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The 2021 Tesla Cybertruck is a massive truck with sports car performance! Watch as Jay Leno and SpaceX founder and CEO Elon Musk take this new car for a spin. Then, you can catch this episode on demand now! Then tune in next week to Jay Leno's Garage, Wednesday 10P ET on CNBC!
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  • Sub Er
    Sub Er

    If anything it's the size of the truck that needs improving.

  • Jonathan Legg
    Jonathan Legg


  • Emma

    Can Zombies get in this truck? Can it protect me from Zombies?

  • Nathaniel Aurelio Devano Ravindra
    Nathaniel Aurelio Devano Ravindra

    Wait where's it's rear view mirror?

  • Sami k
    Sami k

    This is funny how he is not wearing his seat belt

  • YoloSwagger1234

    Imagine the top of the truck just breaks when he walked on top of it lol

  • Mr DJR
    Mr DJR

    “First time ever!” Lucky all the cameras were set up.

  • Ash Anarchy
    Ash Anarchy

    They joke about apocalypse tecknology but he knows is coming and wants protection from the mobs in his bullet proof car.

  • Raul Martinez
    Raul Martinez

    You poeple....he is one of those guys.

  • Art Lover
    Art Lover

    If it's so 'cyber' modern how come they're wearing leather jackets should it be like to foil looking jackets or something.

  • Art Lover
    Art Lover

    Won't be permitted into production, hotcar situations, accidents, first responders can't access it, Jaws of life? What happends when it has an erlecyrical fire which it will with no power to the door handles and unbreakable windows? This guy thinks Skynet is worse than global warming and nuclear weapons. What if a forien army buys thousands and no ifiess them with missile launchers, is it more tactical than a Hummer for a tenth of the price?

  • SeignorVendetta

    comment il a démarrer elon musk je veux dire le tout début comment a il commencer car y a toujours un moment ou on a pas d'argent et qu'on commence a monter quelque chose donc vraiment comment a il fait du tout début ?


    I admire Elon Musk and Tesla for going against the most stubborn industry of the planet and winning. But this car looks like a "modern" Pontiac Aztek.

  • Erick Cisneros
    Erick Cisneros

    I can’t get over how much stuff that I was done in his life

  • Rocky Maher
    Rocky Maher

    How could you not love Elon Musk

  • 7xADAAAllstar PatchesO'Houlihan
    7xADAAAllstar PatchesO'Houlihan

    Trucks are work tools. Until theres a 3/4ton, full size cybertruck, that your shops mechanic can work on, companies will go to ford, chevy, dodge.

  • rob noble
    rob noble

    I could make something sexier in my shop. This looks like the work of a 3rd year sheetmetal apprentice work. Musk is smart though. Build garbage and make billions. And you dumbasses are buying it.

  • Kimlinna Huynh
    Kimlinna Huynh

    Who noticed the Tesla cybertruck doesn't have side mirrors

  • Måns

    What's the point of that tunnel?

  • 安jacky


  • Pdlifeisgood

    Fun to see the behavior when an older big dog meet a younger bigger dog.

  • The Free Thinker
    The Free Thinker

    Elon makes the dreamy kid in each of us alive!

  • Musical Movement
    Musical Movement

    dope! it-my.com/watchvideo/video-g5sG8wHRZaQ.html

  • decentradical

    One month later it started to get increasingly more obvious why you want your vehicle to be bullet-proof.

  • Michael King
    Michael King

    I would never buy one

  • bwayne.

    Cybertrucks are so high-tech, that even the seatbelts are digital 3:14

  • Ethan Gomes
    Ethan Gomes

    Well I own this car already In roblox jailbreak.

  • Sydney Cohen
    Sydney Cohen

    the code of the elevator is a basic 1234 at 5:31

  • No Name
    No Name

    Jay : i hope the next 12 years are as good as the last Elon : gonna be living in ma rs with a super AI and permanent brain cell, stem cell regeneration chip on his brain


    Man who lives life

  • Stojance Trajkov
    Stojance Trajkov

    be carful you can cut your fingers

  • Count Dracula
    Count Dracula

    Side mirror: am i a joke to you?

