Tyler, The Creator
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  • wakeupworld216

    ? And the Mysterians

  • DesT

    Everybody gangsta til carti starts speaking enchantment table ↸╎リ⊣ᔑʖ𝙹↸╎∷𝙹 リ𝙹リ⊣ᒷℸ ̣ ⎓⚍ᓵꖌ↸ʖ||リ𝙹

  • Zekaiel

    I love watching old goblin era tyler then watching this, I'm so fucking proud of this guy and I wish him nothing but the best.

  • Dxeath

    For real this timeee... *Shut yo skinny bone having ah boi tight jeans*


    Yooo did carti just speak all of the languages in under a minute?

  • Mordekaix_war

    How the girls sleep:

  • supreme girly
    supreme girly

    even the captions can't understand carti's language.

  • Drippy


  • E-DUB

    only thing wrong is how long the intro is.

  • Charles Terry
    Charles Terry

    Facebook bought me here

  • witchblades stxr
    witchblades stxr

    Tyler, The Creator & Playboi Carti starring in “EARFQUAKE”

  • witchblades stxr
    witchblades stxr


  • SomeSuperSaiyan


  • Miguel Barrios-Sánchez
    Miguel Barrios-Sánchez

    Shit rapper

  • Gamelover882

    Even the auto captions dont understand Carti

  • ReVerSe Sn1p3d
    ReVerSe Sn1p3d

    Everybody: Carti Doesn’t know English Carti: iongivafukbownun

  • Dom Hardy
    Dom Hardy

    Tyler the creator featuring tyler the creator

  • Tilted

    Man, i love me some Taylor, The Technician.

  • max

    whenever i think about this song my first thought is etika reacting to this and saying "don't leave it's my fault" now i'm sad

  • Kiker CS
    Kiker CS

    Everybody Gangsta till Carti starts rapping like a For Honor Viking

  • Demar Mckenzie
    Demar Mckenzie

    tylers knees are gonna save mankind

  • jen su
    jen su

    Soundcloud.com/jensusucks/playboiearf I Redid cartis verse

  • Kazuhira Miller
    Kazuhira Miller

    I love how the auto generated captions just give up when carti's part comes up. 🤣

  • Miguel M
    Miguel M

    hushshshshshsjdjdjdjhaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha'ha ha ha ah ah ah ah ha ha ha ah a m nice

  • Hit-sama

    Everybody gangsta until jah likes my comment Everybody also gansta when Carti speaks cursive.

  • Nick.k.2005

    More than 3/4 of people who like the song are fuckin poser fuck boy

    • no name
      no name

      Nick.k.2005 what’s the other 1/4

  • Trinidy Gaines
    Trinidy Gaines

    1:32 me adjusting the vacuum cleaner cord

  • Alex Rigney
    Alex Rigney

    Carti full on did a remix of the English dictionary

  • Super Omar
    Super Omar

    Play Carti forgot how to speak english?

  • alexis maree ripia haapu
    alexis maree ripia haapu

    I wish I heard this when it came out uhg, atleast I FOUND IT tho!

  • ExpertHarrison Harrison
    ExpertHarrison Harrison

    I can't be the only one who never noticed carti rapping

  • Girl I is A cow
    Girl I is A cow

    LMAO the category is education

  • jikookx

    critiquei tanto essa música agora to viciada vsf tyler

  • Y O.
    Y O.

    0:53 omg that voice 1:43 the heck

  • Pablo Ruiz
    Pablo Ruiz

    Igor is just the right Diglett from Alola Duggtrio but for hipsters

  • Derp McSwager
    Derp McSwager

    😂😭 tyler legs doing gta5 cheat code:⏩⏬🔽⏫⏫▶🔽⏪◀▶◀▶🔽⏪⏬⏬▶⏪⏬⏩🔼⏩⏫⏪

  • surprised.exe

    Carti done said: Ingabodirow Dongivfucbounuh Inlikfuckmeuh Inlacalmylod Lagonsemeuh Bigdonesemeuh Inatalia Inwonattacluh Anhewee Liwovii Ohmygaww Danatoonum

  • miniroseyo


  • Ben Whitehead
    Ben Whitehead

    Can anybody figure out what Tyler picks up off the ground at the end at 4:15

  • scoPE

    Tyler singing: My subtitles:[music]

  • Demonz

    Everybody gangsta until carti starts speaking an alien language

  • Sup Gekyume Baby
    Sup Gekyume Baby

    No one:

  • Rei

    these guys rapped this and it was really cute they went all in

  • Mar D
    Mar D

    true art. true dedication

  • Marcos Escalante
    Marcos Escalante

    Performing in Diego!!!!

