina . g . k

    Ok but can we talk about the magnet on her microwave from the video where she got her first cat that used to say catitude? LIKE did she just cut of the "itude" part?

  • Elliana Marie
    Elliana Marie

    the white thing in the yolk of the egg is where the baby chick grows

  • CholoGoth13

    It didn’t work for u. Platinum dosnt work for everyone n it’s not even platinum or a cute blonde

  • Delianne Vizcarrondo
    Delianne Vizcarrondo

    I think you should go platinum with a little darker shadow root 👏🏼🙌🏼

  • emma kelly
    emma kelly

    i hate it

  • katy-jop harding
    katy-jop harding

    You need toner love👩🏼👩🏼

  • Theia

    Draco Malfoy's sister

  • Belén Arancivia
    Belén Arancivia

    You look stunning Emma 😍😍❤️

  • Lydia Naomi
    Lydia Naomi

    bahahahaha wiping with a face mask that literally cracked me up, that would so happen to me!

  • lily


  • Franjone' Price
    Franjone' Price

    You look like Piper Chatman off of orange is the new black

  • Indie Bear
    Indie Bear

    im sorry but black hair looked incredible on you

    • Belén Arancivia
      Belén Arancivia

      Blonde too🥰

  • Ana Paula Silviken
    Ana Paula Silviken

    3:17 is that where Logan Paul bought that mercedes G-wagon??

  • AAA AA
    AAA AA

    You could have been my twin or best friend in my younger years,but yes,blonds have more fun,but they also seem to attract unwanted attention from weirdos too.i had a few crazy stalkers so please be aware of it,thank God nothing bad happened but I was stalked by a man that was on the top 10 most wanted list so I dyed my hair red and the cops tracked him then.

  • Angelica Vidal
    Angelica Vidal

    that draco comment set me off

  • Nah_Nick_Slick

    Emma's outfits give me serious 90s vibes!! Love it!! The blonde looks awesome!

  • givepadthai

    her hair was never black lmao it was dark brown

  • Addison Moore
    Addison Moore

    you should go platinum like grey sliver that color ya love you

  • Lolfest

    Why is no one talking about how she looks like android 18 in the second fit?????

  • Spy ninja Spy ninja
    Spy ninja Spy ninja

    I don’t like your blond :((

  • Sara


  • Alisea Denae
    Alisea Denae

    lets just talk about how good her skin looks

  • Jasta Ykotuce
    Jasta Ykotuce

    2:20 that silence means why am i telling ppl abt this

  • Maria Bast
    Maria Bast

    5:44 she kinda sounded like katy perry

  • Skylar Stypulczak
    Skylar Stypulczak

    Why is it that everyone that lives in la wear sweatshirts in the summer?!? Its hot out there

  • Skylar Stypulczak
    Skylar Stypulczak

    Thank the dear lord she is going blonde again

  • Foluke Adeniji
    Foluke Adeniji

    No one: Emma:*sips coffee*chamberlaincoffee.com

  • _ kayla _
    _ kayla _

    it’s like she’s trying to hard to be a bruh girl but it’s literally just her being her

  • Itz Wilma
    Itz Wilma

    Where that hoodie is ITS so cool🥺

  • Amber Collins
    Amber Collins

    get your hair toned to take the brass away next time

  • Hihi bean
    Hihi bean

    She looks so much better with dark hair tbh

  • UnicornSlime

    Do you have a sister

  • rxch


  • Miss. Me
    Miss. Me

    Emma have you changed your apartment again ? because it looks different. You look pretty cute !

  • poorvi Jagga
    poorvi Jagga

    Blonde hair-like Black hair-like

  • Sharmie Silva
    Sharmie Silva

    That white thing in the egg drives me crazy when I can’t find it. I hate it to!!

  • ShayNichole

    The white thing is the umbilical cord

  • Chris Jin
    Chris Jin

    it looks like a wig though

  • Chanyai Goodman
    Chanyai Goodman

    She wiped her butt with a face mask-

  • katie kelley
    katie kelley

    the hair colour when she cried was da best! she looked gorgeous

  • Sarah Cichanowicz
    Sarah Cichanowicz

    Does anyone know where Emma's sweatshirt is from? The one she is wearing when cooking breakfast.

    • Gabrielle Stewart
      Gabrielle Stewart

      Haha she probably thrifted it cuzz I have the same one and it was my gmas 🤣

  • Sarah Cichanowicz
    Sarah Cichanowicz

    Emma’s place though! So gorgeous. She really did that😍

  • Дара Нургазиева
    Дара Нургазиева

    honestly I like it better with brown hair...

  • Stelli Pan
    Stelli Pan

    i m so late but I believe that little white thing in ur eggs is the umbilical cord.... (that’s probably gonna gross u out even more I’m sry)

  • Emma Hensley
    Emma Hensley

    OMG! its sooooo cute i wish i could get my hair that shade of blonde!!!

  • Xaria Lopez
    Xaria Lopez

    Omggggg we burped together unintentionally 😂🥰

  • ireneeilkrisnes

    am i the only think that she look like sophie turner? :))

  • Katarina Vidović
    Katarina Vidović

    when she inserted the clip of her crying 😭😭💀

  • Marija Velemir
    Marija Velemir

    I loveeee blonde emma

  • aynsley dixon
    aynsley dixon

    9:54 alexa play jailhouse rock

  • hallieberry

    no one cares 😮

    • Katlyn's Krafts
      Katlyn's Krafts

      No one asked you tho

  • Ana Texas
    Ana Texas

    shorturl.ca/lovesex240girlxx ඔහු බිය ඇය වෙත හැරෙමින් මෙන් සුදු

  • Chunga Chunga
    Chunga Chunga

    your skin is improving 💖

  • Stacy Hurtado
    Stacy Hurtado

    Love the blonde

  • sawyer anne
    sawyer anne

    no one: emma: ok i’m covering my face 🙅‍♀️

  • Dianaa


  • Sophia Orullian
    Sophia Orullian

    I love you with blonde hair! Don’t change it ever lol


    This is why you were sweating . A-hole Burn

  • Duda Guima
    Duda Guima

    omg she has so many clothessss lol

  • lovelyaya20 lovelyaya20
    lovelyaya20 lovelyaya20

    I love you Emma but I got to say it it's ugly 😭😭😭😭 and beautiful face of yours does not go well with that hair ♥️♥️♥️

  • Manuel chinesom
    Manuel chinesom

    More breakfast vids

  • jeremiah mitchell johnson
    jeremiah mitchell johnson

    iM CrYiNg bEcAuSe tHiS DoEsNt mAtCh mY pErSoNaLiTTy aT awL

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