Everything Wrong With The Hangover In 19 Minutes Or Less
The Hangover was such a big hit they ended up making THREE of them... they get progressively less and less funny. Anyway, we went looking for sins in the original and whoa daddy... are there sins?!?!
Next week: 90s classic sins, 90s space sins.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we count next?
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  • Jmaniac

    SMG4 did it better

  • Yoyo123x

    Yup, this just got me excited to watch the movie again

  • CJ Hanlon
    CJ Hanlon

    I love it in all of his videos it is 19 minutes or less but it is 20 minutes *ding*

  • fluffernutter03

    I hated hangover just from the trailers. Couldn't sit through the first 20 minutes of this movie, and even CinemaSins can't make me laugh at its obvious absurdity... this movie really *was* designed for THE lowest common denominator. How could the masses actually watch this shit AND praise it?

  • Mr. Ghost
    Mr. Ghost

    Cinema Sins is hilarious and funny

  • Mr. Ghost
    Mr. Ghost

    Love Cinema Sins

  • Alex Jenkinson
    Alex Jenkinson

    There’s nothing wrong with this movie because everything is wrong with this movie. It’s supposed to be ridiculous

  • Jakeb Pagesh
    Jakeb Pagesh

    “Guess what we’re sinning”. What a priceless moment. Thanks for that :)

  • Shoobee-Doowap-Baoh

    "not wanting to be married to heather graham anymore" Fucking thank you

  • Dylan Crozier
    Dylan Crozier

    Btw I’ve seen a lot of your moviesin videos, I’ve enjoyed them when I’ve watched them but I guess Tara or whatever it is took some kind of offence or something but whatever, still like your stuff just like this movie better than your video. Sure you’re reasonable to enough to understand

  • Alpha Dragon
    Alpha Dragon

    When a sjw White knight is mad coz of some movie made litrally a decade ago clearly its a cult classic 🤣

  • Vinnie P
    Vinnie P

    what the hell is a man purse?

  • Lady MF Unicorn
    Lady MF Unicorn

    Its was so stupid it was funny. Also I have had some crazy as nights without Vegas lol.

  • Daniel Jones
    Daniel Jones

    You are intolerable

  • My View
    My View

    9:00 Do you know where this place is? Ya, it's by the corner of get a map and clear off! Lol

  • My View
    My View

    0:56 Watch should be on left wrist too.

  • Saboki

    Skyline chili? Cinema Sins from ky?

  • Unknown User
    Unknown User

    Why are there people who take these videos way too seriously as if they possess no sense of humor? It’s okay to make fun of a movie. It doesn’t mean we don’t like it. hOw DaRe YoU sIn A mOvIe I lIkE. yOu’Re A jErK. Sigh....

  • GojiKing 94
    GojiKing 94

    Nextime Is The Hangover Part 2

  • vic law
    vic law

    everything wrong with here comes the boom

  • TalkTalk

    Its a sin they didnt kill of Stus girlfriend.

  • VeteranRedBeard

    How many times are we gonna get the whole "this actress was wasted because shes very talented" shtick? Lol theres observation and then theres SJW pandering.

    • beaverboykrunk

      He thinks he will get laid if he acts like that. No wonder his wife left him

  • Liam Holmes
    Liam Holmes

    one of the best comedy films ever.

  • Hans jørgen Hjemdal
    Hans jørgen Hjemdal

    Punching your poultry or Super Turbo Turkey Puncher 3?

  • Stephanie Blasenak
    Stephanie Blasenak

    1:19 - What ARE they sinning?

  • Occam's Razor
    Occam's Razor

    0:52 It usually identifies someone as either being, or having been, military. When I was in the US Army in the early 00s, we were actually TOLD to wear it like that (probably no different to today). Nearest I could figure is it reduced the chance for glint, exposing your position.

  • Dwayne Adams II
    Dwayne Adams II


  • Fleato

    damn the trump sin you're so woke should we look back at your old videos before trump was president and wokeness took over XD cause i definitely remember some unwokeness before it was trendy

  • Jimmy Felton
    Jimmy Felton

    Do part 2!

  • Likehat

    Cinemasins sins Trump cliche *ding*

  • slycklyk

    He was wearing his watch on the inside of his wrists because it's much more natural to look at the inside of your wrist than to flip your hand over to read the time

  • L-Y3T

    1:19 I was about to say I don't get it, but I get it. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • don't care
    don't care

    People take the sins way to serious. They literally mean nothing so it's not a big deal.

