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  • Damingus Battle
    Damingus Battle

    Wow. You don't know nothing about Marvel, do you? First wolverine now thor

  • Suika Ibuki
    Suika Ibuki

    No girl, freddy won by far

  • Sean Wilson
    Sean Wilson

    i made a Platinum Gaia Ranger (in a fanfiction actually) based on MCU's Thor. >;-)

  • Kimberly Haines
    Kimberly Haines

    I am so enjoying binging your videos right now and they’re a God send. I’m stuck having seizure/epilepsy/Tourette’s like episodes that leave me screaming and moving my limbs uncontrollably (and apparently strong enough to give black eyes), and I have to wait until LATE April to even get tests done to see what’s going on. Add the PTSD from when I had a 30% chance of survival from liver and respiratory failure (losing 160 lbs in 10 months by malnutrition fucks you up) nearly 2 years ago when I was only 28...I need stuff to make me laugh. I know there are some out there that HATE when people react to these but don’t have the context, and how they choose their winners, etc., and I kind of do too. BUT I don’t mind if you don’t because you admit it before the battle, you’re willing to Google if need be, and even if you don’t catch everything you can tell you’re having fun. And that’s what matters with these battles. I actually wish these could be played in schools because I actually think it would HELP kids get interested and expand their interests and knowledge because not everyone is like me. I have a higher genius IQ (like Yale was sending me booklets when I was 15 or 16, but I don’t agree with the concept of IQ tests because it only shows how good you are at TAKING tests, not applying the knowledge). Pretty much every ERB I catch all the references. But man, I don’t think Peter and Lloyd could do clean versions of these and still have them be top notch quality sadly. I still have to look at the rest of your channel, but if you haven’t seen or reacted to them, you should totally do Paint’s (his channel name) “After Ever After” series. But like I said, if you did I come across it in your other videos, just ignore this bit! 😄

  • Giorgi Tsiklauri
    Giorgi Tsiklauri

    6:12 I'd rather be both...

  • Samantha Yearber
    Samantha Yearber

    You should do Thanos, Joker, and Clint Eastwood if you wanna see some savage ass lines. Clint Eastwood does NOT play around in that one

  • Justin Scott
    Justin Scott

    i love you

  • Omar Wood
    Omar Wood

    Robin won this himself

  • Vitz

    5:18 hahahahahahaha

  • Flaming Fist Production
    Flaming Fist Production

    Batman calling Sherlock a nerd make no sense because Batman himself is also a detective and at times been shown to be really smart

  • owws di nga tlaga?
    owws di nga tlaga?

    Thor owned zues by a mile

  • Gabriele Solletico
    Gabriele Solletico

    Yup! If you read the books, QueenBlaze, you'll find out that Sherlock Holmes was addicted to eroin (I think), so when he couldn't use his brain to solve misteries, he used to get hight with drugs, because that was the only way to "slow down" his super-fast super-intelligent brain... the intellecutal inactivity was, in fact, too hard, for him, to endure. So he taked a lot of drugs.

  • Jay Miller
    Jay Miller

    Alfred, robin, nightwing, red robin, bat woman, jim gordon, cat woman... plenty of sidekicks and friends in his life.

  • kemuael

    2:02 He just call Thor Gay. lol

  • Michael Mathers
    Michael Mathers

    fuck freddy mercury. i hate queen so much and i'd probably have murdered mercury if his gay buttsex didn't do it for me. sherlock holmes won, but the writers didn't know shit about Holmes so they couldn't write anything good. they knew plenty about batman

  • Moise Picard
    Moise Picard

    Frank Sinatra had less insults than Freddie Mercury. Are you high?

  • Moise Picard
    Moise Picard

    Just like Goku got killed by Superman.

  • rockhardbodyblow

    "I thought this would be some bubble gum rap" 😂😂😂 this was awesome. They were out to hurt feelins. Lol sherlock btw was a great story. If you've seen the show "house" dr. House was modeled off of sherlock holmes. A douche, but a douche that's right all the damn time.

