Falcon and Winter Soldier Episode 5 Marvel TOP 10 Breakdown and Ending Explained
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Covering Full Marvel Falcon and Winter Soldier Episode 5 Breakdown and Easter Eggs. Falcon and Winter Soldier Episode 5 Post Credit Scene Explained. Episode 6 Finale Post Credit Scene Theory. Dark Captain America John Walker vs Falcon and Winter Soldier. Julia Louis-Dreyfus Cameo Scene and Valentina Allegra de Fontaine Madame Hydra Explained. Power Broker Identity Theory and Sharon Carter Explained.
Isiah Bradley Cameo Scene and Backstory Fully Explained. Marvel Truth Red White and Black references. New Super Soldier Serum, Battle for Captain America's Shield. Special Secret Cameo Scene Announcement Explained. And Zemo Thunderbolts Marvel series foreshadowing. Dora Milaje Black Panther Cameo Scene. Black Panther 2 Teaser and Marvel Black Panther Disney Plus Series Spinoff Explained. Incredible Hulk Super Soldier Weapons Plus Connection. John Walker Captain America Ending Scene Explained.
Avengers Endgame and Wandavision Easter Eggs. Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk References. Thunderbolts MCU, and Weapons Plus Super Soldier Program Breakdown. New Marvel Wolverine Connection Explained with Weapon X. And more Marvel Movies connections.
There will be a lot more Marvel Movies Cameos in future episodes. And Loki Episode 1 with Tom Hiddleston will release after Falcon and Winter Soldier is finished. New Thor 4 Teaser for Chris Hemsworth soon, Spider-Man 3 No Way Home Trailer, Doctor Strange 2 Trailer. Loki Episodes, Black Widow Movie. Hawkeye Trailer, Moon Knight Trailer, Shang Chi Trailer and Eternals Trailer!
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  • Emergency Awesome
    Emergency Awesome

    Here's my FULL Falcon and Winter Soldier Episode 5 video and Post Credit Scene Easter Eggs. Post all your predictions in the comments! Here's my new Loki Trailer video too! it-my.com/watchvideo/video-HoPdnD-sQm8.html

    • Blackfyr

      The vibranium Howard Stark had was gotten from Klaw's theft from Wakanda.

    • Elliot Himshaw
      Elliot Himshaw

      I'm willing to bet that there's a new Captain American outfit for Sam from Wakanda in the case

    • Nadia Fanchon
      Nadia Fanchon

      Me: Emergency Awesome is awesome!

    • david rock
      david rock

      Where are the flash videos ???? @

    • torny

      did u cover how capt is making his own shield..how the heck is that gonna hold up...

  • Dereck Williams
    Dereck Williams

    I swear, spiderman could take a sh1t on the lawn and this guy would call it a reference.

  • Adam Harper
    Adam Harper

    5:58 is that George st. Pierre

  • Steven Manabat
    Steven Manabat

    falcon acting like mechanical wing is part of his body

  • Jeff Floyd
    Jeff Floyd

    Papa Doc is Capt America? 🤯

  • Dexter Gacal
    Dexter Gacal

    Kinda disappointed you didnt point out a very good easter where bucky and sam was trying to yank the shield from john. I think it was referencing the avengers trying to get the infinity gauntlet from thanos in infinity war.

  • Dave Slattery
    Dave Slattery

    “They don’t want to see a black Captain America”... lol righttttt

  • jeff 69
    jeff 69

    Anybody else find it odd that walker went from THIS to "hey we're cool again" way too quick in the next episode?

  • Dave Reed
    Dave Reed

    All I’m saying is that if T’chala wanted revenge on Zeno he wouldn’t have saved him from killing himself at the end of civil war

  • Kaleb Koch
    Kaleb Koch

    I was seriously expecting Val to be the power broker, and then it ended up being Sharon instead. Maybe Val is working for Sharon?

  • Oscardagreat 17
    Oscardagreat 17

    16:53 you called it dude!

  • M_J Bo
    M_J Bo

    Sharon was power broker all along. Nice prediction 😉

  • Brian Ndinda
    Brian Ndinda

    You should watch invincible and review it like you did with wandavision and tfatws

  • John Songate
    John Songate

    I hate this john walker,,,i want steve to come back,,,anyone with me.?

