Everything GREAT About Soul!
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Soul! Another gorgeous movie from Pixar that definitely would have done better if not for the pandemic. Here's everything right with Soul.
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  • Ghost

    just thinking about this movie makes me wanna cry. true masterpiece of cinema.

  • Autistic Black girl
    Autistic Black girl

    All the gray in your beard... you’re a lot older than how you sound. But still one of my fave IT-my channels. 👍🏾

  • truehyperwilliam

    I just finished watching this. And I cried for some reason.

  • Michael Rauch
    Michael Rauch

    A beautiful movie that hit home and made things so deep

  • Michael Rauch
    Michael Rauch

    So excited for this

  • coffe trueno
    coffe trueno

    10:20 i don’t get it

  • Bacons Eggs
    Bacons Eggs

    The ending messages honestly put something great into me

  • Weegee Beast
    Weegee Beast

    13:50 I didn’t even notice the bottom text at first when I watched the movie, but now that I have read it, I tip my hat to Pixar for sneaking in a little bit Covid safety advice in the credits.

  • Pine Cedo
    Pine Cedo

    Anyone else remember everything ron

  • Betty Boop
    Betty Boop

    22 is the best character and nobody can change my mind

  • Mr Yee
    Mr Yee

    another thing about the animation, is the instrument models is accurate, like the saxophone has all the correct buttons

  • WXO_Foxy_Gamer Studio
    WXO_Foxy_Gamer Studio

    8:32 *nice*

  • Beaker Bot
    Beaker Bot

    God is good

  • Crimson Hunter
    Crimson Hunter

    Just watched this movie, really funny and nice :) :D I just wanna know what happened to 22 Also joe looks like eddie murphy but the voice is jamie foxx L0L

  • MYBE Entertainment
    MYBE Entertainment

    Shoutout to them for more black culture references: specifically at 8:41 with the haircut style posters, the Ali vs. Frazier poster and the A Tribe Called Quest art in the background. Looks like my old barbershop growing up. RIP Phife Dawg

  • mrxlo _
    mrxlo _

    Man I love your channel sooo much movie than CinemaSins

  • Flynn

    12:04 It's... um... Jon Batiste. No "h" and no "p"

  • G

    The fact that they called production babies “You Seminar Graduates” is the biggest win for me, one that you missed unfortunately.

  • PIGLIN 469
    PIGLIN 469

    DO tremmors

  • Kernel Panic
    Kernel Panic

    11:39 plants vs zombies music

  • A B
    A B

    1. Thank you for this channel; it brightens my day, and I'm sure lots of other's, too, and we really need that right now. 2. I'd love to see you win the comedy Oscar, starring Sylvester Stallone. Critics panned it, and most people I know have no idea the movie exists, which is sad because it's a lot of fun. I mean, Sly in a 1930's period comedy that uses classic tropes to elicit laughs? That's a winner.

  • RichED Mixed
    RichED Mixed

    This movie hit so hard for me personally. Like this movie made me well up and cry are several parts. More so then any other Pixar movie had. This film means so much to me

  • AngelofGrace96

    I might be an idiot, but what does the lotion thing have to do with representation?

  • Cara Danelle Sheasby
    Cara Danelle Sheasby

    my brain did a double take because I've been trying so hard to avoid spoilers for this movie when he said there will be spoilers I was like oh no I mustn't watch but iv already see this movie lol

  • Gerard Anthony Garcia
    Gerard Anthony Garcia

    Hi. Can you please also do an EGA about "Angels and Demons" and "The Da Vinci Code" starring Tom Hanks?

  • Legit Poser
    Legit Poser

    Y’all open for a opinion? I kinda feel like joe should’ve stayed dead after his “dream night”. I know it wouldn’t be “fair” or “overly positive”, but death often isn’t. And I think it would’ve been a great opportunity to teach kids about how life can be appreciated, even when its cut short, and how to process loss. Plenty of kids experience death of loved ones in their lives and have no media to comfort them or support them, i think this could’ve fit the bill. IDK, loved this move none the less.

