Star Wars Theory
The Star Wars Episode 9: Rise of Skywalker Final Trailer has raised even more questions than before. What do we have here? Palpatine, that's who. He seems to be all mech-like, or maybe just floating towards Rey at the end. Kylo looking like he's ready to win finally, and the rest of the resistance growing in numbers to fight Palpatine's onslaught of the Empire.
I think Anakin could be in this, I still have hope! I think we could see a flashback from him. I'm hopeful!
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  • Star Wars Theory
    Star Wars Theory

    What else did you what to see in the trailer? I wanted to see Anakin or at least hear him. I think the hologram that Finn and Poe are looking at during 10:51 could be this scene. What about Mech Palpatine? Is he half man half machine now?

    • Ndeleng Witwitan
      Ndeleng Witwitan

      Director: J.J. Abrams

    • J CLINE
      J CLINE

      @Spartan good for you not everyone feels how you do, not every star wars movie was great most of them where not that great, but there all good in there own way.

    • Spartan

      I litteraly don't even care about the rise of Skywalker i just wanna see Vader episode two

    • J CLINE
      J CLINE

      They won't show anakin if he is gonna be in this too big

    • Germ Bedro
      Germ Bedro

      I wanted to see a better movie.

  • CodeWriter Roblox
    CodeWriter Roblox

    Like how he thinks it being Leia training was a possibility even though she has Reys outfit and hair style

  • Monaka San
    Monaka San

    LETS SAVE STAR WARS chng.it/J2pVwznVzL

  • Bom Dia
    Bom Dia

    4:43 is it me or that sip really looks like mando's

  • Galaxygirl

    Also the planet that the emperor is on is Exegol

  • Galaxygirl

    3 Star Wars movies are turning 1 year older

  • Anish Burhan
    Anish Burhan

    No mor episd 9, 10, 11

  • Ryan Allen
    Ryan Allen

    You nailed that 3PO dagger thing

  • Da Chosen One
    Da Chosen One

    Oh wait there was a trailer Sorry I was listening to the music Great gob John Williams

  • Bobby Bennett
    Bobby Bennett

    Man theres no way you nailed it so perfectly without insider leak or information from some source. Most of this wasn't just accurate, but PRECISE.

  • Eli Gutman
    Eli Gutman

    i know this is like obvious at this point, but they should really just let the guy who runs the channel pick up after ep 6 and just redo ep 7-9 I mean shit 20 years from now their gonna recreate ep1-9 ANYWAY... what movie doesn't get re created with better graphics about 50 years later? i mean for christ sake thats all ep 7 and 8 are i presume 9 are for there just ep 4, 5, and 6 with lots of echoes echoes echoes...

  • Kenneth Ngan
    Kenneth Ngan

    Rey and Kylo met on death star 2 on Endor. She was finding the sith finder there.

    • Darth Lsai
      Darth Lsai

      It wasn’t endor, it was kef bir

  • TheChrisglasgow


  • Joe Mc
    Joe Mc

    Don’t listen to any plot theories before seeing SW9. Just watch the films. These videos might be seen by SW writers so they change the story for a plot twist. I rather if they told the original story as it should be. Some characters where changed, removed and added due to fans opinions. Jar jar was ruined because of the fans. If he was the true fantom menace and fans were patience, we would have got a better trilogy. The original scripts should be followed with small changes. Disney can Make them next.

  • Chatty Mouse
    Chatty Mouse

    Did not like the end :-(((

  • Viixine

    Um....I think you should of actually watched the movie before you did a breakdown...

  • emppezzz _
    emppezzz _

    1. Lea is jedi 2. Ray is Palpatine 3. Palpatine is ALIVE 4. Kylo dead 5. Lando is fat

  • Cosmic Donut Boi
    Cosmic Donut Boi

    I just watched the movie like 20 minutes ago and my brain is mush now it is a masterpiece and made me cry

  • Get me to 1k subs. Please.
    Get me to 1k subs. Please.

    He really got it right

  • b c
    b c

    Rogers Waters was alright playing the character of Bend Solo/ Kylo Ron. Thanks for the new glasses Maz, I can finally see everything.

  • Irishguy2076 ****
    Irishguy2076 ****

    Can’t believe how accurate you were on some of these theory’s

  • Ken C
    Ken C

    But c'mon, Wedge returned.

  • Riz HRD
    Riz HRD

    December 20, 2019 Friday and I just saw this movie! The best and so heart melting episode! Empress Palpatine is forever dead! Hello R. Skywalker & Welcome back B. Skywalker! I salute all the characters of this movie since the beginning in later 70s! It's only C. Fishier who is missing from the original casts! If she was alive, for sure she would be happy & proud being the original cast of Star Wars! Imagine 9 movies... 3 x 3 trilogies for different decades & different generations! I salute you all! 🥰🙏💕

  • DustOvisioN

    The Entire Skywalker Family is Palpatine's. Its The Palpatine Saga. Shmi Skywalker(Mother) Sheev Palpatine{Father).. Anakin took his mothers last name.

  • Ethan Bompart
    Ethan Bompart

    Palpatine just been vibin'

  • Apple Man
    Apple Man

    New trailer Vader back

  • Napoleon Chorevas
    Napoleon Chorevas

    I have seen the movie rey is a palpatine

  • Cortex Music
    Cortex Music

    Lol. How many ships do you want? Yes.