    • John Songate
      John Songate

      @Legion yea i watched it,,,but they can call it back using that machine

    • Legion

      You didn't watch the Endgame? Where are you from?

  • Roxy ShadowHunter
    Roxy ShadowHunter

    Thank you for this breakdown! Unbelievably detailed and helped me understand soooooo much better. Its so complicated with the multiverse its hard to fit all the pieces together as someone who is new to this fandom!

  • Andrew Silva
    Andrew Silva

    My son and I enjoy your videos. We would like you to do a face reveal video! Thanks!

  • G G
    G G

    Do you think howard stark knew about isiah bradley and the super soldier serums that winter soldier stole from him were based off isiah bradley’s blood

  • wolfie

    Damn marvel really has gone downhill huh. Sad sad.

  • Loutzenheiser

    Mid-credit scene will reveal the power-broker setting up the Thunderbolts. Post-credit scene will set up season 2, Captain America and the White Wolf

  • GamingwithJustCar

    I bet Captain America is in Heaven like: 0_0

  • Amanda Cheyenne Starr
    Amanda Cheyenne Starr

    This episode was F***ING EPIC 🙌 Loved every second . 🙏🌹🔥🔥🔥🔥Letsgo Bucky & Sam 😎

    • Legion

      Pretty pleease

  • Neighbour Guy
    Neighbour Guy

    Man I don't care about Sam's sister and their stupid boat ,the show is called The Falcon and The Winter Soldier not Falcon and His Sister and their stupid boat ,stupid boat has more screen time than Bucky n John Walker in last episode , Russos should have overseen the show as they are the one who first introduce us falcon ,winter Soldier n Zemo ,if wakanda is still doing favours for Bucky ,then why Sam can't seek favours from pepper as Tony looked after Avengers when he was around

  • Monk Cheese
    Monk Cheese

    I think 90% of the commentary on this comment section doesn't realize how John Walker is written. He is an accomplished warrior that lost his best friend through war itself.. He doesn't use the shield as a form of defense; he utilizes the shield as a last ditch effort to neutralize his combatants. He built all of his livelihood into combat and people still think he's crazy. you can feel 1000% bad for his character. He's still 100% worthy of wielding Mjolnir.

    • Monk Cheese
      Monk Cheese

      I am to the upmost degree of sympathy for John Walker in the MCU

  • Stefan Jankovic
    Stefan Jankovic

    Writings on the monument in Sokovia are just pure Serbian. I think they just wanted Slavic language and Cyrillic, and Russian is well-known 😁

  • Dum LIT
    Dum LIT

    John Walker getting the serum is SCARY. Not to mention that the serum that he got was more potent than the serum that Bucky had been given. That was the point that the scientist in the last episode was trying to make, his serum will be more potent than the Steve Rodgers serum, but more subtle, meaning he just had to inject it and not have the Vita ray radiation to activate the serum. But John Walker was a 3 time Medal of Honor winner and a top ranked soldier in the military. Meaning that he has had the training that Steve Rodgers and Bucky hadn't, which means hes more lethal and dangerous in his fighting ability. Combine that with a more potent serum, that is scary. Not to mention that he is crazy from the PTSD that he has from being in the military. Like I said, John Walker getting the serum is SCARY.

  • Benjamin Conner
    Benjamin Conner

    If Bucky and Sam had been as nice to John as Sam was to that terrorist that blew up all those people and killed Johns best friend they could have saved John from himself. He did not ask to be Captain America.

  • TheArchivist

    bucky reminds me of what tony said in endgame "You lose this again, I'm keeping it."

  • Supreme IO
    Supreme IO

    What if the nurse that helped Isaiah was Val?

  • Sebastian Wanliss
    Sebastian Wanliss

    I can’t help but feel Sharon Carter has some big part to play in the finale

  • Supreme IO
    Supreme IO

    Battlestar's death to me means no Wild Bunch.

