Emma Chamberlain's EX-BF Says She's 'ANNOYING' & Hints At Breakup!
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Fans are coming to the defense of Emma Chamberlain after a video circulated of her rumored boyfriend making rude comments about her, and now he’s finally coming clean with what really went down.
What’s up guys, it’s Sinead DeVries back here on Clevver News, and if you started to become invested in the whole Emma Chamberlain/Aaron Hull dating mystery, today might just be your lucky day.
Romance rumors began spreading surrounding Emma and the TikTok star back in October, when fans quickly picked up on cues that the two could be more than just friends.
Emma posted a video called, “LEARNING HOW TO SKATEBOARD TO IMPRESS A BOY” and opened the video by saying QUOTE, “I'm uncomfortable saying this. I feel like I'm telling my parents something about my life. I like this guy, OK?”
And since Aaron is a known skateboarder, the clues were literally laid out for us.
From then, the two began spending a ton of time together, taking trips, appearing in each other’s videos and even meeting the family when they flew out to Emma’s hometown of San Francisco where she allegedly introduced him to her family.
Yeeeeeah, I’d say we’re in ‘commitment territory’ at this point.
At one point, Aaron even referred to Emma as his celeb crush in one of his videos, and when a fan asked if he’d ever date her, he replied, “Yeah.”
Ok, so I think we can all agree that they were absolutely 100% a thing, yes?
So now that we’re all on the same page, here comes the drama…
But first off, take this as a lesson that what happens on the Internet will absolutely come back to haunt you at some point or another.
That said, a video has been circulating on the Internet of Aaron talking about his previous crush on Emma just before calling her annoying…
Well this is… awkward…
On top of the video that circulated, a photo of Aaron making out with a mystery girl that definitely wasn’t Emma has also made its way to fans’ social media feeds…
Apparently fans were in the mood to dig up dirt on Aaron Hull this weekend…
Naturally the video and photo generated so much attention and negative feedback from fans in support of Emma, which caused Aaron to respond with some much-needed clarity.
He took to Twitter Sunday in a series of tweets and started out by addressing the video, saying QUOTE, “Hey you guys, I want to clear some things up. The video that everyone is posting of me talking about Emma was from around August before we were friends and was not serious in any way. There is also a photo of me kissing a girl that everyone is posting.”
In a second tweet, he brought up the photo of him kissing another girl, writing, “I did not cheat on anyone and never would. I have nothing but respect for Emma and our friendship and would never want to jeopardize it. Thank you for hearing me!”
Fans weren’t all that willing to forgive him just yet as many responded to his tweets pointing out that Emma unfollowed him on Instagram, which usually only happens for reasons including but not limited to a breakup, cutting ties, a breakup, complete indifference and… a BREAKUP.
Many others spoke out in support of Emma after being called annoying, like one user who tweeted, “Dear aaron hull, that “annoying” girl is on the cover of cosmo, sponsored by calvin klein, & invited to louis vuitton fashion shows .. while you’re making tiktoks.”
Another fan wrote, “Dear aaron hull, nobody knew who you were before emma came in the picture. so have fun trying to build your platform now!”
So whether or not Aaron was actually being truthful when he stated that the video was posted way before the two were friends, Emma has made it clear in the past that she doesn’t want the ups and downs of her dating life to be made public, hence the reason she’s been pretty tight-lipped about their alleged romance.
During an interview with W Magazine in June of last year, she revealed that she wasn’t sure she ever wanted to be in a public relationship, adding that she found other people’s relationships “boring and gross.”
But I’m curious to hear your point of view on the video and photo that recently surfaced…
Do you think fans are being too hard on Aaron considering they never seemed to make their relationship ‘official’, or did Emma unfollow him in response to the kissing photo?
Get to talking down here in the comments and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel and click that bell so you never miss an update.
When you’re done with that, click right over here to watch another new video. As always, I’m your host Sinead DeVries, and I’ll see you next time.

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  • karina vsp
    karina vsp

    Honestly i feel so bad for her everybody uses her for clout then leaves her 😕

  • Kathleen Lim
    Kathleen Lim

    ok but who the heck would cheat on EMMA CHAMBERLAIN.

  • Rana Alaswad
    Rana Alaswad

    Wth why did he even did that to emma didnt do anything annoying at all she is fun even she is saying her videos is boring but its not

  • lolmaxine mayfield
    lolmaxine mayfield

    kinda a shame really, cuz i actually liked him during that time but i never really believed “emron” was a thing lmao, it was most likely used to get their minds off ethma. the others in the emma fandom just assumed they were dating, but i thought they were pretty cute friends. i wouldn’t say emma “made” up aaron cuz the second i found out about him, he had already had 300k or so followers and emma just helped him a bit before all this.

