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Tyler, The Creator

  • Dark Carnage
    Dark Carnage

    Turn on captions, it'll blow your mind. 👀

  • Amaiah Rowan
    Amaiah Rowan

    Nobody : Carti: sounds like adults from charlie brown

  • Hidden_Pain

    Who else is here because you heard this song on the radio.

  • Wira Cakra Nemo Navyanto
    Wira Cakra Nemo Navyanto

    Category is Education?

  • Chris Perez
    Chris Perez

    I love his dance moves in this lol

  • Borderlands808

    don't leave. it's my fart?

  • DreadVill_510

    Somebody tell the fat guy this is creativity

  • avalanwa

    Pure garbage.

  • 5 s
    5 s

    Man , if only he knew the impact hes making on my life right now ❤. This song made my night and I havent felt this happy and fulfilled in a long time.

  • To Pi
    To Pi

    This is the best album I heard this year. As an older hip hop head, this album I feel is gonna change the direction of hip hop no more generic trap shit. It reminds me of when Kanye did 808s and Heartbreak and how it changed the sound of hip hop... This album is gonna change hip hop sound.... a lot of heavy distorted analog synths (Moog's about to make some money) with musical elements lot's of soul. This shit is dope straight from an old head. great job youngster.... keep the music moving forward. I salute you.

  • Dylan Nigga
    Dylan Nigga

    When she asked "what exactly do you do?" And he said "yes" I felt that😔

  • Vyrix_Zmo

    Can we just appreciate that this song is good instead of saying “WhEn cArTi sAiD” because 46k other ppl said that already.

  • Grill Memer
    Grill Memer

    Nobody: Most teenage couples after a break up:

  • Monica Carson
    Monica Carson


  • Noel Rodriguez
    Noel Rodriguez

    i think carti's the only one who knows how to rap in ancient egyptian

  • Sup Famyt
    Sup Famyt

    Me no underwear standard

  • Jett Grist
    Jett Grist

    1:20 song starts ur welcome

  • Sultan Elsady
    Sultan Elsady

    What are you gonna do? YES

  • Metal Rooster
    Metal Rooster

    Category... EDUCATION

  • DJ Flame
    DJ Flame

    “Ain’t got body roll. Don’t give fuck bout nothin. Be like fuck my mama. I might call my lawyer. Lawyer gonna set me up. Bih gonna set me up. Over to Tyler yeah. He white like the car. And she wicky. Like whoa Vicky. Oh my gah. That’s my team. It’s only you. It’s only you” ~Carti

  • Chet Walters Ink Specialist
    Chet Walters Ink Specialist

    When he says for real this time.... you knew it was gonna be a classic album

  • HEllo World
    HEllo World

    Chew toys: exist Carti: I'm bouttए इसे समाप्त करोכל הקריירה

  • russianblins gabut videos
    russianblins gabut videos

    Tylers feet bruh

  • augdog 10
    augdog 10

    I didn't look up autotune

  • No Gamer
    No Gamer

    I mean

  • No Gamer
    No Gamer


  • No Gamer
    No Gamer

    Tyler in a fire passed out and still canceling in the fire 👇 omfg dude

  • Nexter's Lab
    Nexter's Lab

    Bro I love how he scoots to the left like that

  • QihteSZN

    when carti said, "jrjeysgsmanwjehehb+rkei×÷=^#?@)^"÷,[>!%《•¤\◇●₩▪¿\¡nanwjoe I'll r Hwns&×&÷?=&/>." I felt that.

  • Sexy Chizz
    Sexy Chizz

    Playboi carti said *)+🦋

  • Armatige.23

    At 1:39 he grabbed that mic so smoothly

  • Meme sweem
    Meme sweem

    my ex sent me this song while we were dating and it makes me cry every time I hear this song

  • Dandy Donut
    Dandy Donut

    Felt that moment when carti said “schoolio”

  • Luis Lozada
    Luis Lozada

    Un mexicano por acá xd

  • DiamondMan77 !
    DiamondMan77 !

    carti: dongifubono *He speaks the language of gods*

  • Ruben Wilson
    Ruben Wilson

    You poor child ! Tylor why everything you do is always to the glory of hateful things and of the hellfire ? Do you not fear GOD ? Change your ways before it's too late for you. I know that there must be a good part in you behind that scary face of yours . 😔

  • Skittles :3
    Skittles :3


  • Lars Of the stars
    Lars Of the stars

    Taller looks like outkast just with blonde hair

  • Feetiscool

    Carti rapping in retard

  • Justin Ramitez
    Justin Ramitez

    Playboi speaks in cursive

  • xPdan

    Carti can read the Minecraft Enchanting Table Writing😂😂😂

  • Ashley Mayfield
    Ashley Mayfield

    Me and the boys

  • Exhibitor

    2:55 start of rap You're welcome


    Angel: What language will Carti speak? God: Yes

  • Luis Lozada
    Luis Lozada


  • Ruben Wilson
    Ruben Wilson

    Tyler look like he use to buy liquor from the liquor store at the age of 7 years old.

  • Bruh

    Carti out here just talking cursive

  • Rajang kun
    Rajang kun

    I don't get why people say the lyrics are confusing, I mean, it sounds like average pop rap but with rythm and appeal.

  • Dr eliahhh
    Dr eliahhh

    Card: EXISTS dictionary: AM I A FUCKING JOKE TO YOU?

