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  • vexixgaming

    cringley you are the best

  • Chan Midland
    Chan Midland

    Ant I subscribe done

  • Rashda Ryan
    Rashda Ryan


  • Rashda Ryan
    Rashda Ryan


  • Rashda Ryan
    Rashda Ryan


  • philip pleasant
    philip pleasant


  • philip pleasant
    philip pleasant

    i love being muerderer and playing it! love you ant!.

  • Albert stuff
    Albert stuff


  • Albert stuff
    Albert stuff

    Hey any is not making video a 4:32

  • Albert stuff
    Albert stuff

    Hey wedding 4:06

  • Kaustubha Sampreet Shetty
    Kaustubha Sampreet Shetty

    I am in Thumbnail

  • Ryan Fail
    Ryan Fail

    David server code so I can get a free Godly they can no one even trades me anything I have nothing I want a Seer and the clown gun

  • Madison Tyler
    Madison Tyler

    The pig comes first because the pig gets cooked and then turns into bacon

  • Mersaydes Angell
    Mersaydes Angell


  • Jai Ley
    Jai Ley

    Youre cheating

  • Rado4321 Radoo
    Rado4321 Radoo

    ,e having 1000% still inno

  • Luke Walton
    Luke Walton

    can you add me ant ive been waiting for sooo long to play with you

  • its Danish :D
    its Danish :D

    I use code ant

  • Jazmin Paz
    Jazmin Paz

    I love you ❤️

  • Jazmin Paz
    Jazmin Paz


  • Jazmin Paz
    Jazmin Paz

    I hate you 😒

  • Jazmin Paz
    Jazmin Paz

    I'm never going to like you

  • Sam L
    Sam L

    And why don't you use your other coffees and set up your corrupt

  • Tammy Sloper
    Tammy Sloper

    Ant pls can I have a godly I will give u overseer and elite and emerald knife plsssss

  • chicas argueta
    chicas argueta

    why do you make them muder and shoot

  • Everything Amanda
    Everything Amanda

    Hi! Hope you're staying safe in this time!!! We are all happy to be back on track from covid!!!❤👍🌈🙏😇 I am a small content creator and i would appreciate if you clicked on my channel to see if you like it! ❤😉 -lots of love from a small content creator

  • Brianna Hernandez
    Brianna Hernandez

    Can you do something like you piggy and then you give so much godly

  • Roblox GAMES
    Roblox GAMES

    n5ob12 is my old account

  • Kobe GAMING
    Kobe GAMING

    Ant:hey u im a pig Catalina in gta san andreas:PIG!

  • Brooke Collom
    Brooke Collom

    I was playing with you

  • little_lps1231 YT
    little_lps1231 YT

    Do u have a alt acc? Bc someone looked like ur normal avatar and said he was u.

  • Michelle Ybarra
    Michelle Ybarra

    Hello I subscribe every of your videos and I love your videos also your very funny

  • HatTrickHeroes

    when you killed the sheriff in that capsule and nobody knew where it was, they couldn't get it either bc the body was blocking their entrance inside

  • kaiya mae
    kaiya mae

    I just realized that he’s running out of vid ideas cause he already made the same video where all the rounds he was murderer and he was piggy. This has me shook lol

  • Mayiki Niska Plainbull
    Mayiki Niska Plainbull

    im sad because my dad said i cant play with the kitty's its me liberty its not mayiki im now sad :(

  • Gaming Squad YT
    Gaming Squad YT

    Use Star code ant when purchasing robux!

  • Ganna Moroz
    Ganna Moroz

    Ant you are fantastic HUH 😂😂😂😃

  • Mavi Şimşek
    Mavi Şimşek

    13:41 / 15:24 jum

  • Ketomi Sou
    Ketomi Sou


  • Marco Genis
    Marco Genis

    Hey ant 🐜 I like you’re vides

  • Brynlee Vigil
    Brynlee Vigil

    User the knife sound

  • Sharon Freeman
    Sharon Freeman


  • Arthur Sebastian
    Arthur Sebastian

    use star code ant

  • Roblox Game
    Roblox Game

    My name roblox KeiPon_DiVolan

  • SuperMarioChase

    idk who piggy is

  • Molly Pitcher
    Molly Pitcher

    your awesome

  • Michael Lee
    Michael Lee

    Hold up.... Is that Get_noobed1bot in the thumbnail My Roblox friend?!

  • Audrianna Taylor
    Audrianna Taylor

    He killed meh I had the orange hair

  • Brooke Nieves
    Brooke Nieves

    Friend request me my name is Brandy teeny

  • Oscar Lainez
    Oscar Lainez


  • Meiyu Zou
    Meiyu Zou

    To piggy

  • Irk911 playz K
    Irk911 playz K

    Who’s watching this in covid19


    Ant what happened to the sponge bob intro? Lol

  • Mohideen Bhava
    Mohideen Bhava

    Double upload every day

  • Hadi Fhaid
    Hadi Fhaid

    come on talk with your fans BIG FANS

  • Kieu Huynh
    Kieu Huynh

    The Bacon hair first UwU NOT PIGS NO PIGS ITS INSPIRED BACON 🥓

  • Lucy Kennedy-Rogan
    Lucy Kennedy-Rogan

    play kat it sortove like mm2

  • Aimee Shoyo
    Aimee Shoyo

    ^_^ I WUV UR VIDS

  • Jonah Madera
    Jonah Madera

    There’s no godly in rainbow

  • Edwin Acosta
    Edwin Acosta

    can you play adotp me please

  • Kathleen Joyce
    Kathleen Joyce

    Bacon comes first

  • K C
    K C

    Ant blue hair dude was behind the boxes in Research Faltisy

  • Mommo12 Modke
    Mommo12 Modke

    Is so got video

  • Mommo12 Modke
    Mommo12 Modke

    Hi ant you video is best😁😁

  • Alexey Mejery
    Alexey Mejery

    hi ant

  • Aya abuzahria
    Aya abuzahria

    He is opening the same box he knows they are no godlys

  • Roblox Only
    Roblox Only

    George pig is me

  • Jacob Chen
    Jacob Chen

    I made you mine Starcode and then one day I saw you were A piggy skin

  • Jacob Chen
    Jacob Chen

    Use starcode ant:)

  • Leonardo Razon
    Leonardo Razon

    ant i really love your vids and please add me my username is Danilgold24 DJ even I wish you can donate me robux so I can play with you on roblox I like this vid

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