We did different trampoline basketball challenges at sky zone!
Go to Sky Zone March 15th and 16th to enter their shot contest for a chance to win a 30-Day Jump Pass! skyzone.com/march-mania Thanks to Sky Zone for sponsoring.
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  • L2Realmz

    Nobody: Literally nobody: Mitchell: I was slapping my knee pit

  • Aedyn 34
    Aedyn 34

    Mitchell was actually low key good at the game of 2hype

  • Dylan Mann
    Dylan Mann

    4:30 wonder what Tristan is thinking about

  • Johnny plays
    Johnny plays

    What i hate about tjass is that when he jumps he bends his legs to even jump

  • Noah Lamar
    Noah Lamar

    Yo Jesser's editor was no cap negative as heck

  • Reelz

    Mopis jumpshot makes me throw up

  • Daylen Dove
    Daylen Dove

    All the ballers doesn’t this make you want to go out

  • Adrien Solis
    Adrien Solis

    Jesser always been my fav youtuber❤️ Much love keep the work up

    • Adrien Solis
      Adrien Solis

      Karan Mohanty bruh😂

    • Karan Mohanty
      Karan Mohanty


  • Ciqwa 2
    Ciqwa 2

    What was Tristan staring at when Jesser was talking about the dunk

  • Mrflashturtle

    Why’d only jesser and Tristan do the dunks to get letters

  • H5 Evan
    H5 Evan

    When u have a bad hair day (Jesser)

  • KoJoTheGoat

    God I’m so glad he cut his hair I forgot how stupid his shit looked

  • Demetric Banks
    Demetric Banks

    Dunk mvp jesser the lazer

  • Miguel Dominguez
    Miguel Dominguez

    Mopi has no arc thats why his shots were going in easier

  • D Is Awesome
    D Is Awesome

    jesse by the way 2hy not 2hyp

  • Ty Harris
    Ty Harris

    Can U do another guess that nba player?? Those vids are awesome

  • It'sjust Brayden
    It'sjust Brayden


  • yoyobro smithford
    yoyobro smithford

    tjass just gonna do layups

  • Butch Bissette
    Butch Bissette

    Is that trippe red

  • sticc's TV
    sticc's TV

    4:20 Tjass had a explode of ideas in his head XDDD

  • Moneyy ISTHEBESTAT2k
    Moneyy ISTHEBESTAT2k

    10:10 mopi fall LMFAO

  • Shannon Carr
    Shannon Carr

    Tell Mopi to fix his release

  • JesserIsGoated

    8:50 Endergirl spotted

  • AZ Nurse
    AZ Nurse

    T Jass was in a trance at 4:25

  • Ashton Dobson
    Ashton Dobson

    Why trippie redd wit them

  • twostars35PlaysRBLX

    1:53 when you hit a green and your character turns around the flex’s but you still miss

  • XdJoshPlayZ25 25
    XdJoshPlayZ25 25

    Is it weird but mophie makes the shot with the same ball 🏀

  • Oooo Ggg
    Oooo Ggg

    what is that hare jesse

  • Ya Boi Zay
    Ya Boi Zay

    It is my b day in 5 days

  • NappyJayy

    For help watch American ninja warrior

  • DAWG3271

    Jesser stole t jasses hair lol🤣🤣🤣

  • Lorenzo Tucker
    Lorenzo Tucker

    360 dunk

  • Ac2k

    Please do more

  • Padzz Is Gay
    Padzz Is Gay

    Jessie...... Tf is that hair

  • Logan Bui
    Logan Bui

    I did ten before

  • Joggie2.0 Larson
    Joggie2.0 Larson

    I am so mad that you said Mopi got 8.screw you

  • Luke Adams
    Luke Adams

    How tall is Mopi

  • rickey tv
    rickey tv

    Any one else see how high td get

  • Movies Unlimited
    Movies Unlimited

    Why u dunking on the small one

  • S13WA

    Couldn’t stop laughing at 10:09

  • Justin Keen
    Justin Keen

    My bday is March 15

  • Lil Ezos
    Lil Ezos

    This is the sky zone where I live at, Anaheim, California if anyone was wondering.

  • Aka Beluga
    Aka Beluga

    My sky zones rims are straight ass with padding and shit

  • Ronstar_fishing

    Mopi is just there for people to laugh at

  • ya boy joe SUAREZ
    ya boy joe SUAREZ

    Why wasn't the guy with the red hair not in it

  • Antii Uziii
    Antii Uziii

    did jesser try to get a perm or something

  • Samuel Roldão
    Samuel Roldão

    jesser did the obstacle just to hit the mark of ten minutes lol

  • 1inchpunch

    5:07 hits himself in the face🤣

  • Nutty

    4:23 why does tjass look so bored

  • 6 .Davesh. 9
    6 .Davesh. 9

    Tjass kinda looks like Morgz

  • Sebastian Vargas
    Sebastian Vargas


  • Aiden gorrell
    Aiden gorrell

    Were is skyzone at

  • Cj mickle
    Cj mickle

    Cop 🚓

  • Bkingaming

    all I can think when is see Mitchell pass that wall on both sides of him is that he really he is a human spider

  • Olga Martinez
    Olga Martinez

    jesser is gay

  • Darrell Milligan
    Darrell Milligan

    Where is sky zone

  • Electro

    4:23 is Tristan dead?

  • Trevor Nissen
    Trevor Nissen

    Jesser cheated?

  • Kenny Malis
    Kenny Malis

    I’m reading my own comment I posted nearly a day ago!

  • Kenny Malis
    Kenny Malis

    I feel bad for mopi because he is more of a soccer person not a basketball person and he loses every single 2hype games. I do genuinely feel bad for him. One like= one prayer for mopi

  • Estela Delgado
    Estela Delgado

    Mopi is such a loser

  • Lauren Chachere
    Lauren Chachere

    they rented itm out thats why looks so much bigger

  • Hype Beast
    Hype Beast

    Who else tries to dunk at trampoline parks

  • BEAST BOIII!!!!!!
    BEAST BOIII!!!!!!

    Why was t jass so still

  • Ryan Welter
    Ryan Welter

    Please make more of these please they are the best video please make more please please please please pl pl please please please please

  • Anna Putrus
    Anna Putrus

    Your dumb

  • Faith Jackson
    Faith Jackson

    I think t Jass won

  • DuoGaming

    10.10 watch at 0.5 speed

    • DuoGaming


  • Michael Jordan
    Michael Jordan

    Kick the tjass

  • John Napolitani
    John Napolitani

    That’s my fucking birthday

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