  • Jadyn K
    Jadyn K

    When we see Sam in the Captain America suit, I will not be surprised if I pass out

  • J R
    J R

    I learned in this episode that turning good means losing all of your fighting ability (The Winter Soldier -> Bucky)

  • Mr. Every Night
    Mr. Every Night

    Did you notice that Julia louis-dreyfus gave him a blank card that was white on one side and black on other side... it not a coincidence she mentions grey area

  • Krishna Gurung
    Krishna Gurung

    We don't want to new captain America

  • DaNinja Genko
    DaNinja Genko

    Lose ur battle buddy, first thought revenge.

  • Orion Knyte
    Orion Knyte

    What is the timeline of Isaiah being sent after the Winter Soldier? Was it while they were using him as a test subject? So did that mean they had him locked up while also with enough control to keep him doing missions for them? After he was helped to escape by that nurse...how did Bucky know where he lived in present time? Is it that they wanted him erased that badly that after he escaped they didn't even go looking for him at his home? Or did he just lay low until eventually coming home and it's just a family secret?

  • Leila Smith
    Leila Smith

    Great video as always Charlie

  • James

    Mephisto must be in the next episode for sure

  • oiuet souiu
    oiuet souiu

    John Walker was able to build his Shield in a Shed ! With a box of scraps!

  • Surveillance_Penguin

    I'm just bothered that Bucky was able to get handled by John. I mean, in The Winter Solider he gave ole Steve a run for his money without missing a beat. Also....don't flirt with my sister. haha.

  • Francisco Octavius
    Francisco Octavius

    Wouldn’t call Julia LD a mega cameo. Great episode nevertheless. Great one on one convos throughout- esp w Sam and Isaiah and Sam and Bucky

  • Willie Abney
    Willie Abney

    Is Isiah Bradley the Power Broker? It would make sense

  • Latino Warrior78
    Latino Warrior78

    How did John Walker get access to vibranium to make another shield? 🤔.

  • arikowidTrash

    when john ripped sam's wings its like sam becomes weak and cant do nothing like the wings brok made him lose his strength 🤣hahaha so dramatic

  • IlliniDog01

    Spoiler Alert... Sam Wilson is the new Black Panther.

  • Luke A
    Luke A

    So John Walker/US Agent will sort of be the US Gov't version of the Winter Solder?

  • altaire4

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Sharon Carter turns out to be a Skrull as a setup for Secret Invasion !?

  • Jeff Barbose
    Jeff Barbose

    how to you root out a sleeper agent within a sleeper organization inside another organization? You burn a great agent, then you make her a public enemy and force her out of the country, all while giving her resources secretly. Sharon Carter is still working for SHIELD to find out who the powerbroker is. It's Julia Louis Dreyfus and it'd take a Sharon Carter to bring her down.

  • MarshaEndeavor

    Anyone else mad how they just allow Zemo to sneak out the bathroom tunnel and the Wakandans don't have super cool tech to track him down immediately?

  • GM Freeman
    GM Freeman

    I .... AM .... Batman!

    • Dick Pants
      Dick Pants

      I... Declare... Bankruptcyyy!!!

  • Bickley91611

    post credit... DEADPOOL SITTING IN ROSS' OFFICE.. FEET ON HIS DESK READING ZEMO "RELEASE FILE" SAYING... now this should be fun!.. Ross says... "It's about time u showed up!".. Deadpool says.. contracts.. mouse stuff... I'm here now.. what's up? fade to black (Deadpool is an Original Thunderbolt)

  • Thewatcheronthewall

    His shield isn't vibranium tho?

    • Dick Pants
      Dick Pants

      Hitting someone with normal metal never hurt nobody

  • Spicy Lizard
    Spicy Lizard

    John Walker and the Flag Smasher's better watch out because Sam had a Hero Training Montage

  • 7MonarC

    I wondwr what dish-washing liquid Sam used to clean the shield 🤣

  • Dream Eazy
    Dream Eazy

    Where’s that scene of nick fury waking up from ?

  • only1option

    this series is so bad lol

  • Mukesh soni
    Mukesh soni

    So After new captain america we also get new BLACK PANTHER...

  • Corey Davis
    Corey Davis

    I don't get it. Is Sam a super soldier now? How easy he just slinging the shield around doing backflips??? Please someone explain.