  • • I T Z R E M I •
    • I T Z R E M I •

    Literally Emma deserved way better. Aaron only dated her for clout and fame which is kinda sad

  • m o o n x stars
    m o o n x stars

    Tik tok star ?? She's a youtuber

  • Polo Surf
    Polo Surf

    Lmao the fact that she wears clothes for Ck or LV doesn't make her less annoying. Lmao wtf this ppl are retarded. Didn't know wearing some fancy clothes for a brand makes you special or unique or less annoying. Hahahhaah

  • Lara Keller
    Lara Keller

    I swear tik tokers cause so much drama 😂

  • Jacob Hwalllover23
    Jacob Hwalllover23

    I don't even understand why some of you guys are coming after an 18-year-old

  • ruby. mr
    ruby. mr

    why are people so invested in celebrities’ lives? should be respecting their privacy if you really like them

  • Nxtalie ?
    Nxtalie ?

    It’s kinda funny because he calls her annoying but his tiktoks are very annoying and stupid 🥴😬

  • Emma McCollum
    Emma McCollum

    This is absolute trash. These people are KIDS and you’re exposing their private photos and private lives. LEAVE THEM ALONE

  • KrayK

    I mean like, is just a crush. Doesn't have to mean you have to be in a serious relationship with someone. It doesn't matter if they got into something and then break up.

  • zoo wee mama
    zoo wee mama

    bruh why's everyone so angry over someone else's life. it's not even our business. it's not even confirmed if they were ever in a relationship. almost everyone is dissing him on something that isn't confirmed. y'all being bitches. if it is true, i do agree that if he cheated, that he wouldn't be the best person. since there is no proof or confirmation of their relationship, i'm not for y'all dissing him.

  • Lucy

    Why is everyone being so mean to Aaron🥺 He’s a human being too, just like all of us yet he’s being bashed for something that we don’t even know for sure that he did. I don’t feel like it’s our business anyhow. Can we all just let them live their lives and figure it out without everyone making them feel 10 times worse about whatever they did or didn’t do.

  • Pxstelparix

    Really?!? Emma is literally the most chill girl everrrrrr!

  • Alex

    I met her and she was awkward and afraid to talk to me so over it

  • hailey jensen
    hailey jensen

    She looks stoned

  • Daniel Martinez
    Daniel Martinez

    if they did end up going out, he didn’t deserve her

  • Allison Gutama
    Allison Gutama

    This guy is ridiculous. Who talks like that about a girl? LOVE Emma, she deserves better♥️

  • meghan Hernandez
    meghan Hernandez

    I like how everyone is now defending emma when those people are the ones saying she changed and is annoying, and that she is a try hard. Aron and emma can do whatever they want. He is in College let him live his life. Emma is a grown women who can fight her own battles. Obviously aron was joking (bad joke), this is the reason why emma doesn't want to have a internet relationship.

  • Jessica Alberto
    Jessica Alberto

    Can we just take some time to appreciate how mature Emma Chamberlain actually is? Considering she's an 18 year old with such a huge public platform yet is able to keep her private life private. (Whereas most of us have a hard enough time practicing restraint on social media as it is.)

  • Vanessa Marie
    Vanessa Marie

    Hes such a clout chasing asshole. Emma is so sweet. I hope better things come her way

  • Claudia Elizabeth
    Claudia Elizabeth

    Got his fame and dipped lol

  • Bitter Bette
    Bitter Bette

    Wowwww...such an asshole. I can’t stand people like this.

  • Elizabeth Murphy
    Elizabeth Murphy

    Guys it’s none of our business what happens with them. We don’t rly even know if they were dating.

  • Fran La chora
    Fran La chora

    I love Emma just the way she is

  • Indianna Moon
    Indianna Moon

    Yeah he really wasn’t considering anyone but himself and his own gainz when he said that. Emma should be dating older MEN who are mature and respectful because she is both of those things 🤘🏼 I hope Aaron enjoyed his 5 mins of relevancy

  • sharon a
    sharon a

    I thought his name was erin and I didn't know who he was until this vid

  • El. C.
    El. C.

    he’s stupid af but i mean he’s a ‘tik toker’ so what’s new?

  • wooana _
    wooana _

    Every teen girl is annoying. And Emma is sweet🥰

  • Raisa Van Den Bergh
    Raisa Van Den Bergh

    Well he’s right......she is annoying

  • Phoebe Jane Miller
    Phoebe Jane Miller

    I feel so bad for Emma. Teenage breakups are horrible for anyone. But it’s so much worse when you’re in the spotlight. She’s smart for keeping things private. I wish her the best. 💓🙏🏻

  • meulgi

    thanks for not putting his name in the title

  • pamela velasco
    pamela velasco

    It’s Emmas fault for going from Ethan to a child tik toker.

  • stupid buggie
    stupid buggie

    fucking love emma tho

  • stupid buggie
    stupid buggie

    yall are so pressed when all he said was she's annoying, like he shouldn't of said it but it ain't a big deal

  • Britt Anne
    Britt Anne

    He looks 13...she looks 25... Lol

  • Ella Spelta
    Ella Spelta

    They were never official? 😂

  • alicia austin
    alicia austin

    Ethan Dolan would never

  • Brooklyn Rachel
    Brooklyn Rachel

    Ok I don’t think anybody needs to involve themselves and dig up dirt. Can’t people just fix their own lives.....