  • Isaiah Carpenter
    Isaiah Carpenter

    It’s about time we gave you a beautiful beard win

  • thespeedyyoshi

    I can’t believe you didn’t mention anything about the title only appearing at the end.

  • seun bamgbose
    seun bamgbose

    First movie i am watching u talk about and i love how you actually watch and interprete it ur appreciation for the art itself and how u use ur knowledge of various things, i hope you are a teacher of some sort because you will inspire a lot of people

  • SkyTied

    That new mic, NICE.

  • Johnny Gibbs
    Johnny Gibbs

    You missed a win point. Although Joe’s big performance has some of the most beautiful shots in the film, its runtime is incredibly small, not even two minutes long. Compared to the ninety minutes of the whole film, it is almost disappointing how fast the moment comes and goes. That reflection is so meaningful because even though the moment cinematically is so sweet, glorious, and visually pleasing, much like how Joe feels while in the performance, it is insignificant in the grand scheme of things. Joe finds that out immediately. The moment we’ve all been waiting for doesn’t even satisfy the film or the viewer, in the same way it doesn’t satisfy Joe’s ambitions and success.

  • Alyssa H.
    Alyssa H.

    One of my (many) favorite parts about this movie are the designs of the Jerrys and Terry. The way they were given designs, names, personalities, and voices that weren't immediately feminine or masculine-coded, because they are genderless representations of the universe beyond such concepts, was super cool to me. Plus they just give off a really soothing aura which I'm sure is intentional as they are the caretakers and nurturers of humanity. Idk they are just really cool to me and I loved watching them! (Oh also the message of the movie punched an irreparable hole in my gut, it really spoke to me and is a message I've never really seen in a movie before).

  • Jack Currie
    Jack Currie

    I’m sorry, what’s going on at 10:17 I’m so lost and confused

  • Timi Agiri
    Timi Agiri

    good segway

  • RA Ewalt
    RA Ewalt

    Toy Story please!🙂

  • MovieJunkie ForLife
    MovieJunkie ForLife

    I truly enjoyed this movie, but I felt like Pixar 'copped out' when they allowed Joe to go back to Earth.

  • im trying
    im trying

    Please boycott Disney, they’re complicit with the Uyghur Genocide

  • Matthew Saverton
    Matthew Saverton

    please do Knight's tale

  • Matt E.
    Matt E.

    @12:58: Here's another win - That (22 not having an exact memory of what their previous mentor had told them, but remembering their basic points) a good representation of how we remember things that we experience, as well as episodes in our lives. Essentially, and with just a few exceptions (e.g. flashbulb memories, really important events), we remember the gist of things but not the details, so 22 not remembering the exact words their past mentors said but remembering their basic points (especially given how many thousands of advisers they had had) would ring true for people. Well done to Pixar for including that.

  • 제규형

    Thanks for such an interesting video. This year wasn't a good year for movies because of Corona, but we still had some amazing gems - and I think this is truly one of them. Good to see why it's amazing picked out though!

  • Massid

    Bolt was Disney’s introduction into 3D animation and to this day both its story and animation holds up even to Pixar’s standards it deserves a wins video

    • Massid

      @Joshua Joe I know that bolt wasn’t the first but bolt was the first one where it really felt like they got it

    • Joshua Joe
      Joshua Joe

      Actually Disney had two 3D films before Bolt, Chicken Little (whose animation was worse than Toy Story) in 2005 and Meet the Robinsons in 2007. However I would really want a Bolt video wins video as it’s in my top 5 Disney Animated movies.

  • Oil Rig Films
    Oil Rig Films

    one thing you forgot to mention was that the great before and great beyond are run by Australians.

