Emma Chamberlain Goes Boxing & Shopping in L.A. | 24 Hours With | Vogue
For the IT-my star, a typical day in Los Angeles involves getting coffee, working out, applying lip balm while she’s driving, going to the beach, and hanging out with friends. She is, after all, an 18-year-old. Vogue recently went along for the ride, trailing the Bay Area native from a boxing class at Rumble to Target.
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Emma Chamberlain Goes Boxing & Shopping in L.A. | 24 Hours With | Vogue

  • Mae Peaches
    Mae Peaches

    Peep all the people that take a photo behind her back! 😂

  • Olaf Z
    Olaf Z

    I literally rewatch all Emma interviews and videos cause I love her so much and miss her everyday 😂😍

  • Nada Alshehhi
    Nada Alshehhi

    Who is watching this in quarantine tho ?! 😭😂

  • LaResa Green
    LaResa Green

    i miss her long brown hair 🥺

  • Paola G
    Paola G

    She looks like 3 shades darker

  • Lauren Colangelo
    Lauren Colangelo

    EMMA YOUR HAIR IS SO CUTE IN THIS tell me vogue haaaad to have done your hair and makeup after boxing bc... it slapped

  • Olivia Blodgett
    Olivia Blodgett

    Who loves her voice?

  • KonstadinaFlp


  • Brandon Sanders
    Brandon Sanders

    we should have a party when you reach ten million subs!!!

  • Rebecca Roark
    Rebecca Roark

    I enjoyed this 😂

  • Shelly Dean
    Shelly Dean

    She so cute and very unique

  • Shelly Dean
    Shelly Dean

    She's the beautifulest bombdiggity in the whole world!!!! GO MS.CHAMBERLAIN

  • GabbyKim


  • Kat Mikol
    Kat Mikol

    can we talk about how tan and beautiful she looks in this?

  • Abraham RR.abraham
    Abraham RR.abraham

    I feel like the camera guy is 2short

  • saumya srivastava
    saumya srivastava

    She is so lovable ❤❤

  • Vegas to Cali
    Vegas to Cali

    This should have been called 8 hrs with Emma Chamberlain cause it's all you spent w her. Not 24 hrs.

  • Lacie Chamberlain
    Lacie Chamberlain

    4:12 Did anyone else see the girl in the back ground sneak a picture of Emma? Cuz I did 🤣

  • Maya Arriaga
    Maya Arriaga

    Did anyone else see that he girl in he back filming her

  • gooby quesadilla
    gooby quesadilla

    the girl in the background at 4:18 snapping a pic made me crap up!

  • Lucyandnatalia hopkins
    Lucyandnatalia hopkins

    did anyone else see that girl at 4:19 in the back taking photo of emma 😂

  • Saivee

    Y do I think she’s going to be invited to the met real soon

  • Ohhhiya Rea
    Ohhhiya Rea

    It’s always interesting watching E.C before Coachella cause that’s how I came to your channel so seeing this style of videos is intriguing

  • Denise Maxene Garza
    Denise Maxene Garza

    4:19 lmao that girl in the back took a pic of Emma

  • kim katana
    kim katana

    I love her she's so sweet and she honestly is so inspiring :)

  • Suzy Mendez
    Suzy Mendez

    Mom: stop crying daughter: okay

  • jasmine

    4:16 the girl in the back makes me so uncomfortable i wanna scream

  • karina vsp
    karina vsp

    I have never seen a video were Emma hasn’t sworn

  • Reese Thomas
    Reese Thomas

    4:19 girl blatantly just takes a picture of Emma...

  • Jacqueline Dougherty
    Jacqueline Dougherty

    when the girl just came up and took a picture of her @ 4:19

  • Manaar Khan
    Manaar Khan

    This is my favorite emma hair

  • Hanna Aguilera
    Hanna Aguilera

    8:32 "that's the sound of summer, baby" corona: I don't think so

  • Riley Smith
    Riley Smith

    i miss emma with blonde hair

  • Arianna Morar-Lentine
    Arianna Morar-Lentine

    lmao one of her fans in the back took a pic of her 4:13

  • Lily Vu
    Lily Vu

    I love this

  • Kate Marie
    Kate Marie

    peep the girl at 4:16 taking a picture of emma lol

  • Olivia Hanson
    Olivia Hanson

    I am dying when she is rumbling 😂

  • ayn ledina
    ayn ledina

    this is emma at her PEAK

  • Elly Anderson
    Elly Anderson

    it's so weird because target in australia we do not have a grocery section like plums, never

