Extraction | Official Trailer | Screenplay by JOE RUSSO Directed by SAM HARGRAVE | Netflix
Tyler Rake (Chris Hemsworth) is a fearless black market mercenary who embarks on the deadliest mission of his career when he’s enlisted to rescue the kidnapped son of an international crime lord. Directed by Sam Hargrave, this action-packed, edge-of-your-seat thriller is produced by Joe and Anthony Russo, the visionary directors of Avengers: Endgame.
Screenplay by JOE RUSSO
Directed by SAM HARGRAVE
Watch Extraction on Netflix April 24: www.netflix.com/title/80230399
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Extraction | Official Trailer | Netflix
A hardened mercenary's mission becomes a soul-searching race to survive when he's sent into Bangladesh to rescue a drug lord's kidnapped son.

  • M T
    M T

    Awesome movie way to go Chris you had some John Wick moves executed flawlessly maybe even better

  • Jeffrey Wilcox
    Jeffrey Wilcox

    Hello, I just finished Extraction for the First Time. Yeah, it's pretty intense. Robocop had conditions Movie Goers to the Guns and Noise and Clamor. Sad and True. The story tells Honor, Respect, Loyalty, A Man's Responsibility To Himself. There are. Men. Women. Know your Role. Protect Your Soul. This is Why we Are here. When The meek inherit This Earth. We are the Custodians. This Planet is for The Insect and Plant Kingdoms. The Meek. Respect.

  • Zoe Aly
    Zoe Aly

    Since when killing policemen to rescue one boy is not an act of a villain.

  • Ac Mahds!
    Ac Mahds!

    Does anyone really realize how many kids die in this movie?

  • Anthony T.
    Anthony T.

    Thanos:You should have gone for the head *Then immediately blows every head off

  • Gvido Miezis
    Gvido Miezis

    It’s sow goooooood

  • The Grey
    The Grey

    Just I watched the first 10 minutes of the movie and I shut it down because this movie can not be equivalent to the movie man on fire for Denzel Washington

  • Sorin Antoci
    Sorin Antoci

    Waste of time, awful movie !

  • ishu chaudhary
    ishu chaudhary


  • Clint Batistis
    Clint Batistis

    Chris Hemsworth produced this movie himself. Just wow! 😯


    the camera man is insane😱😱😱

  • Durans Mind
    Durans Mind

    Thanos makes special appearance

  • Durans Mind
    Durans Mind

    This movie was Rambo meets John Wick meets The Mandalorian all put together. Bad ass movie!!

  • JJ rap of beats
    JJ rap of beats

    Thor saving his people from asgard from hela taking over with it Saving a kid from extraction

  • Some sort of name
    Some sort of name

    Was watching this movie expecting it to be a normal action film... I mean it was but I didn't expect to feel emotion from it. Chris Hemsworth is more than just Thor, even though my guy dropped in that lake like Thor. The camera work was incredible

  • Manura Danishka
    Manura Danishka

    The best action movie I ever seen.whatar movie woooowww....thanx Netflix........

  • Dafa s
    Dafa s

    the ending is make the movie sucks imo

  • Lovenger

    why i always see the cool movie trailers after seeing the movie?! :l

  • Farrukh Reyaz
    Farrukh Reyaz

    Saw Pankaj thripathi in the trailer

  • Mallik Mollik
    Mallik Mollik

    তুই বাংলাদেশের আয়‌ তোকে বাংলা ভাষা শিক্ষা আমাদের দেশ অনেক সুন্দর ঢাকা এত নোংরা নয় 😠🖕🖕🖕🖕

  • Lkkk Hihi
    Lkkk Hihi

    Name song please

  • Snaps Microsystems
    Snaps Microsystems

    How do people get 1k likes, do you guys use bots to like your comments, anyways great movie 😊

  • lenny tavarez
    lenny tavarez

    Ever noticed something most handsome men have really manly voice. Atleast lots of women says im good looking and i got one heavy voice lol

  • Othman Baker
    Othman Baker


  • Abi Muthukumar
    Abi Muthukumar

    Extraction- has sharp shooters all men/boys- we have sharper shooters, that r also dangly................

  • Billal Hossain
    Billal Hossain


  • Pew Diepie
    Pew Diepie

    Fast of all its a fiction movie...we all knew it.. Bangladesh🇧🇩 is ever green country.....not yellow.. don't take it seriously bd gays...❤❤❤❤this movie look like pubg\cod battle ground😂😂...in the end thor can't take the chicken dinner 😴😴..he needed the stormbreaker...

  • Pew Diepie
    Pew Diepie

    Part 2?

  • Ishraka Faiza
    Ishraka Faiza

    Who is from Bangladesh here???

  • TheRawBabe

    Gonna rejoin Netflix for Chris Hemsworth❤

  • Schizm1

    That movie was AWESOME!

  • tolemac wordfeud
    tolemac wordfeud

    You should watch this movie with an excellent audio system and you'll feel it to your core... pew pew pew... lol

  • chris costello
    chris costello

    Legit quality. Good shit Netflix.

  • Gaurav Raj dum1
    Gaurav Raj dum1

    Extremely super mind blowing movie..

