EATING All The WEIRD Cereals of 2019 | TASTE TEST | Alonzo Lerone
Alonzo Lerone
Official “EATING All The WEIRD Cereals of 2019” video by Alonzo Lerone.
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Welcome to the official IT-my channel of comedian/entertainer Alonzo Lerone. Looking for comedy, or just a good laugh? You’re in luck! On this channel, you’ll find a variety of fail compilations showcasing the internet’s funniest and dumbest fails curated by Alonzo Lerone from Twitter, Facebook, advertisements, and much more.

  • its baby keira
    its baby keira

    this video just turned in to a asmr but the person is too talkative xd

  • CupcakeᄎᄎPastel

    What do you mean? I loved that drumstick cereal. Imma head to the store now 🤣

  • 2DavisDogs Berkeley&Harper
    2DavisDogs Berkeley&Harper


  • Lazarus Gonzales
    Lazarus Gonzales

    #lactoseintolerant squad at👍

  • Kyleigh Norton
    Kyleigh Norton

    I love Froot Loops but I can’t eat them the dye they use doesn’t agree with me and triggers an ibs attack

  • LexJade25

    Alonzo you're making a damn mess 😂

  • Amelia Dolan
    Amelia Dolan

    I was drinking milk as he was tryna open the unicorn cereal one. Omfg I made a mess as I was laughing MY ASS OFF

  • Madason Marie Tuggle
    Madason Marie Tuggle

    To all the people who voted for the microphone, your mom's a hoe🙄

  • Sean Henderson
    Sean Henderson

    can you eat cereal like a normal person my 5-year-old eats neater than you and he even says you're a mess eat like a grown-up you don't need to make a mess like you're an immature child you don't need to use a big plastic spoon and make a mess all over your counter? Before you started from what I could tell you have a neat house before you mess it up pretending to be some immature 5 years old with no proper home training your videos are dumb and stupid

  • Alicia Collins
    Alicia Collins

    Your spoon is to big

  • Michiah Walker
    Michiah Walker

    You have to eat the sour patch cereal with Mountain Dew it taste better

  • Naomi

    Its cereal first then milkkkkk

  • akira's World
    akira's World

    Is this just me or did anybody else laugh after he ate the crave cereal 😂😂😂🤣

  • Shawn Cuellar
    Shawn Cuellar

    All them cereals bout crunchy asf

  • ʚɨɵɾ ɰɑʅʞɛɾ
    ʚɨɵɾ ɰɑʅʞɛɾ

    When he popped open that unicorn cereal... I’m deceased...

  • Dasia

    when he thought cash ate the cereal and yeeted him, funniest shit I seen all week😂😂I should not have laughed so hard

  • MGC Tha King
    MGC Tha King

    Y’all see him pour the milk on the cereal and then the milk first.... you can’t be on both sides mane, you gotta choose the right side my dawg... some mo bullshit

  • Paisley Hamrick
    Paisley Hamrick

    He straight up put the milk before the cereal

  • Cameron Hc
    Cameron Hc

    Why that spoon though!?!?!?!?! He poured the milk first... All faith has been lost in him 🥺 Makes 1 mess... Stops caring and makes a new mess per bowl 8:48-8:54 😂😭😂😭😂😭😂😭😂😭

  • Hailey Tyner
    Hailey Tyner

    DID HE JUST… PuT THe MiLK bE4 tHe CeREaL


    Uh fucking pig dude eatting like he homeless sad

  • Kyanna Schubert
    Kyanna Schubert


  • Jason Rutkoski
    Jason Rutkoski

    Is this asmr?

  • Pure MoMo
    Pure MoMo

    Why so goddam messy dog your a 20-30 year old man acting like a child my god it’s actually soo annoying

  • Jimmy Morales
    Jimmy Morales

    My OCD acts up everytime I watch one of your food videos

  • BALMAIN Certified
    BALMAIN Certified

    I swear them Kellogg’s bags be sealed to withstand A nuclear blast

  • Tiana Crowe
    Tiana Crowe

    This guy makes me laugh😂. Who else😕

  • Sophia The Midget
    Sophia The Midget

    “That thing was so good my left eye was twitching”

  • Thina Playz
    Thina Playz

    I have never seen a dog tip toe before this videeeoooo😂😂😂😂😂

  • Swisscheese16 Wyles 2
    Swisscheese16 Wyles 2

    Is this an ASMR video?