  • euniii


  • van haley
    van haley

    I’m embarrassed of myself for clicking on this. But I’m also enthralled

  • Danielle Marie
    Danielle Marie

    Him calling her “annoying” is not something to be cancelled over? I’m just confused bc this is no ones business just like Ethan and Emma was no ones business either...

    • cherish daisys
      cherish daisys

      Danielle Marie facts

  • Hailey x
    Hailey x

    And now she regrets letting Ethan go. He is a SWEETHEART


    I don't think Emma is losing any sleep over this...she might look like your sweet innocent white girl, but her eyes says she's just a freak who only wants the dick! it-my.com/watchvideo/video-1FELG3e_3sQ.html

  • Fin Smith
    Fin Smith

    Everyone knows she’s annoying

  • Abisola Dolapo
    Abisola Dolapo

    *sigh* why do we care

  • Its iiamel1a
    Its iiamel1a

    She needs an older guy tbh,shes really mature so i think that would be better for her..

  • Kelseyjane Boyd
    Kelseyjane Boyd

    Awe that’s breaks my heart..:( Emma’s still young this probably hurt like hell

  • Frankie

    Forgot to mention she did confirm she was dating him in her Cosmo cover article. "Some [rumors], like the one about a certain curly-haired boy she’s dating, are can’t-confirm-on-the-record-but-true." Unfortunate timing to say the least. I hope Emma finds someone great for her next.

  • Kaia Davis
    Kaia Davis

    She is annoying lmfao

  • Small bottle Of bleach
    Small bottle Of bleach

    honestly... i think its the other way around

  • Natalia Kemo
    Natalia Kemo

    Ex bf hinting on break-up? Um?

  • Banana Potato
    Banana Potato

    Yahh but she IS annoying tho. But she did not deserve that. Especially from someone you like.

  • alia ehsan
    alia ehsan

    She’s diva when a real man can’t handle a diva girl they call her annoying lol

  • Tessa Bublick
    Tessa Bublick

    Didn’t even know she had a bf... 😂

  • Tazmeen Fatima
    Tazmeen Fatima

    Idk if it's just me but i feel like atleast at that moment he was joking. Like i do this with friends in a way like someone asks me about my bff (everyone knows we're close ofc) in a q&a on insta and I'm like "yeah i hate her SO ANNOYING ;)" just for her to see the story and be all offended jokingly. Idk maybe it's just me.

  • WashYour Hands
    WashYour Hands

    Everyone can be annoying.

  • Filipa

    well, she IS annoying

  • Gabrielle Skye
    Gabrielle Skye

    First it was Emma and Ethan. Now it’s Emma and this guy. This drama is crazy. They’re teenagers, let it be.

  • Nafisa Najmi
    Nafisa Najmi

    If she is annoying... I really don't know what to call my self... ya'll are just jealous of her success but she can't even see you from the top!

  • Anna Foo
    Anna Foo

    Ethan always defended Emma...🤔

  • Megan Pearl
    Megan Pearl

    He’s a child

  • pat will not make videos
    pat will not make videos

    fans are honestly soooooo toxic. just because someone is on the cover of cosmo and is poppin on other franchises DOES NOT MEAN they can’t be annoying to other people. regardless of whether aaron was being genuine when he called emma annoying, he has the right to his own opinion, cuz they knew each other, talked to each other and etc. you can literally make a solid opinion on someone when you get to know them, but all y’all fans actin like y’all in emma’s private life but y’all ain’t. y’all don’t even know what she’s like behind closed doors, behind screens, and etc. and this goes to everybody else besides emma. and again, aaron and everybody else has the right to their own opinion. grow up.

  • Timothy Hull
    Timothy Hull

    Remember that these are all human beings. They are trying to do things right. Not many know what really goes on here, but we act like we do. We carve the situation, and people, to be what we want to be for our needs. People, step down and let them work through this. They are not bad people. They are super people. Unfortunately the crowd rushes to create their own narratives. They both suffer when this happens. Be nice and wait for what they say, not each other. Word.

  • MirandaXxRose

    Not everyone can handle a bad bitch

  • Molly McInnes
    Molly McInnes

    Who else use to like him and now hates him. I’m not a Stan of Emma but I shipped them and after seeing the video of him I hate him so much. CLOUT CHASER

  • rakshita gautam
    rakshita gautam

    Bruh no offense but he is a tik tok kid. They aren't the smartest ppl you know

  • marta !
    marta !

    he went to my high school. he seems like he doesn't take himself seriously, but honestly, he's always seemed to have a big ego. i never knew him personally, but i always heard questionable rumors about him as a person... 😬 yeah but idk. this might be a good wakeup call...

    • Ruben garcia pulido
      Ruben garcia pulido

      marta ! What rumors

    • marta !
      marta !

      H P I'm a junior :)

    • H P
      H P

      Wait, you went to Chico too? I never knew him personally either im a year younger than him but he seems hella into himself. But idk

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