  • Anna Sofy
    Anna Sofy

    Emma Not Moving Any Muscle Trying Not To Swear. She Do Be: 👁️👄👁️

  • Anna Sofy
    Anna Sofy

    4:19 The Girl In Thr Back Wanted To Know What Was Happening But She Got Nervous

  • no name
    no name

    she looks like a 12 yrs old girl but her voice sounds like a 50 yrs old crackhead

  • Claudia W
    Claudia W

    4:13 the girl at the back thoo😂

  • hannah leong
    hannah leong

    "stop crying." "sorry" THAT POOR GIRL I-

  • Reem Khattar
    Reem Khattar

    So she went to rumble early in the morning, went to target, then suddenly it’s sunset at the beach? Where did the day go?!

  • KJ manninen
    KJ manninen

    4:12 some girl took a picture in the background lol

  • Eduardo Fonseca
    Eduardo Fonseca

    I think my favorite part of the video is her not caring to wash her car despite knowing she was gonna shoot with Vogue

  • m r
    m r

    she sounds like she smokes 40 a day lmao

  • Borsita Singha
    Borsita Singha

    did anyone else notice the girl behind emma taking photo of her when she was telling about her dad giving inspirations?

  • Maria Guzman
    Maria Guzman

    Love that her dad told her to give it a go again.


    she kinda sounds like JLaw!

  • Poof Y
    Poof Y

    The girl in the back taking a picture at 4:14 :3

  • María Alejandra GALLI FLORES
    María Alejandra GALLI FLORES

    i love how shes super casual and moody and at the same time look like a model

  • stacey G
    stacey G

    I’m slowly becoming a fan of Emma, like she’s really funny and chill, what else have I been missing out on?

    • Heidi Hunt
      Heidi Hunt

      I'm 54 and I'm an Emma junkie. She's the daughter I wish I would have had. So cool, so cute, she has the best sense of humor and her off color antics are the best. Watch all her videos, she's addictive. (I don't care for the ones with her one whiney blonde girlfriend who likes the Jack & Jill Emoji) or the videos the James Charles & Dolan Twins.

    • Shisui Uchiha
      Shisui Uchiha

      Same.. Westwood target n santa Monica obviously.. reppin! Amazing Emma 👍😃

  • Emmy Robinson
    Emmy Robinson

    She really sounds like miley cyrus

  • Parker Sokol
    Parker Sokol

    I love Emma’s hair in this and the makeup

  • Ela Alvarado
    Ela Alvarado

    love you emma

  • Holly Marie
    Holly Marie

    The reason why i look up to emma is because shes not afraid to be herself and thats what a lot of youtubers and influencers fail to do. She also talks to her fanbase as though they are her friends and she even said that in a video. Overall shes such a relatable, down to earth person. ❤️

  • fabiola anaya
    fabiola anaya

    Juanpa zurita en mujer

  • Iliveinacrowdedhouse

    We just gonna ignore the fact she ate the berries without washing them

  • Calixta Yun Martos
    Calixta Yun Martos

    She is so pretty

  • SIM.

    Did anyone else see the girl at 4:15 sneak a pic of Emma? 🤣

  • Sofi Zerda
    Sofi Zerda

    No entiendo nada, chau..

  • Julia Kosatenko
    Julia Kosatenko

    ору с девки которая ее сфоткала

  • Justin Watson
    Justin Watson

    Remember when we could go places?

  • Justine Biter
    Justine Biter

    At 4:18 a girl just takes a picture of Emma

  • Benj

    wow. emma got target to be in vogue. that's.... crazy.

  • arlette cabrales
    arlette cabrales

    I love her Yassss

  • Sofia Bekešová
    Sofia Bekešová

    4:17 that girl behind was like " ok im gonna get a photo of her to prove my friends i saw emma camberlain" lol

  • Apeach _01
    Apeach _01

    Her voice makes me feel like I need to clear my throat 😂😂

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