  • Ursie Minor
    Ursie Minor

    2:56 💕

  • Hey You
    Hey You

    when carti started speaking hieroglyphics I felt that

  • Desirae Johnson
    Desirae Johnson

    so i guess he has a girlfriend or something like that and he loves her and her doesnt want her to leave even though he knows its his fault he is gay

  • mangi

    if you actually think about it, carti made his own language

  • mangi

    everybody talking about cartis part but everyone ignoring the way tyler says yes, it’s so deep and tells you about his back story 0:53

  • Antiyanna Hall
    Antiyanna Hall

    What’s an earquake!? LMFAOOOOO

  • The Ghost of Stonewall Jackson
    The Ghost of Stonewall Jackson

    Yall just dont get it, Carti speaking in creo

  • Frank Thomas
    Frank Thomas

    Fuck this

  • NoVa_ Alfa
    NoVa_ Alfa

    idgaf that hair is a fucking hamster prove me wrong

  • God 4.
    God 4.

    Proper speaking nibbas when they sing carti's lyrics *_na na naaa naaa,na na na nuh,naa naa naa_*

  • Jordan Curry
    Jordan Curry

    when is the English playboi carti version coming out

  • Skaterboi_

    Nobody: Not even a single soul: Carti:im rapping some random shit.

  • Faisal Mehmood
    Faisal Mehmood

    Everybody gangsta till carti start speaking Minecraft enchantment table

  • 김종혁

    Q. Tyler, How many Special Moves can you make? A. YES.

  • Therealfaceofworld


  • i love you bich
    i love you bich

    No body: Tyler:🚬

  • Infiniti X
    Infiniti X

    no one: not a single soul in the entire universe: Carti: ت ش ي نた は襲 た ت ش و نた私 01100110 01Cᔑ∷ℸ ̣ ╎ ╎ᓭ ᔑ ⎓⚍ᓵꖌ╎リ⊣ ᔑꖎ╎ᒷリ110101 01100011 01101011 00100000 01111001 011Cᔑ∷ℸ ̣ ╎ ╎ᓭ ᔑ ⎓⚍ᓵꖌ╎リ⊣ ᔑꖎ╎ᒷリ01111 01110101 00100000 01101001 0110097 114 101 097 032 053 049 0320110 00100000 01111001 01101111 01110101 00100000 01110011 01100101 01100101 00Cᔑ∷ℸ ̣ ╎ ╎ᓭ ᔑ ⎓⚍ᓵꖌ╎リ⊣ ᔑꖎ╎ᒷリ100000 01110100 01101000 01101001 01110011た و نた و نた و نた و نた

  • Captain Sketcher
    Captain Sketcher

    congratulations on getting this platinum ❤️ what a banger

  • Dennisdennis814 Xd
    Dennisdennis814 Xd

    Eengobodyro ingivfukbutnoh

  • Connor Cox
    Connor Cox

    why was carti not in the fucking video

  • Diante Jones
    Diante Jones

    Whose the one rapping at 3:03

    • Leonardo Mannini
      Leonardo Mannini

      playboi carti

  • nodebem maduafokwa
    nodebem maduafokwa

    I’m impressed they got Tracy Ross on here lmaoo

  • Brodogg 515
    Brodogg 515

    Everybody gansta till cardi starts to sing patchys note to spongebob

  • Lena Aalt
    Lena Aalt

    I checked the real lyrics several times and I still don't know what Carti is actually saying.

  • Aidan kramer
    Aidan kramer

    Shittiest song on earth

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