  • Trym S. Moi
    Trym S. Moi

    Watch bobbafet vs deadpool

  • joelout

    Thor, Sherlock & Freddy won


    U dont know anything about characters...so how can u react? U only react to rude words and ignore rest of savage and funny lines...learn about characters before u make vids..it will improve your reactions and videos

  • Alice Willoughby
    Alice Willoughby

    3:45 - Is it just me, or does Batman need to get his teeth fixed?

  • Robin Games
    Robin Games

    Thor totally won with the GDP line

  • Souls Of War
    Souls Of War

    Batman lives alone because he didn't want anyone finding out his identity, but he is quite popular and well loved as both Bruce Wayne and Batman. He has quite a few extremely close friends as both personas. I don't know anything about Sherlock though

  • Derrick Meade
    Derrick Meade

    Watching batman rap high is the way to go I just realised he was hitting the rhythm of his song for the first tine

  • Themfeels101

    Batman isn't alone, he might've been for awhile and likes working alone, but he has the Justice League, Bat Family, and even Selena Kyle (Catwoman).

  • Christian Masson
    Christian Masson

    Batman is not alone... Entire Justice League, Robins, Mother Fucking Alfred... They just did not give batman good raps

  • Mr.Anomaly

    Ha, knew you'd dig it!

  • PermieWriter

    Batman pwns himself in his first verse: "I had Alfred read your books; he told me they suck." So you got the one person who's responsible for your (fragile) emotional well-being, who is also your paid employee, and ask him to dump on one of his country's most beloved fictions? That's the weakest thing I've ever seen. I imagine Alfred excitedly re-reading the Holmes stories and then, "Oh yeah, Bruce, they suck, don't worry about it. *You* are the cool one."

    • CMDR_Kai

      Because all British people are part of a hivemind and they aren't allowed to dislike a book. Totally.

  • Wilson Wade
    Wilson Wade

    Just a rando question, are you an INTJ personality type?

  • Rick Stevenson
    Rick Stevenson

    I think you should check out Sherlock from BBC. Each episode is about the length of a movie, but there are only 3 episodes in a season. I think you'll love it tremendously. Benedict Cumberbatch is a fantastic (modern) Sherlock Holmes.

  • Sam The_Undying
    Sam The_Undying

    Hello random reader

  • Rowdee Munkee
    Rowdee Munkee

    Thor got no chill.

  • Trey Burge
    Trey Burge

    Thor vs Zeus was so insanely 1 sided. Thor won by a mile. One of the most lopsided erb made, and stasticslly 99% people also vote Thor.

    • Trey Burge
      Trey Burge

      @Josh Smith it's up there too no doubt. I think most one sided is Lee vs eastwood. On the fact Lee didn't even get any good disses in at all.

    • Josh Smith
      Josh Smith

      Trey Burge I mean Sherlock vs Batman was also super lopsided, Sherlock destroyed him

  • Rico Watches
    Rico Watches

    Sherlock did cocaine and pretty much every line Robin said was a reference to Sherlock Holmes' books

  • Handsome

    Who remembers Darth Vadar vs Hitler? Now that was legendary.

  • sillyking1991

    zeus vs thor is easily in my top 3. its one of teh few erb's i can actually watch/listen to on repeat and sherlock holmes is also kinda a douce, at least in every depiction of his that i've seen he is.

  • GreatGarloo

    No BS Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr were close friends until Davis's death in 1990. At Davis's eulogy Sinatra said: "A heaven with his magic gives me warmth. Sam was the best friend a man could have. He was a class act and I will miss him forever". After the accident that cost Sammy his eye Frank moved him into his home to recover.

  • GreatGarloo

    No BS Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr were close friends until Davis's death in 1990. At Davis's eulogy Sinatra said: "A heaven with his magic gives me warmth. Sam was the best friend a man could have. He was a class act and I will miss him forever". After the accident that cost Sammy his eye Frank moved him into his home to recover.

