Egor Grushin - Ritorno [Full Album]
Years Of Silence
Genre : Neoclassical
Country : Ukraine
Released : November 20, 2018
Bandcamp :
Tracklist :
1 - 00:00 - Chronos
2 - 07:03 - Run (feat. Endless Melancholy)
3 - 10:18 - Chimeras (feat. Endless Melancholy)
4 - 14:48 - Harmony
5 - 19:50 - Rise
6 - 24:04 - Ritorno
As CHRONOS keeps turning the Zodiac Wheel (поки Хронос крутить колесо часу…)
We RUN to live and alter (ми спішимо жити та змінюватися)
Leave our CHIMERAS behind (залишити свої химери)
Feel the HARMONY of the universe (відчути гармонію всесвіту)
RISE up from the shadows of the past to the future light (вийти із тіні минулого назустріч світлу)
RITORNO - inizio del nuovo viaggio (Повернення - початок нової подорожі)

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  • Maria S.
    Maria S.

    Radiante , muy bello !

  • Альберт Кудряшов
    Альберт Кудряшов


  • Viktoriya Goncharenko
    Viktoriya Goncharenko

    больше всего понравилась Run

  • Bards of Antiquity
    Bards of Antiquity

    An absolutely beautiful work of art, masterfully done. It had me from the first few notes.

  • ZedhaMusik

    Hello! How can I get in contact with you?

  • Сергій Поляруш
    Сергій Поляруш

    неперевершено, душа птахом злітає

  • Florin TABIRTA
    Florin TABIRTA

    Foarte fain, superb.

  • Ignacio Varas
    Ignacio Varas

    Transportado a dimensiones celestes~

  • Leerer Kanal
    Leerer Kanal

  • Eric Kovinko
    Eric Kovinko

    Кто же дизлайкнул?

  • Світлана Урум
    Світлана Урум

    I can listen it for hours. Great work!

  • Maria Evora
    Maria Evora

    Too great!

  • Melody

    Why doesn't this have more likes and views? Just beautiful!

  • oploaieusoaradevara

    I have a feeling that the first song , @Chronos@ is very similar with something by Abel Korzeniowski

  • CobaltLobo

    absolutely stunning. caught me as soon as the first note played

  • Robert White
    Robert White

    The love of my life is soon being forced to move far away from me to somewhere I can't go, and I'll probably never see her again. The thought of never seeing her again pains me so much and makes my heart hurt. This music matches my mood very well.

    • Melody

      This music is actually pretty happy and positive. Like a rebirth.

    • CobaltLobo

      music has a magical way of expressing emotions and feelings that very few words ever could

    • Miriam Peña
      Miriam Peña

      Hey mate ( i,m a man using my wife's account...), it's a long path in terms of suffering and the devastating sense of loss but you know that you have to deal with that and sooner or later you'll be ok again. Many years ago, when obviously were younger i got married and that love didn't last as much as i thought that should be, and got separated, and loss the fruit, two sons, he and she.... And devastated by a never ending anguish i dealt with that and walked again. It took me a few years of solitude in terms of a new relationship but this is it. Suffer and cry as long as you need to do a catharsis but keep it sure you'll be ok again . Start to say goodbye...let it go.. Accept, learn, grow.... Wish you the best, cheers from a surely far land from yours.

  • With All Your Light
    With All Your Light

    Truly wonderful and original work.

  • GolemRot


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