  • Spooky Blue
    Spooky Blue

    My school went to the movie before it has come out today (in iceland) and i'm dying. And i will only spoil one thing, a very small hint. ---> -*-Look out Reylo shippers-*-

  • Skippy Doo
    Skippy Doo

    The gunship might be mandos ship

  • Ndeleng Witwitan
    Ndeleng Witwitan

    Director: J.J. Abrams

  • Ivan Rodriguez
    Ivan Rodriguez

    The laat gunship looks like the razor crest

  • Anakin Skywalker
    Anakin Skywalker

    I saw this movie today. I am sad that my grandson died.

  • Aron Reyes
    Aron Reyes

    Palpatine has to be some kind of relative to Rey since she has force powers; Id say thats her grandfather. I think also that Palpatine is pretty much the one who killed Rey's real parents. The evil Rey that we seen in some images that's gotta be a vision Rey has of herself trying to fight off Palpatine's mind games

    • J Batters
      J Batters

      Have you seen the movie yet?

  • Obi-wan- Kenobi
    Obi-wan- Kenobi

    Palpatine won game of thrones and got that throne

  • NeiDneX

    05:00 No,its Tony Stark's new heart.

  • Bean Eater
    Bean Eater

    bruh i just got a mf ad at 1am of it chaptur 2 thats not fun lmaooo full screen and all

  • RavDaddy 21
    RavDaddy 21

    This is a bit far fetched and I'm not a big fan of this theory but what if Ray is a reincarnation of annikan (forgive me if I spelled it wrong)

  • That Aussie Guy
    That Aussie Guy

    the rebels will cheat there way to victory thanks to the RIGGED rebels must win plotline time for the empire to cheat and make ships that CANT be destroyed


    7:12 look at obi wans lightsaber lol

  • the crab empire
    the crab empire

    The bowl of cereal im eating as im writing this comment has more personality and character than rey

  • Des Bro
    Des Bro

    3:20 Look and in the 'water' you can see a dark hill, but above you do not see a hill even remotely close to its placement

  • Leah MacDonald
    Leah MacDonald

    i just want reylo thats all

  • Ethan H
    Ethan H

    He searching for something

  • Morgan._. Attrill
    Morgan._. Attrill

    I reckon darth maul is in this because why would they bring him back in solo which is 2 decades after phantom menace

    • Eaglesnest 1975
      Eaglesnest 1975

      good point

  • Guy

    The compass reminded me of iron mans heart.

  • Connor Petway
    Connor Petway

    I hate when youtubers say that the last Jedi shouldn’t have made luke jaded. How else was he going to be written? JJ had him just sitting on an island during the rise of the first order. That would make no sense unless Luke has been through some shit and it changed his outlook on the force.

  • slatissa

    Rey is a young clone version of shmi that sheev palpatine created. My theory.

    • Akin Dora
      Akin Dora

      slatissa wow

  • Kingnabu

    The Ice at 3:10 is in space

  • Dachy Lachy19
    Dachy Lachy19

    That compass in the part in the falcon that could be Luke’s compass from battle front 2

  • Arthur Oscar Nunes
    Arthur Oscar Nunes

    that shit in the falcon was there since force awakens. Nothing diferent I guess

  • K Kroeger
    K Kroeger

    NRG tracking numbers are softening for Rise of Skywalker. In particular, interest among teenage and 18-25 males is dropping heading into opening weekend. Unheard of among the successful sci-fi fantasy & comic book movies. Disney execs are crapping bricks over this. Not much they can do now.

  • Nelson Paixão Pinto
    Nelson Paixão Pinto

    💩 This rise is going to be a great downfall 💩

  • justin gallimore
    justin gallimore

    It's an astrium


    R2d2 has c-3p0 back up data so he will get his memory back, he needs to learn to read the dark side shit on the dagger, that's explains reys parents death.


    This movie is going to be so sick I can't wait to see it.

  • Revan

    the ship at 4:44 really looks like Mando's ship from The Mandalorian

  • Gordon B
    Gordon B

    5:05 looks like the thing from back to the future

  • GoatheadTough

    Maybe the dagger is the weapon that they are hunting like you mentioned they might be hunting a weapon

  • A default Gamer
    A default Gamer


  • Brockez E
    Brockez E

    You know I’ve been here from the beginning of this channel I’m happy for you to see how far you’ve come

  • Hash Y
    Hash Y

    Dude ... there is another trailer

  • Niko Covich
    Niko Covich

    revenge of mary sue

  • Noah Greenan
    Noah Greenan

    HANG ON, THERES A GUNSHIP!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Man, im buying that as a lego set

  • Pac-astan

    3:05 Lando left his freezer running

  • Pac-astan

    They better not kill R2

  • Evan Roberts
    Evan Roberts

    Is everyone just gonna forget that Kylo is a Skywalker?

    • A default Gamer
      A default Gamer

      Evan Roberts wait O MAH GAH I FORGOT

    • A D
      A D



    The Emperor learned how to Fly Between Empire and Return Jedi. That's how he lived when Vader throws him NOT TO HIS DEATH.

  • Project Blackout
    Project Blackout

    5:13 it’s the flex compass from back to the future

  • Natalie Gutierrez
    Natalie Gutierrez


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