Elon Musk REVEALS Tesla's new battery design! (Full presentation)
CNET Highlights
Elon Musk and SVP Drew Baglino talk about their new long-range, more effective battery design for all upcoming Tesla cars.

  • HEARTMAS Co., Ltd. 하트마스
    HEARTMAS Co., Ltd. 하트마스

    anode- free battery

  • Aang the last airbender
    Aang the last airbender

    Elon is scent marking his territory in the battery industry and just put out his mating call to lure in all the potential global investors.

  • Litvinenko Alexander
    Litvinenko Alexander

    Muck: "electron should travel a shorter distance? " electron velocity is 2,200 kilometers per second...

  • Creamapera

    How about revealing Tesla's free energy device....


    Soon as Elon stops being awkward we now He's upgraded

  • leo freddie
    leo freddie

    Life is too short to be working for someone else's dreams. You need to own your life, be your own billionaire. It takes hard work and consistency.

    • Julian Vanscoyk
      Julian Vanscoyk

      leo freddie You are absolutely right. If you love your children, don’t get a job, get an investment.

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      Giovanni Roberto

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      Anna Alessandro

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  • Anomalous Viewer
    Anomalous Viewer

    5 X energy, 6 X power however only 16% increase in range? If there is anyone in the comment section that works in a technical/design postion within the battery industry could you forward links on studies down on batteries as it appears the numbers don't add up.

  • humbllbug

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  • Nedd Flanders
    Nedd Flanders

    "We, we, we". You mean, the actual scientists, not "we". Musk isn't an engineer

  • Вова Артюхов
    Вова Артюхов

    city girls act up

  • Mick Leigh
    Mick Leigh

    Looks A lot like the Sun

  • Charles

    There is a reason why they haven't done it before lol

  • Leanflare

    Is this for cars or for the solar batteries.

  • Kata Seiko
    Kata Seiko

    The important question is - can I get a few of those batteries for other projects?

  • Maxim Kaiser
    Maxim Kaiser

    This sounds like Interdimensional Cable...

  • Seth Sacks
    Seth Sacks

    Secret source are the little green men

  • Henning Pedersen
    Henning Pedersen

    Elon's mouth is strugling to cope with his brain

  • PC RPG Community / Cycling in the UK with HeyJoe
    PC RPG Community / Cycling in the UK with HeyJoe

    Now I just wish they could make some proper batteries for smart phones too. I remember my good old Nokia mobile was able to work for almost a full week without recharging at all. Now we have smart phones with so many great features but can be dead within a day easily.

  • MrBiosh0ck

    So where's an explanation on what a tab is?

  • Shift

    5x energy & 6x power only +16% range, how come ? isn't 5x energy means 500% range

  • Nickelodeon

    Forget batteries, Cars can run on water case closed

  • Alpa Cino
    Alpa Cino

    Meh... 8x volume of 1850 but only 5x energy. Do better.

  • Nevir202

    I’ve been reading too much fantasy, the first half dozen times I heard “Tablus design” and was wondering what kinda a name that was lol.


    I cant wait to buy a kit or salvage a system from a Tesla for my Project Car.

  • jkayy

    That was the most awkward nerdiest thing I've heard... I NEED MORE

  • Bobby Pham
    Bobby Pham

    Man that guy really has to pee

  • NeHoMaR G.
    NeHoMaR G.

    Geniuses can't talk.

  • Jesse Garcia
    Jesse Garcia

    What will happen in a crash dummy test with the new battery

  • Surviver

    Tesla, the next elite status group. Not necessarily a bad thing.

  • Special_j

    ...skynet is still a thing

  • petrorabbit

    nerds are horrible speakers

  • tzuten

    The dude never had this much speaking 10 yrs ago..

  • Costa Mokola
    Costa Mokola

    I love bacon

  • Pen Pal
    Pen Pal

    Need to wait and see if it gives the increased performance as promised. Looks good though.

  • Sonny

    When exactly does he start recycling the billions of cells he's already put out into the world? Without recycling those cells his electric cars are far more volatile for the earth than gas. Worlds greatest hoax. Clean electric.

  • The Bieliks
    The Bieliks

    Guy on the left needs to go to the bathroom...

  • Cody Sheridan
    Cody Sheridan

    Were those Tesla vehicles just applauding?

  • Thomas Olson
    Thomas Olson

    16% increase in range? Yet 5 times more energy. And you're all circle jerking each other. You're all a bunch of idiots.

  • ala bader
    ala bader

    Is that a copper pizza for EV ? cheese.

  • Cameron Yergeau
    Cameron Yergeau

    Billions of dollars of R&D and they probably spent 3 grand on that production 😂

  • Wayne Filkins
    Wayne Filkins

    Anyone know if I can get my hands on a few of these batteries somehow?

