Ethan Teaches Mark How to Swim
Unus Annus
Mark has the densest bones known to man. Can Mark overcome this obstacle with Ethan's legendary teaching and or swimming ability?
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This channel, along with every video that has or will ever be uploaded on this channel, will be deleted after our year has ended. This is inevitable. Inescapable. Irreversible.
Do not archive or re-upload anything. This is our last wish. Our parting gift. Stay true to the purpose of our final year or we shall lay down wrath upon those that attempt to escape the end.
Memento Mori.
Unus Annus.

  • Brayden Huse
    Brayden Huse

    Mark ur doing a breastroke kick for butterly

  • Brayden Huse
    Brayden Huse

    You don’t even do a flip turn with the butterfly and you did a breaststroke kick and flip turned but when you do I utter fly you grab the edge and do an open turn

  • Be Risky
    Be Risky

    "WOW! he can Butterfly!" what a sentence

  • A True Unus
    A True Unus

    I think I had a stroke when I was listening to Eff talk

  • bruh

    ethans form hurts deep within my soul

  • Victoria Brooker
    Victoria Brooker

    Did the intro get more intense? I feel like it got more intense

  • Toasted Trash Gaming
    Toasted Trash Gaming

    I am that same first relic XD


    Oh god that butterfly... Hurt. It was... No. The flip turn and the breaststroke kicks. Oh god why Ethan WHY

  • HaywoodYaBlowMe

    I wanna be rich to the point I can own a pool despite not knowing how to swim

  • Jake

    I'm always yelling for Mark to get the leaves out of his pool

  • Queen Blooden
    Queen Blooden


  • Angie Landrum
    Angie Landrum

    I'm a swimmer, this is painful to watch

  • Wyatt Beyer
    Wyatt Beyer

    This is a little hard to watch as a competitive summer

  • Gabynez NeGron
    Gabynez NeGron

    CLEAN THe poooool

  • Miguel

    This has over a million views...

  • diesel boi
    diesel boi

    Me after I start training again after 2 and a half months of lockdown:

  • Puntastic Artist
    Puntastic Artist

    is ethan teaching classes on skillshare???? or????

  • CD Warrior
    CD Warrior

    The most effective stroke is the one you have when watching Eef try to teach.

  • Teya McEwan
    Teya McEwan

    As a swim coach that teaches little kids to swim this was so painful yet so funny to watch hahahaha

  • OgreenMango

    I think 10:56 is the best thing humanity has produced ever.

  • tireddd

    Oooo they talking abt a series of unfortunate eventsss

  • NT Gaming
    NT Gaming


  • Lol A Boomer On Xbox
    Lol A Boomer On Xbox

    it’s funny bc u can see there feet under water and they look so tiny 😂🥺

  • Lillian Hubble
    Lillian Hubble

    I used to be on a swim team and my sister still is and it was so painful to watch this video. Ethan doing breaststroke kick with butterfly stroke, his butterfly in general, the fact that neither of them were wearing their swim caps properly, it was a recipe for disaster.

  • Ripadu . _.
    Ripadu . _.

    _Im commenting to every unnus annus video_

  • Xander Willingham
    Xander Willingham

    To think this all started with a backflip

  • LovJinx


  • LovJinx

    As a competitive swimmer for over 10 years, this pains me in my soul. My strokes were butterfly and breaststroke too, went to states for them in high school.

  • Space Fairing Alien
    Space Fairing Alien

    I Know Nobody Cares But this video was on my birthday, i just noticed it was marks birthday, So Happy Late Birthday mark!

  • Cassie Lynn
    Cassie Lynn

    My dad taught me to swim with the helpful phrase, "Breathe the air, not the water." Thanks, Dad. I don't know what I would have done if you had not imparted such knowledge upon me.

  • Believer Uzamaki
    Believer Uzamaki

    I can't stop looking at their small fuking legs bro, Throughout the whole video I watched their small legs and laugh my butt off

  • That Weird Guy14
    That Weird Guy14

    I keep looking at the tiny leg

  • TJGamerWolf

    Pool people made up the myth that you can't eat for 30min before swimming cuz they didn't want people getting food in their pools

  • Mc Squeezoms
    Mc Squeezoms

    Omg yeesss! Thank you for fixing the "Memento Mori" spelling error!