  • quincy hutchison
    quincy hutchison

    i really just can't get behind this design,arrrgggh,makes me wanna buy one when its out and just take hammer or something to it to change its look.

  • Romnys Gonzalez
    Romnys Gonzalez

    I don't know men. The more i look at the cybertruck the more i like the design. Maybe on a different color with another steering wheel.

  • faseeh riaz
    faseeh riaz

    why does elon musk look like malcom merlyn from green arrow

  • zero15388

    imagine driving round in that beast!

  • Semih Altıntepe
    Semih Altıntepe

    Wut? Where is the mirrors

  • Nagani

    Mirrors are the hardest thing to fix

  • Cooking with Yarda
    Cooking with Yarda

    Looks like from the original Total Recall movie ;-)

  • Фредди копает с xp Deus
    Фредди копает с xp Deus

    Илон Маск КРУТ

  • Mesharyhd

    3 of them wearing black on black ???

  • Massimo Ricciardi
    Massimo Ricciardi


  • enCODed3

    Downsize it a bit more... and make it a car version... YOU WILL HAVE MY MONEY!

  • SuperSix Delta
    SuperSix Delta

    It's awful. Just a horrid looking thing.

  • YTOnceAgain

    Franz von Holzhausen... now if this isn't a name for a general of the dark side, I don't know. Musk sells you the goods that you need to survive _his_ apocalypse.

  • stem ster
    stem ster

    When the apocalypse comes ,cheers for that

  • MiTzY

    Elon musk president 2020-2024

  • Ingemar Oskar
    Ingemar Oskar

    Ugliest truck ever. Looks kinda cool standing still, but in motion it's a joke

  • El wittinio
    El wittinio

    Designed by homer Simpson .

  • Anand k
    Anand k

    Alltime worst look

  • Kasaundra Robinson
    Kasaundra Robinson

    sweet but psycho

  • H MM
    H MM

    can we have some more Jay leno with this make up

  • willie dukes
    willie dukes

    Elon definitely deposited something for this promo, jay leno over it

  • Joe Smith
    Joe Smith

    That's not the new tesla ridgline.

  • Ace

    And so the Apocalypse begins

  • narpan123

    16M view in 1 month. Seems there is lot of interest in cybertruck.

  • David Domino
    David Domino

    what is when it rains?

  • Benjamin Forsell
    Benjamin Forsell

    Elon in 20 years during apocalypse: *Riding around in bullet proof futuristic cyber truck in his steel reinforced concrete underground tunnel while wielding flamethrowers*

  • Rogers Gaming Channel
    Rogers Gaming Channel

    the thumbnail of this video looks like gta online

  • fusger Snabble
    fusger Snabble

    Lets be real this is not a truck - Elon reinvented the hatch back....right - yes its a hatch back

  • Andrew Silva
    Andrew Silva

    What was it that he threw at it and it actually shattererd the drivers side window, maybe it didnt shatter but it left a pretty good sized hole....

  • Matteo Prezioso
    Matteo Prezioso

    Ugly is ugly. They should have let Giugiaro make a prototype. However, I hope it'll be successful.

  • Technimechanical

    so im not surprised that jay leno at his twilight years age is driving OVER the line... LIKE WTF DUDE....

  • Fabricio Fercher
    Fabricio Fercher

    All show, no technical details!

  • mesa620

    Musk should have hot boxed it....

  • darel igambas
    darel igambas

    The car of mars

  • Danys Perez-Carrillo
    Danys Perez-Carrillo

    Might as we'll put a pair of fuzzy dice in the tail pipe. That Tesla truck is pure upscale trash. Stick to a Chuck Norris 79 Bronco or 78 Chevy, now thats a truck.

  • AnfoFlash

    Call me mad, but this truck looks awesome.

  • M G
    M G

    tupac would still be alive if he drove one of these thats why!

  • Andrew Hakman
    Andrew Hakman

    5:30 The code for the elevator is 1-2-3-4? Haha. Is Elon's password "password" too?

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