  • Olivia McDonagh
    Olivia McDonagh

    TLDR; love aspects of the film, but I think they could've done a lot more story-wise. I... Had really conflicting feelings about this film. On the one hand, it's gooooooorgeous. And 22's story arc is great, and I LOVED seeing Richard Ayoade and Graham Norton really flexing their acting muscles. But at the same time... The film felt flat to me. Personally, I would've LOVED it if Joe had been trying to show 22 their purpose, only to realise that jazz music WASN'T his (which is heavily hinted at by his lack of joy teaching the kids, his complete disregard for the busker, and how he essentially got bored after ONE show at his supposedly dream job). It would've been really interesting to see him realise that while he loves jazz, it's not his life's ambition, and/or that life isn't about "purpose" (like Richard Ayoade tells him), and just being content enough to help 22 find their passion, and move on to the Great Beyond now that he's complete. It could've had the same "hero's downfall" that this script had, but it would've had such a bigger impact, unlike this version where it just shoved all of that realisation into a monologue in the last 30 seconds.... I mean, when you compare it to Up! (another Pixar film about self realisation) it doesn't hit NEARLY as hard, nor is there any trail that leads to the moment of self-realisation.... I dunno, it felt like a missed opportunity to me.

  • Mad 1
    Mad 1


  • thriftedjumper

    If you look closely you’ll see 22 has a George O’Malley mentor sticker...

  • DonutCrown

    I watched this film at 2 am when i was waiting on a covid test result. It was increadible. I cried by the end for two reasons, 1 I loved the film, 2 I lost my taste and smell while watching it. I then rewatched it to make myself feel better

  • Wel C
    Wel C

    10:32 Are we really holding back a win from Phylicia Rashad and her work because of a FORMER cast member's actions outside of acting??? Phylicia Rashad is ALWAYS A WIN!!!

  • Nolan Wallace
    Nolan Wallace


  • tesla 197
    tesla 197

    I remember someone called this movie racist

  • Yam_ Prim
    Yam_ Prim

    Could you please do “kluas” it’s a animated movie. :)

  • SuperBadspeller

    Please do hardcore Henry

  • noodleaddict

    YESSSS I was waiting for this

  • RELOAD Official
    RELOAD Official

    Now sin Wolfwalkers.

  • He-Man

    So when u gonna win Justice League?

  • claire washburn
    claire washburn

    Do The Addams Family and Addams Family Values, please!!!!! Absolute masterpieces

  • james brooking
    james brooking

    if somebody told us in the late nineties that the lead singer of nine inch nails would compose a pixar movie we wouldn't believe them

  • DaTwee

    Fun fact, I go to the school where the band was from. I won't say the name but you can google it.

  • Nayan Dusoruth
    Nayan Dusoruth

    The number of souls being at 108 billion is actually a reference to the total amount of people that have ever existed (homo sapiens that is) suggesting that 22 was supposed to be one of the first humans to ever exist. Quick side-note, the fact that that number only refers to our specific species suggests that the great before has different "waiting rooms" and lists for different species, which makes me curious as to what a cat's great before is, or any other species for that matter.

  • Super Durp1234
    Super Durp1234

    When did Cinema wins get the cinema sins narrator

  • Riley Sickler
    Riley Sickler

    Thing I really love about this movie is the score. every time I listen to Joe playing the piano at home reminiscing his life, it’s euphoria.

  • David Johnson
    David Johnson

    Can we please get Everything Great About Smokin Aces. It’s definitely underrated but I know so many people who also has great appreciation for it!

  • Rebekah Larsen
    Rebekah Larsen

    2:45 I'm so glad I'm not the only one to think it was a Jesus joke!!!!

  • Python Gaming
    Python Gaming

    I love this movie.

  • Kat Lu 's AMV
    Kat Lu 's AMV

    People enjoying the advice I give them, and they are just learning things from someone who doesn't even want to exist.

  • Momentai Gamer
    Momentai Gamer

    Ok, I don’t know if it’s already been done or just flat out not allowed but, could you do a video on Mystery Men?

  • Lizzy Daniels
    Lizzy Daniels

    You need to do jp 3. I would love to see someone actually point out the positive things in that movie.

  • Noob G
    Noob G



    Plz do everything great about lady and the tramp

  • India's #1 Coaster Enthusiast
    India's #1 Coaster Enthusiast

    Anyone else annoyed that Soul won the award for music, but TENET lost?

  • wadwad yt
    wadwad yt

    do mid 90s

Prossimi video