DymondsFlawless Pulls up on King CID FULL LIVE IT GETS UGLY 👀
Melanin Monroe
#kingcid #dymondsflawless #smoothgio

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  • Valeria Diaz
    Valeria Diaz

    Cid a bitch 😂 karma got him that’s why he got cheated on

  • Carmen Davis
    Carmen Davis

    not cid sayin the n word 🥱

  • black crew
    black crew

    She just need to stop but they shouldn't did that to her she was the only girl

  • Spiritual Zee
    Spiritual Zee

    She admitted to cheating!

  • Your Akuma
    Your Akuma

    The simps and feminists really need to stfu. She brought this upon herself. I dont see yall defending a guy for cheating

  • Kaylin Briel
    Kaylin Briel

    she going through a bad stage of depression.

  • Na'ryiah Ross
    Na'ryiah Ross

    King cid to disrespectful

  • - M o c h i -
    - M o c h i -

    And- and if- and - and if- You stud ering mad hard dummyyyy

  • Steven Dolleris
    Steven Dolleris

    Realized she was the same girl he put in his grade A-F

  • East Africa
    East Africa

    Stop playing wit da social media Or u will end up like her

  • Eric Heyward
    Eric Heyward

    No disrespect but how king cid tryna clown her but she pulls up ina I8?

  • Zay Reactions
    Zay Reactions

    I deal with mental illness be careful u can get hurt playing with somebody who ain’t right in the head feelings lol yah I’m crazy Gang She was having a bipolar moment

  • Kobe Da Goat
    Kobe Da Goat

    All this over some skinny lil boi? Lmao come here baby ill show u wassup why u stressin 🤣

  • Gina Beans
    Gina Beans

    Why are all his friends being messy. It's one crazy girl with her little brother. And I don't hang out with my man with all his friends there. I would have been left if I was King Cid's girlfriend. There are no other females there.

  • Golden Love
    Golden Love

    I hate how he turn up when he friend came around like dude 🙄

  • Pa sumareh
    Pa sumareh

    This is stupid

  • PrinceIbrahiim

    The car ain’t have nun to do with her crazy ahh leave the car out of it 😭

  • Bri’s Essntls
    Bri’s Essntls

    This is so sad.. I hope she gets the help she needs

  • Allison Frederick
    Allison Frederick


  • Allison Frederick
    Allison Frederick

    King Cid is a bitch.i hate guys like dat

  • Breanna Baxtron
    Breanna Baxtron

    Lmaooo she said “people ask me wow how do i talk black? ” i’m deceased rn y’all 😂🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Breanna Baxtron
    Breanna Baxtron

    You can tell he lovin’ that she’s there. He just as crazy... see y’all money won’t always bring happiness for some ! 🤷🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Crystal Russell
    Crystal Russell

    He lame and childish

  • Kennedy Hun
    Kennedy Hun

    Toxic relationships

  • Kennedy Hun
    Kennedy Hun

    King cid stills loves dymond because when he was kissing whoever her name is he was looking at her

  • Kennedy Hun
    Kennedy Hun

    She’s to beautiful for this shit

  • kianie faith
    kianie faith

    Lol these men always happy the first few months of the breakup ..until their life starts falling apart ..they come running back ..when ure over that ...

  • Nun of you Business
    Nun of you Business

    she said "he raped and abuse me" but in yall old videos you agreed to having it so she lied and she going crazy at this point

  • emmanuel joseph
    emmanuel joseph

    These videos are stupid

  • Aesthetic maddie
    Aesthetic maddie

    Ion even care abt this video cs the girl explained why she did it and apologized so yeah...

    • Aesthetic maddie
      Aesthetic maddie

      Melanin Monroe bc I did

    • Melanin Monroe
      Melanin Monroe

      Aesthetic maddie so why click and comment?

  • Old Soul
    Old Soul

    CNN: Covid-19 is Disproportionately affecting blacks. Because Donald Trump is racist Black people: Having a block party for no damn reason.🤣😂💀

  • Dolly Riri
    Dolly Riri

    😂😂😂Dymond stupid af she’s said she want money she said that in creole 😂😂💀


    This girl is sick🤢

  • BabyFleccs

    what is she doing🤦

  • fvgbhnn fghj
    fvgbhnn fghj


  • Aymari Nychell’e Forrest
    Aymari Nychell’e Forrest

    Tbh his gf is annoying she is always tryna get into stuff and go in his fights and arguments not to start any drama

    • Aymari Nychell’e Forrest
      Aymari Nychell’e Forrest

      And get attention

  • Sam Monteiro
    Sam Monteiro

    Shorty tripping she just needs time to heal, i like how she took homies slides after talking about she like walking bare feet lol

  • Kailei Amaya
    Kailei Amaya

    And that’s why you lost cid bitch

  • Meechie 9z
    Meechie 9z

    Ion kno any of these people but this shit is hilarious

  • Cool QQ cars 2
    Cool QQ cars 2


  • Brianne Scott
    Brianne Scott

    Dymond not ugly, she just crazy. She needs help. They both wrong. Dymond wrong for coming to his House and he’s wrong for doing all that

  • Brianne Scott
    Brianne Scott

    We gonna pray for dymond 😂😰💔

  • King Franky
    King Franky

    Bruh she bad asf to be stressing bout shit like this🤕🤕

  • Allehya Summers
    Allehya Summers

    Cid is just a mess, the fact she said that she was hurt and he gon say “that’s not my fault” like he’s butthurt over a prank. What Gio and dymond did was a prank like he mad for what😤🤦🏽‍♀️.

