Everything NEW in the HUGE CARS UPDATE in Fortnite (New Shotgun, New Floppers, and MORE!)
Everything NEW in the HUGE CARS UPDATE in Fortnite (New Shotgun, New Floppers, and MORE!)
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Everything NEW in the HUGE CARS UPDATE in Fortnite (New Shotgun, New Floppers, and MORE!) I hope you guys enjoy this Fortnite Battle Royale Funny Moments Gameplay video! Today, we go into Fortnite battle royale chapter 2 season 3 and talk about fortnite 13.40 patch notes, and everything new in the huge cars update in fortnite that epic didnt tell you about!

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    ShinobiGhost [こんにちは]

    Anyone noticed he used the of map in the thumbnail?

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    They run out of fuel and they still gonna get removed do to sweats screaming at epic 2 Op 2 Op..

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    Fortnite is FINALLY making an update to fishing so there is now a reason to fish

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    They didn’t fix the glider redeploy glitch

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    I still got slow glitch

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    yo take out the charge put the season 3 pump back and i will bet cash people will come back

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    I like how he was shit talking kids in pubs, like they were all bots lol

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    The glider glitch is not fixed I just got it in arena trios

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    They didn’t fix the glider glitch


    I have had that glitch

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    Yo this update is becoming to pokemon because of fishing rod

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    Every game I die I get hit bye a truck

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    Cars are in arena

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    Why did you not drive the taxis

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    7:00 was playing and the bug is not yet fixed :/

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    Did you ever know that if you reload you do not get a new mag in fortnite wow

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    Bro the face he makes for the thumbnails is so funny dude😂

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    Kiwis controller players are op also kiwiz 😶😶

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    Anyone else think this guy is following on the footsteps of SypherPK

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    5:39 yes it was introduced in season 6 when they added the zombies

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    bruh glider bug aint fixed

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    7:00 kiwiz became the apparently kid😂😂😂

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    Great Man ! Btw guys I just made and uploaded my first ever Fortnite Montage you guys may like it 🥰

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    Here is kiwis trying the infamous sypher pk wow style

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    Cap there isn’t a new shotgun


    The cars super broken

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    crunkgod27 on twitch

    1:53 bruh "and you just literally want to just spew it, alllllll over, oohhh yea" LMAO KIWIZ

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