  • Kyle Flounder
    Kyle Flounder

    Wait a second, *A nutty buddy is the same thing as a Drumstick?!*

  • Jazmine Nicole
    Jazmine Nicole


  • Hayley Pittman
    Hayley Pittman

    sour patch kids cereal should only be eaten without milk tbh

  • Michael McAllister
    Michael McAllister

    Should have tried the Oreo cereal. XD

  • Rianna Peebles
    Rianna Peebles

    I have the cotton candy captain crunch and its been sitting in my cabinet. It’s gross🤮

  • Tessa Hamann
    Tessa Hamann

    Why do the sour patch kids candy cereal look like dicks

  • Jenny :D
    Jenny :D

    Who else is a weird one that puts in the milk first

  • Shaunee Kayee
    Shaunee Kayee


  • Davis Seldomridge
    Davis Seldomridge

    I closed out of the vid at 4:19

  • Eh-doh’s World
    Eh-doh’s World

    10:35 chchchchchckkkkkkaaaahhhh

  • Christine Soumwei
    Christine Soumwei

    I love all of ur vid and subscribe to ur channel

  • Erica Nance
    Erica Nance

    He poured the milk before the cereal... I can’t even begin to express the sheer amount of disappointment I am feeling right now.🙅🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

    • shmol kc
      shmol kc

      Erica Nance I'm REALLY disappointed

  • Velvet Mainwood
    Velvet Mainwood

    Why you using a big spoon lol 😆

  • Velvet Mainwood
    Velvet Mainwood

    There's oreo cereal too

  • jethawk1172

    I bust out laughing at 8:50 when he opened the cereal🤣

  • Patricia Harris
    Patricia Harris

    I would like for you to do a video of the clean up after the mess you made.

  • Dooby Rhome
    Dooby Rhome

    why do you keep putting the milk in the bowl before the cereal....!?!?!?

  • Kezban Yildirim
    Kezban Yildirim

    Hoooollddd uppp FIRST cereal AND THEN the milk buddy

  • Tychelle Foreman
    Tychelle Foreman

    Before he ate that krave it's like he took his last couple of breath as if the the cereal was deadly ( CEREAL KILLER).

  • kevin mentor
    kevin mentor

    Hey... stop eating cereal for breakfast... too much sugar...

  • V's Victory
    V's Victory

    ....I just had a vibrator ad......anyone else ...... Edit: since when does IT-my put adult ads?...

    • V's Victory
      V's Victory

      @ellohareeye4 huh intresting lol hi btw

    • ellohareeye4

      No?? Lately for some of his videos I'm getting a gun holster video.

  • V's Victory
    V's Victory

    I had the unicorn one it tasted....normal But I want to try the sour patch but j will get based on your review lol cus I dont wanna risk it Edit: 10:13 😂 I hope u really didnt choke

  • Life Xplorer
    Life Xplorer

    This video popped up after I posted my S'mores Cereal review....and I put the cereal in THEN the milk

  • Nicholas Thorp
    Nicholas Thorp

    im feeling so many mixed emotions right now

  • Hassan Nassier
    Hassan Nassier

    Wait did he just pour the milk first!!??🤨, 4:20

  • JJ Parker
    JJ Parker

    Not even lactose intolerant but lactate is really good milk.

  • Tippycat

    I can't imagine how the roof of his mouth must feel after that.

  • TheRealMBandss


  • Pressley Martinez
    Pressley Martinez

    the sour patch kids only taste better when they’re dry

  • Jonita Johnson
    Jonita Johnson

    You couldn't find a regular sized spoon, Alonzo?

  • J 11
    J 11

    11:56 I CANT 😂 ur face 😂😂😂😂😭

  • Sincerely _.K
    Sincerely _.K

    This man is so funny 😂

  • alaire racaza
    alaire racaza

    Stop wasting food...

  • Gacha Craft2004
    Gacha Craft2004

    I want breakfast now 🤤

  • Mariah Mailo
    Mariah Mailo

    My brothers love the crave cereal but it’s disgusting 🤢🤢


    I have the birthday cake one but im scared to eat it

  • Michael Lopez
    Michael Lopez

    “I don’t want to make a mess” 5:33 shakes bag like a maniac

  • Elizabeth Guerrero
    Elizabeth Guerrero

    i've been in this world looking for the most sour-est thing i could try war-heads didn't work you guys try to recommend something to me for my hollow soul and surely that cereal of sour patch kids not gonna work for me

  • Kendra Sanders
    Kendra Sanders

    I like yourv videos ....but u are too messy with some of them.

  • Amanda Evenson
    Amanda Evenson

    Hasn’t krave been out forever?

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