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    Bri u will use i pad case be that will broke

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    I loved the back of the purse 😜 sorry if I spelled something wrong

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  • Smoked_Out420

    That bag is amazing 👌😸😃🙂😀😃😄😁😆

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    Why when you hidro dip something the item is always white???

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    Brianna chose baseball stuff lol

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    Brianna I want you to do a part two on Hydro dipping and I want you to do to do to Hydro dip Keith’s favorite stuff in the entire world

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    Bring and Keith do Keith Xbox work and Brianna did ur iPad still work?

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    I like the iPad is a 6 and the Xbox is a 10

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    I honestly liked the shoes white no affiance I also love your videos 💕

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    Airforces are easy to find in Canada

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    Karla Neva Demir Unterborg

    Kan you ever make a pregnantse prank on Preston

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    Hidro Money

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