    • MARI H
      MARI H

      he been cheating all along he just trying to justify and acting out out of his own guilt

  • Andrew Madera
    Andrew Madera

    I know someone who talks like this, this is pretty much drug use

  • X23_XanderYT

    Wait what is this video about I forgot

  • The Bronte Family Series
    The Bronte Family Series

    Why would they do that to her I mean the don’t know why she came so they didn’t have to do that

  • Marwa Kouame
    Marwa Kouame

    Bruh dymond changed I ain’t gone lie she never used to act like this but fame can change people damn

  • Sitakele mswati
    Sitakele mswati

    Damn this people be mean asf. This guy clearly loves dymond or else he would not be hyped out about embarrassing her. He would lock the door and stay inside

    • Danyelle Flowers
      Danyelle Flowers

      I agree with you he clearly still got hella feelings for her

  • Sitakele mswati
    Sitakele mswati

    If a guy can treat his ex like that in front of you then trust me your turn is coming too

    • Dez

      This ❗❗

  • Veronica Nowell
    Veronica Nowell

    She crazy


    Diamond is just crazy

  • America Espino
    America Espino

    Bre be acting annoying

  • ezze squade
    ezze squade

    She all up on him to make dymond mad like girl bye stfu

  • Gisselle Lopez
    Gisselle Lopez

    This is so sad.... Poor dymond she's really going thru something

  • Random Adventures
    Random Adventures

    Dymond pulling a Britney Spears lmfao

  • Soul Journey
    Soul Journey

    Ouuu she an Aries too. Lol good luck CID

  • Ninja Speed
    Ninja Speed

    Y'all hating on cid when dymond was the one came to his house and started this mess when she know he got a new girlfriend and he friends was there and she was asked to leave multiple times but still he should have not did her like that but that's kinda what she get if she wanted to talk she could have called they could have met somewhere to have a decent talk but cid did kinda embarrassed her a little to much

    • Kia Brown
      Kia Brown

      She just need help she need loves again but she really hurt

  • Elizbeth_liz

    she need help

  • Derrick Floyd
    Derrick Floyd

    She should’ve never pulled up to his house that’s on her she stepped on his property so guess she get wtf she get

    • Kia Brown
      Kia Brown

      Can't you see she is really hurt

  • kawayne Banton
    kawayne Banton

    Dymond crazy asf

  • Xx_Soulboi_xX

    she said blm and she said cops are good and they cops are killing all african amercians like you sound dum -_- sum cops are good but not all

  • Nasha Everhart
    Nasha Everhart

    Why is he trying to CLOWN her? She CLEARLY has a problem.

  • Cali Codes19
    Cali Codes19

    That bitch is ur devil wow

  • Yesenia Ortiz
    Yesenia Ortiz

    Imagine a female allowing her boyfriend to treat another female that way. If he can do it to her, he can do it to you too baby. Don’t be a dummy.

    • Cocomelon- Nursery Rhymes
      Cocomelon- Nursery Rhymes

      @Tee Shaw thx homie for speaking up for the boys cuz im just saying that when girls cheat is the boys fault like what????

    • Tee Shaw
      Tee Shaw

      majid .k awe ok I see... so it wasn’t directed towards me lmao. Na I’m definitely taking up for Cid and I agree with you 💯. All she had to do was leave, but she pulled up to his house and they acting like he don’t have the right to feel how he feels

    • majid .k
      majid .k

      @Tee Shaw if that was him acting that way u all bishz would say all kinda shi** but since she is women u all gonna stokup and defend her, 2020 bishz are hypocrites.

    • Tee Shaw
      Tee Shaw

      majid .k I don’t get it bruh... was that towards me.

    • majid .k
      majid .k

      Stf up

  • Shawnese Jones
    Shawnese Jones

    But ever since y’all broke up I mean u didn’t have to call her dirty

  • jayleon Starks
    jayleon Starks

    She said he put his hands on her brother like jayson punched her brother but actually jayson put his arm around his shoulder and she lied and said she wasn’t on jaysons property but she was right by his drive way standing 2 inches from his truck

  • Aesthenia

    I don't think it was a good idea to pull up at his house... should have just left it and moved on. She made things harder for herself by embarrassing herself and getting more hurt cuz his girl was there in front of her

  • Yonna Lee
    Yonna Lee

    She just hurt like she said. I feel this could have been handled in a more grown up way not as a joking matter. He shouldn't call her out her name bc they loved eachother at one point of time

  • Antoyia Sears
    Antoyia Sears

    You're mean

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