emma chamberlain
i was on my period (shocker) when i filmed this so i was slightly on edge but lets just act like everythings ok
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-emma chamberlain

  • Lola Sueiras
    Lola Sueiras

    But where can I get the white pirate top to pull jack sparrow

  • rubyradi

    why isn't anyone talking about the cat eating emma's head😭

  • Olivia Vargo
    Olivia Vargo

    Literally taking notes for fashion advice, love your style

  • Danielle Lee
    Danielle Lee

    purdue is great. if it's graduate school lol. i was born on purdue campus lmfao

  • Olivia D.
    Olivia D.

    Emma really do be predicting the future of teen fashion 🥰

  • Agustina COLOMBO
    Agustina COLOMBO

    Why are you fucking perfect?? And everything look good on you

  • Lidia Kubicka
    Lidia Kubicka

    `she hasnt have any coffee today lol

  • Honey Flower
    Honey Flower

    Was I the only one that got annoyed when she said "crop shirt" instead of "crop top" I don't know lmao.

  • Serenity Nicks
    Serenity Nicks

    Kinda loved the Britney outfit actually

  • jolissa alvarado
    jolissa alvarado


  • Michayla Catron
    Michayla Catron

    i abdolutely adore your style and would 100% steal your closet if we had the purge

  • Michayla Catron
    Michayla Catron

    my dad and grandpa went to purdue lol my grandpa would be offended to hear u say that lol

  • Dayle Mccain
    Dayle Mccain

    You can pull off anything

  • Elena Romero
    Elena Romero

    Honestly love that she's not wearing make up. I'm new to her channel but it's cool to see someone without make up on camera. (Not hating on make up wearers, I just don't wear make up and it's cool to see someone comfy in their own skin.)

  • Suhira Iljazi
    Suhira Iljazi

    She could literally put a plastic bag on and she would still look good in it😍

  • kelly maganini
    kelly maganini

    My brother goes to purdue, they have a bomb engineering/comp sci program. I would give it a 10/10.

  • Anaika

    I love how Emma's cat bites her face and then sits in the back licking his ass😂😂😅

  • Lily Hurt
    Lily Hurt

    just want to say, love the fits and you

  • unlucky 13
    unlucky 13

    Happy Birthday Emma, this is my favorite video so that’s why I’m commenting on this one.

  • Anna Solano
    Anna Solano

    But you pulled off litteraly EVERYTHING

  • Sarai Dee Dotimas
    Sarai Dee Dotimas

    Honestly Emma's style is absolutely A👏MA👏ZING

  • Maggie Burke
    Maggie Burke

    Korona Vyrus😷

  • aesthectic tiktoks
    aesthectic tiktoks

    that cat got me dead

  • Kiara Dauphin
    Kiara Dauphin

    I'm not from America and their no thrift stores AT ALL where I'm from but do ppl wash the clothes?...i mean they were worn already

  • Carson Graham
    Carson Graham

    I wish I could pay her to just thrift for me because I could NEVER

  • Alex Norbert
    Alex Norbert

    those shoes that people think are ugly that she has are the same shoes my mom has and i want them so bad

  • Felin De Jong
    Felin De Jong

    anyone else watching this in quarantaine?

  • Maëlle Tatnga
    Maëlle Tatnga

    Do we really say Levi’s like that?

    • abigail butters
      abigail butters

      what lmao? that’s how you say it

  • Ellie E
    Ellie E

    anybody else hear purdue and immediately think that’s in big 10 lol i’m a football nerd😂

    • Ellie E
      Ellie E

      lol anyone else here during quarantine

  • Galia Mixon
    Galia Mixon

    so so funnnn

  • Madison Haynes
    Madison Haynes

    I go to Purdueeee! It’s in IN and it’s a great university. also hi, big fan 👉🏻👈🏻

  • Ponyplayz

    Nobody : No one: Nothing: Not even air: Not even your fav poptart flavor: Me watching Emma at 2:30 am because why not : 😶

  • Amna Qureshi
    Amna Qureshi

    Any brown girls watching know what those pants are...

  • mia jahnke
    mia jahnke

    emma, I enjoy your content but you cannot, for the love of god, make a short, to the point outro

  • Maggie Roark
    Maggie Roark

    listen....i think emma is colorblind,

  • TheJoker Lab
    TheJoker Lab

    lmao her cat all bent up at the beggining next to her :)

  • EveaMae

    okay but I love those shoes like just the badass Bratz vibes🤩 yes.