  • Dr eliahhh
    Dr eliahhh

    Everyone gangster until cardi starts speaking IKEA FURNITURE

  • Mr. Meme Gød
    Mr. Meme Gød

    This man sings in Latin

  • Ellie Ayer
    Ellie Ayer

    English language: Carti: I’m boutta end this mans whole career

  • xd Permafrøst
    xd Permafrøst

    2:55 I’m expecting at least one like

  • Mikiase Kebede
    Mikiase Kebede

    We as a species were not prepared for Cartis verse

  • Gucci Burqa
    Gucci Burqa

    How much lapis do i need to use carti's enchantment table?

  • PotatoDuck

    This song was so sad... Carti hit me right in the feels🙏

  • Vox Carter
    Vox Carter

    Karma police Arrest this man He talks in maths.

  • JadaT 99
    JadaT 99

    Okay he’s fine asf idc about his sexuality

  • Rhonda Pates
    Rhonda Pates


  • RobinWave


  • tripleB 23
    tripleB 23

    Carti out here talking in Wingdings

  • DWL

    Scientists: it is scientifically impossible for someone to create a new language in on day Carti: *hold my english*

  • Chaxnnel _vu
    Chaxnnel _vu

    I felt the luscious hair 🤡

  • Howto Gitgud
    Howto Gitgud

    *Fire happens* lady: am I the only fucking one. Who notices the fire? Everyone else: Don’t leeeeeeaaaaavvveeeee Fuckanunayshewickeduejneehfygdgcsf Don’t lintdundundun I neeeeeeee

  • Daevon Braxton
    Daevon Braxton


  • Brack 86
    Brack 86

    Crazy on how this sounds like boys who cry from spongebob

  • Even Ten
    Even Ten

    EryyyyyyyfyyyyBob S rV=%$&&*+&%&(Drydenreeeesssrrr

  • slender origins
    slender origins

    At 2:57 I thought this was X singing cause of the style of the rap

  • no u
    no u

    why are there no comments talking about how great the song is?? all jokes set aside, this is an amazing song and people need to appreciate it and not watch it just to hear carti's part.

  • Abram Manuel
    Abram Manuel

    Carti raps in cursive

  • Sean L
    Sean L

    I swear the end is the best when he sings dont leave its my fault in his regular voice

  • Follower Of Big Chungus
    Follower Of Big Chungus

    What is it that you do? Yes

  • Goulet pens
    Goulet pens

    When carti started rapping in enchantment table my furniture started to levitate

  • potato kinishes
    potato kinishes


  • jay funny
    jay funny

    2:53 o this just in we get reports of ancient researchers recently found ancient hieroglyphs from ancient egyptian king tutcarti

  • GamingJose

    tf happened to ur teeth

  • Sam Castille
    Sam Castille

    This song is fire

  • Kieran Tew
    Kieran Tew

    0:11 me introducing myself for a class presentation

  • Mike Mercury
    Mike Mercury

    Every one saying Carti in the comments. Who or what is Carti ?

  • YBN Eli
    YBN Eli

    Carti verse transition We ain't gotta ball, D.Rose, huh Don't give a fuck 'bout nun', huh Beamin' like fuck my lungs, huh Just might call my lawyer, huh Plug gon' set me up, huh Bih, don't set me up, fuck that I'm with Tyler, yuh (slime) He ride like the car, huh And she wicked, huh, yuh Like Woah Vicky, huh, yeah (like Woah Vicky) Oh my God, hold up, um These diamonds not Tiffany, huh, yeah So in love So in love

  • FliiKiite The Evil Vlien
    FliiKiite The Evil Vlien

    Keep ya music Carty via A.R.T.De.Insyg"ii

  • Dylbob Weirdass
    Dylbob Weirdass

    Cardi be speakin enchantment table

  • FliiKiite The Evil Vlien
    FliiKiite The Evil Vlien

    Nahhhhh he trynns be X fucked Dat shit

  • I like Bleach
    I like Bleach

    My cousins are running around saying " you make my ass quake"

  • parker stock
    parker stock

    This dude is the new Michael Jaxon

  • Raisin

    Notice how the set was taken over by fire once Carti's verse came in bc he only spits fire

  • Stephen

    imwifTylur SLIME

  • Memelord

    Bruh why does pearl look like scottie pippen a little bit lmao

  • Tribal Warrior
    Tribal Warrior

    So this is an actual song. I thought it was a meme

  • Dexter Bailey
    Dexter Bailey

    Her: what’s your address? I’ll pick you up. I: Yes

  • lil skittle
    lil skittle

    I might be a dumbass but when in the hell does carti even sing in this song .

  • Ben Ledoux
    Ben Ledoux

    bruh everybodies gangsta til carti learns to rap in braille

  • Um hi -
    Um hi -

    I love that when in the Summer of October on Christmas, It was the year it was my birthday but my dad looked at my ankle and I got so mad since I was deaf:(

  • jameo

    nobody: literally no one: carti: *raps in roman numerals*


    I love the part where card I goes "@$/$:!$:$/!)276272727483$3" it's so relatable

  • Starraxh is cool
    Starraxh is cool

    yall know its bout go down when the piano lowers.

  • XSKY

    Turn on captions. You can’t right? Know why? *He speaks in 4th dimensional*

  • Joshua Evans
    Joshua Evans

    Young part 2😂😂

  • your jefe
    your jefe

    I just barely noticed the title is EARFQUAKE NOT EARTHQUAKE ...

  • Zetx -
    Zetx -

    1 is random comments 99% are carti comments

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