  • Luis Santiago
    Luis Santiago

    Ayy. Nice to see ya reaction to more. Awesome

  • PaleVoyager

    Legit the only reaction channel I like and respect. You put real effort in and you come across very genuine the way you convey yourself on camera.

  • ODDnanref

    Flyte is a way of fighting using rhymes and wits.

  • Moostached Saiyan Prince
    Moostached Saiyan Prince

    I love watching people react to Zeus vs Thor. A lot of them assume Zeus has it in the bag from his first verse, but then Thor's opening line calling Zeus a shapeshifting rapist immediately fixes that assumption. Thor definitely won though. His line about Greece's GDP might as well have been a walk off, there was no way Zeus was coming back from that.

    • Chokah

      The fact that almost every god on Olympus are siblings and/or Zeus' s kids....

    • Darth Hue
      Darth Hue

      Indeed, principally if you know Greek Mythos, I'd wager that a good 60%-70% of Demi-Gods came from Zeus being a horny ass boi

  • Grant Pflum
    Grant Pflum

    They ruined batman in this battle.

    • Grant Pflum
      Grant Pflum

      @Christopher Vogler No they did not.

    • Christopher Vogler
      Christopher Vogler

      but they kept it true to recent movies

    • Alexander Azarov
      Alexander Azarov

      Everybody knows. Even they themselves acknowledge it.

  • Demonic_myst

    Im staying loyal to zues

  • SuperSuper-Z-Man

    Ive been waiting for this lol

  • Gary XHLC
    Gary XHLC

    Rather be a douche than a dork, at least the douche is getting some action...

  • Rashaunda Spears
    Rashaunda Spears

    When it comes to Epic Rap Battles, they hit below the belt. Bruce Lee vs. Clint Eastwood is a perfect example.

  • Radkreuzwerfer

    Sinatra had one nuke with the butthole roulette and Freddy still managd to retaliate. No way Sinatra won that

  • Fransion Seamor
    Fransion Seamor

    Death battle JoJo’s bizarre adventures vs fist of the Northstar reaction please

  • ElPayasoMalo

    Thor mentioned flyting, which were basically ancient viking rap battles. Yes, apparently viking invented rap battles.

  • Stefan Pejaković
    Stefan Pejaković

    Thor absolutely mauled him hahaha. And bte you have such a nice smile :D

  • Krescentwolf

    "I will drop you like Greece's GDP." is still one of the heaviest haymakers ERB has done.

    • Vishya Knewdat
      Vishya Knewdat

      @Queen Bitch KaNoMiko 6 seconds on google will answer that shit reeeeeal quick lol.

    • Queen Bitch KaNoMiko
      Queen Bitch KaNoMiko

      @Dark King How's that a haymaker?

    • The Explorer
      The Explorer

      Same. I felt that.

    • kemuael


    • Dark King
      Dark King

      Also "let me be frank don't start beef with the Frank who hangs with b frank giving ladies beef franks"

  • A Tam
    A Tam

    you should watch the sherlock holmes show its quite good.

  • Ace Hardy
    Ace Hardy


  • Kenneth De Wever
    Kenneth De Wever

    Thor obious won. I think you miss some lines

  • ulli_ulli

    Genghis Khan vs. the Easter Bunny... seriously, the best ERB ;)

    • Wekil [GD]
      Wekil [GD]


  • Thom Villarreal
    Thom Villarreal


  • Valandar2

    I'm sorry, but "I didn't make a mark on history, I French kissed it" was a thousand times better than "You played butthole roulette and you lost the draw".

  • moonlightskitten

    For me Freddy won that because all Frank did was make a lot of remarks/disses about Freddy’s teeth and the fact that he slept with men and then Freddy took those remarks/disses and made them moot by saying he had already heard those types of thing a lot before and didn’t care.

  • MajaZaguan

    I loved the movies with RDJ, but BBC's "Sherlock" is absolutely brilliant, you should check it out.