  • Wayne Filkins
    Wayne Filkins

    Good power to weight ratio is good for something else ...like flying *cough iron man suit cough*

  • G7130

    People miss that Tesla is a battery technology company that uses cars to show their capabilities.

  • Mechatronics Stuff
    Mechatronics Stuff

    The copper foils rolled inside the battery is ultimately sick as the battery cross section presented is very detailed to look at. 💛

  • D

    Amazing man alive with us

  • Zimmy McFlimmy
    Zimmy McFlimmy

    Still waiting on that hyperloop

  • Luca Capelli
    Luca Capelli

    Old technology baby. Epic fail.

    • MICKSS350

      @Luca Capelli Fine, then show me a link or proof if it`s old tech. You`re the one making the claim, not me! Put up or shut up!

    • Luca Capelli
      Luca Capelli

      @MICKSS350 do Your homework kid

    • MICKSS350

      And just when and how was this "old technology" used? Example date and application for this "old technology".

  • YouCantSeeMeENT

    They should make a ebike battery definitely will be competitor to Panasonic

  • Daniel Jackson
    Daniel Jackson

    please make one for my flashlight!

  • deeeeeerp

    Never realized how terrible of a public speaker Elon musk is.

  • Leafleap

    I can almost hear how furiously the Chinese are scribbling notes in the background so that they can copy an inferior version of this.

  • Anthony Ortega
    Anthony Ortega

    2020, the year where we honk instead of clap. Sad.

  • Master Blaster
    Master Blaster

    Wait till you see a quantum battery.

  • Logan Cormier
    Logan Cormier

    5x energy, 16% range, 6x power. What did they mean by any of that? 5x energy, since it's a larger cell? 16% greater range... when using the same total capacity, or do they mean by weight? 6x power... by capacity, or weight? So this is just a more efficient battery, very very cool - but is the power to capacity ratio better, or is it the power to weight? Is the capacity to weight any better? Is the manufacturing simple enough to economically compete with 18650 formats, or will this be a performance cell? They left out pretty crucial figures.

  • charlie orosz
    charlie orosz

    Someone is attempting to re-invent electricity? We will see.....

  • Kurtis Mitchell
    Kurtis Mitchell

    Weirdo trans-humanist...

  • Ankur Tiwary
    Ankur Tiwary

    Elon Musk will be the first Trillionaire....Mark my words!

  • Dr. A'abed
    Dr. A'abed

    Tesla just use the Capacitors.

  • Ben Silva
    Ben Silva

    It's always hilarious watching these capitalists stroke their egos whenever they discover something that was already discovered two decades ago in some national laboratory

    • Ben Silva
      Ben Silva

      You know, nanocapacitors would be an actual breakthrough, also already discovered by national lab teams

  • Proteus Augustus
    Proteus Augustus

    now make a hull like that

  • Cory Δ Ryse
    Cory Δ Ryse

    Is the mic even on? WTF

  • Sewan & Sawen Creations
    Sewan & Sawen Creations

    Elon does great things, but who's his Healthcare team? He needs a fitness instructor that can motivate him...we need elon to stay healthy...and whats that class? Obesity is the number one cause of heart disease. I struggle too ...and ended up at a weight watchers meeting at a church one day on accident...maybe it wasn't an accident...I wasn't needing the class, just the reminder of where I'd end up if I didn't schedule some sort of action into my daily routines so I didn't ruin my health

  • lostintime86


  • Jonathan Tanner
    Jonathan Tanner

    Why are you just reposting the video available from the Tesla channel?

  • Amaar Kirat
    Amaar Kirat

    Damnnnn So some of the new Teslarii that are coming will be actually pulling some unheard of performance and range numbers. The upcoming Cybertruck, Model S Plaid, and Roadster 2.0 are all insane. But those promised specs aren't even using this new tech. So we're virtually gonna get really batsh!t crazy stuff!!!!!

  • H ALO
    H ALO

    so its 5 times power and 6 times energy compared to what? 18650? its has 8 times more volume than 18650 and 6 times more than 2170 cell...

  • Greger Holmes
    Greger Holmes

    My ex will be thrilled when these come out in AA size

    • Greger Holmes
      Greger Holmes

      ManDudeYeah What? Your sick. Just sick. She reads in bed and uses a book light that’s always dead. Go to church dude

    • ManDudeYeah

      I'm guessing that's a vibrator joke?

  • romancandlefight

    Doesn't really matter if they keep the design under wraps - the first one out of the factory will be taken apart by Chinese / other copycats and reverse engineered.

  • GM Group 369
    GM Group 369

    🤣🤯👹☠666 Elon Musk Is Fake Rothschild 🐑 & Champion 369 Free Energy Ether Nikola Tesla Automobile 🎛📡🔋2022 🔊

  • Nick Huynh
    Nick Huynh

    But if you get into a car accident to you explode 5X more?

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