Fast and Curious 2
Sometimes dads get anxious to flex their toys. Sometimes this can be a bad thing. Retelling a story I originally posted to IT-my back in Oct 2007 but now in HD with animation.

Birds of a feather stalk together:
Storyboards + animation + backgrounds done by the animation God Zeurel:
Jacket I'm wearing:
Mystery link:

  • Elese Yvette
    Elese Yvette

    I've watched this 5x and it's still hee-laaaariousssss!!!!! Love you Swoozieeeee!!!!!

    • Paint Boy
      Paint Boy


    • TXN unknown
      TXN unknown


    • Cole has styles
      Cole has styles

      The Adventures

    • Some une
      Some une

      X 2

    • Model car REVIEWS
      Model car REVIEWS

      Elese Yvette I watched it like 15 times bro he supposed to have 199 million subs not 9.22 mil he deserves 200 million subscribers

  • kierra brown
    kierra brown

    Lets just take a moment to recognize the drawing update

  • Ole Brønmo
    Ole Brønmo

    I like how the number of exhaust ports in the manifolds change. I loved the video and keep up the great work.

  • kary ingles
    kary ingles

    I love your content dude it makes my day keep it up

  • TheReal_Smith

    why was this so funny

  • Oliver

    Seventh time still ain't boring

  • Cezar Lacusta
    Cezar Lacusta

    Is this repost ?

  • x StealthyWolf x
    x StealthyWolf x

    I'm getting some ren and stimpy vibes

  • dahou for draw
    dahou for draw

    You are the best

  • connor monaghan
    connor monaghan

    I really got an ad for a lexus right after this video XD

  • Xaeden Lewis
    Xaeden Lewis

    I love the voices and the animation

  • David 365
    David 365

    is this a real story?

  • brigita Pennings
    brigita Pennings

    Adande my name is danté

  • Plastic Bag
    Plastic Bag

    Who even let their kids play on the drive way they can get run over

  • Daily Doodle of Denver P
    Daily Doodle of Denver P

    Bro BAD DAD why the flying freak is ur kids playing in the streets

  • David 365
    David 365

    a engine dosent make a tesla or kia a real mans car, a real mans caris a challanfer ferari lambo or camero i think thats what it's called

  • The amazing world of gumball Fan 48
    The amazing world of gumball Fan 48

    The animation is smooth like a butter

  • Alixity Drastix
    Alixity Drastix

    These animations look so much better

  • deyanira mondragon
    deyanira mondragon


  • YtSlashjr Ttv
    YtSlashjr Ttv

    Wow looks cool in 5x someone gots to Watch it in 5x

  • jason ince
    jason ince

    "top 10 best movie sequels"

  • yh545

    Swoozies animation has really improved I liked the old ones just as much

  • InsanoOrange

    Its been so long since i watched you i watched your videos from 2 years ago your animating is so much better

  • s a m i r b e l a o u I r a
    s a m i r b e l a o u I r a

    “It’s so beautiful... I’ve been looking at this for 5 hours now”

  • Cordae Johnson
    Cordae Johnson

    You're dad just turns into bysen

  • Tiger YT
    Tiger YT


  • katerin bernal gonzalez
    katerin bernal gonzalez

    rachel maddow

  • Hassan Jamali
    Hassan Jamali

    6:27 dat face

  • Boss Woman TT
    Boss Woman TT

    Sweet. Keep making awesome vids 🙂🇹🇹

  • Jeton Kasa
    Jeton Kasa


  • Riley Garcia
    Riley Garcia

    P u n c h . I t .

  • Marlon Pekeler
    Marlon Pekeler

    I love how smooth the animation is!

  • SYL Eccentric
    SYL Eccentric

    Why u always in ur spongebob underpants

  • LC Boltツ
    LC Boltツ

    Swoozie: says trini Me: It’s about to be an amazing story 😂🔥

  • Speed

    The development in animation over the years is. Insane 😂😂 great content

  • green troncer
    green troncer

    Swoozie da goat

  • Chompy Mc chomps
    Chompy Mc chomps

    *git da keys*

  • Malou Pastolero
    Malou Pastolero

    So good even HD version, pimp! 👍😎😂

  • zeajk

    I did not know you were Trini. Alot more things make sense.

  • MikeToob

    Wait....the animation here looks identical to those Pencilmation animations. Did you....did you animate those??



  • Gus Luzardo
    Gus Luzardo

    Kids are playing in the driveway I’m not gonna get hit by the car

  • Jack Orr
    Jack Orr

    Punch it

  • Do_RaH mum
    Do_RaH mum


  • Smart Boi
    Smart Boi

    When he pressed the NOS button it sounded like when you die in GTA

  • It’s Niki
    It’s Niki


  • MTV Gamer 24
    MTV Gamer 24

    the animation was so good and funny, my day got 10x better and just ordered a tv for 1000

  • tyronepriv

    i really like the animaton!

  • KAI破壞

    It’s the best video ! I’ve have watched the video 23x times

  • MyDestinThis

    Wonderful Car Intense Driving Action

  • duck4 life
    duck4 life

    6:00 SCP-106?

  • Dotty & Olgs
    Dotty & Olgs

    let's take a moment to appreciate the smoothness of the animation.

  • zniyia pegues
    zniyia pegues

    swoozie you make me laugh

  • Deadpool 47
    Deadpool 47

    Are you from Trinidad because I am from Trinidad

    • Curtis Allison
      Curtis Allison

      Apparently, yes.

  • Ebenholzt Tatze
    Ebenholzt Tatze

    0:59 I just noticed you have a gorgeous armband. I can see you're a man of culture like me.

  • ALIN 123 KILLS
    ALIN 123 KILLS


  • ALIN 123 KILLS
    ALIN 123 KILLS


  • ALIN 123 KILLS
    ALIN 123 KILLS


  • ALIN 123 KILLS
    ALIN 123 KILLS


  • ALIN 123 KILLS
    ALIN 123 KILLS


  • ALIN 123 KILLS
    ALIN 123 KILLS


  • ALIN 123 KILLS
    ALIN 123 KILLS


  • mariela mejia
    mariela mejia


  • mariela mejia
    mariela mejia


  • The Vroom Vroom
    The Vroom Vroom

    Bro was wearing the sees jacket from persona 3

  • Jerome Productions
    Jerome Productions

    LIL PUNK 🤣

  • Thomas Whitten
    Thomas Whitten

    "Tell us about the crackhead" 😂😂😂

  • ISV. carbonated
    ISV. carbonated

    Bro if second gear that fast 😂😂

  • Donald Williams
    Donald Williams

    This is my first video this dude is funny

  • Kian's Stickmen
    Kian's Stickmen

    The auto-genrated captions sync perfectly 👌 Except for this part ; - ; 4:14

    • KRPTIC X
      KRPTIC X

      Kids don't press the timestamp

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