  • فاطمه بيوتي
    فاطمه بيوتي

    هل يوجد عراقي هنااا🇮🇶💖 او عربي الفيلم مبين عليه يجنننن👌👌😍 it 's nice

    • فاطمه بيوتي
      فاطمه بيوتي

      @بغداديه كشخه هلاااا بنت بلدي😚😚💖🇮🇶

    • بغداديه كشخه
      بغداديه كشخه

      هلو اني عراقيه

  • Siva Joseph
    Siva Joseph

    Very good movie 👍🥳🤩

  • Igor Roblox666
    Igor Roblox666

    So this is what thor has actually been doing when he was unworthy

  • Ruebezahl 89
    Ruebezahl 89

    Shithole country. Did not really develop since slumdog millionaire lol

  • Alessandro Bechini
    Alessandro Bechini

    15 minutes of credits at the end, I can't believe so many people worked on such stupid movie

  • Khali Wali
    Khali Wali

    Very fast action movie recommended


    Se vc é brasileiro curti

  • Your Buddy
    Your Buddy

    Anyone from Bangladesh???

  • Shafiqul Alam
    Shafiqul Alam

    This movie deliberately misuse the culture and norms of Bangladesh

    • Shafiqul Alam
      Shafiqul Alam

      If being a muslim populated country is the reason of your allergy to Bangladesh, its another thing. But you cant find such moderate country in Asia. You knew Bangladesh watching fuckung documentary but I know the country living here.

    • Edward Kenway
      Edward Kenway

      @Shafiqul Alam Don't read Arabian literature too much..even they don't consider you as real muslims. And I can see why..the brainwashing is just magnanimous. And btw I have watched tons of documentaries on Bangladesh..so don't hide facts. It's just another islamic country on it's way to radicalism.

    • Shafiqul Alam
      Shafiqul Alam

      @Edward Kenway You know nothing about Bangladesh. The economy and religious freedom is more better than any Asian country. There are no militancy or religious fundamentalist as like European Country or the USA. This is the country of booming economy, Higher GDP, reduced mother and child death, richer in agriculture and rich in culture.

    • Edward Kenway
      Edward Kenway

      What's there to show..just another Islamic state

  • Rebaz 202
    Rebaz 202

    I don't get it what's yellow?

  • Mostafa Ghaly
    Mostafa Ghaly

    John wicks long lost brother Tyler wick

  • Tinania Family
    Tinania Family

    Such a good movie we loved it

  • Marwan Mahmood
    Marwan Mahmood

    He does look like a Brad tho ngl Inside joke :)

  • مريم الخليجيه
    مريم الخليجيه

    وينكم العرب. الوحدي هنا. ويكم شتركو بقناتي dvhxdfgcd

  • Kew Jirjadhun
    Kew Jirjadhun

    This movie is acc really good. Imdb rated it 6.8 but its more of 7.5-8.0

  • Joseph Shelatree
    Joseph Shelatree

    Does this remind anyone of Just Cause 4? I'm getting those vibes

  • chennai street food
    chennai street food

    Chris always smart as a solider! Love u♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️



  • kelly mcnaught
    kelly mcnaught

    I really hate when people give the ending away without stating *SPOILERS* first! ASSHOLES!!!!

  • Науан Муктаев
    Науан Муктаев

    Film like Pubg, when PRO player covers his skill, and the noob hides behind him

  • noyon noyon
    noyon noyon


  • Self Destruct
    Self Destruct

    Humanity paid off in this movie .. awsome coreo fights for (Chris and Randeep) .. ma man Bobby (stuntman) hats offfff bruhhh... Thats what i call a Masterpiece...

  • FurkaNn

    This like a call of duty trailer woww ''

  • Danny Héroufosse
    Danny Héroufosse

    Yesterday I saw the movie. All the time a voice in my head shouted 'Bring me THANOS!' with 'The Immigrant Song' as background music. Hell yeah! Great movie with strong cinematography and action scenes.

  • Relaxing Nature
    Relaxing Nature

    Good movie

  • mal dude
    mal dude

    This movie is simply suck .don't rent it

  • hussain kam
    hussain kam

    Absolutely brilliant movie, Chris is the new Rambo!

  • Simon

    Why is no one talking about the incredible camera/scene performance in this movie?? Scenes are almost 10 minutes long without a single cut. Almost every few seconds I said 'wtf how is that even possible'. You should definitely go watch this movie **now**.

    • Captain Sparrow
      Captain Sparrow

      @what do I name my channel what its like?

    • Simon

      @what do I name my channel I mean camera-wise not content-wise.

    • what do I name my channel
      what do I name my channel

      Because it is full of misinformation and lies . Bangladesh is nothing like this.

    • Captain Sparrow
      Captain Sparrow

      Yeah its like that "1917" movie

  • Roshan Nirmlkar
    Roshan Nirmlkar

    Chris homesworth :- where is my strombreakar 😅

  • hakeem khan
    hakeem khan

    wish it weren't 18, Netflix plz make a 15 version

  • Greg Worcester
    Greg Worcester

    Every clique in the book. White Superman saves weak, innocent brown person from evil cowardly brown person whilst having beautiful brown girlfriend. A Trumpest view of America in the world.

  • Kerry relly
    Kerry relly

    My best movie at the moment

  • Firman Firdaus
    Firman Firdaus

    I hate the idea of alot of human dead only to let 1 human not.

    • Kakamal Nor
      Kakamal Nor

      Typical Hollywood fairytale

  • Hoàn Thiện Sky
    Hoàn Thiện Sky


  • Marios Prime
    Marios Prime

    I need a hammer, not a gun.

  • zubair tariq
    zubair tariq

    Com Afghanistan 😁😅😃

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