  • The KC Suge The_KC_Suge
    The KC Suge The_KC_Suge

    I walk in my friends getting ready all the time. We’re friends

  • Jose Baez
    Jose Baez

    That wedding singer is actually in Starsky and hutch too

  • John Lewinski
    John Lewinski

    This is like watching a karen narrate a movie

  • Jennifer Tarbox
    Jennifer Tarbox

    How is he gonna pay for that field trip though???

  • Siddle J7
    Siddle J7

    This is what happens when a Boomer reviews The Hangover..

  • Clifton Sargent
    Clifton Sargent

    If I could ask good sir, why no video on momento?

  • jimmyglea

    I always thought I was alone thinking this movie is stupid.

  • Tao Biaf
    Tao Biaf

    it's ok to be socially progressive, in fact it's the way you SHOULD be, but CinemaSins has literally turned into an overtly white knighting peon in order to cater to a demographic of hypersensitive hypicrites who don't even watch EWW lmao. no seriously, when is the last time you heard of anybody of the SJW persuasion watch CinemaSins. I'll wait.

  • Antonis Livaditis
    Antonis Livaditis

    You are a big Karen if you didn't like it


    First time I did extascy we watched this movie “hypothetically” lol

  • Arjun Wali
    Arjun Wali

    Damn todd phillips fans, the watch community, and triggered internet dudes are HEATED. clearly you guys are new to the channel

  • Daniel Campiolo
    Daniel Campiolo

    7:32 thanks for that slomo Cinema Sins!

  • dodgeguyz

    This is a movie you just gotta love to hate! And even the hate isn’t bad!

  • lennycrew3

    Is this the CinemaSins with the most amount of removed sins?

  • core8yoga

    the bus driver is cleared, the bus rides off sparkling clean...

  • core8yoga

    did you notice that Phil lost his hospital bracelet right after you said "how come Phil doesn't notice the hospital bracelet"?

  • Ashmit Kumar
    Ashmit Kumar

    'Guess what we're sinning?' 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • G-Unit1111

    There should be an "expensive car owned by protagonist gets thoroughly destroyed throughout the course of the movie to advance the plot" cliche. It happens all the time! See: The Hangover, Horrible Bosses, John Wick, Tommy Boy, Con Air, Back To The Future, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Spiderman: Homecoming, literally any James Bond movie, I could go on and on!

  • Sue Flay
    Sue Flay

    They made 3 of these the movie would be much better if it was their crazy night. The actors Bankrolled the other two I swear no studio was want to pay for this.

  • Luke Ulin
    Luke Ulin

    I resent the watch comment

  • jay tate
    jay tate

    One of worst movies , ever.

  • Daniel Grigg
    Daniel Grigg

    17:31 Oh she's fine now, it's when she's in the back of a limo with Burt Reynolds and starts going nuts kicking the crap out of an arsehole she went to school with in roller skates, that's when you'll know it effected her.

  • Sobergrey

    Great job. Glad to see at least one person resist pandering to the tasteless crowd. This kind of movie is perfect for people who really have no sense of humor at all, and just laugh because it has the potential to be offensive to someone else. It's really just a thinly veiled form of sadism. "Haha! Someone's going to be so mad about that! So funny! What was the actual joke again?"

  • Zoomer

    Doug is the most important side character in movie history

  • Donny

    These hangover movies were awesome and I've always wanted to have a night like the actors did.

  • 111danish111

    14:31 hahahahahahaah!!!

  • The Dank Farmer
    The Dank Farmer

    Orange man bad

  • Dr Phot
    Dr Phot

    Lies there's nothing wrong with one of the most near-perfect comedy movies of all-time!

  • Dave France
    Dave France

    why is the narrator sound so butt hurt and sjw about this movie?

  • Don Ashbaugh
    Don Ashbaugh

    In the unrated version, a picture in the end shows Phil getting concussed by some big boobies being dropped on his head.

  • Jack Scoular
    Jack Scoular

    Weddings: dings Lol

  • Khalil G
    Khalil G

    You cannot sin funny masterpiece movies.. it doesn't make sense!!!

  • Juan Carlos Padua Valentin
    Juan Carlos Padua Valentin

    This is movie The Hangover 2009 DVD with in R rating censored

  • Luke Packenham
    Luke Packenham

    i always thought this movie was not funny whatsoever

  • King Rahzar
    King Rahzar

    Where did the chicken come from?

  • King Rahzar
    King Rahzar

    How did the tiger not eat the chicken?

  • King Rahzar
    King Rahzar

    Does mike Tyson own a tiger in real life?

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