Eminem at a job interview
Lil Windex
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  • Lil Windex
    Lil Windex

    NOTIFICATION SQUAD WHERE YALL AT?! 💯 Which part was YOUR favourite? And what should Em do next? 😂🙏🏻

    • JAYtheMaker

      Em getting pulled over

    • S. Smith
      S. Smith


    • Scottland Mckinnon
      Scottland Mckinnon

      Your the best dude!😂😂😂

    • Aakash Verma
      Aakash Verma

      Eminem around English professors

    • Brett Stalling
      Brett Stalling

      The Kelly PTSD killed me

  • Hugh Mongus
    Hugh Mongus

    I sold the most rap albums In history, why couldn't I sell insurance. He's got a point lmfao

  • DJ LawLess
    DJ LawLess

    I had to watch it twice to see Kelly walk in again

  • Lucious A.
    Lucious A.

    I bet Eminem watching this probably be like 'I can relate to that' dats tuff😂

  • Plane Belief
    Plane Belief

    Killin it........

  • CriminalIntentions187


  • A A C
    A A C

    And then Eminem brought that company

  • kim farrell
    kim farrell

    0:50 Oh No

  • Plasma Snipez
    Plasma Snipez

    The ending tho 🤣🤣🤣

  • Layla Howard
    Layla Howard

    I love how he references the real slim shady official video where Eminem spits in people's onion rings lol

  • Jewelzzz 44
    Jewelzzz 44

    🤣🤣 that ending holy shit lmao

  • Johanna Ramirez
    Johanna Ramirez


  • Aditya Bhardwaj
    Aditya Bhardwaj

    The fact that he took the whole sentence "Ok but what does that have to do with this job" and rhymed it.

  • Bill Cipher
    Bill Cipher

    I hope Em sees your videos!!!

  • Kenshi LeNinjah
    Kenshi LeNinjah


  • Mauro Silva
    Mauro Silva

    He tackled kelly 😂

  • Nodin Wind
    Nodin Wind


  • Anikin3279

    It just hit me G.O.A.T. greatest of all time lol

  • King of Shadows
    King of Shadows

    EMINEM - DEAD CHIPHEAD CLONE "he is supposed to be dead, and a permanent clone that needs a new replacement body every 6 months to a year. Unknown if it is even his original consciousness running the clone. Could be a Vrill, could be a dead consciousness recorded on chip. It's why he was slurring his speech and acting mentally handicapped in a few of his interviews, His clone brain was degrading and he needed to get a replacement. They go to specific hospitals, like one near camp David somewhere to get the replacements, they grow multiples and choose the most similar looking one." - Donald Marshall Mar 21, 2013 at 7:20pm RESEARCH DONALD MARSHALL ON HUMAN CLONING AND VRIL LIZARDS!!

  • Ayush Singh
    Ayush Singh

    The ending though😭😭💀

  • syed jaffar
    syed jaffar

    Bro windie my man Am quite sure eminem and m.g kelly both of them watch your videos at times and laugh their asses off... anyways you are doing great I like your work. Thankyou

  • alwayseerika

    Damn I am even more hungry 😂😂😂

  • Assem Ragab
    Assem Ragab

    I lost it when he tackled her

  • Rxgnxrxk

    Mans looking like dr strange in that wig

  • Elijah Argumedo
    Elijah Argumedo

    Is goat actually mean Greatest Of All Time?

  • FrozenSmoke

    You don't interview Eminem, He interviews you!

  • Sean Taylor
    Sean Taylor

    Sir.!! What are you talking about..? lmfao what does rhyming have to do with this job. Hahaha...

  • Jordan Johnson
    Jordan Johnson

    Is this the guy that lives with SideNeck from TikTok??