  • Freestyler AF
    Freestyler AF

    There were voices that this series won't be as much good as WnadaVision...I wish I could say to them how much they were WRONG!

  • Ahor

    Sooo did Walker take the second serum?

  • Marlon West
    Marlon West

    It's funny how all these "IT-myrs" avoid the racial parallels in this and other episodes. Not wanting to say the real villain in this show is systemic racism 😒

  • u235u235u235

    show kinda sucks

  • Doug bull
    Doug bull

    What a shot.way he kneels with his sheild.thats straightforward if comics.this show isn't even a show it feels like the avengers like a movie.and thank god.wanda vision i couldn't get through the episodes.this this is some crazy shit going down on this.

  • Eric Fuentes-Peña
    Eric Fuentes-Peña

    Fury also hired Batroc in The Winter Soldier

  • Foodisgood

    Thunderbolts roster is becoming quite clear at the moment. Zemo as leader. Batroc(Who is in the series in 2 episodes so far is a whole bunch versions of the Thunderbolts.), Yelena the Black Widow(She is in the black widow film.) will be a member, Ghost(From Antman 2), maybe even Bucky who is in several versions of the Thunderbolts, and of course Taskmaster.(Also in the Black Widow film.) There aren't really any other members from the comics in the MCU yet besides Crossbones(Who died in Captain America 3), Natasha the Black Widow(Deceased), and Hawkeye but Hawkeye is going to retire in the Hawkeye series so we won't be seeing him. John Walker is either going to become the leader of West Coast Avengers or Dark Avengers. If they go West Coast Avengers route they still have War Machine and Wanda in the MCU who were both members during his time as leader. They could go Dark Avengers route but none of the Dark Avengers that were on his version of the team are in the MCU yet. His version was him, Skaar the son of the Hulk, Toxie Doxie who is basically a cross between Scarlet Witch and Harley Quinn, Moonstone who is also a Thunderbolt, and Ragnarok who is a clone of Thor. I seriously doubt they will do his Dark Avengers because like I said not a single member of his Dark Avengers is in the MCU yet besides him. He could also be leader of Force Works which Wanda, War Machine, were in under his command but then they need to add Quake and Spider-Woman to the MCU under his command as well.

  • BlkHistoryDecoded

    What r the Wakandans up to? They take Baron Zemo to The Raft?

  • lilemmyRA

    Contessa is recruiting for Thunderbolts. She's pulling a Nick Fury.

  • Rod Crutcher
    Rod Crutcher

    Has anyone considered how Val knew that John Walker took the super serum? I guess it would just be an educated guess and his new found abilities that he showed that he took it. But let's say she had a way to know he actually took it, or someone else did. So here is my thought/theory: Whether Sharon Carter is the Power Broker or not, I believe she is the one that actually knows he took the serum. Let us not forget she was able to track Walker and was letting Sam and Bucky know his whereabouts. What if she not only was able to track him, but could "see" what he did in taking the serum. I did at first believe that Sharon Carter was the Power Broker(and could still be with small things that we have seen and heard her do), but I believe more now that Val is(plus learned she was supposed to appear in Black Widow), but Sharon is involved with her in some way, and in this case she was the one who told her that Walker took the serum. Also, consider this about Sharon as well. How did Carli know about Sam's sister Sarah and her kids? For me, that would have to be Sharon Carter. She definitely has access to know all about Sam. Let us remember how she helped Captain America and his team in Civil War and she said as much in one of the episodes. I do believe Tony Stark gave Cap the information about the Raft, but Sharon could have likely as well had this information. In summary, Sharon Carter has become a major character in the MCU and I do believe her and Val have a major connection.

  • Xmengeek

    I love that they are using more of the Captain America comic characters! My personal theory (probably won't happen but still ) is that Karlie is Sin ( btw they look exactly the same ) and the power broker is her father aka the new red skull from when Bucky was Captain America. For those of you who don't know and are interested, those characters are from my favorite comic series, Captain America Intuitive which launched after Steve died in civil war ( comic version ).

  • Nio Mendoza
    Nio Mendoza

    Torres is taking those fucking wings. If he doesn’t ima be disappointed.

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