Extreme Hide and Seek Challenge in Disguise! (Spending 24 Hours Solving Tricks and Hacks) Rescue
Game Master Incorporated
The Agents must hide and seek while in disguise to rescue the cane from the escape room.
After Rebecca Zamolo created Tinder In Real Life Dating Game To Find New crush with Best Friend GMI Agent Missing, Matt and Rebecca uploaded Is Alice's Dad the Hackers Leader, Spending 24 Hours Searching for Missing GMI Agent! Now it is up to Matt and Rebecca long with the agent S and her cousin Maddie to find the missing cane. If they found the hidden spy gadget they can use it to trade for agent R. When they arrive at Escapedom there is a door open to the circus room. However, a member of the quadrant is guarding it every 3 minutes. If the quadrant member opens the door we must hide and seek in awkward situations in disguise. After solving clues they can escape with the power cane. Will they be able to do it in time?
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  • Najid Islam
    Najid Islam

    The Quadrant is and MR. X

  • Caitlin Malone
    Caitlin Malone

    Angent S please save you brother my brother too please Matt Rebecca maddie Please this is ours brothers my bests friend in danger Please you can give mr x face reval This is ours brothers my best friend l want him back I wanted brake the cane save ours brothers

  • Caitlin Malone
    Caitlin Malone

    Let him go please he is my brother of mine Please let him go

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    Tick-tock Mansfield

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    It is Alice 👇🏻

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    The quadrant is Alice

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    There is a queen on the ferris wheel

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    Ms_Youtuber_Queen Queen123

    That qoderent is Alice

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    Humi Lockhat

    The quadrant sound like Alice but the hair is brown

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    Fulin Hou

    I don't like GMI!HAHAHA

  • Fulin Hou
    Fulin Hou

    Is Alice!

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    Abbygayle Schneider

    alice is the qardrent

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    Abbygayle Schneider

    # I look up to you so I can be a better person. you are pretty , lovely , kind , inprashenle to me

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    rob densley

    It’s alices voice

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  • Gabby Mims
    Gabby Mims

    rebecca ,matt, maddie,agent s alice is wearing the quadtrant

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    Wiktoria Szczerbanowska

    I think the quodrent was Alice and 🍌🍫🍫

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    Quadrant is Alice

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    Skip something

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    Odila Aguirre

    I don't know what happens when the network is gone soon! pleas tell us pretty pleas!! and can I have a shout out pleas pretty pleas!!! :(

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    Bryce Hartley

    Cuz are you go there? You will get trapped by Alice. Robert are restorex

  • Bryce Hartley
    Bryce Hartley

    Do not go there.

  • Bryce Hartley
    Bryce Hartley

    You are going to get trapped.

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  • Najid Islam
    Najid Islam

    Quadrant is bad so mr x

  • Dollie and albie Kearney
    Dollie and albie Kearney

    The camera in the Circus room and I think that quadrant is Alice your ex best friend

  • Dollie and albie Kearney
    Dollie and albie Kearney

    I think I saw one down by the box where the Kane is because I definitely heard one

  • Dollie and albie Kearney
    Dollie and albie Kearney

    There's camera that's going to watch you when you walk in so be careful...

  • Bella Conlon
    Bella Conlon

    The Quadrant is Alice

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    Vickie Jennings

    I think agent s Is got a crush?

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    Please. Can. See. Your. Face

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    Agent s is my favorite agent

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    The voice was alice

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    That is Alice “Amanda

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    I feel like the quadrant was Alice 🤭🤨

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    I'm not a agent

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    I think of an iPhone X10 owo

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    made is leving i am sad i love you

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    Sloane Paul

    I think the quadrant was alice

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    I hate Alice ☹️

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    JADE GAMER Vlogs

    I have not seen the gamemaster for a while i wonder where he is? Give this comment a like if u r wondering the same thing...... MAKE THIS BLUE | | | | | | |

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    Rheyana Paulsen

    You guys only get views with Rebeccas dogs

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    I think the Quadrant is Alice

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    The quadrant is Alice

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    I love I love your channelyour channel

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    'that was Alice

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    Maddie needs a shirt so Alice/Amanda does not know its Rebecca or maddie

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    Jamylah Santiago

    In the first part when they first came in that wasn’t a quadrant that was Alice look at the hair closely

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    Aria Conner

    do you trust Amanda

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    Rosa Galvez

    Lo ve your video.

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    Alejandro Pedraza

    The quadrant had long hair.

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    240 Fwixxy

    I find it on the ferist wheel stars

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    Mat eyes are hypnotize

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    Joe VanderVeen

    Post every DAY plz I’m watching this vid 26th time

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    7:18 did that sound like alice

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    I love you matt and rebecca

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    ugh mr.x is getting on my last nervs

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    Journi Francis

    I don't know it spy nigaa

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      Journi Francis

      You is cute to I love Rebecca

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      Journi Francis

      Matt is so cute I love me

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      Journi Francis


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    Electric shock

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    I think of a outlit

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    I think the quadrant member was Alice!!

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    DONT TRUST ALICE\AMMANDA SHES THW WORST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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