  • L00KE 4T5
    L00KE 4T5

    RIP to Kelly... ...and the lady he tackled too 😂

  • Donnard

    made my day once again

  • Wild• Wolf•Territory
    Wild• Wolf•Territory

    Bro this video almost made me fall of a chair for laughing at this shit

  • Kosovan Legend
    Kosovan Legend

    Spitting in onion rings 😂

  • Austin Hill
    Austin Hill

    “What are you talking about little nerd, you look awkward as hell, like a cheese curd fucked somebody from hell, machine gun Kelly shot and emptied out his shells, the rap devil still couldn’t put me Thea”

  • Brando Hackney
    Brando Hackney

    Do eminem reads mean comments

  • TheRealJP

    0:24 Even if this is a parody, this was still the truth in regards to rap.

  • U4Eye

    This guy is Talented and Super Funny... made our day!

  • John Lunsford
    John Lunsford

    lmfao x) that ending tho

  • Neur0s1s

    Kelly is his girl.

  • william griffith
    william griffith

    No 🧢

  • Tharush Somashekar
    Tharush Somashekar

    Okay..... Did any one even notice "Rolex" Or should I say : "relax"

  • Lapo

    I actually cried watching this it’s so fucking funny

  • Lapo

    I’m not even kidding this video made me cry it’s so fucking funny

  • Jyyn

    Emimen has mgk flashbacks instead of vietnam ones.

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover

    Dem lil beady autism eyes 😍

  • mill b
    mill b

    it-my.com/watchvideo/video-vBQEoRIVyyU.html !?!

  • MsDbroncos

    What are you talking about you little nerd you look awkward as hell

  • Jakub Scheibenreif
    Jakub Scheibenreif


  • Umar Mujaahid
    Umar Mujaahid

    Hell, he's not "suited" up for the interview. Getting the job.......fail. 🏃......back...🏠. 😆

  • Sicowick Gaming
    Sicowick Gaming

    Hears the name Kelly slim shady thinkin fuck I got to put this dog down again

  • South Side Boyz
    South Side Boyz

    That ending got me unprepared 😂😂😂

  • Woof

    I’m wondering how much trauma entered his kind when he heard the name Kelly

  • My penis is small, but
    My penis is small, but

    I was of the firm belief that white people couldn’t rap and be cool and I still hold that belief but I do admit they can rap.

  • Andrew Fisher
    Andrew Fisher

    Iopklms u



  • Glory to Jesus Christ
    Glory to Jesus Christ

    His son may be called Skittle. 🍬

  • Bailey Righteous
    Bailey Righteous

    All he heard was Kelly & thought of MGK😂

  • myajanette

    Lmaooo it’s not Kelly, it’s Kim.😭😭 but still a good sketch

  • M X
    M X

    The tackle was hilarious 😂

  • Melee Mafia chuck
    Melee Mafia chuck

    Bro just had pstd😂😂

  • JakeTheGreat 05
    JakeTheGreat 05

    Who else thought that the scratch on that wall was a hair on your screen 😂

  • Fentesie Koppel van der
    Fentesie Koppel van der

    Why does Marshal wear so much hate towards Kels? Hes literally chasing him down to a ghost. Love it to. 'XD

  • Lightbulbs On Crack
    Lightbulbs On Crack

    I have that lamp

  • Samuel Braun
    Samuel Braun

    This interviewee seems kinda shady to me. And damn he needs to gain some weight as slim as he is :o

  • Dragonbornfighterex Taylor
    Dragonbornfighterex Taylor

    Its 12:02am and I was meant to be sleep but that end had me laughing so hard I woke everyone up

  • Adewale Sulaiman
    Adewale Sulaiman

    😂Oh no he killed poor Kelly

  • Lil Baldo
    Lil Baldo

    0:52 every time Em's heards the Kelly name he starts to listen to killshot instrumental innerly lmaoo 🤣🤣

  • Omar

    He really went *”KELLY?!”*

  • Fallenangel_19

    He got more bars than this new rappers😂😂

  • IMdrewfimurr

    Eminem needs to see these

  • Yue Jin
    Yue Jin

    Tom Macdonald mnm go woke

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