    • MajaZaguan

      @NemesisKismet I loved the first two seasons, the third and fourth were not that great.

    • NemesisKismet

      Maybe for the first series it was brilliant but that started to die out REAL fast.

  • Mike Shaman
    Mike Shaman

    damn when u stopped video on batman part - maybe u need to make pauses too like all ERB reactors?) to tell ur emotions about huge puns) Cause this was interesting :O

  • Mike Shaman
    Mike Shaman

    Lol, im fucking stupid, i forgot i need to press bell so i will know about new vids fast :(

  • Tasnim Shahid
    Tasnim Shahid

    Watch Sherlock series... It's better than movies

  • Rural-Umbreon

    You have some really interesting video's and they're all very enjoyable especially you're reaction video's. I would suggest a look at George R.R. Martin vs J. R. R. Tolkien and Stephan King vs Edger Allan Poe. Steve Jobs vs Bill Gates is also really good. Thanks for your content and the time that you put into creating it.

  • Filip Vadas
    Filip Vadas

    Thor massacred Zeus His "swallow my babies" line was a reference to how Kronos literally swallowed his own children and well... to the other thing.......overall it sealed the deal, the rest was just sprinkles on top Sherlock won against Batman, but Robin DEFINETLY won against Watson. Freddie won, his flow was WAY better and while their lines were equal I feel like Freddie won with the last one

    • Moise Picard
      Moise Picard

      @The Gheist Lmfao. There was only one hypeman and his name is, "Dr. Watson." And, Sherlock Holmes never needed a hypeman to get him hyped up nor to be hype.

    • The Gheist
      The Gheist

      @Moise Picard Lol, when the hypeman has a hypeman.

    • Moise Picard
      Moise Picard

      +Filip Vadas. Robin did not rap battle Dr. Watson individually and he definitely did not beat Dr. Watson. Are you high? Dr. Watson is the greatest, one of the most important, the most astonishing, one of the most astounding, the littest, the freshest, the most dopest, the most hypest and the most divine hypemen in existence.

    • Filip Vadas
      Filip Vadas

      @The Gheist Fair enough, saying that Robin was the better sidekick might have been better

    • The Gheist
      The Gheist

      @Filip Vadas Still, Watson didn't really rap, and especially not "against". You can say "over", but not "against".

  • baldawen

    You wont learn anything about Sherlock Holmes from the new hollywood movies about him tho. They were fun but have nothing to do with the og Sherlock Holmes.

  • King Joshuu
    King Joshuu

    Finally, someone who also thinks Sinatra one

    • King Joshuu
      King Joshuu


  • Ameliano Vallerga
    Ameliano Vallerga

    1:32 This is no accident. Flyting is the name of exhanging a series of imaginative insults with rhyming schemes of poetic fashion between individuals in the old Norse days. Basically, they invented rap battles. 2:34 shouldn't be much of an insult, either. Unfortunately for Zeus, if that line were true, it would be even worse; Loki happened to be the best at flyting in particular. There is an entire Norse story called Lokasenna dedicated to Loki single-handedly roasting all of the other gods drinking in a hall-- and they just wanted to regain happiness after Baldur's death. The trickster god has no chill.

    • sabin97

      is that the same baldur that has a gate? asking for a friend...

    • The Gheist
      The Gheist

      @Brother Sgt. Grau Wolff Well you know Loki wrote the "swalloe my babies" line. Classic Loki.

    • Brother Sgt. Grau Wolff
      Brother Sgt. Grau Wolff

      if Loki had written Thor's lines it would've been a rap massacre

    • Ameliano Vallerga
      Ameliano Vallerga

      @Jakk Frost Well yeah, true.

    • Jakk Frost
      Jakk Frost

      You missed one point. Flyting wasn't just imaginative insults, they had to be done in rhyme, _that's_ why people say the Norse invented rap battles.

  • laladoodieincarnate

    someone please get queenblaze to react to Hazbin Hotel (Pilot)

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