  • The Sibling Duet
    The Sibling Duet

    ok but i really want to know what pants these are at 7:14 please

  • Justine Lyons
    Justine Lyons

    It's not really my style, but that Britney outfit really spoke to me on another level and I can't stop thinking about it.

  • Emma Johnson
    Emma Johnson

    I keep watching thrift videos during quarantine and I really need to stop because I MISS THRIFTING SO MUCH AND THESE VIDEOS ARE MAKING ME SAD

  • cassandra sotos
    cassandra sotos

    Purdue! Woot woot!! West Lafayette IN...best university in the Midwest!!! Not TOO far in the middle of nowhere but just far enough away! 2hrs fm Chicago and 45min from Indy and its right on the Tippicanoe River...i had such a Blast at Purdue!

  • Aislynn and Payton's Vlogs
    Aislynn and Payton's Vlogs

    nobody: absolutley nobody: emma: BiNGo mAtCHhhH

  • grace vogrin
    grace vogrin

    I GO TO PURDUE!!!! I want that sweatshirt so badly

  • lilly schoch
    lilly schoch


  • heart breaker
    heart breaker

    I love her style I have 3 different aesthetics and this is one of them😂

  • scarlett shearer
    scarlett shearer

    Emma please i'm begging you, donate your closet to me. It's a good cause, i swear.

  • Sophie_ Redder
    Sophie_ Redder

    16 outfits with jeans!!! I barely have 5 pair

  • Daisy DiDomenico
    Daisy DiDomenico

    I love wearing big clothes

  • amy oleary
    amy oleary

    why are all of the fits so fire

  • Susan Thompson
    Susan Thompson

    Purdue has is in Indiana

  • LittleRoyalsRoblox14

    Broooo I thought I was the only one that "tests" it by rubbing it on my lips broooo

  • Madison Andersen
    Madison Andersen

    0:56 is gold 🤗🤣

  • Sienna S
    Sienna S

    Louis vuitton lowkey cringing

  • Sienna S
    Sienna S

    also how can more ppl not like this than like it 🤷🏾‍♀️

  • Eriana Musgrove
    Eriana Musgrove

    she literally looks good in everything I WISH

  • Sandy Strishak
    Sandy Strishak

    Sometimes you remind me of Michael Scott

  • Danya Mody
    Danya Mody

    she is so bad at shoppng

    • Danya Mody
      Danya Mody


  • leila dupras
    leila dupras

    she looks good in everything

  • Mila Devillard
    Mila Devillard

    she looks sooooooooooo tan in white by the way ily

  • Madeline Rock
    Madeline Rock

    my fashion icon

  • Gracelynn Yeomans
    Gracelynn Yeomans

    Why do you put turtle necks under everything?!

    • abigail butters
      abigail butters

      leave karen

  • Bob No bob
    Bob No bob


  • Jana Hatem
    Jana Hatem

    i was binge watching your “fashion” vids for the 12th time, and when you was saying “fashion doesn’t have to be serious” i remembered that 6 months ago i was so fucking depressed because i hate my clothes and everyone tells me it’s weird and ugly and then you inspired me and now i just wear literally whatever i want and im so proud! even ppl who told me my clothes were fugly they’re now like “ooo u cute”

  • Kristine Vu
    Kristine Vu

    emma has more pairs of pants in this haul than my closet

  • Gali Alvarez-Quepons
    Gali Alvarez-Quepons

    emma's style seems like she's wearing "ugly" clothes as a joke but it low-key looks kinda cute kinda funky kinda quirky kinda fresh

  • Gracie Gragg
    Gracie Gragg

    How the fuck do you look fine as HELL in EVERYTHING

  • Krystal H
    Krystal H

    I seriously have never seen amazing pants like any of these in person...I need so many of them 😭

  • Oscar Lukin
    Oscar Lukin

    I actually love that outfit with those light orange pants and the tube top like woooooowwwww

  • Valerie Preciado
    Valerie Preciado

    It’s funny watching this video again and seeing Purdue ads on almost all her videos now I guess they like the free promo lol

  • Lucy and Declan
    Lucy and Declan

    my name is declan so this scared me

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