  • Unnecessary Artwork
    Unnecessary Artwork

    Plot twist: Ethan drowns

  • SolidSnakeSister 16
    SolidSnakeSister 16

    This video should have been named Ethan teaching Mark the ways of Ethansology (A word that mean Ethan's Dictionary of words and Things)

  • Milo G
    Milo G

    I mean buttrrflies fly like they're on drugs so Ethan's not that far off

  • Jennifer A
    Jennifer A

    i think it's nice that Mark gets to be a big kid in a way, since he's said in the past he had a rough childhood. He certainly worked hard enough to get here. I'm really going to miss this channel when it's gone. The Ethan/Mark combo just works comedically. Not as well as Jacksepticeye and Mark but still really funny.

  • Mint Rose
    Mint Rose

    I think Mark's butterfly stoke is better than Ethan's.

  • Gamer Boi
    Gamer Boi

    I should stop chanting intro before I summon a demon

  • Samantha Larned
    Samantha Larned

    anyone else kinda mad about the fact that Ethan did a flip turn during butterfly? Or that he was doing breast stroke legs lmao my coach would have KILLED me

  • Banjo Main REX245
    Banjo Main REX245

    As a Swimmer myself I feel offended 😐😐

  • Skeeter From South Park
    Skeeter From South Park

    Ethan teaching mark how to swim is like if Count Olaf taught parenting classes

  • Summer Peterson
    Summer Peterson

    I have been told by multiple people including my very smart uncle that you can eat before going in the water but you cant drink. I dont know why I know this, I just do.

  • Joe Cool
    Joe Cool

    8:45 he looks like a frog with broken arms!!

  • Play Bananas
    Play Bananas

    I don't want to imagine them doing this is thick water.... but I guess it's too late now.

  • jorjia

    a month later and i still can’t take this video seriously as a swimmer

  • Jey cabugs
    Jey cabugs

    Where did all the comments go? (● ̄(エ) ̄●) Where the fuck Are they o((*^▽^*))o There they are

  • TXT_Iridescent

    Mark the you'tube' almost demonetized your life

  • Zach Goff
    Zach Goff

    I get that this editor is trying to be all "a e s t h e t i c" with the 80s instructional video thing, but anyone else find it incredibly annoying and obnoxious?

  • Cherry

    this is the exact opposite energy from the mermaid video

  • Emma

    Of course there's seen/read ASOUE 🤦 This whole thing screams Lemony Snicket 😂😂

  • CONRAD20

    I was never taught how to doggie paddle

  • Jay Coffey
    Jay Coffey

    You can't just see the trauma in Mark's face the longer the video goes on

  • Riley Murphy
    Riley Murphy

    imma just put this here. 6:20 look at Ethan's trunks

  • Riley Murphy
    Riley Murphy

    I laughed so hard seeing that air bubble in Ethan's trunks. 😆 🤣 😂 😹 😆 🤣 😂 😹

  • Myrna Collins
    Myrna Collins

    This thumbnail is my absolute favorite

  • Glitchy Kings
    Glitchy Kings

    Fun fact: it doesn’t matter if ya eat before you go in a pool or wait 30 minutes before, swallowing water while swimming WILL cause you to vomit

  • SleepingBagDemon 36
    SleepingBagDemon 36

    I wanna drown. *I just wanna know how it feels. Okay?*

  • Raphaeloking

    I mean, everyone was terrefied of the sea after wittnessing jaws


    My favorite part about the entire f****** video is that Ethan has no idea how to talk

  • SB3 Gaming
    SB3 Gaming

    lmao unus annus videos like this make me realize my friends & I should have recorded more of our shenanigans 😂.

  • steeb bucko
    steeb bucko

    no one: eef: now, if you were faster, you could go faster

  • ThatOneWhiteKnight

    4:35 Same Ethan, same

  • Forwardstory

    i feel like mark and ethan are going to commit suicide for the finale of unus annus because this seems like bucket-list type stuff and "memento mori" is a symbol relating to the inevitability of death

  • Faded Crimson Yanna
    Faded Crimson Yanna

    My poor tinnitus

  • Vhok

    holy fuck i hate this filter they are using for the intros

  • Space_babe03

    Me: Mom I want Michael Phelps Mom: we have Michael Phelps at home Michael Phelps at home:

  • Urosanctuary
    Urosanctuary a swimmer....the kick is so wrong for butterfly, but they didn't do so bad for the funsies. Also, YAY FOR THE SOUE REF. Loved those books.

  • Jolt of Lightnin
    Jolt of Lightnin

    I'm about 90% sure Ethan used the wrong kick for butterfly

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